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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two:- T.E.C.H. headquarters
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Whist he was being driven through the city he was beginning to wonder exactly what he’d let himself in for. Getting into the car had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now his curiosity was beginning to kick in. He glanced towards the driver and leant forward and tapped the glass partition that separated the driver area from the passenger seating. The driver lowered the glass partition and the boy asked him what T.E.C.H. was?


The driver said ‘Sorry sir, but I’m not authorised to give out that sort of information. Maybe it would be better if we just let Doctor Williamson explain things to you after we arrive at headquarters’.


‘Alright’ replied the boy sounding a bit unsure, and sat back in the seat.


‘In the mean time sir there’s some soft drinks in the small fridge and also some computer games for you to play if you’d care to.’ Then dropping his voice to a whisper the driver said.

‘Between you and me, the Doctor likes to play the computer games himself.’


The boy opened various small cupboards and quickly found the games, and also the where the monitor and games console was located for him to play the games on. He chose a game called Alien Annihilator Mega Blaster Turbo and put it in the console and turned on the monitor, and whilst that was loading he’d gotten a can of cola from the small fridge, opened it and settled down to play.


Whilst the boy was doing all this, the driver had raised the glass partition, and continued driving. The car drove on through the streets, along Pinces Street , pasiing the West End and along Gorgie Road . After about twenty-five minutes, the vehicle was approaching Dalmahoy and turned a corner to reveal a large set of iron gates. The car slowed and came to a halt at what appeared to be a security check point, a security guard came out of a hut like building and approached the car, the driver opened his window to talk with him. The boy saw that there was another security guard standing by the hut with a large Alsatian dog on a lead, the driver felt in his pocket, and pulled out a small wallet. He opened it and showed something to the guard who nodded his head and then the guard turned to look into the back of the car and stared at the boy, the driver said something to him and he once again nodded his head.


The guard then went into the hut, and through a glass window I noticed him pressing a button set on the wall and the gates started to slowly open. The driver of the car drove forward and continued to drive along a long winding road that led towards a large old style house that could be seen in the distance was set well back from the road and was surrounded by trees. As the car moved towards the house the boy was able to take in the surroundings in more detail. As well as the trees around the house there were also trees spread out to the back of the house and a large expanse of grass to the front of the house.


During the journey up to the house, the boy also noticed a long Metal fence which had warning signs on it at various sections. The notices had writing on them which said DANGER, ELECTRIC FENCE, DO NOT TOUCH; the fence seemed to go right around the property. The boy also noticed a few more guards with dogs moving about in the grounds. After seeing all this he wondered more then ever about what he might have let himself in for.


The car finally stopped before the house at the foot of some stone steps that led up to a large set of wooden double doors. The boy looked out of the car window and saw that the house looked like something from an old mystery or horror movie. It looked really, really old. There were ugly looking statues that were dotted around the top of the house at various intervals. The driver got out of the car, walked around to the other side and opened the passenger side door allowing the boy to exit. As he emerged from the car, one side of the big doors opened, and a man emerged and walked down the steps.


‘Welcome to T.E.C.H. headquarters Christopher, my name is Jackson .’


When Chris first saw Jackson , he saw an elderly man who had silver grey streaky hair and also a slight stoop in his posture, but at the same time with the way he moved he seemed to be full of virility.


‘How do you know my name?’ Chris asked, in a puzzled sounding voice.


‘We know a lot about you Chris. Probably more than you even know about yourself. Even down to the fact that you like to be called Chris. If you’d care to follow me, I’ll take you to see Doctor Williamson.’


And with that Jackson turned around and quickly walked back up the steps and through the front door, with Chris having to run slightly to keep up with him, following closely behind. Once Chris had walked through the front door, Jackson closed it, but didn’t lock it.


Jackson then turned and said ‘This way please’ and then started to briskly stride down a long corridor, Chris once again had to virtually run to keep up with him. As they went along, Chris was taking in his surroundings. They passed many old paintings of people dressed in old fashioned and weird clothes. They also passed suits of metal, Chris asked what they were, and Jackson explained that they were suits of armour. Once worn by people centuries ago for protection when they went into battle.


They continued along the corridor, turning left and right every so often and up some stairs until Jackson came to a stop in front of a certain door. With the suddenness of the stop Chris nearly ran into Jackson , but managed to stop in time. Chris looked up and looked at the door and noticed a small sign that said private. Jackson knocked and a voice said.


‘come in.’


Jackson opened the door and said,


‘Master Christopher Potter Doctor Williamson.’



‘Thank you Jackson ’ came back the reply.


Jackson stood aside and Chris entered the room.


After he’d entered the room Jackson turned and exited closing the door behind him.


When Chris was alone with Doctor Williamson, the Doctor was silent for a few moments, looking Chris over, then he spoke up.


‘Please take a seat Chris,’ indicating a seat at the front of the desk with his hand. Chris sat down, he felt a bit worried about what he may have let himself in for, but his curiosity about what was going on at this place seemed for now to be cancelling a lot of that worry out and getting the better of him.


After Chris had sat down in the chair, the Doctor was silent for a few more moments. He spoke up and said,


‘You appear to be worried Chris, let me assurer you that there’s nothing what so ever to be worried about, your among friends here. Among people who understand about the abilities that you’ve demonstrated.’


Chris looked as if he didn’t believe him. He had after all been living on his wits for the past several months and was used to fending for himself and also being able to sense what people were feeling, but somehow this felt different.


Then the Doctor spoke,


‘Well Chris, You’ve probably been wondering what all this is about.’


‘Well I had kind of wondered’ he replied in a cautious voice.


Chris had been trying to sum up what he thought of the Doctor. Chris was an intelligent boy and could not be fooled by much. And what he saw was a man who looked as he himself couldn’t be fooled by very much either. Chris tried to reach out with his mind so he could some kind of idea of what the Doctor was like. But he seemed to come up against a brick wall. There was no way Chris could penetrate it.


The Doctor smiled, in an amusing sort of way which seemed to indicate that he knew was Chris was trying to do. And he continued.


‘Well in a nutshell, this is a special institute for gifted people like yourself, people who have demonstrated special abilities, and talents.’


‘I don’t know do you mean’ asked Chris.


And with that, Doctor Williamson pressed a button and with a soft humming sound a large screen dropped down from the ceiling, it startled Chris who jumped with fright at the unfamiliar noise. He pressed another button and a picture appeared on the screen. Chris soon realised that he was watching himself from about four weeks ago, when he’d been in a town on the coast. He’d been walking along a cliff top and had heard a man shouting for help. He’d managed to track down where the person was and realised that he’d fallen down the side of the cliff and was now stuck on a ledge. And to make matters worse, the ledge was starting to crumble bit by bit from under the man. So Chris had realised that he wouldn’t have time to go to the town for help, he’d have to help the man right now. He saw himself using his levitation skills to lift the person up from the ledge – without touching him in any way – without the use of a rope or any other climbing aid. Then the scene suddenly changed to what had happened earlier that day.


‘Well’ said Doctor Williamson. ‘Do you still say that you have know idea what I’m talking about, or should we continue?’


After Chris had been shown the footage, he looked at the Doctor and said nervously,


‘How did you get a hold of this?’


‘We have our ways, just like we also know that your homeless and have been living on the streets for the past several months and foraging in dustbins for stuff to survive, and stealing what clothes you need of clothes lines’ said the Doctor.


‘What do you want?’ asked Chris in a resigned sort of voice.


‘Good I like someone who is direct and to the point. Well simply put, we’d like you to consider joining our little organisation.’


‘And what does this organisation do?’ asked Chris in an, I don’t care sort of voice.


‘Well’ said the Doctor ignoring the tone of voice that Chris had just used. ‘We take specially gifted people like yourself and train them to use their powers wisely. And in return we’d like you to help us combat a particular sort of crime.’


‘And what sort of crime is that?’ asked Chris who’s interest was starting to perk up a bit.


‘You’ll find out later, that is if you decide to join us and develop your skills.’


But before Chris could say anything more, an alarm sounded and the Doctor pressed a button on his desk’


‘What’s going on?’ he asked.


A voice replied that there was a problem in the time barrier.


‘What kind of problem?’ he asked.


‘Well it looks like someone or something has been sent back in time, but all the time lines appear to be intact indicating everything or everyone are where they should be.’


The Doctor thought for a few moments then said’


‘Okay, I’ll be right there.’


Turning to Chris he said,


‘Well Chris it looks like you’ll be finding out what we do here at T.E.C.H. sooner than we’d planned, because for security reasons your going to have to come with me.’


With that the Doctor got up out of his chair and walked around his desk and over to the door and opened it, he stood there waiting for Chris to join him.


Chris had remained in his seat, unsure what to do. He’d didn’t know if he should get up or stay where he was. When he noticed that the Doctor was waiting at the door for him to join him, he jumped up out of his chair because by now Chris – though still a bit anxious – was quite curious about what actually went on at this facility, so he needed no more persuasion to join the Doctor at the door and follow him into the corridor.


They walked along various corridors together until they reached a set of lift doors. The Doctor pressed a button and Chris heard the sound of machinery sounding in the distance. Then a loud Tinging noise sounded and the doors opened. The two of them stepped into the lift and the Doctor said.


‘Level minus fourteen.’


Then a metallic sounding voice cried out,




‘System override, imput emergency override code Alpha, Mike, Golf one, one nine three two one Alpha.’


‘Voice print identification confirmed, override Code accepted,’ replied the voice ‘System resetting, you may proceed.


And the life doors closed, as the lift to move downwards. The Doctor seemed to have an idea and he spoke to the computer.


‘Computer, take a note of the physical form and imprint the voice of the person with me in the lift. He is to have level four security access to the establishment.’


‘System working… physical form of subject logged,’ said the mechanical voice, ‘Require vocal sample of voice to be used for voice print identification.’


The Doctor then whispered,


‘Say something to the computer Chris,’


‘Such as what? Replied Chris out loud.


‘Voice print logged, subject now has level four security access to limited areas in the establishment’ continued the voice of the computer.


It didn’t take long before Chris realised that not only were they going downwards, but they were also moving down underground. Chris could not help but wonder what was going on in this place that it all needed to be done so deep underground. After several seconds had gone by, the lift stopped and the doors opened to reveal a sight that took Chris’s breath away.






That’s chapter two. Plz let me know what you thought.


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