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Olivia Potter by DeathEater13
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: The beginning
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12 years ago...

James Potter had just put the twins down and was making his way down stairs to his wife. "Its okay, they're asleep now." James told Lily.

"I thought they would never stop crying." sighed Lily. They had just sat down on the couch when the door was thrown open.

 "Where are they?" screamed a high, cold voice.

"No!" screamed Lily. "You can't hurt them! They're just children!"

"Lily let me take care of this." James said.

"Give them to me or die!" yelled The Dark Lord. He swept into the house with his cloak trailing behind him. His face was hidden in the shadow of his cowl. He raised his wand and sent a curse flying for the couple. James jumped up and deflected it.

"Lily, get the twins and go to the Order!" James yelled as he started dueling. Lily was frozen in shock. Finally she made herself to run toward the stairs. But when she got to the bottom step, she turned and saw her beloved husband hit the ground with a sickening thud.

Lily yelled "No!" and ran up the stairs toward her crying children. She ran down the hallway and threw open the door. She immediately ran straight for Harry and Olivia. But The Dark Lord was right behind her. Lily turned around and spread her arms out. "You will not harm my children." Lily screamed.

"Stupid Mudblood," The Dark Lord sneered. "Move our I'll kill you before the twins."

"No!" Lily screamed as The Dark Lord muttered "Avada Kedavra!" and there was a bright green light. Lily fell to the ground, limp. "Now to put an end to the so-called threat." he muttered walking across the room. "Ha! Like two little babies could stop me!" He stopped in front of them and held out his wand. "Avada Kedavra!" yelled Voldemort.

But it didn't kill them. All Harry felt was a searing pain on his forehead, and Olivia, her neck. The Dark Lord, on the other hand, lost his mighty power and apparated from the scene. The twins were left in the crumbling house on the rainy night The Dark Lord vanished...

About fifteen minutes later there was a loud pop and the lights on the street went out. A man with half moon spectacles and a silvery beard appeared and ran toward the house with a cat and a half giant right behind him.

"Merlins beard, Dumbledore, James is dead!" Hagrid exclaimed.

"Minerva, go check to see if the twins are alright." Albus ordered. When she made her way back there, she was horrified by the scene that met her.

"Albus, Lily is dead. But the twins seem alright. But they have these scars..." Mcgonagall trailed off, looking at them. Albus came hurrying into the room. "Is that Voldemort's robe?" asked McGonagall.

"Looks like it happened." Albus said. "Looks like what happened Albus?"

"Like he has fallen. For now, at least." Dumbledore muttered.

"I regret something so horrifying had to happen for this to end, Albus."

"It has not ended, Minerva. He will be back again someday." McGonagall gave him a quick glance.

"Lets hope that doesn't happen for a while. And you realize they will be famous for this." Nodding, Albus looked at the children.

"They should be separated from the magic world. If he does come back soon, it will be easy for him to find them. I also believe they should be separated from each other."

 McGonagall just stared at him. "And where will they go?" Was her obvious question.

"Take Harry to Lily's sister. The Dursleys. I will take Olivia." answered Albus.

"I can take them both." McGonagall suggested.

Albus shook his head. "That won't be necessary. I know the perfect place to send her."

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