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On The Run by Lynx
Chapter 4 : Welcome to the Woods
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Disclaimer-Everything recognizable belongs to the wonderful JKR

Chapter 4
Welcome to The Woods

The sound of banging and clashing could be heard in the sixth floor of Rose Weasley’s apartment in Gloria Street. In the apartment clothes and books were scattered all over the place and Rose stood in the centre of the room letting out an exasperated sigh. How in the name of Merlin was she going to pack all her necessary items, go to her parents place and have a silent farewell, go to The Burrow, endure the smothering hugs and torrents of kisses her relatives would bestow upon her and still manage to take the portkey that was scheduled at 10 A.M ?She was a lost cause.

Suddenly, Rose heard footsteps outside her apartment and hastily pulled out her wand at the ready. Was it possible for the murderer to have found her so quickly?Cautiously she walked towards the doorstep as she heard the doorbell being rung.Rose pulled the door open quickly and thrusted her wand out, ready to hex the visitor.She was surprised to see a petite girl with golden locks staring at her curiously.

“Whoa Rose, watch the wand”, said Alice Longbottom as she entered the apartment surprised by Rose’s defensive stance. Alice Longbottom was another best friend of Rose and probably had just seen the note that Rose had sent her and hence decided to check on her.Her bubbly face contorted into a frown as she saw the mess in the living room.It was cluttered with clothes, books, sneakescopes, posters, eggs and toast and a variety of other items that stood testimony for Rose’s dismal attempts at packing. Rose gave her a sheepish grin. It was a well known fact at Hogwarts that Rose could never pack on time. She would either forget something or lose something and usually stuffed her trunk with whatever possessions she could find. Her mother had always scolded her for her clumsiness and stated with a wrinkled nose, that Rose proved to be her father’s daughter. Although, thankfully, at Hogwarts Alice had always come to her rescue and finished her packing for her. Hopefully she would prove to be her saviour yet again.

“Step aside Rose, I’ll do your packing. Just go and get ready”, said Alice and added at the end “You owe me big time”.

Rose grinned at her, ran to her and hugged her and made her way carefully through the mess that was heaped on the floor. After she had her bath and dressed hastily, she stepped into the living room. Alice had worked a miracle and her living room had returned to its former state of minor disarray instead of the full out clothes tornado that had blown over. There was a small bag that was palced on the couch and Alice was seated next to it flicking through some old copies of Witch Weekly magazine. The one Alice held in her hands had Al Potter in the cover, winking michievously.

“Alice, you know that you are the bestest best friend ever!” sang Rose beaming down at her friend who looked thoroughly bored. Alice snorted at her in a purely unladylike manner.

“Though, how did you know I’d have trouble packing?” Rose asked her curiously, perching herself on the couch next to Alice.

“Oh honey, even old Mrs.Brooks who lives below you knows what a terrible packer you are. As if I wouldn’t know”, Alice replied with an evil glint in her eyes which was due warning for some act of mischief aboard.

“Alice, you did pack all my clothes didn’t you ?” Rose asked suddenly worried. She was tensed as she wondered what Alice could have possibly done.

“Don’t worry Rose, you know me. There’s nothing for you to be worried about”,Alice said with a sweet tone to her voice.

“Ah, that’s exactly why I should be worried”, Rose replied eventhough she had ceased to worry about it. Alice wouldn’t do anything stupid in serious times like these ,atleast not that stupid.

Rose hugged Alice and bid adieu to her. She apparated to her parents place at Magnolia Crescent and proceeded to bid goodbyes to her family. Grown up though they were, Hugo’s favourite past time was still irritating Rose and for the first time he actually looked slightly worried.

“Try not to get yourself killed!” Hugo muttered to Rose which actually meant ‘Rose, I love you, be careful’ in Hugo’s words. Her whole family apparated to The Burrow where she was going to take the portkey. As she had predicted she was flocked by all her cousins who were eager to hug her. Her mother, worried as usual had packed a beaded bag full of an assortment of things that Rose would require. While her mother looked at the verge of facing a mental breakdown her father looked grim and moody. He was casting angry looks at Harry and was reluctant to let go of Rose.

At sharp 9.45 a.m., Scorpius Malfoy strode into the living room of The Burrow. He was in muggle attire for a change, wearing black jeans and a grey t-shirt, but he still managed to look attractive not a walking clown, thought Rose despairingly. All the Weasley girls eyed him with appraising eyes, Rose noted again despairingly. She scowled when she saw Lily practically drooling at him. She couldn’t comprehend what Lily saw in such an annoying, irksome, egotistical prat.

When the clock at The Burrow struck ten, the old rusty kettle, which was the portkey, glowed blue. Rose had no idea where they were going. No one had been told and she knew it was for security purposes that her destination was not revealed. Scorpius had to grab Rose to make sure that the portkey did not leave without her. As Rose found herself being teleported, she could hear a chorus of “Be careful” and the echo of her father saying “Constant vigilance Malfoy”. It was all so abrupt that Rose could not even bring herself to be shocked or to be shaken by the fact that she was going to be estranged from the rest of her family. In a way it was for the best, she would not suddenly burst into tears in the middle of nowhere with no one to hold on to. Malfoy’s presence would only add to her misery. So. in the end, it was for the better.

After a feeling of absolute discomfort as she felt something pull hard on her navel, Rose found herself spinning and finally coming to a halt in a place. Although using potkeys was not her preferred mode of travel, it was a million times better that brooms which she absolutely detested. Slowly, everything came into focus and Rose observed her surroundings with curiosity.

They had landed in a forest, and were standing on a rough patch of land which hadn’t seemed to sprout anything other than weeds. Trees surrounded them everywhere, tall and willowy. They had shot up so high that they nearly obscured the entire sky. Little bits of baby blue could be seen through the spaces between the trees, which the green boughs had failed to conquer and sunshine seemed to pour through those chasms. Although Rose had a certain flare for Herbology she could not recognize this wild variety of trees. For a minute Rose’s vision was clouded with leafy green and swirls of the bluey sky.

The forest was filled with heavy silence that seemed to be uncharacteristic of a forest that should be teeming with all sorts of wild life. The unnatural quietness was only disturbed by the rustling leaves that seemed to sway to the tune of the wind. Rose jumped with fright as a flock of birds passed through the wild woods causing quite a ruckus.

Coming back to her senses she thanked her luck for remaining upright instead of falling and creating a comical scene for Malfoy to enjoy. Scorpius was standing a foot away from her and was surveying the surroundings as well. He was looking with interest at a narrow path that was skirting through the trees and disappearing out of sight, The path seemed to camouflage well with the trees and could easily avoid being spotted, though it did seem to be used occasionally and that was why it had not yet become a part of the forest’s ferny floor.

“Weasley, we haven’t got all day. I reckon it’s time to start pitching our tents”, Scorpius told Rose with a pointed look.

Rose scrunched up her face and said,”I’ll get the tent from my bag and the name’s Rose”.

“Sure Weasley”, replied Scorpius which made Rose roll her eyes at him with annoyance.

Deciding that it wasn’t worth having a war of words with Malfoy so early on, she rummaged into her bag searching for the tent that she had obtained from Grandpa Weasley. He had assured that the tent was in good condition although it was quite old. Finally Rose found it and she let out a string of curses as she realised that she had probably messed up all the contents of her bag.

“Malfoy, you could help instead of staring off into space like an idiot!” Rose said in an annoyed tone as she had struggled to pitch the tent for the past quarter of an hour and had failed miserably. Malfoy had simply watched her pathetic attempts and hadn’t even volunteered to help. She was most certainly not going to be Malfoy’s personal servant just because he was guarding her or something. If he was intent on riling her up, she could do the same however immature it appeared.

“You just had to swallow your pride and ask Weasley “, snapped Malfoy at her. His patience seemed to have worn thin and with a lazy flick of his wand the tent soared into the air and set itself up magically.

“Still the same scatterbrained girl you are”, Scorpius murmured at her with a patronising tone.

Scowling at him, Rose walked into the tent. She hadn’t gone camping her entire life as every time her humongous extended family would gather in The Burrow during vacations. Rose found herself in a three roomed flat that was also equipped with a tiny kitchenette, living room and all. Scorpius followed suit and inspected the tent. He gestured to the room at the right and said “This room is mine Weasley. You can take one of the others.” With that said he walked into the room which he had proclaimed as his. It probably was the best one of tent thought Rose angrily. Deciding quickly Rose walked into the opposit room and lied down on the bed. What had she gotten herself into? Sharing a tent with Scorpius Malfoy in the middle of a remote forest with Rudolphus Lestrange hunting her?What had happened to the world?

After about an hour Rose stepped out of her room and found Scorpius sprawled on of the armchairs by the fire. As soon as she approached another armchair next to him, he looked up at her.

“Right Weasley, now that you’re here , let me start “, Scorpius said beckoning her to sit down.
As if she was not going to sit down already?The impertinent wanker!

“Start on what exactly Malfoy?” Rose asked him, wondering what exactly he was going to start on. Perhaps he would start kissing her feet as a supplicant? Now, that would be a fantastic idea thought Rose, except the fact that it would involve his slimy lips on her feet, which had most probably been latched on every female on the planet.All those thoughts vanished as she glanced at him again. He had a smirk on his face, the infamous one which the Malfoys were known for.

“I’ll be asking you questions so that I’ll be better equipped to prevent you from doing something rash and saving your arse”, Malfoy replied smoothly.

How someone could smile while insulting someone was beyond Rose but it was what most Slytherins were adept at.

“Whatever you say Malfoy, if it makes you shut your gob sooner”, Rose retorted without skipping a beat.

Scorpius just raised his eyebrows and started with his onslaught of questions.


-”Rose Weasley”

“Middle name?”

-”Nymphadora”, mumbled after a heavy pause. She detested her middle name as much as Teddy’s mother had, or so her parents told her. Malfoy sneered at her reply. The prat didn’t have any right to, thought Rose, atleast she had one normal name.

“Favourite colour?”


“Big surprise”, Scorpius muttered rolling his eyes.
“Any allergies or disorders? Perhaps mad cow disease?” Scorpius asked with a grin.

Rose just scowled at him and replied that she only had allergies towards stupid blonds with over-sized egos. They continued for a while, Scorpius asking the most obscure ones like whether she liked bats and necessary one like the shape of her patronus. Finally after Scorpius had drilled Rose on her previous relationships and discovered that she was single, he had asked her one of the most intimate, embarrassing questions.

“You a virgin Weasley?”, Scorpius asked her nonchalantly as if he were asking her the time of the day.

Rose found herself blushing furiously and her face turning redder by the minute.

“That is for me to know, and for you to never ever find out Malfoy!” Rose shouted angrily and stormed off into her room.

That cunning slimy Slytherin now knew more about her than half her friends. He’d probably asked the questions just to bug her and it was not even ministry protocol.The thought of being alone in uninhabited island seemed to be more appealing to Rose. And it was not because of the camping, it was because of the devilishly debonair Slytherin..


A/N-Hellloooo! So how do you like the story so far?The next chapter is going to be exciting! Why don't you share your thoughts on your favourite character and moment?Please point out any mistakes, an amateur writer here! :D

And thank you in advance if you do review!

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