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The Death of Love by ginnypotter242
Chapter 1 : Love's Flower
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As we age I cherish the past,
two lovers grow, a family at last.
A date night followed by talks and lust,
next day kids and school, waiting for the bus.

James. Oh, James, it’s hard to believe that I waited so long to go out with you. You waited so long for me to say yes to you, my pig-headed, arrogant jerk. I hated you, yes I admit it. But I fell for you eventually, and I fell hard. I finally said yes, and you were overjoyed.

Our first date was wonderful. As was our second, and third, and fourth. They were all perfect. Seventh year had wrapped up fast, and we were thrown into the middle of a war. You don’t waste time though-never. You proposed to me so very soon after we graduated. Of course I said yes. There was no power on this earth that would have made me say no.

Our wedding was beautiful. With Sirius, of course, as your best man, it sure was interesting too.

I got pregnant. Pregnant with our little baby boy. Pregnant with our little Harry. He was wonderful. You were such a great father, I swear I fell more in love with you every time I saw you with our child.

But, alas, it was not to last. He came for us. Voldemort. He came for Harry. You screamed at me to run, but I couldn’t. I heard you hit the floor, and knew you were dead. I couldn’t move. When he came in the door, his eyes slit with red, I knew I had to protect my baby. I threw myself in front of him, begged for Harry to be left alone. He shouted at me…and everything went black.

I saw you when I woke up. You, but not Harry. I knew I was dead. We both were dead. Somehow though, I knew Harry had survived. Our friends, the ones that had died long ago was there too. They showed us a place where we could watch the living. A place where we could watch Harry.

Kindergarten went by fast,
dance, baseball, what a blast!
Our little baby is a teen,
where did the time go in between?

So we watched him. We watched him grow up, abused and neglected with my horrid sister, and her repulsive husband. He was strong though, he made it through. Before we knew it, he was getting his Hogwarts letter. He was so thrilled, he finally belonged to his world, our world. Though, the happiness was not to last for long. There was danger, so much danger, Our little boy-not so little anymore-was so close to dying, so very many times.

He had good friends though, he was protected by them. They helped him so much. It was so frightening though, to not be able to help him, to comfort him, to advise him. It hurt, it most definitely hurt.

Sirius joined us. He had become like a father figure to Harry, and was devastated he left him. It was the only time I saw Sirius so…serious.

Date night, when was the last time?
work, bills, we're left without a dime.
Our kids our growing, graduation soon,
perhaps like a flower our lost love will bloom.

We got so caught up in Harry’s life. We forgot we were no longer part of it. It was so long since we had been together, since we had talked. When was the last time. I didn’t remember.

I wanted a date. It had been so long since we had been on a date, I wanted one. Remember me James, I’m Lily. Your Lily-flower, that’s what you would call me. I always liked flowers. My father would always say that whenever a flower blooms, a new love is born. Where did our bloom go?

Our patience short, a sudden turn,
our love colliding, starting to burn.
Shouting, crying, regret once more,
have we forgotten our love, will there be no more?

We started arguing even more. We were both too caught up in the life of our son. It was hard to remember that we were not part of it. We shouted at each other. We screamed, we fought, we argued. It was like back in Hogwarts, when I hated you. Our fights got to be that bad. There were times that I would run out, crying. I could tell you regretted that. I regretted some things I said too. We were both at fault. We had forgotten about us. We were too wrapped up in Earth life. A life we no longer lived.

Back from a seed, a giant Willow Tree,
spreading the roots, a strong foundation, a family tree.
Thankful for much, God's helping hand,
guiding us with his mighty plan.

I suggested we start over. We should go on a date again. We should rekindle our love, find what was lost. We needed to become disconnected with Harry, it was not good for either of us. What we needed was to reconnect with each other. We had help. Everybody tried to help us. We started over. Our first date in the after life was amazing. So were our second, third, fourth. They were perfect. We rekindled. We found the love that we had lost. We just needed to want to.

Through the dark, two lovers rise,
the blinders are taken from our eyes.
Thankful for much, why couldn't we see
the blessings abound, a beautiful family.

We rose from the darkest pit of despair. We were no longer sad about not being in Harry’s life. He was a great boy, and I wish we could have been in his life. But he did fine on his own. I was thankful that our son was such a strong boy.

I couldn’t believe we couldn’t see how silly we were being. We got so caught up in normal life, that we forgot that it was not our life anymore. We needed to make a new life for ourselves. And so we did. We were so blind, so bent on missing Harry, that we didn’t see that our beautiful family was all around us.

Laughing, dancing, date nights, talks,
picnics, kissing, moon-lit walks.
Though the trials and tribulations we did see,
that true love and family forever will be.

You see, James, honey, we may have died. But our love? Our love was never truly lost. We just needed to rediscover it.


This was based on the poem True Love Never Lost by Richard Lake Jr. I own nothing! All credit goes to JKR and Richard Lake.

This was written for SeverusSnape15’s Poems Are Golden Challenge.

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The Death of Love: Love's Flower


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