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Illumination by Bay Weasley
Chapter 1 : The First Day of a New Line
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 Tanya's POV Ch 1

I, as a child had very little opportunities as a child to interact with children of a similar mind set. I was a child that wished to play in the mud or dance in the rain but no I was always placed in the dresses that poofed out and had little bows. I had been frequently taught that I must listen and never disobey just like my twin brother and my elder sister but a part of myself, deep inside urged… no screamed to disobey but I never did since that led to being punished. My parents as far as I can tell have no conscious what so ever.

It was not until I entered Hogwarts that I truly had freedom. The first memory of freedom was that first day of the train. My mother had one of our many house elves brush out my light blondish brown hair, while I sat staring at my reflection. I wore a skirt and a pink top with my bluish grey eyes staring at the girl in the mirror. That was not me it was a girl that was the proper in every pureblood way. Distinctly I heard my mother beckoning me and I travelled down to the main entrance where my trunks and owl were already. I had my wand in a holster attached to my thigh but was hidden by the knee length skirt. My mother, Ann, and my sister, Annabelle, were waiting impatiently for me in the foyer. Both had quite the striking similarities with their dark hair and brooding attitude; as well as their devotion for a Royce child to be near the side of Lord Voldemort and my sister desired strongly to be that girl. My twin, Tray, had just arrived and with his usual bored scowl on his face. Both my siblings were in Slytherin as was every member of my family previous to me.

When I walked down my mother began picking at my outfit. "Are you trying to look common? We are a family to that has been loyal to the Dark Lord and you will soon get the opportunity to prove your loyalty. Well we are running late so we will just deal with it. Someone come and grab these bags to the floo immediately." she said as she pranced around in her high heels that always were getting taller. Another thing about my family is that we always seemed to be changing house elves on an almost bi-monthly basis. Once I even saw the bodies of them in the basement before my parents banned us from going down there.

I did not really recall but I had somehow made it to the platform and my mother gave my siblings a cold, stiff hug. She did not even bother to give me one since as it was commonly aware without words I was the child she never wanted and it has been made perfectly clear to me at such a young age. My father was at the Ministry meaning he did not even have the time to come and send his three children away. After I had my goodbye, I walked briskly to the train with my luggage already packed away while I carried one bag in hand. I found my own compartment while my sister and brother joined all of Slytherin, including the pompous prat, Draco Malfoy. As I walked to a near empty cabin I saw a girl with black hair hiding near the door.

3rd Person POV

Tanya snuck behind her and muttered.

"Oh let me guess President of 'We Love Draco' fan club are we?" She had no clue what had came over me but in her opinion it felt great speaking her mind.

"Psh! No I am going to prank the pompous prince so girly you may want to move." she replied abruptly as she had some smoke powder, dung bombs and mini fireworks.

"Well if you are going to prank him you better run when you do; or else you will have the evidence on you or they will see you running. But if you want to die go right ahead. However, if you want some assistance on how not to get caught, listen up. Why not place them all in the edge of the door and place a charm so the door will open in …oh 5 minutes; then have the other pieces set to go off into the room then. So we can make a clean get away without being murdered." The words just flew out of her mouth with a devious smirk. She even believed that she may need to belong to Slytherin.

"Wait a second, we?" the girl whispered out hastily while she looked at Tanya with those mixed green and gold eyes.

"Yes WE will prank those idiots; but you can do it all on your own if you know the spell to actually have the timer."

"Not a clue." The other girl had admitted in defeat; although her mind seemed to be conducting a scheme while she was talking.

"Then let us get started…partner." Tanya deviously replied as both girls got to work. Both of them then walked down to an empty compartment. They sat in there and then she piped up.

"Hey I never asked what your name is even."

"Well mine is Tanya Royce. And yours?"

"Beatrix Elryc"

Beatrix and Tanya sat in anticipation for their devious plan to ensue and sure enough they heard many squeals as they saw all these Slytherins running down the hall including Annabelle and Tray.

"Dude, I did not know my siblings were in there! That is awesome; that they got what they have deserved for so long." She proclaimed with so much enthusiasm.

Then suddenly the door slammed opened as two lanky, ginger boys ran in. However, due to the fact that Tanya stood up in her enthusiasm; she was in the perfect spot to be hit. So when they ran in the first one of the presumed to be twins crashed right into Tanya, sending both of them to the floor.

"Five sickles she is going to scream; then kick him in the shin" Beatrix bet off handily. To the other one of the boys who was lucky enough not to crash, unlike his counterpart.

"You are on" the ginger replied not even looking up from the mess.

On the ground was Tanya who had just peeked opened her eyes to see this red head above her. He had the most mesmerising eyes she had ever noticed; but that may have been due to the fact his eyes had a certain warmth to them as if they were the only things that could possibly see her true self, and not the one she had to portray for other pureblood folk. She had rarely ever seen anyone with such warm eyes; except for her dear gramma. She had been in an arranged marriage but was the kindest woman that she met. The woman actually took care of her when she was ill or lonely.

He was practically lying on her except for his elbows, which held up a vast majority of the boy's weight, their faces were just inches apart. After what felt like an eternity to her; he got up and he had the apologies just soaring out of his mouth.

She smiled and said "No it is alright." and as soon as she said that everyone heard a scream.

"COME ON! I JUST LOST 5 SICKLES!" Beatrix exclaimed kneeling on the ground in practical tears.

"It is okay, Trix." said Tanya whilst she comforted her friend.

After a few moments they eventually were all sitting down. The two boys were indeed twins named apparently named Gred and Forge. Gred was the one whom she had taken a fall with while Forge was making the bet with Beatrix.

The trolley soon enough came and that kind old woman asked. "Anything from the trolley dearies?" she was very kind but appeared to be as ancient as Dumbledore, however old he may have been.

"No thanks, we are all set." The twins replied in unison as they held up their squished sandwiches that had been wrapped with this clear wrap.

"Actually, I take a load." Tanya exclaimed as she got so much candy that it took up over half a bench so much so that Tanya ended up sitting practically on Gred's lap.

"Well why not you two lovebirds talk about the first thing that POPS up." both Trixie and 'Forge' exclaimed in unison similar to the twins.

Both of them were blushing profusely by the time they understood what they meant so Tanya sat farther away only to be squished between Gred and the candy.

"Anyways, why were you two running in anyways?" Beatrix suddenly asked; as she ate some strawberries candies.

"Well those Slytherin blokes were chasing us, since they were the victims of a prank." Gred began.

"And we didn't do it. I reckon we were framed." Forge added as he ate a chocolate frog.

Both of the girls began to burst out in laughter. Tanya even fell on the ground laughing with tears spilling out of her eyes. When they finished Tanya brushed herself off and sat back up.

"Do you two lovely ladies know who did it then?" both asked with a funny glare on their face.

"No, we were laughing because…"Beatrix began trying to find an excuse as she fiddled with her hair.

"Because… because my sister and brother were in there!" bursted out of Tanya's mouth quickly as she scooted over away from Gred.

"Well in that case…"

"…we will claim it as our own. You know it would be awesome…"

"… because people already given us a lot of thumbs up. Right, Gred?"

"Right Forge." Gred replied as Beatrix hopped up immediately

"YOU TWO BLOKES ARE SOOOOO NOT STEALING OUR PRANK!" she screamed out before Tanya could cover her mouth.

"Trix you are a complete twat! They were baiting us!" Tanya muttered as she sat her down on the bench; with the candy. She did a double take to notice that Gred wasn't sitting there anymore. When she turned around to see if they were behind her; she felt two sets of hands grab her and pulled her onto the other bench. She was stuck in between the twins with each one having their legs covering hers, so she couldn't get up.

"So love, you did the prank?" Gred began as he leaned in closer.

'Why are you so horrid to us…poor sexy beasts."

"Oh please!" Tanya hollered at them; while she shoved off their legs.

"Yeah, and we are just beginning. So who do you blokes think you are prefects? Because I can tell you are not… but I could tell the prefects that you are harassing us." Beatrix threatened as she stood up with a posture that dignified a serious tone.

"Well take it easy love, we are just joking with you. You see we are the kings of pranks in this school." Forge and Gred said synchronised. Both raised their hands above their heads.

"Trix, why do you not just take a deep breath and calm down; they were just attempting to see how great we can be for pranks. Right Gred and Forge?" calmly Tanya said while she stepped forward holding a strawberry liquorice wand.

Both boys nodded as Trix grabbed the candy and sat down.

"Well loves, we will see you around we need to go bug our dear Ronniekins, and check on our dear, first year sister. What house are you in and what grade; so we know how often we will see you."

"Well I am a first year but I am twelve today." Beatrix stated calmly as she reached up and grabbed her small carrying bag with her uniform in it.

"Same basically but I am twelve in about 11 nights." Tanya added; while she attempted to clean up all the candy and wrappers.

"Why? I mean you are supposed to come when you are 11 years old." Forge piped up while he stepped back into the compartment.

"Well parents have the rights to wait a year if you are not of the age requirement before school begins. Such as my mother did not send myself off last year but she sent my brother who is the same age as me. Or for the Muggle born children they prefer to send it when they are eleven instead of asking the parents." Sadly, Tanya muttered as she recalled her last previous year at home.

"Well that seems a bit…"

"… sad, or pathetic, take your pick. Right, Forge?"

"You are right as always, Gred."

"Well you are correct… Fred…" Tanya began while Beatrix picked up the rest for her.

" …and George." Both of the boys looked in utter shock that these two first years had deciphered their prank. "I am sorry my poor sexy beasts, but Fred, your taller."

"And George even now your voice is a wee bit deeper than Fred's" Tanya added while the two girls walked through the door and out of it leaving the compartment empty of everything but the two twins.

The two girls walked into the washrooms to find them empty. So both went into a private stall each while someone was having her mind in the gutter when they had enter reducing Tanya to smacking her in the back of the head.

When both girls left their stall, Beatrix busted out in laughter at Tanya. Her skirt seemed to just drown the part it covered but it only covered an inch or so above her knees and her sweater reached down so you could only see an inch and a half of her skirt. She had knee high socks so there was only a small chunk of skin showing. "What? My mother thought since my sister had to have new clothes; she would cast these to me, but the blouse and tie; she bought me a new one of each."

As you could see if you looked extremely closely the sweater had the badge removed and replaced to a plain badge while the trim was changed also. Beatrix's outfit actually looked semi decent in hers. It was sharp pressed and very cleaned, it fit her perfectly.

"I am so sorry but you look absolutely horrid!" Beatrix choked out while giggling.

"Damn it!" Tanya cursed while she pulled out her wand and aimed it at herself making Beatrix give her the most bizarre look that she had ever noticed.

"Shapus clothus." Tanya sputtered out while waving her wand down three times.

It was amazing as the clothing morphed to fit her more properly and looked as if it was brand new.

"Who honestly needs Madame Malkin, when you can do it yourself." Tanya snobbishly said while she brushed off invisible dust.

"You have got to show me that spell sometime, since the ones in the books I have read are all are temporary." Beatrix muttered while they walked out of the washroom and back into a cabin again. The rest of the ride was rather quiet as they discussed their families and different pranks to pull.

Finally the train came to a halt. The two girls grabbed their bags and walked out of the train. There was this giant man with a scruffy beard and hair; with clothes that were very worn and filthy.

"First years follow me! First years; I repeat follow me." He had hollered out as all the students were close had to cover their ears. Eventually all of us first years were surrounding the giant man. He introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid. Tanya distinctly recalled her family saying so many mean things about this man, but to her he was very kind it seemed.

Soon enough he put them all in the boats where she was once again with Beatrix and a red headed girl named Ginny; who was apparently related to the twins from earlier but she seemed so jittery and less prank-ish. The ride was getting rather dull as all the girls had talked about some very casual things; such as Quidditch.

Suddenly, Beatrix looked over and said "What is that?" Tanya went to look but soon heard an oomph noise from behind her.

"I do not see anything." Tanya bluntly replied as she looked a wee bit closer.

"Well look harder. Do you not see it Ginny?" Beatrix added while she pointed closer to the edge of the boat.

"Fine, I guess." Tanya kept looking until she finally gave up. Then as she was leaning back the boat hit a wave; she went tumbling into the chilly water. It was frigid and very dark. She looked around and saw it a giant squid with these giant suction cups on its tentacles. She screamed as soon as she saw him and suddenly her lungs filled with water. She swam quickly to the air; she could feel her body getting heavier and heavier. As she reached the top, two hands grabbed her and lifted her out. The coughing began to ensue as she coughed so much water up from her lungs. As hastily as she could she brought air into her lungs, but due to most of the air not entering her lungs; she began to puke outside of the boat.

"There, there. Its all good just have some calm breaths." she heard the man from earlier say. Finally she had calmed down enough to notice that they were on shore and that there was a blanket wrapped around her. All the other students were looking at her, as some older students were escorting them into the school as she saw Beatrix and Ginny wave shyly towards her with the twins in tow.

Both the four hugged her very tightly and didn't let go for awhile. Tanya knew she was mature for her age and the other two girls seemed to be mature; but they were still extremely young and naive. The two girls whilst hugging her gave her numerous apologies that had all mashed together so the pair was rambling off.

"You two were right by the way the squid was huge! Oh my gosh its pupil was like the size of a dinner plates." She exclaimed while Tanya broke the very down putting mood. Both girls laughed as they let go of the hug as she stood up.

"You know what? If there ever is a dance at this school; I am bringing him as my date. His name will be…" Beatrix exclaimed as she paused to think.





"Nope he will be called… JACK!"

Everyone literally face palmed simultaneously, while Tanya gave out a little sneeze that everyone could not help but adore.

"Fred, George one of yer lads dry her clothes she is shiverin' right in front of you." Hagrid exclaimed as the twins both flicked out their wands and the next thing Tanya knew she was extremely warm and she did not feel the cool dampness anymore. Her clothes looked as dry as before she even got on the boat.

"Now let us get you into the school and sorted to yer houses."

Tanya's POV

It was a short time since the incident and we were united with the other first years. All were either nervous or smug; while I had an air of calmness to myself while I stood near the middle of the great hall while people were slowly were getting called up. It was Beatrix's turn; as she sat on the stood in front of the stool and sat down with a rather large thud literally jumping on the stool. The hat was placed on her head and I could hear something muttering around myself. It was a hissing type of noise that seemed to be calling me. It was a trance like sound as it overwhelmed my senses. The next thing I knew I heard Professor McGonagall calling my name with her shrill and sharp voice.

I walked up and sat quietly on the stool, in a proper manner. The black beaten hat had been placed on my head as I heard it speak. "Ah, so we have a true Slytherin Princess. Of course you have Slytherin traits, but it seems you are rather brave for a young girl. But you know your family has been in Slytherin their whole time here. But you seem like a one Sirius Black I had long ago. He was an interesting character but I think you are going to have a great turn of events in the future. Now to decide to put you where you can be sly; or where you can be courageous. I know Gryffindor!" He said the last part out loud for everyone to hear with a rousing amount of applause from that table. I looked around to notice Beatrix was in Slytherin. I walked elegantly to the Gryffindor table and sat beside George. Or I thought it was George maybe it was Fred. I knew it would be my spot from now on.

It was the next day and we were digging in to an enormous breakfast; of everything you could possibly imagine. There was another red head near us he had his mouth full of food; it was spewing out of his mouth. And did he just grab another piece of chicken from the pile? I believe he did. Ew… wait chicken for breakfast? Then there was the girl sitting beside him with bushy hair that seemed like it was never brushed; who was spewing facts obnoxiously around proving her 'superiority' of intelligence. I wanted to slap her so hard at the moment. Then there was a boy who would occasionally talk with glasses and a scar.

I sat quietly until I felt an arm around me.

"And this is my newest mate Tanya who knows that I am the sexy one! Right, love?" I knew who it was immediately; the flirtatious Fred Weasley.

"Oh Fred the only reason you are so sexy is because of your red hair; if you spewing out facts that were ungodly ANNOYING then I would tell you that all your sexiness was gone. Or if you every slicked your hair back with either a tub of lard or its own grease. " Fred smirked at me when he figured out my meaning behind the statement. In the one reflection I could see Mrs. Bushy glaring at me so I sent one back to her which put her back in her place instantaneously.

"I knew you loved me, love, it was the sexiness right?" he replied pulling me closer.

"I am sorry but my heart belongs to another. He is a man who looks near identical to you but not quite. You see he is more reserved in his flirting but I can guess he would be a beast." I replied pulling away as I noticed George's eyes from the other side of the table.

"Who is this man so I can murder the git." Fred replied as he looked around to try and figure it out.

I reached my hand out over the table and grabbed…an orange.

"Fred, meet my lover Bob D'Orange."

Fred looked smugly as George took his fork straight up and stabbed it right through Bob's top or I believed it was his top. All I know was, it was facing upwards where he was stabbed.

"You killed my love Bob!" I quietly screamed while people began to stare at us.

"Well love you know…" George began to say; as he leaned over the table to whisper it.

"…Once you go for a twin…" Fred continued, as he leaned up right beside me.

"…There is no other sin…"

"…and you will be theirs…"

"…Forever!" Both ended simultaneously with a wide Cheshire like grin. I could feel my self shrink away; I felt someone poke me in the sides. I screamed while someone covered my mouth. I flipped around to see Trix standing right behind me with a grin.

"Hello, do you understand how annoying these gits, mostly Slytherins, are? Seriously, they do not shut up about things that make themselves higher up in the food chain; anyone else near the bottom as some sort of food. Especially these two, Annabelle and Troy, no matter what they are always insulting their little sister; but they only refer to her as anything over the rainbow but her name. I think I may feel bad for her; but she must be an easy target." Beatrix ranted on while she sat down on the other side of me.

"You do know the sister." was all I could muster out no matter how much I attempted to.

"Shouldn't you be eating at your own table?" Lee Jordan asked, as he turned and joined into this conversation.

"Shouldn't you mind your own business boy?" Beatrix snapped at Lee while she grabbed a spare plate and began to eat.

I looked down at the stabbed orange and focused on it as long as I could. She didn't seem to bring it up again so I just left it as a thing of the past. Eventually, I did peel Bob's skin away and ate his juicy insides. Fred and George stole some. We continued chatting until we had decided to head to our classes now. I was extremely nervous about if I was to fail a class or get detention or have Snape telling my parents of how improper I was.

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