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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 6 : chapter six: love and fun
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James’ Prov.

“So did you ask her?”

“Ask who what?” I said to Fred doing up the last button on my white collared shirt.

“have you asked your girlfriend to the memorial ball?” he asked

“she’s not my girlfriend” I defended Fred scoffed

“you have been snogging her every chance you get and you are never apart, I’m scared for the quidditch matches we have against slytherin you might just hand her the quaffle” he laughed

“fine she is my girlfriend”

 “well then get a move on and ask her before she crawls back to Malfoy” I scowled.

“I love her!” I blurted out I had no idea why I had told him.

“James I’m your best mate you think I didn’t know? You have loved her for years” he said tossing a pillow at me. I tossed it back “why don’t you tell her”

“because she’s never said it to me” Fred smirked

“ever think she doesn’t say it because you don’t?” god Fred was smart when it came to girls even if he was a major player. As we walked to breakfast I contemplated what he had said. I should just tell her, our relationship was going well our two week mark was about five days ago. We had no problems except for the fact that our faces were plastered all over the daily prophet how they got the pictures? I don’t know. I was just piling bacon onto my plate when I heard rose yell

“ELISABETH!! Give it back before I hex your face off!!!” Liz laughed as she held a book high above her head.

“I will give it back, after you eat”

“I don’t need to eat!” rose growled Liz smiled, my heart skipped at the sight. Her purple hair was in long flowing loose curls down her back and her eyes were lavender to match her hair.

“Yes you do now eat” she ordered rose sat. Liz laughed and ran her hand through my hair before she sat down.

“Morning boys” she said happily

“hey Liz who are you going to the dance with?” Fred asked biting into a piece of toast

“well I er-I assumed I was going with James” she glanced at me then poured herself some coffee.

“Assumed so you mean he hasn’t asked you?” I glared at Fred he just smiled

“I-er-uhh” Liz was looking for an answer. I sighed and turned towards her

“Liz would you go to the ball with me?” I asked

“yes!” she answered immediately Fred had a smug look on his face. For the rest of breakfast Elisabeth was beaming, she sent me smiles that made my heart stop and the way she batted her eye lashes left me speechless. I should tell her I kept thinking throughout the day. Each time I tried to work up the courage I was distracted by her eyes or by the thought of her not feeling the same way. It was like my heart and mind were at war with each other. But one thing was sure I love Elisabeth Finnigan.


“Hurry up James!” Fred called I was sitting in the Gryffindor quidditch tent putting my kit and broom away. “Come on the babes are waiting!” I smiled Fred was eager to go see his new girlfriend Amy she was nice and pretty I think she was going to do Fred some good. “Don’t make me come in there and drag your ass to Hogsmeade!”

“All right all right I’m coming!” I called as I ducked out of the tent Fred was leaning casually against the wall.

“Finally what were you doing in there jerking off?” Fred teased

“yeah to you girlfriends picture” I countered me and Fred cracked jokes at each other all the way to Hogsmeade.

“I’m telling you that you can’t make your hair the same colour of your dress that will just look weird!” rose and Liz were arguing on the topic

“I can do whatever I want with my hair if I want to make it- JAMES!” She called when she saw me walking towards her I smiled as she bounded towards me wrapping her arms tight around my neck. She got on her tippy toes and gave me a soft lingering kiss. “James do you think I should do my hair the same colour of my dress?” she asked

“well what colour is your dress?” she gasped when I said this and pulled away from me

“I can’t tell you that would give away the surprise!” I chuckled

“fine don’t tell me”

 “women” jack rose’s boyfriend said shaking his head.

“Tell me about it!” albus agreed walking down the path pulling Leah into a hug.

“Right then let’s go get some fire whiskey!” Fred said his arm was draped over Amy’s shoulder. Amy was a small girl her head came up to my shoulder. She had soft chocolate brown hair and eyes, her features were pretty and almost childlike I could see why Fred fancied her. Jack was a bit shorter than me he wore glasses and had shaggy blonde hair that swept over his forehead and he had hazel eyes. He was the perfect match for rose a smart Ravenclaw who spent all his time in the library exactly like rose. I glanced at Liz her hair was a bright fluorescent blue she was wearing ripped jeans and a black hoodie. I couldn’t help but find myself staring at her ass as she walked ahead of me and pushed open the door to the hogs head. I walked in after her and was shocked to find Ted Lupin standing there.

“TEDDY!” Liz shouted a stab of jealousy pierced though me as she ran forwards and threw her arms around teddy. She also gave him a huge kiss on the cheek before pulling away. We all exchanged greetings with Teddy, finally when we had all finished saying hi Leah asked the question we were all wondering.

“Why are you here ted” Teddy smiled his brown eyes sparkling his hair was blue but not as bright as Liz’s. Ted was tall and lanky he had long thin limbs and boney features. Teddy was also a Metamorphmagus like Liz. We had all grown up with him, he was eight when I was born even though he was older than us he had always been one of the group even now he was a little immature. Dad often said he was a mix between Sirius black, James potter, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Ted is a great seeker like James, he is fun loving and immature like Sirius, he is skinny and good at school like his dad and he is a Metamorphmagus like his mom.

“Well harry said aberfroth needed a little help around here I’m off for the season so I can to help out” Teddy said. Ted was seeker for the Chudley cannons (Uncle Ron’s favorite quidditch team). As we sat and drank the fire whiskey that ted “didn’t” sell to us I noticed that Teddy was watching Liz. I had always known him and Liz had been close but this look was different he was watching her with a sort of hunger in his eye a sort of attraction of some sort. It seemed he knew it was wrong to look at her that was but he just couldn’t help it. The third time I caught him staring at her ass I couldn’t take the burning feeling inside of me anymore. I walked over to Liz and placed my hand on her back, she turned and looked at me her lavender eyes were full of happiness and laughter. I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers, the kiss was sloppy due to the fact that we were both tipsy. I slowly slid my hands from her back to the round curve of her butt; I could feel her lips curl up in a slight smile against mine as I did this. She let out a small moan and tangled her fingers in my hair.

“Oi! Get a room that’s my brother you’re snogging!” albus yelled slurring slightly. Liz giggled as she pulled away I took another swig of the throat burning whiskey and glanced at ted. He was looking at me when our eyes met he nodded in understanding and went back to cleaning glasses.


Liz laughed and clung to my arm to hold herself up; we were both drunk and walking back to school way past curfew. I stumbled forwards and slipped on my feet causing Liz to tumble down with me. We laid there for I don’t know how long laughing trying to catch our breath.

“w-we are g-going to be in s-so much trouble if w-we g-get caught!” Liz exclaimed loudly throwing her hands up in front of her. She turned and looked at me “at l-least ted let us walk –hic- b-back  Fred and a-Amy are plastered who k-knew such a small girl c-could drink so much!” we bot laughed at her logic. I dragged Liz up the hill with me I felt so relaxed and happy with Liz, well that also could be the whiskey. She clung to me like her life depended on it as we climbed over the bumpy Hogwarts ground. “Let’s fly!!!!!!” she exclaimed as we passed the quidditch tent. I may have been drunk too but I knew flying was idiotic, it took a lot of talking and kissing to take her mind off the idea.

“We made it!” I tried to say quietly as we pushed the doors open. I almost had a heart attack and fell over dead when I saw McGonagall standing there in her night dress tapping her foot.

“Now!” she said sternly pointing to her office we stumbled over to the door. Once inside McGonagall called madam pomfrey who gave us a sobering potion and a hangover potion. “Who sold this to you!” she demanded once we were sober. “I’m waiting” she said when we didn’t answer “was it rosemerta? Aberfroth? You kids are close to aberfroth I bet it was him!” she said

“no!” Liz cried out “no one sold it to us I mean we asked aberfroth but he said no so we ordered some butter beers. When aberfroth went to the back room I hopped the bar and stole the fire whiskey it was my entire fault!” she said I felt an amasing amount of gratitude towards her but I couldn’t just let the girl I love take the blame.

“Stop lying!” I shouted Liz looked at me a bit hurt as if she thought I would rat out teddy. “Don’t take all the credit I helped steal it too” I said. McGonagall sighed

“detention for a week it would have been a month but you two were honest now off to bed!” me and Liz obeyed. I walked Liz to the dungeons and gave her a passionate goodnight kiss before going to my bed.

Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling

Ok so this was just a fun chapter full of what I think are teen things. With all the crying and love I think you sometimes loose the feel that they are just 16 and 17, so this was just a chapter to bring back there innocence here’s your sneak peek :D

I ran my hand down the length of the smooth wood; my name was engraved in the end of my broom in bright purple letters. I loved my broom it was like I had a connection with it, I loved being a chaser and this broom helped me, some people even said I would give Ginny a run for her money.

  review :D



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