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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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You would think that the thing I love most about the start of the new year is the beginning of term feast, but you’re wrong. The sorting is my favorite. I love it! The kids’ faces as their being sorted are hilarious. It goes from scared shitless, to holy shit this hat is talking to me, it would be embarrassing if anyone else heard it, to relieved that the sorting hat finally put them in a house and it wasn’t some mistake that they were invited to Hogwarts (yes those are all facial expressions and you would know it if you saw it yourself). I swear we weren’t that little when we were eleven though. Then again, I’m sure they will be thinking the same thing when they are sitting in my spot.



 I can’t believe my Hogwarts days are almost over (two years is almost in Roxanne world). This castle is my second home (Duh Roxanne, you live here the majority of the year obviously it’s your second home.) I just mean I feel at home here. It’s not just a school that I’m forced to attend. Sometimes I think about coming back to teach, just so I don’t have to leave forever. Then I think about how much I would hate teaching and how boring it would be. Hogwarts is great, but I like my sanity better.



After the beginning of term feast is over we all groggily walk toward our dormitories. My stomach feels like it could explode any second. The house elves made a new pudding this year and let’s just say it was to die for (which I might actually be doing if I don’t get to lie down and relax soon). Before I can escape to the comfort of my bed, Lysander pulls me aside and gives me a passionate kiss. Okay, I guess I can spare a few minutes for this.



“Are you going to visit me tonight?” He wiggles his eyebrows.



I playfully slap his arm. “I am not that kind of girl Mr. Scamander.” I remark.



He pretends to pout. “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with out you.”



I laugh. “You’ve been doing it for the past sixteen years. I think you will be okay tonight.”



I may act like the typical rebellious teen, but I do have morals. Lysander and I have never slept together (Hell we have never even slept in the same room together). I plan on waiting until marriage probably, sounds so cliché I know, but I was taught better than to be some floozy who will sleep with any boy who pays attention to her. True Lysander and I have been together for two years and I do love him, but I’ve never really wanted our relationship to take that step.



“I love you Roxy, dream about me okay?” He kisses me one last time and then calls for the first year Ravenclaws to follow him.



I link arms with Lily and we walk to our dormitory together. Lucy is already waiting for us when we arrive. I guess the good thing about being a prefect is that you get to leave a little early to walk the first years up to their dormitories. That is probably the only good thing. Well I guess the authority would be nice too, but I have a feeling I would abuse my power. That’s not a problem though because for some reason I wasn’t chosen as a prefect last year. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’m always in detention (not that I care, my father and his twin were the first in his family to not be prefects, so I’m proud that I’m taking after them). My Uncle Harry says Lily, Lucy, and I are just like his father and his friends when they were in school (wait, how does he know that, he wasn’t born yet). He says Lucy was given her prefect badge to try to control me and Lils. Hate to break it to him, but she is doing an awful job. I wonder if Teddy’s father had better luck with his friends. I think it’s safe to assume the answer to that question is no.



“We have a new girl in our room this year,” Lucy says.



“Really? Who?” I ask and look around.



Our old dorm mate, Ashlee Pitts, got pregnant last year and dropped out. It really didn’t surprise any of us. She was a complete airhead and let’s just say ‘got around’. I guess I didn’t think about someone taking her spot in our room. Hopefully this girl doesn’t follow the same road as Ashlee.



“She’s in the bathroom, I didn’t get her name,” Lucy replies.



Right on cue, a girl walks out of the bathroom and smiles when she sees us all looking at her.



“Hi, I’m Andi Alexander,” she says and waves towards us.



I was momentarily stunned. I have never seen someone so beautiful. Her red hair fell into soft ringlet curls around her face and chest. Her skin was practically glowing and her smile radiated the room. There is no way sixteen year olds are supposed to look that good.



“Roxanne?” Lucy says looking at me perplexed.



“Huh?” I ask.



“Well we were trying to introduce ourselves, and you kind of zooned out.” Lucy laughs.



“Oh, right, I’m sorry,” I compose myself. “I’m Roxanne, nice to meet you Andi.”



“You too,” she smiles.



She really has an amazing smile. Wow, what is wrong with me? Obviously I notice when girls are pretty, I’m not blind, but I’ve never been affected by it before. Maybe she is part veela, like my Aunt Fleur. That would explain it.



“So what brings you to Hogwarts?” Lily asks, breaking me away from my thoughts.



“My parent’s decided I needed to study abroad this year.” Andi shrugs.



“Did you not want to?” I ask.



“Oh no, I did. They wanted to send me to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic at first, but I talked them into sending me here instead. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Hogwarts and to tell you the truth I didn’t think I would be able to understand anyone from Beauxbatons. I’m not very fluent in French,” she laughs.



“Well I think you will enjoy Hogwarts, lots of history here.” Lily says.



“I know! I cannot believe Harry Potter walked these halls and defeated You-Know-Who here in this castle. I read all about him when I found out I was a witch. Does he ever come back to visit?” Andi asks hopefully.



When she found out she was a witch? So I take it she is muggle born. Well there goes my veela theory.



“I hope he doesn’t. I see enough of him at home.” Lily laughs.



“What do you mean?” Andi asks.



“He’s my father,” Lily replies “and their uncle” she points at me and Lucy.



Andi’s eyes go wide. “Seriously?” She asks.



“Yep, seriously,” Lily laughs.



“That’s incredible,” Andi says.



“Unless you get on his bad side,” Lucy laughs.



Stephanie walks in the room and throws herself down on her bed. “I am beat. Kissing takes a lot out of you. I practically had to pull Locran off me,” she smiles at Lily.



We all look at Lily, who forces a smile and says “Glad you made it out okay. We were just introducing ourselves to Andi here,” she gestures toward Andi.



“Oh, hello,” Stephanie beams, “I’m Stephanie. I hope you’re not such a whore like our last roomie. Pregnant at fifteen, can you believe that?”



Lucy fakes a yawn. “I think it’s time for bed,” she says.



Good call Lucy. I really don’t know what Stephanie is up to, but her recent bitchiness is getting old fast. I sense a fight in our near future. I wonder if there is any seer blood in my family. I’ll have to check that out if my prediction comes true.



“I second that.” I yawn and crawl into my bed after throwing on some pajamas. “Night girls.”



“Good night.” They reply in unison.


“Roxy, Lily, wake up my loves. There are things to do today! So much to learn.” Lucy gushed.



I love that girl, I really do, but her enthusiasm for school is a little scary.



“What time is it?” I ask.



“6:50am.” Lucy announced proudly.



“Piss off.” Lily mumbles.



Lucy laughs. “Come on, you two promised me we would go running around the lake every morning, now get your lazy arses up.”



She is right, we did promise her. But in our defense we really just wanted her to come to the mall with us, (Yes, I actually go to muggle malls, there clothes really are quite cute) so I told her we would do something with her and she picked running in the morning. She doesn’t play quidditch like me and Lily, so she thinks she needs the exercise (which of course, she doesn’t).



“I think she’s gone mental.” I whisper to Lily.



“I think she’s been mental.” Lily laughs.



Grudgingly, Lily and I climb out of bed and throw on some sweat pants and a jacket.



“Is she always this energetic?” Andi asks drowsily from the bed next to me.



“Yes.” Lily huffs.



“I’m sorry Andi, did we wake you? I should have told you to cast a silencing charm around your bed at night. Lucy is a bit mental in the mornings.” I say.



 “I heard that!” Lucy shouts from the bathroom.



“It’s alright, I’m used to it. My sister thinks it’s sinful to sleep past seven.” Andy laughs.



“Do you want to join us?” I ask.



“Sure, if you don’t mind?” Andi asks.



“Not at all, the more the merrier.” Lucy says as she walks out of the bathroom in a black jogging suit with a matching flower head band.



Wow, she really went all out for this. Lucy is usually not the best dressed out of us (that honor goes to me. What can I say, I love to shop) but when she sets her mind on something, no detail can be overlooked.



After forty minutes of running and twenty minutes of laughing at each other we all make our way back to the dormitory to shower and get ready for our first day of lessons. Lysander and Locran are waiting for us outside the portrait hole.



“Hello beautiful,” Lysander says as he kisses me on the cheek.



“Hello handsome,” I reply, “I see you made it through the night without me.”



“Barely,” he jokes.



Lily sticks her finger down her throat and pretends to throw up. Andi and Lucy laugh.



“Hi Lily, you look nice today,” Locran comments.



“Thanks.” Lily replies coolly, then grabs Lucy’s arm and walks away.



Oh that’s okay, you two go on, I didn’t want to walk with you anyways. I mean seriously, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I blame Lucy. It’s her fault we were forced to get up so early, I’m surprised I’m not in a horrible mood too. Actually, I feel great. Maybe there is some logic to exercising in the morning.



“Ugh, guys this is Andi, she is studying abroad this year,” I say, trying to break the awkward silence that Lily left behind.



“Nice to meet you,” Lysander says.



“Yeah..” Locran says as he stares after Lily.



“Are you guys going to tell us what’s going on? I ask impatiently.



Locran opens his mouth to speak as the portrait door opens and Stephanie walks out.



“Oh hi babe, I was just going to come find you,” she says and kisses Locran on the mouth.



“Um so breakfast anyone?” Andi asks.



“You don’t have to ask me twice, I’m starving,” I reply.



“Get ready to hear that phrase a lot Andi, Roxy eats like a man,” Lysander jokes.



“How rude, you hurt my feelings,” I pout.



“Let me make it up to you. What kind of flowers would you like?” Lysander asks playfully. He knows I never get my feelings hurt. I’m just not an emotional person. Or as Aunt Hermione would say, “I have the emotional range of a teaspoon.” (I wasn’t aware that teaspoons could have feelings, but whatever, maybe that’s her point). I think I was really supposed to be a man. It would make a lot of sense. I sure can eat like one.



“Hmm how about some Lilies and Roses?” I joke.



I think my family has an obsession with flowers.



“You got it,” Lysander says and takes my hand to lead me to the great hall.



When we get to the Gryffindor table Lily and Lucy already have their plates piled with food (and they say I’m bad? Hypocrites). I sit down across from them with Lysander, Locran, and Stephanie on my left and Andi on my right. Lysander and Locran hardly ever sit at their own tables. I guess the sorting hat finally got its wish about house unity. “I think I’m going to visit dad after classes today, do you guys wanna come?” I ask the group.



“Roxy, Lysander and I are prefects. We really can’t be sneaking out of the castle at night, and we shouldn’t even let you for that matter.” Lucy says.



Wow she sounded a lot like her father. Gross. I hate it when Lucy gets into her prefect character.



“I’m not sneaking out, I’ll tell Neville that daddy needed to see me about something...important,” I say, “I’ll even take the front doors.” (We all know that’s a lie. Which, I’m sure they don’t believe).



“Really Roxanne, you’ve been here one day. What could you possibly need to see him for?” Lily asks.



“I’m sorry,” I remark “I wasn’t aware that I needed a specific reason to want to see my father!”



Okay, I’ve got to admit. I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl. Lily and Lucy both know this and find it rather annoying. I probably snuck out two or three times a week to see him last year. I know it’s a bit pathetic, but I’ll never admit that to them.



“Does your dad live close by?” Andi asks me.



“No, but he has a shop in Hogsmeads, that’s the village we passed on our way here, and works at night sometimes,” I tell her.



“Really, what kind of shop?” she asks.



“The best joke shop in Britain,” Lysander replies “you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they have there. Canary creams, decoy detonators, extendable ears, fainting fancies, puking pastilles…” he starts naming items off.



“I think she gets it Lysander,” Stephanie snaps.



Stephanie has never really been a fan of my father’s joke shop ever since I turned her hair bright pink in second year with a potion he gave me. Hey, she shouldn’t have called my owl ugly at breakfast.



“What’s a puking pastille?” Andi asks.



“Do you want to come with me and see for yourself?” I ask hopefully.



As much as I want to see my father, I really didn’t want to have to go alone. It’s a long and boring walk (assuming that I walk and not fly) down there.



“Sure sounds great.” Andi replies.



“Remember what your mum said Roxy,” Lily jokes “try to stay out of trouble this year.”



“Hey, I’ve been here a day now, that’s a new record for me. Besides, it’s not like I’m trying to spend the night in the Chamber of Secrets, I’m going to visit my dad” (after dark, without permission, outside of the castle, but hey we don’t need to worry about the unimportant details.)



“Ugh huh,” Locran comments, “Andi if you plan on having a successful year without having detention every day I would suggest you start making different friends.”



“Hey, you can only get detention if you get caught.” Andi remarks.



I think I just made my new best friend.

“Are you ready for your first official Hogwarts adventure?” I ask Andi as she throws on her jacket.



“Oh, I was born ready!” she jokes.



“I borrowed Lily’s invisibility cloak, well Uncle Harry’s cloak from Lily, so we won’t be seen leaving,” I tell her.



You would think that Uncle Harry would maybe need his cloak when he’s working (he is an Auror, that’s a dark wizard catcher for any of you who don’t know) I think I just made up invisible people in my head that needed to know that information. Anyways, apparently not because he gave it to James when he started school, and James is letting Lily borrow it until she finishes school, then he gets to keep it to give to his children (if he ever has any, sometimes I worry about him).



“So much for walking through the front door,” Andi jokes.



“It’s not as fun if we don’t sneak around,” I laugh.



After thirty minutes of walking (we decided against flying because it’s a lot harder to hide) we arrive outside of Weasley Wizard Wheezes. There are still a few people in the shop checking out so I grab Andi’s hand and lead her up the stairs to my father’s apartment (he keeps it in case I ever want to stay the night away from Hogwarts).



“Make yourself at home,” I tell her “Dad should be closing up soon and then we can look around without being disturbed by other shoppers.”



“Is this your brother?” Andi asks me, pointing to a picture of Freddie on the wall, “He’s cute.”



“Yeah, he graduated Hogwarts a few years ago. He plays quidditch for the Chudley Cannons now. So does my cousin James,” I reply nonchalantly.



“Does everyone in your family play quidditch?” she asks.



“Pretty much,” I tell her, “Except for Lucy, her sister Molly, and my cousins Louis and Victoire. Everyone else lives for it and played when they were at Hogwarts. Do you play?”



“Yes, I was a chaser at my old school. Hopefully I can make it onto the team here.” She replies.



“I’m sure you will. We’re in need of a new chaser, actually. And it doesn’t hurt being on speaking terms with Lily, she’s our captain,” I joke.



“I’ll keep that in mind,” she laughs.



“I thought I saw your little imitation red hair bouncing up these stairs,” my father says from behind me.



I’m the only one in the family who has to dye her hair to look like a Weasley. My natural hair color is brown, but I think that’s too boring so I like to dye it red. I’m aware it doesn’t look natural with my dark skin, but I don’t care, I love it.



“Hi daddy,” I reply as I give him a hug.



“To what do I owe the pleasure? Your mum wouldn’t be too happy hearing you’re already sneaking out after curfew,” he says “and I see you brought someone with you. What am I going to do with you Roxy, corrupting the students of Hogwarts already?” He asks playfully.



“Dad, this is Andi Alexander. She’s new to Hogwarts this year, and I am not corrupting her, she came willingly,” I laugh.



“It’s nice to meet you Andi, feel free to take whatever fancies you, as long as you promise to put it to good use,” He says.



“Thank you Mr. Weasley,” Andi replies, “I’ll try not to disappoint you,” she jokes.



After spending two hours talking to my father and playing with some of his new products, Andi and I leave with our pockets full of merchandise. I really didn’t plan on staying for so long, but my dad was having too much fun showing Andi his inventory, so I didn’t want to take that joy away from him.



I swear I don’t remember there being so many stairs to get to the Gryffindor common room! I feel like this walk has taken all night. I am exhausted. I wonder if anyone has told Andi about that vanishing stair yet? 



“Aargh!” Andi yells as we both fall up the stairs and the invisibility cloak slips off of us (yes, it is possible to fall up the stairs). I look down to see her leg caught in the stair. I’m going to assume nobody told her about it. I start laughing when I see the look of horror on her face.



“What’s going on?” Andi asks.



“Oh there is a missing stair there, I forgot you didn’t know about it.” I laugh harder and try to pull her out. Andi starts laughing at my failed attempt to pull her leg free and we both just sit there and laugh for a while. Probably not the best idea, seeing how we are supposed to be asleep in our dorms right now.



“WEASLEY, ALEXANDER! JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING OUT OF BED AT THIS UNGODLY HOUR?” Professor Chang shrieks as she steps around the corner and spots us.

Well shit! I didn’t see that one coming. So much for staying out of trouble. 



A/N: Soooo? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't really care? What do you think about Andi? Just incase any of my readers got pregnant at a young age know that I don't thing you're a whore or look down on you. Stephanie is just a bitch. haha Review and let me know! :D


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Unexpected: Chapter Three


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