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Diagon Alley by nitenel
Chapter 1 : Diagon Alley
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“This is Diagon Alley,” Hagrid said in his deep voice. “And where we’ll get your things for Hogwarts.”

The Alley was bustling and people were shopping at their leisure. Harry could see all kinds of magical items and goods.

“We’ll be going to Gringotts first to get your gold,” he rumbled.

“Gold?” Harry repeated, perking his ears. “For me?”

“Your parents didn’t leave you nothing,” Hagrid said.

Harry smiled happily at the thought of having gold that the Dursleys could not get. Perhaps he should buy a big sign that said, “HAHA,” and put it in front of their yard.

But before they could take a step forward the sky darkened and a wailing sound was heard in the distance. Hagrid’s shaggy head looked up and his face darkened.

“In here,” he said roughly, pushing Harry into an abandoned shop. Hagrid followed him in and shut the door. He pulled the blinds down and moved pieces of furniture in front of it.

“Hagrid?” said Harry timidly. “What’s going on?”

“Quiet,” he whispered back. “We’re under attack.”

“By who Hagrid?” asked Harry.

“Death Eaters,” growled Hagrid. “Followers of You-Know-Who. When he disappeared so did his followers. Within the last year though, they’ve been more active. Something’s up and I don’t like it. And now they’re attacking one of our last remaining safe places.”

“What do they want?” questioned Harry.

“Some men just want to see the world burn,” said Hagrid grimly. “Now quiet.”

From outside they could hear screams and explosions and people running around. After a few minutes, it became quiet. Then there were footsteps outside and whispers.

“Get behind me,” Hagrid whispered. Harry did and Hagrid tapped his umbrella on the former’s head. He felt a sensation like an egg trickling down his back and he looked down. He had disappeared.

There was a loud boom and the door exploded. Hagrid growled and lifted his umbrella threatingly as a thin man with long blonde hair walked in.

“Hello Hagrid,” the man said silkily.

“Malfoy,” snarled Hagrid.

“Oh come now Hagrid,” Malfoy said calmly, “Surely you gain nothing from antagonizing us.”

At his words, black robed figures stepped into the shop and formed a semi circle around Hagrid. Harry looked around and stepped quietly over to the stairs.

“Who are your little friends, Malfoy?” growled Hagrid.

One of the figures walked in front of him. She snapped her fingers and her hood disappeared. Hagrid spat in her face.

“You filthy half-breed!” she shrieked. “How dare you?”

“Calm yourself Bella,” commanded Malfoy firmly.

Bella sneered and stepped back as Malfoy raised his wand threatingly. “Where’s the boy?”

“What boy?” Hagrid lied.

“The boy who lived,” snapped Malfoy. “Don’t play stupid, you oaf.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Hagrid.

“I’ll give you one last chance, half-giant, before you die,” said Malfoy impatiently.

Hagrid just shook his head defiantly. Malfoy’s patience broke and he snarled, “Avada Kedavra!”

Hagrid fell to the ground, dead. Harry’s mouth opened but he made no sound as he screamed a silent scream.

“Search the building,” commanded Bella. The rest of the Death Eaters broke ranks and walked slowly through the building, their wands raised menacingly. It was then when Harry noticed an open path to the door. He glanced around and walked slowly to the door.

He reached the door and took off at a run. The first thing he noticed was the dead boy slumped against the building. He had brown hair and freckles and was wearing an expression of horror.

Before he could take another step another cloaked figure popped into existence right in front of him. The man grabbed Harry’s arm and suddenly he was visible again.

The man pulled of his hood and Harry saw the man’s face. He had long greasy hair and a hooked nose. “Potter,” he said quickly. “Where’s Hagrid?”

“D-dead,” stuttered Harry.

His dark eyes darkened even more. “The Death Eaters?”

Harry nodded and the man cursed and said briefly, “I’m Snape. Let’s go.”

Before the two could move the Death Eaters stepped out of the building. Malfoy‘s eyes flashed when he saw Snape.

“Severus,” Lucius said silkily. “Here on Dumbledore’s orders?”

“Yes, Lucius,” sneered Snape. “I’m here to rescue the boy and bring him to safety.”

Bella started to cackle madly. “And you think you can beat us?”

“No, Bellatrix,” Snape said mildly. “But they can.”

At that moment, more figures popped into the alley. They immediately engaged the Death Eaters. Within minutes all but Bella and Malfoy remained.

Malfoy pointed a finger at Harry. “You will never be safe again, Potter. We will hunt you down and kill you. Trust no one. We will find you.”

He grabbed onto Bella’s arm and they disappeared. One of the newer arrivals came over to Harry. “Mr. Potter. We must get you to safety.” The woman glanced at Snape. “Take him to Dumbledore.”

Snape bowed his head and grabbed Harry’s shoulder roughly. “Come Potter. We mustn’t keep him waiting.”

Before they disappeared, he hesitated. He had a choice right now. He, Severus Snape, could go to Dumbledore’s side and never get any recognition for what he did or he could go to the Dark Lord and receive glory and power. But what about Lily?

He and Harry disappeared with a small pop.

A/N: So what happened?

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