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The Return of Miss Potter by Zyii
Chapter 11 : Take a Chance and Tied Lose Ends
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Sigh, this story is coming to a close :o there are only 2 chapters after this. I decided to combine these two chapers: Take a Chance and Tided Loose Ends together because I felt they were too short on their own.

Also, look out for my up-coming story: Julietta: Lost and Found - its a Hermione/Draco/Pureblood effort. It makes me giddy just thinking of it xD

Take a Chance

The news that Draco and Hannah were now a couple had spread like wildfire. It was the age old gossip mill workings of a Gryffindor and a Slytherin, the ‘enemy’ pairing as some would say. There were still the rumours that Draco hasn’t changed and Pansy was still causing what little trouble she could –without angering Draco. But for the majority of students – especially those in Gryffindor – were happy with this development, anyone could see the changes in Draco and everyone  wanted the newly found Miss Potter to find happiness.

The only people whose novelty of the couple wore off rapidly in the next few days was Harry, Ginny, Luna and the rest of Hannah’s close friends. It was like watching a hypersensitive version of of the first weeks of Luna and Neville’s relationship. Although the sickening factor with Draco and Hannah was that they were mad for each other, they were so in love, like magnets they move together, he moves she moves. They seemed so complete, like they depended on each other completely and that was hard for the others to accept.

But for now there were much bigger fish to fry than the blossoming relationship between these lovebirds. Harry walked back and forth in the room of requirement, nervously sweating and touching the square box hidden in his pocket. It was already May, the days were far approaching till the end of Hogwarts for all of them. Harry so desperately wanted to get this right. Only his dear sister and Draco knew of his plans, he hadn’t even told Ron.

He sat down patiently awaiting her glorious presence. ‘Dress nice’ he’d said, ‘Meet me at 9pm in the room or requirement’ he’d asked. He stood up abruptly, the door closing softly and the reignighting of candles proving her arrival. She looked glorious, wearing a tight fit dark green, one shoulder dress with a pair of short navy high heels.

“Ginny” he breather in her name, savouring every moment of it

She smiled a bright radiant smile, “Harry”

He took his hand in hers and lead her towards the centre of the room, “Ginny, I love you with all my heart” he started off rather stuttery, “Your my world, you’ve always been there for me and protected me from my own self doing. I never want to lose you and I thank each day that I have you in my life” each word he spoke come out stronger and stronger.

He bought her hands to his lips and kissed them, letting go of one, he gracefully bent down on one knee. He looked deeply into the eyes he’d memorised by heart, to be met with a blazing passion of love. “Ginny Weasley, would you do me the most gracious honour of becoming my wife?”

Ginny wasted no time throwing herself at Harry, “Yes, yes, of course I will. I love you Harry, I love you” tears of happiness fell from her eyes as Harry took out the engagement ring and placed it on her finger, “Oh Harry, it’s beautiful” she exclaimed.

Harry was elated, drunk on happiness, he didn’t think life could get any better than this “It was my Mother’s ring, Hannah wanted you to have it” Harry said. Kissing Ginny’s head in response to her shocked expression, “She loves you, you know. She thinks you are amazing”. Ginny’s eyes widened further, “We should write a letter to your Mum, don’t you think’” Harry guided a shell-shocked Ginny from the room of requirement to the Owlery.

The rest of the gang – a name given to them by a couple of first years – were lounging about in the head’s common room, laughing, joking and daring each other to eat the unknown flavours of Berty Botts every flavour beans. Hannah sat atop Draco’s lap. Ron and Hermione were sitting next to each other, hands clasped. And Neville was sitting on the sofa with Luna on the floor sitting between his legs.

‘I wonder where Harry and Ginny are” Ron muttered almost incoherently with his mouth full of a chocolate frog. Hermione merely rolled her eyes at his disgusting behaviour.

“I’m going to be sick!” exclaimed Luna running from the room, quickly followed by a concerned Neville. The others looked at each other in confusion by there was no time to ponder on this as the portrait door opened and in walked in an overly happy Harry and Ginny.

“What are you so-“ Ron was cut off by Hannah.

“Luna’s in the bathroom being sick, Neville’s helping her” Ginny’s eyes narrowed at this remark like she’d just worked something out.

“We have news” beamed Harry excitedly, “Ginny show them” he said. Ginny complied, bringing forth her hand for closer inspection. Hermione shrieked, running over to hug them both, pulling Ginny aside to examine the ring. Hermione’s congratulations were followed by ones from Hannah and Draco. Only Ron remained seated and frozen.

“You’re engaged” he managed to choke out.

“Yes Ronald I am” replied his sister and Ron – poor thing – promptly fainted.

Oddly enough Ron’s fainting was ignored by all. It was at this point that Luna returned with Neville looking slightly paled. The two girls faced each other.

“You’re engaged” commented Luna.

Ginny nodded, “And you’re pregnant”, people gasped.

Luna nodded, “5 weeks” she blushed, “I didn’t know I was going to steal your thunder Ginny, I’m sorry” Luna generally though Ginny was mad at her.

“I’m not mad at you Luna. I think it’s wonderful that your pregnant but how did it happen?” asked Ginny.

Both Neville and Luna blushed, neither wanting to reveal the true facts of their sex life. Draco watched their exchange with beady eyes, smirking as his brain unravelled what was hidden, “You forgot to use the contraceptive spell didn’t you” they both nodded shamelessly much to the amusement of the others.

Ginny giggled with amusement, of course it wasn’t really a laughing matter, having a baby was a huge responsibility, how would they raise it? How would they care for it? Were they now to get married?

Hermione it seemed, was the only one to realise the seriousness of the matter. The others seemed caught in a state between congratulations and shock. Hermione felt her seriousness would be cause for more shock but she simply had to ask, “Are you going to keep the baby? It’s going to take a lot of responsibility”.

Ron seemed outraged that she could boast such a question and the joys of congratulations fell silently to the ground. Everyone stared at Hermione for her sudden outburst of reality.

“Hermione’s right” said Luna, her face seemed downcast but her eyes said otherwise, “when I first found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t fathom how we would cope. And we both thought about adoption. But I couldn’t. I know it will be hard by I never want to give up on my baby” her eyes gleamed brightly with pride and determination.

“Will you get married?” asked Draco.

Neville looked around the room sheepishly before finding his voice, “We already are” he replied.

Tided Loose Ends

It had been but a couple of weeks and finally the group had gotten over the shock of Luna and Neville’s secret wedding and the fact that Luna was pregnant. Ginny was still a little miffed at not being at Luna’s wedding but as Luna tried to explain, Neville’s Grandmother had been so excited she hadn’t wished to wait for long.

So now the N.E.W.Ts were vastly approaching and anyone who knew Hermione Granger knew to keep their distance. Everyone was getting angsty over the exams even Hannah had freaked out to Draco about them. But Hermione’s anxiety was by far the worst. Ron wasn’t helping much either, he always was oblivious to other people’s feelings but even some people thought he’d gone over the edge now. The fact of the matter was that Hermione and Ron were no longer speaking to each other. As to their relationship, none were too certain on that. Thus Ronald found himself very alone as all his friends had taken Hermione’s side. The only one paying Ron attention was a certain Lavender Brown and that could only lead to trouble.

As the N.E.W.Ts began in full swing everyone’s nerves were on high. And everyone seemed determined to do their best. It was also important for Harry, Ginny, Hannah and Draco to take time out of revision to hang out together or separately, Hogwarts days were numbered after all. They shared a particularly wonderful afternoon together snapping silly photos of each other down by the black lake.

Draco had a question he’d been meaning to ask Harry for a while but things had been so busy recently that he hadn’t had the chance. Meanwhile Ron was looking to ask Draco for advice, not that Draco knew that yet.

They were all revising for charms in the heads common room par Hermione’s request. They were just taking a break, the girls had popped down to the kitchens to gather some food. Draco took this as an opportune moment, “Harry, I was wondering if I could have a word with you in my room” suddenly he had the nervousness of a giddy schoolboy. His brain suddenly realised the seriousness of what he wanted to ask. Things could go but two ways now, it was the most nerveracking thing, putting your heart on the line. Draco only hoped Harry wasn’t too consumed with his own wedding plans to overlook Draco’s request.

“Draco are you ok? Your obviously nervous” Harry thought it best to go with the obvious approach, he hadn’t seen Draco this nervous since Hannah’ disappearance.

Draco took a deep breath, ignored Harry’s question and just went for it, “I’d like to ask your permission to marry your sister” he breathed out releasing one breath of nervousness, while keeping one more locked away for later.

Draco imagined many scenarios for this moment, as much as his friendship with Harry had progressed, on some level Draco was still afraid Harry would be angry. He didn’t expect Harry to throw him into a brotherly hug, exclaiming with joy that his sister would be married and even more touched that Draco had asked his permission first. Harry hasn’t even asked Ron’s permission when he’d asked Ginny to marry him.

The end of Hogwarts was approaching. The smile Harry couldn’t previously keep off his face from Draco’s request and his own joys of his approaching wedding, was now slipping. In a conversation with the boys, they found the source of his troubles – wedding plans. Apparently the combined presence of Molly Weasley and Ginny was too much for Harry to bear. It was driving him insane, if there was one thing to put a man off marriage, this was it. Harry’s only remaining constellation being, the wedding was only a month away. So hopefully Harry’s sanity wouldn’t be pushed too far.

So things were wrapping up nicely for all, well accept perhaps Ron. Hermione still wasn’t talking to him, people didn’t blame her really but no one knew what had truly transpired as she wasn’t spilling the beans.

Draco was in the Owlery, having just received a letter from his mother, brimming with glee and enclosing her old engagement ring for Draco to pass to Hannah. He didn’t need to ask how she knew, it had probably appeared on the Malfoy Family Tree. He heard footsteps approaching from behind and turned to see the unexpected face of Ron.

“Mal-Draco, can I have a word?” Ron swallowed nervously.

Draco’s brain took a couple of seconds to reply, “urh sure?” he replied uncertainly.

“I need your advice about Hermione”

“What did you do?” asked Draco curiously.”

“Well you know how during the N.E.W.Ts she was so stressed? Draco nodded, “Well she wouldn’t listen to my needs, she was only concerned with those stupid exams!” Ron fumed as his face turned red, “She should have stopped revising and focused on me!!”

Draco had never been more shocked at Ron’s behaviour, despite previous appearances, Hermione was his friend, “What. Did. You. Do?!” he punctuated every word with venom.

“I was desperate, she wouldn’t put out. So I found someone who would. I kissed Lavender, Hermione found us-“

BAM! Ron was knocked to the floor, clutching his now bleeding nose. Draco stood above him breathing heavily, “Your pathetic” he spat, “I cannot help you and I don’t want to”.

Ron whimpered in slight pain and fear as Draco bent down close to his ear, “You don’t deserve her” he whispered.

All your reviews are greatly appreciated, they make me smile and keep me informed that I'm not the only one whose enjoying the story (:

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