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Eyes the Colour of Moonlight by 00623426
Chapter 1 : Letters to the Moon
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I own nothing of this wonderful world that J.K Rowling has so expertly crafted. Nor do i own any characters or concepts. I take credit only for the characters and places i have dreamed of myself. Please enjoy & review :)





" You never leave someone behind; you take a part of them with you and leave a part of yourself behind"-Anonymous






I was never one of those exceptionally extraordinary people so I never thought that I would be apart of something like this. Something that would simultaneously suffocate me and breathe new life into me, all at once.


I stared into those warm pearl grey eyes, savouring the love in them as they bore into my soul. Slowly, I watched as they darkened and cooled and that love leeched silently away; with a palpable shattering of my heart and hot, burning tears running down my cheeks, I turned on the spot and quite simply -  I was gone.


Letters to the Moon:


Quietly, I slipped from my bed and tip toed to the double doors that lead outside, my silk slip floated softly around my knees and hovered about the smooth lines of my petite figure. Puhi - my grey tabby cat - meowed at me irritably at the movement of the bed. I flung back the soft white curtains that obscured my view. Tonight was a full moon. The large, circular moon smiled down at me from its star speckled home; and the undisturbed water of the pool mirrored the moonlight around the courtyard as I silently slipped outside. The slightly warm air hovered about from the unusually warm winter day that had passed, a cool breeze shifted through the courtyard picking up the loose strands of my long chestnut hair. I crept to the edge of the pool and slipped into the waters comforting depths, sinking slowly to the bottom to watch the underside of the surface. I often did this during a full moon, tonight the moonlight played with the fragmented water, casting kaleidoscope images everywhere as the stars twinkled down at me – the dog star shined rather brightly tonight, though it was always more visible in the winter it didn’t stop me admiring it’s beauty.  The magnified sound of my heart beating evenly echoed in my ears while the water hugged me from all around. It was calm down here, peaceful and comfortable.


*                                                           *                                                           *


I awoke to the watery July sun meekly making its way into the morning winter sky and the rain pattering across the roof; New Zealand winters were always so wet. Watery skies, watery ground, and water everywhere; I loved it.




I rolled out of bed and wandered toward the bathroom – still in my silk slip – and flicked the shower dial around to hot. A sudden screamed issued from the kitchen




“Lucina!”  My step mother screeched. 


I bolted for the kitchen following the sound of her high-pitched wailing. I snickered silently to myself as I rounded the corner and watched her cram herself against the wall; rolled my eyes as I walked over to let in the beautiful tawny owl that was tapping at the window. It swooped in and dropped a heavy letter on the bench making a hasty exit to get away from the increased noise.


I bit my lip nervously as I eyed the package before walking over and weighing it in my palm. Gently, I ran my fingers over the red wax seal and stared at the large coat of arms that sat atop of it. It had a large H in the centre with a lion, a snake, a badger and a raven positioned around it and ‘Hogwarts’ emblazoned above it. I gnawed on my lip a little harder, trying to work up the courage to open it.


A harsh snicker broke my reverie.


“That must be your letter for that exchange trip. I suppose you were too dumb to pass those aptitude tests? Pity. For me I mean, I would have been glad to see the back of you for two years. Although, I don’t blame them for not wanting you – nobody else does.”

She smiled at her little quip, scrunching up her carefully maintained face to display a gummy smile and challenging my temper with her cold blue eyes. She lifted her chin and flipped her platinum blonde hair over her bony exposed shoulder.

“You know what Naom -” I started angrily.

“Good morning, my beautiful ladies!” My father sang, coming down the hallway. “The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you” he said as he tapped a weathered finger on the end of my nose.

He said this every morning, even when the sun wasn’t up and the sky wasn’t blue; but I loved him for it. I appraised him as her meandered about the kitchen; he was growing a little more fragile in his old age. His back was a little more crooked, his hair –the same chestnut shade as mine though streaked generously with grey – lay limp and thin upon his wide head. His face was weathered and told stories of a well lived life in the form of crow’s feet and deep set laugh lines. I loved my father; he radiated warmth which was infectious whenever he was in the room. He sauntered good naturedly toward my step mother and caught her by the waist in his wide, dirty hands.


“Good Morning, Naomi” he told her, as he leaned toward her.




I feigned vomiting into my cereal from my position at the breakfast bench.

“Good morning, Derek.” She greeted my father in a sickly sweet, phony voice.”You’re dirtying my dress” she complained, as she smoothed her gaudy orange dress.




“And good morning to you” he said before wrenching me into a bone crushing bear hug.




“Go-od Morn-ing, Dadd-y” I choked out before he set me back on my seat.

“What are you getting up to today, Lucina?” my father asked.

“Well, Daddy –“I began

“Her letter came today, Derek” my step mother interrupted, with a snide glance in my direction.
I watched as my father stiffened and his face hardened.

“The one from the school that wants to take my only child away from me?” he complained.

“Daddy, we’ve been over this...”

“I know Luce’, but I’m still worried” My father, as a muggle, had little faith in the magical community (however minute it was here in New Zealand) - though accepting as he was, he was still over protective.

My mother had always been the one to embrace my magical ability; though she too was a muggle, she encouraged me to pursue education and experience. I only wish she’d been there to see more of it.

 I sighed before addressing my father again.”Besides daddy, I haven’t even opened it, so I don’t even know if worry is necessary”

My step mother quietly snickered into her coffee and I shot her a look of discontent.

I shifted off the breakfast bench stool -grabbing the heavy parchment as I left- and kissed his forehead while he harrumphed unhappily and fled to my room.


I paced in front of my bed, gnawing of my lip and periodically eyeing the letter from where it sat harmless and waiting on my bed. Puhi’s green eyes followed my movement as she looked at me questioningly.


“I just can’t open it.” I told her.


Just do it. I urged myself.


I took a deep breath, pulling the air down toward my toes and sat on the bed picking up the heavy parchment. Puhi nudged my arm encouragingly before settling herself in my lap, purring.


I stared at the front of the parchment, my own name and address screaming at me in green ink. This could be my way out of here. As much as I loved my father, I despised my step mother. She was crude and treacherous; I hated the few weeks I spent at home (the other weeks of the year I spent at my magical boarding school) as much as she hated having me here. I only put up with her because –for some completely unfathomable reason- she made my father happy.


I eased my fingers gently under the wax seal and tugged.


The inside revealed several letters and a certificate. I carefully picked up the first and nervously read the first letter.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Albus Dumbledore 

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)


Dear Miss Stone,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a part of our newly instated exchange program. As you have passed the Ministry of Magic required W.O.M.B.A.T aptitude tests, you will find yourself beginning sixth year on September 1. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely, 
Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress 

..Accepted? I got in? I’m good enough?

I’m good enough! I’m actually good enough!

My thoughts were a jumble of excitement as I picked up Puhi, hugged her tightly before tripping over myself and running out to tell my father.

Arrangements needed to be made.

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