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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 14 : Midsummer...
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        Draco could see everyone preparing for midsummer’s eve as he walked through the streets of the seaside village that he had been staying in; big bonfires being made on the beach, people rushing to and fro with food and drinks in their hands. Happy faces passed him while he kept head down while walking down the cobble stone streets of the seaside village, feeling the bright hot sun on his face. He couldn’t help but to thinking of her; how he felt alive when he was with her for the first time in a long time, how she felt in his arms; and how that night was the first time he had let his guard down to anyone. He knew that he wanted to see her, but didn’t know why he couldn’t let himself go looking for her; well not yet at least. So, he just kept walking letting himself be consumed by his thoughts for her. He walked all the way to the beach without even knowing it. He took off his shoes and sat down on the warm sand, squishing it between his toes. The waves crashed in front of him, the seagulls sang while rolling in the clouds and the seashells glistened in the bright summer sun. A thought crept into his head, “What was he going to do about Ron? Justice and the U.S. were now involved; and how he could keep Hermione safe from his deranged cousin. He knew that she was planning something, but what?”

              Hermione woke up in a dark musty room. She had no idea of how long she had been out or where she was, but she knew she was in danger. Her head throbbed from the sleeping draft that she was slipped. Hermione had a pretty good idea of who had done it. All she could hear was the roars of the traffic outside the walls. Hermione tried to aparated, but couldn’t even muster it in the slightest, “There must be charms against it” she than thought. So, instead she just paced around the small room waiting for someone or something to happen. When suddenly she started to hear faint footsteps coming closer to the door and a feeling of dread dripped down her spine. A million worries went through her head; “was this the person who put me in here, are they going to hurt me, are they going to kill me.”

          Just then Hermione felt a crippling pain shoot through her body and fell hard to the wet stone floor. The door opened, but nothing could be seen nor the person’s face. Hermione felt a hooking sensation in mher stomach and realized that she was floating following the unknown man. Hermione was floating along a dark hallway with lit candles dotting the walls. They went through a many doors, then up a set of steps into a huge warehouse like room with high ceilings. She could feel her dress was wet and  herhair was in my face while she hung in the air. It took a few minutes before Hermione noticed that she was hanging in front of a group of men watching with looks of pure joy on their faces. She was so sacred at this point that all rash thoughts left her head and she let out a scream that was stiffed quickly.

“So, this is the girl” a man said

“Yes, sir” another women replied in a unsure voice.

“Not much to her, huh” he let out a laugh that was more like a growl than a laugh.

Hermion felt herself spinning in the air and couldn’t get a view of the people talking around her. She struggled to free herself, even though she knew it was pointless.

The man spoke again; “Have you any thoughts on what you want to be done to her?”

“no.” the girl said in almost a whisper. A roar of laugher went around me while Hermione hung in the air; not knowing what was going on in the slightest.

“We, ha ha ha, know what to do to her. Jugson bring it out.” A deep voice said.

“No, my lord, please not that.” the girl said with her voice quivering.

        Hermione could tell that the girl had started to cry, but she couldn’t understand why. She could hear things being moved around her, but still couldn’t see anything. Hermione did however hear a loud crack and knew that someone had to have aparated out of there.


         Sari felt like she could barely breathe and she knew that she fucked up big time. How could she have brought her to her Godfather; she knew that there wasn’t much time and she need help. She snuck out of there and when out in the open street away from the events in side of the warehouse

“Justice, Justice, JUSTICE !” she cried out while looking into her seer stone hoping that he would appear, but he didn’t . The tears ran down her face and she panic, "I can’t tell Ron, he’ll never talk to me ever again,"

Draco! She screamed and turned on the spot.

           Draco was in the middle of a conversation with Harry outside the ministry talking about the similarities between recent cases that they have been working on when Sari appeared between them hysterical. What she was saying was unknown to them as she hiccuped between sobs.

“Ah, Harry this is my cousin, Sari” Draco said through grit teeth

“Pleasure” He said, but Sari grabbed on to Draco’s arm and started to pull him after her. Draco pushed her off of him; “What’s the meaning of this?” he shouted, but all she could get out was. “I did something awful.”

He gave her a disdainful look: “Sari, what did you do now?”

“It, it’s, it’s, HERMI…..”

Draco and Harry looked to each other and both shouted at the same time “Hermione what?”

“He’s got her.” Was all she could get out as she tried to pull Draco after her, her face white as a ghost. “We don’t have much time. I tried to get Justice but, couldn’t reach him. I don’t know what to do.”

“Drac, what’s going on? Who's got who?” Harry said with an air of indentation.

“Don’t know mate?” Draco said to Harry and looked to Sari “What did you do?” he said with a snarl, but as calmly as he could.

“No, no time now, come with me! Bring the golden boy too if you want, but we have to go NOW!”

     So, all three of them disappeared on the spot; moments later they stood in front of what looked like an empty warehouse on an empty damp east London street. Sari ushered them in to a dark ally and into an equally dark doorway.

“She’s is in here.” She wiped the tears from her face and took out her wand; and so did Draco and Harry.

       Lumous they all said under their breath. She led them in a big room and they hid behind large wooden crates. It was there Harry saw Hermione hanging midair in front of a crowd of laughing men and pointed her out to Draco.

     Harry had to hold Draco back when he saw her there hanging in midair spinning slowly like a top. “Mate, you just can’t go running in like that with wands blazing.” Draco, tried to regain composure, but had a hard time controlling himself when Harry turned to Sari “How did this happen? What did you do to her?”

“I…… I…… I……. it just happen.?

Harry looked to Draco, “We have been in worst then this; just be calm, we can do this.”

      Draco took a few deep breaths, but then saw the men begin to wheel a large crate under Hermione's floating body. The men began to laugh even harder. Both Draco and Harry knew who these men were. They have seen their faces before, most were on the most wanted list; and most of them they had fought before. A musty smell went through the air that cut through them like a knife and a green glow came from where Hermione was hanging.

“Drac, I got an idea. You go around one side and I’ll go to the other and we’ll flank them, at my signal shoot a freezing jinx and we will move in and grab her.” He motion Draco to come closer, so he could whisper in his ear; “What about her, can we trusts that she won’t get in our way. I have a feeling that she is more involved then she is letting on.”

“Oh yes, she is” Draco said while furrowing his eyebrows and threw her a look of disgust and enormous hatred came over him as he looked over at his cousin. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of her.”

           They looked at each other and started to signal each other wordlessly. Sari stood there in awe looking at Hermione hanging helpless in midair when Draco shot a jinx at her and she fell to the floor with a thud.

      This sound caused all the men under Hermione looked over to the spot where they were, but they were too late they weren’t there anymore. Draco went to the left following the outer wall of the ware house. Harry went over the wooden boxes and followed the opposite wall on the high ground. Draco could see Harry as he climb over and under different size crates, when he was perched on a high ledge and Draco was on his mark, Harry threw up a fist as a signal and they both shot their jinx’s. All the men dropped to the floor, like puppets that had their strings cut, they waited a few seconds to make sure the coast was clear. They ran up under where Hermione was floating and both shot spells to free her, but she just wouldn’t budge. Together they aimed at her, casted at the same time, and this time it worked. Hermione fell to the ground finally free of her unseen bonds, but knocked out.





A/N: Thank you all again for reading my story. It's just starting to get good. Lot's more adventure coming up. Again thank you J.K for the characters and for all the others who have inspired me. Almost 4,000 read. I can't believe it. Any reviews or comments would be great. Thanks again!

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It Was Supposed to Be...: Midsummer...


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