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Unorthodox by Spaz
Chapter 1 : How it Happened
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People said our relationship was many things: nonsense, unusual, irregular, crazy, stupid, inappropriate, ridiculous, just plain wrong, and tons of other bad things. I like to think of as unorthodox. But somehow it worked, really well. That was until one fateful day.

"I love you." He said.

"Um…thanks?" I said. Yeah, I know, it was the wrong reply.

I'm Spencer Cassel. He's Nikolas Mewes. Let's go back a year and a half ago, when this all started.

We couldn't have been two more different people. He was a Gryffindor, I was a Slytherin. He was the school's Golden Boy, I was the girl with a reputation for causing mayhem. Everyone loved him, most people tried their best to stay away from me. He got top grades, I barely passed. He had a plan, I made it up as I went along. He led a group of guys everyone called the Golden Boys, I led a group of girls everyone called the Skanks. He was a prefect and I practically lived in detention.

The only things we had in common were we both went to Hogwarts, we both played Quidditch, we were purebloods, and we loved Converse shoes. That's it, and you can't exactly start a relationship with those few things, but we did it anyways.

I actually never thought much of Nikolas Mewes, he was just another prefect to avoid getting caught by when I was doing stuff I wasn't supposed to. Which was about ninety-eight percent of the time, the other two percent of my time was spent snogging random boys in deserted hallways.

He had never caught me doing anything. We had never even spoken once in our six years of going to school together, until one day.

I was hanging out with the Skanks: Pansy Parkinson, Ana Paxon, and Leanne Blake. We were waiting for Peeves. We were about to cause a bit of mayhem in the library using only ink. That's when Nikolas and the Golden Boys: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Dean Thomas walked by.

They stopped in front of us. I stared at them through my bright pink sunglasses. "What are you four doing?" Nikolas asked.

"I don't think that's any of your business." I said simply.

"Well, I just made it my business, Cassel, so what are you four doing?" Nikolas said.

I was surprised he knew my name. I cocked my head to the side. "We're standing. What are you four doing, besides getting on my nerves?"

"Watch it Cassel." He warned.

I raised my eyebrows and took off my sunglasses. "Or what?" I challenged.

Before he could respond, a girl's voice said. "Oh, there your guys are." Coming towards us was the bushy haired, bucktooth know it all, Hermione Granger. How I hated her with a passion. I wish I could stick her head under the Black Lake and count to a million.

"Ugh, here comes Miss Mudblood." Pansy muttered. We laughed.

"Watch your mouth, Parkinson." Nikolas said angrily.

"Ooh, looks like a nerve has been touched." I said tauntingly.

Granger's smile faded when she saw me. "Well, if it isn't the lead Skank herself." She said nastily.

"Oh, well if it isn't little Miss Mudblood." I said smiling. "You're looking exceptionally filthy today."

"Don't you have a bathroom to be smoking in?" Granger said.

"Been there, done that, crossed it off my list of things to do today. But thanks for being concerned."

"You're disgusting." She spat.

"Thanks, I try. I'm glad to see that my hard work isn't going unnoticed." I said proudly.

"Yeah, all that hard work is landing you in detention. How was your week's worth of detention by the way?" Granger asked grinning.

"Delightful, as usual. It was a joint detention. I got a little snogging in with Draco Malfoy. Isn't he delicious Granger?" I asked raising my eyebrows. The Skanks laughed.

Earlier in the year, we played a prank on Granger, making her think Draco was in love with her. She completely fell for it, and then Draco announced infront everyone in the Great Hall that she had been pranked and he would never love a filthy thing like her. She ran out crying. It was the highlight of my year.

Granger narrowed her eyes and came towards me. Nikolas stopped her. "Calm down." He whispered pressing his forehead on hers. Then he kissed her gently.

"Ooh, Granger, you got yourself a boyfriend." I drawled.

"Jealous you don't have one, Cassel?" Granger smirked.

I scoffed. "Please, while you have one, I've got five."

Granger shook her head digustedly. "Nikolas, why are you even near the Skanks?"

"I got a tip from someone that they were about to cause trouble, so they'll each get three nights of detention." Nikolas said looking pleased with himself.

I scoffed again. "That's not happening." I said.

"Excuse me, but I know you're about to cause trouble. You're all getting detention."

"Where's your proof?" I asked. Nikolas said nothing. "Exactly, without proof, you can't give us detention, it's the rules."

"Oh, what do you know about the rules?" Granger spat.

"In order to break them, I have to know what they are." I said in an obvious tone.

Granger looked surprised at how logical that actually was.

"Now that we've got that settled, why don't you guys get the hell out of here?" I said.

"Why don't you learn some respect?" Nikolas said angrily.

"Nah, I'm good." I shrugged.

"I am a prefect!" He said.

"And I'm bored with this conversation. Let's go girls." I said putting my sunglasses on and walking away.

The prank in the library was brilliant. There was ink everywhere, and even better, Peeves took all the blame.

I was making my way back to the common room when a figure appeared out of nowhere. "I know you had something to do with what happened in the library, Cassel." Nikolas said.

"Where's your proof?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter, I'm going to catch you doing something." He said.

"Good luck with that, Mewes." I said smiling slightly.

"I don't need it. By the way, nice shoes." He said before walking away. I looked down at my pink hightop Converse.

"You too." I called after him. He was wearing his black Converse.

And that began our game of cat and mouse, for once I was the mouse. Nikolas would show up everywhere, trying to catch me doing something wrong, but I was determined to beat him.

Each time he didn't catch me, we would talk a little, and I found out he wasn't as obnoxious as he seemed to be. I actually started to become attracted to him, I didn't fully like him, but I wouldn't mind snogging him.

One day, I was really frustrated. It was a bad day. I woke up late, I was late to all my classes, I ran out of cigaretts, and the guy I snogged was a horrible kisser. Seeing Nikolas just made me more frustrated for some reason.

"Give it a rest Mewes!" I said.

He looked shocked. "What's wrong with you?" He asked.

"Oh, like you care!" I snapped.

"Hey, don't get mad at me just because you had a shitty day or something, it's not my fault!" He shook his head. "It's so typical of you to do this."

"Excuse me, but don't pretend for a second that you know me." I said.

"I do know you, Spencer." Nikolas said. It was the first time I ever heard him say my first name, that bothered me even more.

"No you don't. Just because you and your stupid friends judge me, doesn't mean you know me!" I said fiercly.

He rolled his eyes. "You're so dramatic! Nobody judges you."

"Oh, please!" I exclaimed. "I see the looks you guys exchange when I show up to breakfast five minutes before it ends, or when I'm late to class or when I smoke in the bathrooms. You know what, smoking sooths me, okay? And I like to sleep in sometimes, so I'm extra late for breakfast. And so what if I'm late to class? At least I show up!"

Nikolas groaned. "You know what, Spencer? You are so-ugh! You just get under my skin and you're like a tick that won't go away!"

"Well, you're not a walk in the park either, Nikolas, and frankly, I'm tired of playing games with you."

"So am I." He said taking a step closer.

I stared at him strangely. "What are you-" He cut me off by kissing me. I was so shocked. A million questions ran through my mind: why was he kissing me? Did he actually like me? Who knew he was such a great kisser? As I wondered these questions, I didn't realize I was kissing him back.

He was so tall, I had to step on my tip toes, which creased my shoes, but I didn't care too much.

Nikolas wrapped his arms around my waist and stepped closer. I honestly couldn't believe we were kissing eachother. I mean, we were complete opposites, we would never be attracted to eachother in any way, shape or form.

We stood there kissing for what seemed like ages, until we heard voices. He pulled away smiling. "Meet me tomorrow after lessons on the seventh floor, okay?" He said.

"Yeah." I said smiling back.

"Great." He said, kissing me again, and then walking off.

I just stood there. It turns out the voices belonged to the Skanks.

"What's up?" Pansy asked.

"Nothing." I said quickly.

"Are we still putting Dungbombs in the prefect's bathroom?" Ana asked.

"Of course." I said, thoughts of Nikolas were still on my mind.

The next day, after lessons, I went to the seventh floor and there was Nikolas. "Hey." He said.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Come on." He said, grabbing my hand. We walked down the hall, and stopped infront of a door.

"I've never seen a door here before." I said.

"That doesn't surprise me." Nikolas said leading me in the room. It was big, and had a single red couch in it.

"What is this place?" I asked looking around.

"The Room of Requirement." He said. Then he leaned in to kiss me. I let him. Then we sat down on the couch.

"So, yesterday was fun." He said.

"Yeah,it was." I said.

"I really liked doing it. I'd like to do it some more."

Well,he sure doesn't waste any time. "Are you still with Granger?" I asked. Sure, I hated the girl, but I was no homewrecker.

"No, I broke it off yesterday, after I kissed you. I felt kinda guilty for cheating." He answered.

"Oh." I said.

"Is it okay if I kiss you again?" Nikolas asked nervously.

"I suppose so." He wasted no time kissing me.

We fooled around secretly for about a month. We didn't tell anyone, not even our friends what was going on. It was our dirty little secret. During that month, I actually grew to like Nikolas. It was turning into way more than attraction with him. But I kept it to myself, I didn't want to be rejected.

"I don't want to fool around anymore." Nikolas said one day pulling out of a kiss.

"Oh." I said sitting up. I was really hurt. I thought maybe he liked me too, but I guess I was just someone to snog. "I guess I should go then." I got off of him and started to look for my shirt.

"Wait!" Nikolas said. "I know it's not what you do, but I thought maybe you liked me."

I was confused. "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I don't want to fool around anymore, I want to be in a relationship." He said nervously.

"With me?" I asked.

"Yes. I know you don't really do relationships, but was hoping you'd give me a chance, cause I really like you."

"You like me?" I asked smiling.

"Yes, do you like me?" Nikolas asked.


"So, you'll be my girlfriend then?" I could see him holding his breath.

Girlfriend was such a strong word. I had never really been one before, I just fooled around with guys. But something was special about Nikolas, I couldn't let him slip away.

"Yeah, okay." I said.

"Really?" Nikolas said letting out a relieved sigh. I nodded and he got up and kissed me. "Is it okay if we don't keep it a secret?" He asked. "I'd like to see you more and I want all those Slytherin blokes to know you're taken."

"I suppose so."

Everyone was shocked out of their minds when they saw us the next day, holding hands and kissing. My friends took it much better than his friends did. He actually got in an arguement with Granger, telling her he wasn't breaking up with me no matter what she said.

My friends just warned Nikolas that if he hurt me, they would lock him in a classroom full of Blast Ended Skrewts for three hours. He promised he'd never hurt me, and he didn't.

We dated for a year and a half, and we were happy. We spent as much time as we could with eachother, we met eachother's families, who at first were completely against our being together, but soon enough accepted it.

Things were going great, I cared about Nikolas so much and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I might have even loved him, but I didn't know what love was,and it scared me. So when he said he loved me for the first time, I panicked. Which brings us back to this.

"I love you." He said.


I can't believe I really just said that.

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