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One Moment in Paradise by Bobby Dazzler
Chapter 4 : IV
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'...  I got one smudge on the back of it, it's not really noticeable.  Sorry, Tary,' Blaise said, returning my assignment to me while we waited patiently outside of the Charms classroom door.  Three Hufflepuff's, eight Ravenclaw's, six Gryffindor's and five Slytherin's took this class, and so far seventeen of the twenty-two students had arrived.  There was not much interaction between students of the different houses, aside from Jenny talking boldly with Aaron and two of his friends with Lyra by her side.  Blaise and I stood towards the back of the group while he wrote out the last of his assignment, him furiously writing whilst I silently munched upon one of the pieces of toast I'd got ready for Draco, waiting for him to arrive and killing time by watching everyone else.

Aside from Jenny's flirting and Lyra's disinterest with the whole situation whilst Aaron's friends tried to engage her in conversation as well, there weren't all that many highlights to be noted.  Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were standing at the other end of the corridor, waiting for the final addition of their club of three to arrive, killing time by scowling at any Slytherin who looked their way.  The five Ravenclaw's not engaged in conversation with Jenny and Aaron were huddled together, comparing last minute notes and checking references in their books with harried looks upon their faces.  The three Hufflepuff's had yet to arrive, and would probably arrive last minute, laughing and talking and not really minding that in a few short minutes they'd be sitting in a classroom, waiting for the lesson to be over before it even began.

'Merlin, somebody please tell me who thought it would be funny to put me as Head Boy and that thing as Head Girl!  She's an insufferable mudblood with the most ludicrous ideas ever!  I can't believe the dribble she's going on about now that she wants the school to start doing – are these for me?'  Without waiting for an answer, the recently arrived Draco took the toast from my hands, thankfully leaving the one I had attacked still there, and began to wolf them down as fast as he could.  'Seriously, I cannot believe that Dumbledore even considered half the things she wanted!  "House Elf Liberation Day", "Money for Mungo's" and, get this, even field days to show the muggle community how wizards are not so different then them to form some sort of a bridge between the two worlds!  Of all the moronic things I've ever heard, that one takes the whizbee for sure!'

'What did Dumbledore say to that?' Blaise asked with a furrowed brow to show his dislike for the idea; I crunched loudly upon my toast, paying more attention to the pleasant taste than the topic being discussed.

'Turns out the old codger has some sense after all, would you believe it?  He told her that it would take an enormous amount of force to change the mindset of the Ministry to even consider the proposed change to the Wizarding Laws, so the idea was soon squashed.  Honestly, what does she think?  She comes up with a stupid idea like that which you'd expect Crabbe to come up with and thinks it was a sure-fire thing to go ahead?  And they call her the smartest witch in the school?  Merlin help the rest of us, then-'

'Draco,' I said quietly, tapping him on the shoulder lightly to prevent another full-blown rant from commencing.  He blinked stupidly, noticing my presence properly and tilted his head slightly to the left as he looked at me curiously.  I swallowed hard and turned my face down while I continued, 'Flitwick's here.'

'Oh, right.'  We watched quietly as the majority of the class went in, talking loudly and trying to be quieted down by the tiny form of squeaky voiced Professor Flitwick.  Blaise picked up his bag where it rested by his feet and headed for the queue to get through the door, I was about to join him but a hand clasped tightly about my upper right arm, preventing me from going anywhere.

The grip pulled me back and I stood with my head turned low, noticing more than a few crumbs upon my robes that needed to be dusted off before I entered the classroom.  'Tary, are you ok?'

I nodded slightly, noticing a speck of dirt on my shoes while my eyes remained downcast, not wanting to look up and meet his stare.  'You know Pansy's just a bitch, she's callous and not to be taken seriously.'  I nodded again, not really listening to what he was saying, not really wanting to hear what he was saying.  Draco sighed, his grip loosening about my arm, 'She doesn't know anything; no one does.  You don't need to worry, alright?'

I could only nod, having gone numb to the whole ordeal, but the answer seemed to suffice for now regardless.  'Good.  Come on, we should go inside before we get another detention.  Sorry for leaving you last night, but I couldn't risk getting another during quidditch practice-'

'It's ok, you're the captain.  You're needed there,' I said softly, his words registering dumbly in my mind.  'I've got to go to three now; McGonagall sent me a letter this morning at breakfast saying as much.  I won't be there for practice on Friday night, sorry.'

Draco frowned as we entered the classroom, 'I'll have a word to her, see if we can change it-'

'No, don't.  I don't want to make an even bigger deal out of this than it already is-'

'I can't have my lead chaser missing out on a practice so close to the start of the season, Tary.  I'm sure she'll understand-'

'Draco, please,' I whispered as we sunk into our chairs at the back of the room side by side, looking at him for the second time that day.  'Please, just leave it alone.'

He fixed me with a calculating look as tiny Professor Flitwick toddled between the tables, collecting everyone's assignments and piling them up so high in his small arms they ran the risk of blocking his vision.  I didn't drop his gaze this time, wanting him to see how serious I was about him just forgetting everything so I could as well, as if Pansy had never even opened her big fat mouth at dinner.

'Ok, I won't ask her,' he finally conceded and I sighed in relief, offering him up a small smile as Flitwick neared our table, collecting assignments from Lyra, Blaise and Jenny sitting at the desk in front of us.

'Thank you.'

Draco nodded and took both mine and his assignments and handed them to the small Charms Professor as he walked by, before taking out his parchment and quill, ready to start today's lesson.  I sat watching him for a few moments, amused by how he had to have his parchment aligned perfectly with his ink pot and quill.  'You have crumbs on your shirt, by the way,' Draco announced, not looking away from his project at hand.  I smiled weakly and dusted myself off, turning to get my own equipment ready for the lesson to begin, which started only moments later when Professor Flitwick deposited the assignments upon his desk and climbed atop his towering pile of books.  The class fell silent and then the lesson began.

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