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This is Angelina by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 2 : Memories
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A/N: Hello, again! Had to do some editing on this chapter so I apologize for anyone who wanted to read this and had some trouble! Anyway, here it is, the second chapter and I'd like a review please and I hope you enjoy it very much, this is not a popular shipping but I thought it deserved a FF so any read I get on this story is very appreciated! Much love, as always.

 “Tell me again why we’re out here doing this?” Alicia asked Angelina annoyingly as the two of them lugged the box back up towards Hogwarts and the grounds where other students were already outside, waiting for the fight that was going to come.

The air was clean, the grass tickling their sneakers and the moon was ominously full, so full that Angelina thought that it might pop and burst moonlight all over them and cover them in some kind of protective charm.

 It didn’t though and she gave Alicia a look, worried that she hadn’t seen Katie again since the Great Hall but she didn’t voice this to her other friend, who looked worried enough as it was. “I’m going to enchant the Bludgers and send them flying at the Death Eaters when they start coming at us.” Angelina said simply.

“What?” Alicia asked and a wry smile played across her lips.

“They’re not walking into this school without a fight, Alicia,” Angelina said fiercely while opening the trunk containing the game gear. The struggling Bludgers were fighting against their straps and she quickly took out her wand and performed a complex spell that brought them to life, but under her control and they ceased when she told them to stop. “Help me.”

Alicia nodded and opened one of the straps and was surprised when the Bludger remained exactly where it was and didn’t immediately try to attack her. “Will they know what to do?”

“Of course. Until I tell them to,”

“Angie,” Alicia said, “do you think that we stand a chance?”

“I know we do. We’re Gryffindor’s,” Angelina said as they released five more Bludgers and had them ready, floating, in the dark with them. There were dozens upon dozens of students surrounding them and it looked like some sort of shaking army but she could smell the defiance in the air, could feel it tainting her skin and she swallowed hard and waited.

Across from them, the Forbidden Forest loomed just as dangerous and as darkly menacing as always but it held another fear this time, on this night, and Angelina watched as the trees suddenly began to shake, as things began to move around.

Briefly, she wished that she had had enough sense to get Hagrid’s dreaded Blast Ended Skrewts (George had recounted their horror from Ron one night when they’d had a brief moment alone together and she’d laughed then, but now she desperately wished for the help) but there was only one or two left and she had a sneaking suspicion that Hagrid had taken them away so they wouldn’t be hurt.

Something zoomed above her and Angelina looked up to see several students on their brooms, bags of something in their hands and when she asked what was in them they told her it was undiluted Butbutuber puss and that they were going to lug it over the walls.

They flew away before she could congratulate them.

Others were in good groups of five or ten, each of them circling, practicing for the thing that was going to happen and Angelina swallowed and then jumped as something large, inhuman and made of stone came close to her shoulder.

She looked up and saw a statue from the school next to her, a scythe in hand and a tense look in its eyes as it regarded the Forest, thousands, literally, thousands behind it, surrounding and protecting the students.

Alicia was startled by this but didn’t complain when a large gargoyle settled next to her, grunting its displeasure, “This is getting kind of cool, huh?” she asked.

Angelina laughed. “Are you still scared?”

“Maybe,” Alicia said. “But not by much.”

“Where did Oliver and Katie go?”

“They’re inside, enchanting some of the school things. Oliver will be out soon he said, but I think he had to confess to Katie that he liked her first,” Alicia grinned. “Should have figured that was going to happen,”

Angelina laughed a little, but hoped that they would have time to mock him for it later. “And you?” she asked her. “Did you confess to some lucky bloke?”

“Seamus and I will be fine,” Alicia said with a sly grin. “It’s you and George that need to work some stuff out.”

“There’s no time to worry about that right now.” Angelina said but her toes curled a little but then her heart did something strange.

It stopped beating.

Remus Lupin heard the noise too and was looking just as shocked as she was as thousands, no, maybe, millions of figures suddenly burst forth from the Forbidden Forest, all of them with wands outstretched. Some were Disapparating, others trying to burst through the protective shield that was surrounding the school.

The unlucky few that ran straight ahead burst into multi-colored lights and faded from this world and Angelina couldn’t help but shield her eyes from this horrible sight. But there was more coming, as hex, curse and jinx after jinx shot around the bubble of a shield.

Boom! Angelina’s heart cascaded.

Boom! They were gaining a bit of success.

Boom! Death Eaters were running now, panting, screaming, shouting for blood at Hogwarts and there was an outcry of fury from the students.

One of the Death Eaters, tall and menacing, stared at them all, halting his parade of demons with a hand as they neared closer. The borderland between the fighters and the damned; “This is your last warning from the Dark Lord! Cease this fruitless effort and join us! Join us or die!” he screamed.

There was a moment of shock as the students all looked at each other, making decisions, weighing his words. Angelina looked at Remus, at Kinglsey, who had suddenly appeared and then took a few steps away from the statue that was protecting her and walked as close as she dared, Alicia shrieking for her to stop.

“No!” Angelina shouted.

The Death Eater reeled in the night as he tried to find her voice. “What did you say to me, you fucking brat?” he snarled loudly.

Angelina held her head proudly; she could practically see the Death Eaters as they breathed her in, her innocence, her audacity. “I said NO!” she screamed shrilly. Turning to look at the other dumbfounded students she screamed, “Did you hear what I said? No!”

Alicia smirked and held up her wand, as did dozens of others, thousands of others, it seemed. “NO!” they screamed, as they approached the Death Eaters, who were now firing hexes and jinxes, curses, and insults at them as they started running toward them.

“NO!” Angelina screamed angrily as she ran through the rest of the crowd with dozens of others, “Get away from this place, you fucking bastards and don’t come back!” she screamed while aiming hexes and jinxes at her unwary opponents, who were crashing into students as they ran.

“Angie, I’m right behind you!” Alicia screamed.

Death Eaters were fighting furiously now against a band of bedraggled students and Angelina, insipid and crazed with bloodlust dared not look to see who fell behind her, who started crying, who was dying around her.

“Stupefy!” she screamed waspishly at a man that was going after a small Ravenclaw girl, “Stupefy!” she screamed again when she missed, this time hitting him in his gaping mouth.

The girl thanked her and started fighting again, but Angelina didn’t look back to know if she made it or not.

But when the Death Eaters were starting to get past them, she ran back to the Bludgers and screamed, “Go! All of you go!” they flew from through the air and rushed at the Death Eaters, cracking skulls, smashing faces and breaking arms so fast that Angelina smiled darkly at the sight of blood, the sound of their pain.

It didn’t last long however and she threw herself back into the battle, blood pounding in her chest, thinking of Fred, of George, of her parents, the students that she knew, that she didn’t know. “Petrificus Totalus!” she screamed at a female Death Eater that tried to slice a boy with her wand.

The woman was soon crushed by a statue as it rushed through the fray, slicing and hacking at what was now joining the battle; Giants. There weren’t a lot of them but they towered over them all and students ran as they swung clubs and maces down on them, hitting dozens and watching as they flew through the air, broken little dolls slamming harshly on the ground.

Angelina moved out of their way and screamed as something shot her in the leg as she tried to make room for the monster. “No, huh?” a sneering voice asked.

Angelina fell over, screaming in pain as blood flooded from her leg and into the grass.
Shaking the braids from her face she saw the Death Eater from before leering down at her and before she could even think about protecting herself, the man had connected his foot to her face and she went sprawling onto her back, seeing stars and planets.

“No?” the man asked again as he kicked her repeatedly in the stomach, making her scream. “I’ll teach you something you little bitch about that word. Avada—” the curse was barely out of his mouth before he was suddenly writhing in pain, nasty boils breaking out over his entire body.

“Angie?” it was Oliver and he was now kneeling down to help her to her feet but she shook him off, “you’re hurt!” he said as he looked at her leg.

“Let go of me! I have to fight,” Angelina said angrily, hit him and ran back into the crowd as he tried to stop her. She should have felt sorry for hitting him but her blood was boiling hot and her mind was a mess of fury, grief and bloodlust and despite her blood loss, or because of it, she fought and fought, knocking down Death Eater after Death Eater.

At one point, a horrible scream tore the night apart and she looked to see a hulking, barrel chested man ripping his teeth into a girl’s throat, causing blood to spurt and curtain the air.

“Let her go!” another girl screamed and Angelina turned to see Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil running over to the victim.

Angelina realized with disgust that it was Eloise Midgen, a Hufflepuff girl who was infamous for cursing off her own nose, and she hobbled over to help. But by the time she rushed over the long distance, the girl was tossed aside, most likely dead.

The horrible sight of her lifeless brown eyes and the vision of the monster wiping his mouth caused Angelina’s own eyes to fog over with terror. But it didn’t stop Lavender and Parvati, who shot curse after curse at the monster, who was most likely Greyback.

He blocked most of their spells but shot a few of his own, Stunning Parvati and quickly fending Lavender’s attacks off as she lost her footing and nearly fell. But Angelina shot a curse at Greyback, whose interest in Lavender was apparent by his furious look in her direction.

Lavender was his type, she figured, tall and blonde and pretty but she was not going to let him have his way with her as the girl was obviously without a wand on the ground. “Get away from her you piece of shit!” she shouted, firing more complicated spells at him that the two girls hadn’t performed.

Soon, he realized that Angelina would not be easy picking but he fought her hard and succeeded by ripping her shirt and bloodying her chest. But she was beyond all rational thought and fought him harder and harder and by the time Parvati regained herself, she was battling him as well, sending such a strong protective charm at him when he tried to lunge at her that he flew several feet into the air and landed with a sickening crunch.

 Both of the girls were breathing heavily and they looked at each other. “Thanks,” she said when she had Lavender on her feet. “Come on, we have to see if we can help.” She said to her friend.

Lavender gave Angelina a nod and the two friends ran into the castle, which was currently on fire and the sound of screams from inside of it pierced her ears and made her want to sob in distress. Something exploded ahead and she saw chunks, mountain sized chunks falling towards the ground, effectively killing some Death Eaters that had been pouncing on some students but Angelina couldn’t see if they had been crushed as well.

She had been too horrified by the sight of the kids falling from the tower, screaming for their lives and losing them as they fell on sharp pieces of the building, spells that attempted to save them failing harshly as they all landed with hard, grotesque thuds.

Angelina turned away from this horrible image and nearly received a curse to her chest but was quickly saved as Alicia screamed, “Protego!” and blocked it.

The curse bounced off and shot into the night and fell some distance away. “Wake up, Angie!” her friend yelled, before running off to defend a group of students that were capering under the weight of curses and hexes.

Angelina shook herself off and looked around at the grounds, where little bundles littered the grass and felt her rage overtake her again. Death Eaters were now fighting teachers as well, Professor McGonagall was sending curses and fighting five of them on her own while Slughorn did the same not too far from her.

He looked mad, he looked crazed and very silly in his green silk pajamas but he fought like a demon and many fell dead at his wand.  Angelina turned away from this and was struck with a horrible sight.

Little Colin Creevey was lying dead not too far away from the battling professors near a collapsed building and she knew it was him because a girl shouted his name and a Death Eater screamed, “Mudblood!”

Before Angelina knew it, she was rushing over.

The loss of innocence struck her like a slap to her soul and she limped, cursed and dodged giants to get to his little body and once she was there, one of his friends was dead as well, a girl that looked as if half her face had been blown away.

Their murderer was looking over at her with a triumphant sneer that she vaguely recognized from the wanted posters. She thought his name was Rodolphus, but she couldn’t have been certain, “Care to join them?” he taunted, aiming his wand carelessly at her.

Angelina gripped her wand fiercely, looked again at the two dead students and then back at him with hate in her eyes. She moved before he did, he obviously didn’t think she was a threat and she fought him hard but was starting to lose a chance for an opening to stun him when another voice rang out from behind her, “Take that!”

 When she turned she saw that it was Dean Thomas.

He was looking bloodied and grim but the two of them quickly teamed up against Rodolphus, effectively stunning him and leaving him to a giant’s stampeding foot as it passed them, roaring its rage.

“Bastard,” Angelina whispered.

Dean said nothing to her, looked at Colin’s body and made a strange sound in his throat, something akin to a snarl and a sob and ran off into the night with her closely following him but soon branching off to fight her own battles.

Angelina threw herself into more of the fighting, running now, through parts of Hogwarts that were torn, over buildings, over bodies and fought with everything that she had until the breath was knocked from her lungs.

But there was no stopping her; there was no stopping the sights of children being murdered right before her eyes and she paid little attention to who she fought against and whom she fought with.

One moment it was Lee Jordan, the next it was Neville Longbottom, Hannah Abbott, Seamus, Alicia, Oliver and at some point she even noticed Luna Lovegood and Ernie McMillan dueling someone who looked suspiciously like Bellatrix Lestrange before running off.

She was too much for them.

Angelina would have gone to take care of her herself but she was alone again somehow and a cold, deathly horrible feeling was coming over and she knew what it was but didn’t have the strength to conjure a Patronus.

Dementors were gliding over students, performing the Kiss and there were hundreds of them surrounding Angelina now, staring at her, sucking her in and making her feel cold and dead.

She was reliving her worst fears, the loss of her grandparents, seeing George around the arms of another girl and doing everything with her that he had never considered with Angelina, who had always been there and always would be.

Tears burned her eyes at this inexplicable pain, seeing George being kissed; hugged and loved by another woman was the worst pain and the Dementors fed from it, increased the pain of his loss, of never holding him for herself…

“Expecto Patronum!” someone shouted and a brilliant lion, perhaps bigger than life itself burst from someone’s wand and the Dementors skittered away, several others going along with it as the creature trotted and roared, sending them away.

Angelina felt herself falling and was caught in the arms of someone she knew and did not know, “He’s mine, don’t touch him,” she told the imaginary girl that was swirling in her mind, the girl that was holding George and taking him away from her...

The face was blurry and the sky was erupting in flames. “He’s mine, take your hands…” the horror of losing George pounded through her, the Dementors had succeeded in warping her mind to pieces and she could barely concentrate.

The sounds of screams rent the night and she could hear the sound of the dying, the wounded, the weeping of friends and family and her rescuer was calling her name, “Angie!” it was someone she knew, yet she couldn’t quite place it.

Before she understood what was happening, the figure picked her up and ran with her until she was placed in a little niche far away from the battle.

Blood was oozing from her wounded leg, her heart pounded, her soul was screaming, “Don’t move, Angie. Stay here, I’ll be back for you.” The person kissed her on the cheek and vanished into the smoke, the death and the blood.

Angelina faded from the world for a moment, her eyelids closing, pain shooting from her chest, her legs, her soul, her very heart. For some reason, she was transported back to her first day on the Hogwarts Express, shortly after she had seen her parents off for the first time to Hogwarts.

She stood there in the corridor, eleven, terribly excited and edgy but eventually deciding to look for somewhere to sit. Most compartments were full and she walked a ways, frowning, only to have a tall, red haired boy bump into her. “I’ll get you two beasts for this! You wait until I tell mother!”

“Watch it!” she shouted.

The boy looked down at her, horn rimmed glasses perched on his nose.

He had freckles, the reddest hair she had ever seen and a haughty look around his eyes that made her instantly dislike him, “Sorry.” He said darkly, “If you’d please excuse me.” The boy spat and walked off.

“Did you see his face?!” someone shouted from just behind her.

Angelina jumped and looked to see another boy laughing uproariously at the older one who had just walked off. “Who’re you?” she barked.

“Me? Oh, I’m George Weasley. That was my older brother Percy, he’s a prat and thinks he’s gonna be Minster of Magic someday, don’t mind him, he’s always a stuffy git.” The boy said rapidly while staring at her with a grin that she couldn’t help but give back. “Anyways, I’m sitting with my twin brother Fred, and this girl, Alicia or whatever. Come sit with us.”

When Angelina entered the compartment with him, there was another boy, who had to be his twin, laughing evilly with another girl with light blonde hair. She was laughing so hard that she could barely breathe, “In his tea! He was itching for weeks!” Fred was saying, “Who is this?” he asked George when he noticed Angelina.

“I don’t know.” George said.

Three people turned to look at her.

“Angelina Johnson,” she said stiffly.

Fred eyed her. “You’re not gonna be a complete bore, are you Angie?” he asked her with a teasing smile.

“Don’t call me—”

George laughed. “Better go sit with Percy and Clearwater, the two happy little Prefects,” he laughed and Alicia did too, her eyes sparkling as she looked at them, like they were pieces of herself in male form.

Angelina didn’t want to sit with boring, perfect Percy so she sat down across from Alicia and Fred, who was telling another story. “So, that was your brother?” she asked to the other twin.

George was lounging next to her now, reading something from Zonko’s and looking very cute as he did so. She wasn’t sure then, but she could tell that he and his brother, though identical were not exactly alike, he seemed only marginally calmer, quieter, “Yeah, I have two more. Oh, no, three more. Right?”

Fred laughed. “Ron, he’s a baby,”

Angelina didn’t like babies. “Oh,”

“But ignore that. Percy, that was that prat that ran into you. Then there’s Bill and Charlie,” George was saying to her while showing her the Zonko’s magazine, “Bills is really cool and Charlie is big and is a great Quidditch player.”

Angelina sat up straight. “Quidditch? I love Quidditch,”

Fred said skeptically. “Do you?”

Angelina nodded, “I’m gonna go pro for sure. I’m really good,”

“Ooh, you hear that George? Angie says that she’s good,” Fred teased. “But you’re not better than us.” Alicia was laughing again, but at something Fred was showing her. “If you are, then you can join with us when we make the team.”

Angelina frowned at him but George said, “What position are you best at?”


“Fred and I are gonna be Beaters,” he said, “oh, and by the way, Angie, be in Gryffindor.”

“Why?” Angelina asked annoyingly.

George leaned close and whispered in her ear as if he were telling her a secret. “Because I’ll be in Gryffindor,” when he pulled back, she was gaping at him and he was laughing, “you know, Angie, you should be in Percy’s compartment, I haven’t seen you laugh once!”

Angelina frowned. “I can laugh! I’m just nervous!"

“Then laugh,” Alicia said.

“Go on, or we’ll tickle you.” Fred said, cracking his knuckles.

Angelina tried to force herself to laugh but was unable to do it and before she was able to stop them both twins and Alicia was tickling her. She laughed so hard and fought them playfully but by the time they were done she was crying and Percy Weasley had shown up again, looking furious. “What is going on here? We’ll be at Hogwarts soon so you’d better stop that!”

Fred hurled a Dungbomb at him and it caught on his forehead, “Oh, go on then, Perce! Let loose or something! When was the last time you told a joke?” he asked annoyingly.

Percy grouched something awful. “I’m gonna tell Bill!”

“Bill’s gonna help us torture you and you know that!” Fred spat.

“Then I’ll tell Mother on you!” Percy shouted.

 Fred glared at him. “You’re such a spoilsport, Perce. I swear, the day I see you crack a joke’ll be the day I die, rotten git,” he muttered.

But Percy was already gone, his ears red.

Angelina was settled on George’s shoulder because he was still trying to tickle her and she couldn’t squirm away from him. “What’s his deal?”

“He’s ambitious. Probably should’ve been in Slytherin,” Fred said nastily.

George covered up the awkward silence that fell to say to Angelina. “When we’re in Gryffindor, come sit with us. And then, tomorrow, we’ll put something in Percy’s tea.”

Alicia laughed. “Again?”

“Again,” Fred said with a laugh. “Before Angie got here we had put some Sing-Song Potion that we got from Charlie in his tea and he was prancing around, singing and dancing for hours!”

Angelina figured that that was the reason he had rushed out, flushed and furious when he had bumped into her. She laughed with them and when they were finally at Hogwarts and when she was Sorted into Gryffindor after thinking that she wanted to be anywhere he would be, she could only wait as her new friends joined her.

George and Fred sat with her and Alicia was talking animatedly while a few rows down, another girl named Katie was blabbering to a boy named Oliver Wood, who was older than them and looking enchanted. Angelina, who had been chatting with George, felt happier than she had in months.

Her grandparents had died not too long ago but being with her new friends had lessened the pain and she was now so happy that she felt like she was going to burst into pieces, but it was only when they were going to their separate dorms did she realize why.

Fred and George ushered her over at some point while the Prefect talked and went on about rules and regulations, “Angie, what do you think we should do to Percy on our first week?”

Angelina thought about it and raked off some terribly naughty ideas that would get them all into trouble and the boys were howling with laughter by the time she talked about enchanting Percy’s underwear.

Fred gave her a slap on the back and left soon after, still chortling and earning a horribly stern look from his older brother (Percy) that only made him laugh evilly and when he was gone Angelina stared at George, who was frowning.

“What is it?”

“Those two need to work out their issues. Percy wasn’t always so stiff you know, but he changed after he came to school, disappointed Fred you know, he thought he was gonna be more like Charlie and Bill but he’s not.” George shrugged and gave her a wink, “we’re gonna prank him until he turns back to normal.”

“Is that a good idea?’’

George thought about it and stared at her for a long time and then burst into a bright smile. She raked her eyebrow up at him, “It’s an excellent idea, Angie.”

She wasn’t sure what he was talking about but shrugged anyways and started to head towards her dorm when he took her hand. Embarrassed, she turned to see that he was smiling at her still, “What?”

“Aren’t you going tell me goodnight?”


George burst out laughing. “You’re very blunt, aren’t you?”

“What did you want me to say?” George shook his head, squeezed her hand and walked away, laughing. “Wait, what did you want me to say? George?” she called, but he was already gone.


The memory washed away just as quickly as it began and when Angelina opened her eyes, she wasn’t surprised to hear the sounds of death, of loss and of pain all around her. Blood was thickening the little corner that she had been stashed in by her mysterious rescuer but she forced herself to stand, she had to make it out of this and with a weak, “George?” she realized that she was still disoriented and thought that they were still outside of their dorms, back in first year.

But that was not what was happening and she shook herself, her damaged leg making it useless for her to walk very far but she forced herself to keep going, to make it inside, to help and defend the ones she loved from danger.

She was in a sort of daze as she hexed, cursed and jinxed Death Eaters that got in her way or wanted to fight her and left them bloody and empty around her. She had to go inside, she had to make it into the school, to ask George, to see him and ask him what he wanted besides a goodnight…

“Angie, look out!"

She turned just in time to miss The Killing Curse that had been hurled at her from none other than Bellatrix Lestrange herself and was shoved to the side as the person, who turned out to be Bill Weasley, shot a well-aimed jinx that left the woman’s face bloody and crushed.

She howled in pain and merged into the crowd, “Bill!” she cried in surprise. His wife, Fleur was fighting almost gracefully alongside Luna Lovegood, who merely appeared bored inside the Great Hall.

 Sparks were flying from their wands and the Death Eaters that they dueled crumpled soon after and Luna ran off to join Neville and a few other students while Fleur gave Angelina a relieved look before dashing back into the crowd, “She saw that bitch aiming at you but I got here first.” Bill said and he took her all in as chaos reigned in around them. “Angie, Merlin, what happened to you?”

“I don’t remember.” Angelina said. Something exploded and the pair of them took that as their cue to break up and she soon lost his long red hair in the throng of the battle and dashed off as soon as she could get her bearings.  

She cursed and hexed, dueled and cried her way up the stairs, looking for more students that needed her help but as she did so, she thought she saw Draco Malfoy and his buddy Goyle hiding behind a pillar, looking pathetic. She stumbled a bit as her leg gave out on her.

“What are you doing?!” Malfoy screamed at his friend.

Goyle had reared up and was going for Angelina, and even though he didn’t have a wand, Angelina fought him in a furious haze and he fell, unconscious, to the ground. “Get out of here if you’re not going to fight,” Angelina told Malfoy coldly.

Malfoy looked up at her. “You can’t talk to me like that!”

“Shut up you stupid bastard and get out of my way!” she gave him a kick when he tried to stand, thinking he meant her harm and ran off.

While she ran, she fought, while she fought, she cried and while she cried, she sought vengeance, “Stupefy!” she screamed at a Death Eater that had been going for Padma Patil, who looked as though she were swaying on her feet.

The woman was blasted off a banister and there was a loud splatter as she collided with the hard marble floors, “Padma?” she asked the girl.

The girl nodded and Angelina helped her into an empty classroom and left her there until she was able to recover. When she came back out, she shoved more wounded or injured students into the room and then placed protective charms over it but was knocked onto her back as a grey blur crushed her chest and leapt off of her and down the hall.

Angelina, wheezing and gagging, rose to her feet, stumbling and following the mass of grey and when she caught up to it, she saw that it was hunting Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil.

Professor Trelawney was so preoccupied with throwing crystal balls into the crowd that none of them saw it coming, “Lavender, look out!” Angelina shouted.

The girl turned to see the grey blur that was surely Greyback collide with her chest and screamed as she slipped backwards over the rail and landed with a horrible sound.

Parvati cried in horror, “No! Lavender!” and ran to see if she were all right but the staircase was suddenly as smooth as a slide and Ron, Hermione and Harry slid down it (Angelina figured they were invisible but caught a shock of red hair)

The three of them landed on the ground and a quick spell made the stairs shoot back up to their original state, making the Death Eaters who had been chasing them crumble and gasp in agonizing pain.

Angelina and Parvati ran down these steps to check on Lavender but as they did they saw Greyback rush at her, teeth bared and salivating and then a harsh, “NO!” that was followed by a thunderous blast from a wand. Greyback was thrown back but as he tried to get back to his feet, something large, clear and round landed on his skull and he didn’t move again.

Angelina and Parvati watched with sickening satisfaction at this and then rushed to Lavender, who was barely stirring. “Oh, please, no,” Parvati sobbed while lifting her friend’s bleeding skull onto her lap, “Oh, Lav,” she sobbed.

Angelina checked her pulse. “She’s barely breathing.”

“Don’t say that!” Parvati cried. “You make it sound like she’ll die!”

“Here, I’ll help you take her somewhere so Madame Pomfrey can get her healed,” Angelina and Parvati spent a long time getting Lavender’s body over to the little witch, who was fighting her own battles but still able to tend to the wounded.

She took one look at Lavender and let out a wail of despair and ushered her onto a stretcher and with some helpers, they rushed off, Parvati running after them, sobbing and barely able to breathe.

Angelina watched them go and wiped tears from her eyes before turning and returning to the battle, only to see that several of her friends, people that she had known for seven years were dead or dying and that seemed to make her quake.

Unsure how she did it, she ran through the crowd of Death Eaters, fighting and dueling along with Luna Lovegood and a bloody Ginny Weasley, the three of them together taking down many of Voldemort’s cronies and putting them in their place.

The explosions, the screams, the curses, the sound of Hogwarts crumbling around and below, were ignored as survival took its toll and Angelina fought and fought until, out of nowhere, Voldemort’s cold, icy voice rang out.

Angelina ignored the sound of it but deduced that he wanted his forces to retreat for now and then, for the survivors to tend to their wounded and take care of their dead, to wipe their filth from the battlefield.

It was over as soon as it had begun.

Angelina, unable to do anything else, watched as the Death Eaters retreated, and they were left alone. Air seemed to rush out of many lungs, sobs were soon replaced with screams and she saw many friends, many relatives fainting, falling, crying, sobbing and dying as they were left alone to do as the bastard had told them to do.

Her leg was throbbing and her chest was still bleeding, her dark skin coated with blood but she ignored it and bit the horrible scream that was rising up from her chest back and felt her eyes fog over from the effort.

Luna was gone, Ginny was looking for her family and Angelina was left alone for a moment. She tended to the wounded, helped carry the dead even though she was nearly dead on her own feet and went to unlock the spells that had kept Padma Patil and a few others from being killed and was thanked profusely for it.

“Angie!” someone screamed.

She looked up to see Alicia and Oliver running over to her. “What is it?”

They stopped and hesitated, both of them bloody, torn and cracked. Alicia touched her arm and she knew that the worst was about to come, “Angie, it’s…”

Her whole world was about to fall and she shook her off. “Who is it?” she screamed. “Is it Katie? Where is Katie?” she screamed angrily.

Oliver shook his head. “Angie, she’s fine. She’s outside…gathering bodies with Neville. I’m going to join them soon. Angie please just listen to me,"

A horrible noise, like the sound of angels falling from heaven burst through the Great Hall and she turned at the sound. A large family with red hair was sobbing, and a mother was crying so loudly that everyone was staring…wondering…waiting for the horrible news that Angelina just couldn’t face right now.

But knew that she had to.

Alicia tried to touch her and bring her back. “Wait, Angie,”

Angelina shook her off and ran the distance to the Weasley family. “No, let me go!” she cried as she ran over, tripping and bleeding to the family. They didn’t look at her as she came closer to see and when she could break through to look for herself, a horror unlike anything she had ever seen broke over her and her mind, her soul, burst into flame and agonizing pain.

Someone said her name but she couldn’t hear, she could only see his last smile, those freckles…the red, red hair and before she was able to do a thing, she fell into darkness and never wanted to wake up.

Once again, thanks for reading and it would be great to know what you think of the story and I'll be happy to answer any questions or critique! Much love, as always and happy reading!








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