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Kiss Away My Fears by javct
Chapter 1 : Kiss Away My Fears
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Everything seemed so pointless now. Nothing was like it was before. You know, people always told me that things happen for a reason, whether they be to teach us a lesson or to make us stronger, but, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t think how this is helping me in anyway. How could the world, God, mother nature — whatever the hell watches over us — be so cruel that they took away the only thing I cared about?

He was by my side through thick and thin — for better or for worse and together, we became a legend within the hallow halls of Hogwarts. Ironically, the hallows halls which made our legend also became the place where we met our untimely demise.

I lost him three weeks ago now. I lost Fred. People are saying that what I’m going through is survivors guilt but what’s wrong with wanting to follow him?


Shaking my head, I attempted to banish all my meretricious thoughts. It had been three weeks and I wasn’t coping—even a blind man could see that, but, for Fred’s sake I would not let myself think the thoughts that were gnawing away in the back of my mind.

Stuffing my hands in the front pockets of my sweater, I rounded the corner and, in the distance, I could see a mysterious rock-shaped house.

‘That’s Luna’s’ house I remembered, my mind flashing back to Fleur and Bill’s wedding when Luna was telling Fred and I about her house.

                            “....Plums surround the front of the house and Daddy and I water them daily, otherwise the nargles will get to them and destroy them.”

“She’s a weird one.” I muttered to myself. Glancing back over my shoulder I saw the bane of my existence, the place where Fred and I had devised so many genius plans: The Burrow. Even though the entire wizarding world had been changed in some way or another—The Burrow still remained perfectly in tact.

“Hello George, are you all right? You look ghastly.” The voice jolted me out of my reverie. Spinning around, I attempted to find the attempted to find the voice. Looking up, I saw Luna Lovegood sitting casually up in a tree; her back leant against the base of the tree and her arms were folded firmly across her chest. She wore daggy overalls with a blue top underneath, her long blonde hair was tied back — in what I guessed was a cross between a ponytail and a plait — and she was holding an overally large magnifying glass.

“Loony — I mean, Luna. What are you doing up there?” I asked.

“Looking for Nargles.” She replied matter-of-factly.

“Nar — what?”

“Nargles.” Luna replied dreamily. “They were eating Daddy’s radishes.” Luna smiled and jumped down from the tree. “Are you all right? Have the wrackspurts got into your head?” She whispered.

I opened my mouth to ask what a Wrackspurt was but decided against it. “I’m not all right Luna.” I snapped. “Sorry.” I added quickly when I saw Luna’s reaction to my sharpness. “Look, I better be going. M... Mum will be wondering where I am.” I said and spun around.

“Holy wait!” Luna cried out running after me.

“Holy? What?” I asked, certain that I had misheard her.

“You’re Holy. I mean, you’ve only got one ear.” Luna replied, laughing to herself. I couldn’t help it, I was laughing along with her. Then I stopped.

“Sorry, that’s the first time I’ve laughed since Fred died.” I muttered, slumping against the nearest tree. Luna shot me a sympathetic look before crouching down next to me.
“Well, there are no Wrackspurts in your head.”

“Gee thanks Luna cause that’s what I was worried about.” I snapped harshly.

“You know Holy.” Luna said dreamily. “I lost my mother when I was eight. It’s only ever been Daddy and I and there was no one there to comfort me, to tell me it was going to be all right but in *my experience is that there is, you know, surprisingly always hope* and you have got an entire family with you — it’s not like you’re really alone, and you don’t just have them, you’ve also got me.” Luna said unbashfully, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. I stared at her in wonder.

“I always thought you were just Loony Lovegood.” I stammered. Luna’s dreamy eyes stared into mine and, carefully she entwined her fingers through mine.
“You know, I think the Wrackspurts have gotton into my head now.” Luna said, sheepishly, this time.

“Why’s that?” I asked. I could feel a smile curving onto my lips, she was a curious girl. Luna was just like a girl from a fairytale.

“Because I can’t stop thinking of you, ever since Hogwarts it was always you.” Luna then leaned forward slowly and kissed me softly on the lips. I don’t know what compelled me too — I mean, I had never seen her as more than Loony Lovegood before, but, before I knew it, I was kissing her back. “Gotcha!” Luna yelled, jumping over my lap. “Ha!” She cried victory.

“Uh, Luna?” I asked looking at the tangle of blonde hair that was lying on my lap. Twisting around, she stared at me, laughing.

“I caught the Nargle!” She explained, jumping to her feet. “I’ve got to show Daddy! See you tomorrow.” She yelled, running go towards her boulder shaped house. I stared at the flurry of blonde hair and smiled. She was right, there was still hope I just needed to find it.


I opened the door to the burrow welcome the smell of mum’s cooking. I didn’t say a word to anyone, instead, I sauntered up the steps and into my room. Fred and I had been working on a product that — after being thrown into the air — burst confetti throughout the room. We never got to test it because of the battle, but, I wanted to see if it worked.

So, creeping down the stairs, I walked casually into the kitchen where mum was cooking a beautiful Roast Chicken and threw it in the air. It hovered in mid air for a moment before exploding confetti throughout the kitchen. Mum let out a large scream and spun around twice before falling on the ground. Everyone came running into the kitchen and when they saw what had happened they all started laughing. Mum stood to her feet, her cheeks red and her hair ablaze.

“Bloody hell Fred! Don’t you ever do that again you scared the living daylights out of me!” An awkward silence filled the air as mum threw her hands over her mouth. Tears threatened to break in mum’s eyes but I forced a smile and pulled her into a large hug.
“Honestly women, you call yourself our mother?”



a.n. Well, I hoped you liked this story :)

*That quote is not mine, it is the quote that I had to have in the story and is from 'Vincent and The Doctor' (Doctor Who, season 5)

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Kiss Away My Fears: Kiss Away My Fears


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