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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 6 : Not unicorn-pure
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Guess what! I own nothing!


Chapter image by Savoed@TDA.

Dominique, Briony, Agatha and Joy.!


You took a town by storm the mess you made was nominated.

Oh I, do you

Now put away your welcome soon you'll find you've overstayed it.

Hey now, every time I lose altitude.

Lyrics by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



It was already dark.


Little midgets were happily running around in their common rooms, screaming and tearing up books.


The older students were trying to ignore them and just chill.


Professors were probably trying to understand why they had chose to work with children…


And we, the Illegals, were sitting in the kitchen, waiting for possible clients.


Andie was in the end of the table, her head placed on the table, fingers clutching her third cup of coffee. Her sour expression said it will be a long, long evening.


We had been sitting there for a half an hour with no action.


Finally, a girl entered the kitchens. She was short, her brown hair tied in a neat bun. She was a Ravenclaw. Probably a Fourth Year. Yeah, definitely a Fourth Year. That year was full of weirdos.


Emer was writing something in her note book. Danny and Eric were half sleeping. Andie was… out of commission. Was I the only one paying attention?


She cleared her throat.


“My name is Prudence.”


To this Danny raised his head and snorted. The girl acted as if nothing happened. “I made this love potion, but I don’t know if it’s working. I need-”


“Seriously?” Emer interrupted the girl, not even raising her eyes from her notes. “Have fun with puberty. NEXT!” The girl gave us a dark look, but left the kitchens. Danny and Eric burst out laughing. Even Andie raised her head. That was we all needed. A little bit of fun.


“I bet that girl wanted to use that potion on James.” I laughed.


Andie finished her third cup of coffee and gave me a strange look. “James. As in James Potter?”


“Yup,” Danny cracked a smile. “I saw that girl staring at him. A lot. Her little eyes greedy and her cheeks turned red when James looked at our table.” Now I wonder why Danny was paying attention to the Gryffindor table. Dominique maybe?


“James? I swear his name is Jimmy.”


“No, Andie. It’s James.” I smiled. She was almost alive now!


“Jimmy! You can cut my hand off if he’s not Jimmy.”


“Then,” A snarky voice said and I jumped in my seat. “Give me your hand cause my birth certificate clearly says I’m James Sirius Potter, honey.” He said proudly. James Potter was standing in the kitchens… James Potter came to the kitchens when we were here… That was… just… Impossible. Unheard of.


Andie who never liked arrogant guys growled. “You’ll be known as James I-got-turned-into-a-girl-by-Bones Pratter if you don’t get out of my sight, honey.”


A curl of his mouth preceded his response. “I’d love to see that.” Andie jumped from her seat (note to self: never let her drink three cups of coffee) on the table and was ready to fulfill her threat. Danny and Eric jumped at the same time and tried to pin her to the table. Andie growled.


The whole scene was very akin to Godzilla falling on top of Tokyo.


James couldn’t stop laughing. I felt like we were a carnival attraction to him.


I couldn’t find anything even remotely humorous in this situation. It was my daily life. If he found that funny (which he clearly did), then he’s one messed up little bugger with a terrible sense of humor.


Twenty minutes and three massive bitch fits later (all courtesy of the one and only Andie Bones), I could finally figure out why James was here.


“James,” Andie glared at me. Okay. That was too nice for me to say to the guy she wanted to kill. “What exactly are you doing here?”


Potter shrugged, smirked (his facial expression of choice), “Hang out, get a snack.” He said lazily as he sat next to me.


I smirked. “Come on, what are you really doing here? People do not visit me. Being social to me is, like, tempting the Apocalypse or something.” If he suggests us to do something together, I will push him off his chair.


“Oh come on. You said I should meet your friends.” Those big brown eyes didn’t do a thing for me. I was just that heartless. He looked so innocent. But not calm. I suddenly intuited, I had the distinct feeling he wasn’t telling everything. He was – maybe not lying, exactly, but he was definitely holding back.




He sat next to me, lazily. But his eyes never left my face. As if he was trying to understand everything about me.


How did I look? I have strawberry blonde hair, or as James said, ‘just simple red hair’. Red hair meant bad temper. That’s probably true. Blue eyes? Innocence maybe?


I smirked… James should know I never was really unicorn-pure.


None of the people in this room were pure.


James knew that. He detested that. Maybe in his world people weren’t pure, but they at least pretended to be innocent. We didn’t.


Why would he want to be here? He was still looking at me.


“I’m James,” His eyes never left my face, but he outstretched his hand to Danny.


Danny ruffled his hair and shot me a glance. I gave him a small nod and Danny shook James’ hand.




James turned to Eric and outstretched his hand in the same lazy, but elegant manner like before.


Eric’s face was blank. He did not shake James’ hand. He didn’t even smile. He didn’t even look at me. He just nodded “Eric.”


If James was offended by Eric’s behavior he didn’t show it. He turned to Emer and Andie, but before he could open his mouth Emer spoke.


“We don’t shake hands. I’m Emer and you’re already made acquaintances with Andie.” James smirked. He didn’t mind the cold shoulder.


“Danny and Emer. As in Daniel and Emerlyn?” Emer frowned and Danny choked on air. Only their parents called them like that. If Emer’s face had some king of emotion before, now it was blank. That wasn’t a good sign.


“No. Only Danny and only Emer. Actually, to you it’s Selwyn. We’re no friends, Potter.” Her voice was calm. Too calm, it had a dangerous edge.


Oh hi, Awkwardness, it’s been a while. Not.


“James,” I started, hoping this awkward moment will disappear. “Do you want tea or maybe coffee? The elves prepare an amazing cappuccino.”


“Nope, but thanks for asking.” He winked at me. Great. I was getting nervous. It was the house elves work to take food orders, not mine.


Eric eyed James. “Not a very nice way to treat people you call your friends, Potter.”


“What?” My question was ignored.


“It’s all starting to sink in,” Danny said. “I can almost look at you without wanting to bang my head against the wall.” James laughed.




Why they understand each other? What’s with this male language?


“Can’t you tell?” Eric asked me. “He’s here, doing an investigation on you. He’s a little bit paranoid.”


“Ha.” Danny laughed dryly. “You’d be too paranoid if your daddy was the world’s savior.” James stayed calm. That comment was actually mean… “We can do an investigation for you.” Danny paid his attention to Potter. “25 galleons and you would know everything about her. Well, seeing that Deb is an Illegal…that would cost ya more. 50 galleons. And seeing you are a Potter that’s 50 galleons more. So 100 galleons and you’ll know everything about Deborah Victoria Mint!”


Hey! I didn’t know with which fact I should be more outraged. The fact that he charged James 50 galleons than usual just because he’s Potter, the fact that James was stalking me, or the fact that Danny said they would do an investigation on me! That was against the rules!


“That’s against the rules!” Before James could say anything I cried. Yeah… Rules were more important.


“I can’t believe you have rules.” James laughed.


I nodded solemnly. “Minimizing our karmic damage.”


Andie snorted.


Okay. The rules were my idea…


I do actually believe in reincarnation… past lives and all that jazz.


It’s interesting.


And it does wonders for my imagination.


I believe that in my past life I was a really rich and famous French monarch who liked to chop off the heads of people who annoyed me. Someone like Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed.


That’s why probably I’m so crazy about the rules… and so paranoid and nervous. And I can’t find a guy I like…


Ah screw them.


“Don’t worry, James. I’m not a psycho killer or anything. Lily is safe with me!” I declared putting my most innocent smile on.


“You look weird.” Andie commented, peering suspiciously at my face. She and the rest of the guys had gathered around my end of the table. “Doesn’t she look weird?” She nudged Eric for his back up.


“Er.” Eric took to peering at me too. “I dunno.” He was like a watch dog when James was around. He needed to work on his social skills around other people.


“I’m just smiling.” I pointed out, “Why is that weird?” Damn it, she called my smile bluff. I need to work on my acting skills. I hate Hogwarts when someone calls my bluff. I always end up doing things I don’t want to do.


Andie didn’t lose the critical stare. “That’s not a normal smile. Your eyes are too big-” I instantly narrowed them. “-And your eyebrows are too high –“ I lowered them. “And you just…Deborah Mint does not smile like a clueless bint from that Hufflepuff Clique! Lose it!”


“I resent that! It’s my innocent smile!” I told her not dropping the smile.


“Innocent smile? You’re one twisted little girl.” James laughed.


“I take that as a compliment.”




Finally, after few really awkward moments, Emer let us go to bed.


After some time I realized I never did find out why James was spying me…


As I made my way to my dorm I prayed my crazy dorm-mates were sleeping.


And judging from the earthquake-esque snores coming from the room, I could tell that the Sleeping Beauty and the rest of her Disney Princess friends were sleeping.


Oh, but I was so wrong.


When I entered the room and almost got killed by tripping on a school bag, I noticed that Agatha and Briony weren’t sleeping. Even the Head Girl was in the dorm. With Dominique Weasley.


Did I forget to mention they’re quite close?


“Detention, Mint.” Joy smiled sweetly at me.


“For what?” I growled. Eliza McKay was the one snoring. That’s why no one likes her…


“For being after curfew.” I looked at my watch. Curfew started four minutes ago. Great. Probably four minutes ago I entered the common room, but there was no way to prove it.


“And that,” I pointed to Dominique sitting on Agatha’s bed, “Can be here after curfew? You won’t give her a detention too?”


Joy gave me even a sweeter smile. That girl was terrifying. She was the cutest devil ever.


“Oh, we’re just having a sleepover. We even have the permission from the Head Girl herself.” Agatha smiled as she jumped on her bed.


Oh. My. God.


Joy whatever-her-middle-name-is Colonel is a bitch.


A big, fat bitch (okay… not fat. Skinny.)


And you know what's the best part?


Hogwarts is ruled by a god-damn dictator. And her name is Joy Colonel.


And Agatha with Dominique are planning my doom with the help of the dictator…


My mouth was hanging open, and I couldn’t even get any words out at first. When did it end with these people? Hogwarts was doomed…


The worst thing was that Joy was good at being a dictator. She was an amazing Head Girl. She was like Hogwarts student’s personal babysitter… who spend her time sharpening knives.


“Don’t worry, Mint. We have bigger phoenix to fry for you.” Dominique winked at me and closed the curtains of Agatha’s bed, leaving me alone.


I didn’t like the sound of that…




The next day was not better than last night’s evening.


The first person that I saw this morning, apart from Ravenclaws, was a very pissed off Lily Potter.


She kidnapped me when I was entering the Great Hall. My only consolation was that Danny and Eric came with me.


We went into the nearest hall. There were only two third years. They giggled when they saw Danny and Eric.


Our presents weren’t disturbing them. It seemed their presents was disturbing Lily.


The smaller of the girls giggled and continued her conversation with her ginger friend “He was so dreamy… And he-”


“Do you think you could make up stories about fictional boys somewhere else?” Lily asked the two girls. They gave her offended looks, but didn’t leave.

Lily let out a stream of swear words and the girls left, shooting her death glares as they went. Oh Lily was very angry.


“Do you even know how much you pissed off Jake?” Lily released the monster inside her.


“Pissed off? It looked more like he just pissed himself.” Danny laughed.


Lily ignored his comment and turned to me. “Do you have a plan?”


“YEAH,” Eric answered for me, grinning “Kill Potter.”


I growled “We’re not getting people killed, so just give up, okay?” Then I turned to Lily, “And yes, I have a plan. And it’s working.”


“Whoa, you’ve been doing something productive? I’m impressed.” Lily mocked.


“You’re one to talk,” I said. “Especially considering your whole existence here revolves around whining and looking good – but then again, that’s why we love you Potters.”


“Just do it. Thou I think making James change his mind is impossible.”


“Nothing is impossible.” Danny said.


“Obviously you have never tried slamming a revolving door.” I snapped, getting a little sick of this. I was very hungry… When did I became this grumpy?


Lily growled. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”


Wow. What an opening this was. But Lily was very angry. Furious to be exact. I think if I said something witty I’d get slapped.


And I never got slapped.


Well once I got slapped. It was in primary school. And it hurt.


“Relax, Lily. Let’s have some breakfast.” I tried to smile at her, but probably ended up looking like I was in pain.


When we entered the Great Hall Lily smiled sweetly at me and then went to her table. God that girl was creepy.

As I ate my breakfast I felt something was wrong. Usually I got few death glares from my dorm-mates. But today only Eliza was at our table. I looked at the Gryffindor table. I found James discussing something with Fred. James waved to me and I waved back. I thought he would be angry at me. He still was unsure about our friendship.


But he smiled at me and then started pointing to the other side of the Gryffindor table with his finger. Rose slapped James hand and probably started lecturing James about how impolite it is to point with your fingers. Then Rose saw me and waved.


Rose would have been a good Ravenclaw. We don’t point with our fingers too.


James and Rose started arguing. James playfully grabbed Rose by her ponytail. Rose slapped his hand with her fork. Not playfully. Then James started cussing and Rose slapped him again.


I chuckled. They were as almost entertaining as Danny was. Fred’s eyes found mine. He glared at me, he didn’t like me at all. Most of the time he ignored my existence. I did the same.


He would have probably glared at me forever if not for Rose, who pushed James, who bumped into Fred and Fred well off this seat.




Then finally I looked where James was pointing few minutes ago.


At the other end of the Gryffindor table Dominique sat with her friends. Lucinda (Lulu) Vanity was blonde haired Gryffindor student. Nails like razors. Nails like razors. That should be illegal.


Oh how nice, Filemina Cooper sat with them. She had killer shoes. I’d kill for them. I mean it. It’s a miracle that a Hufflepuff had such good taste in fashion.


Yes. Those two were Dominique’s closest friends. Lulu The Razor and Filemina The shoes. Terrible girls.


Then I heard a laugh. It belonged to none other, but Joy Colonel. Joy, Agatha and Briony. They all sat with Dominique at the Gryffindor table.


As if Dominique felt that I was looking at them she turned at me and waved, smiling from ear to ear.


I felt my insides shrink.


I was an Illegal. And that’s why I could totally tell that those hags were up to something big and evil.




People are weird things, aren’t they? Actually wizards and witches seem to be more peculiar than muggles. Especially purebloods. I believe it’s probably the magic in our blood driving us mad, barmy.


So trust a pureblood to think up something very crazy.


It was right after dinner when it happened.


No, not the apocalypse.


But I would prefer apocalypse over what I got.


And I got Andie.


“Debbie.” Andie sat next to in the Ravenclaw common room. I was trying to read. It was impossible to the fact that Ravenclaw common room did not have a password. Anyone could get in. Well anyone who could answer those stupid riddles and even more idiotic questions.


Andie wasn’t the smartest witch of the Hufflepuff house, but she loved riddles. And boy she was good at them.


“Debbie, I feel stalkerish today.” She was also good at that too.


Mhm… “Mhm” I flipped the next page.


“I mean it, Deb!”


Mhm…Wait, what? God, please tell me I heard her wrong. “What? Seriously?”


“Yes!” Andie was almost trembling with excitement. Now I noticed she was wearing her camouflage clothes. Yeah, we have those. “Let’s stalk James Potter!”


“No!” I closed my book and glared at her. I was sick of their stupid ideas, like looking for House Elves. It always got me dirty and humiliated.


It was time for me to show them who’s the boss. For a short period of time. After that I’ll be crawling again. I do love a good adventure.


“No?” Andie smiled at me and I inched slowly away from her. There was a slightly predatory gleam to that smile and it was making me a little nervous.


“Er,” Okay, so I was not the one who called the shots here. “Let’s stalk some bitches?”


An evil smile lit up on my crazy friend’s face. “Let’s stalk some bitches!” She looked excited and really happy. It was sad. Really she could be reading a good book. No, wait. I could be reading a good book.


But you know what? Screw the book! When I’ll leave Hogwarts I’ll write my own book. It will be a bestseller. Really. It will be about ‘how to stay sane while doing insane stuff’. Or maybe about a troll’s and human’s love story. Forbidden love…

“Hey, nerd!” Andie shouted “Move your arse, it’s time to go, go, go!”




Sometimes I surprise myself. When I was little I imagined my teen years differently.


I was spoiled. I was smart and sneaky. My parents didn’t pay much attention to me. So I believed that in my teens I would be a snobby long blonde-haired girl with Gucci shoes and a yellow Ferrari.


And it wasn’t just dreams. I remember my childhood best friend Melody. We used to dream all day long about teen lives.


I had strawberry blonde hair, just like now, but I still dreamed about long blonde hair. Melody had short dirty blonde hair and she dreamed about long blonde hair too.


I saw Melody this summer. She had long straight blonde (probably fake) hair. And she drove around the town in a black Lexus. Just like she wanted. Oh and boy she was a snob.


I, on the other hand, now wanted different things.


Just look at me. How could I have perfect blonde straight hair when I spend most of my time in dirt?


I had to thank magic. It saved me.


“Deb,” Andie whispered “I’m going to sneeze.”


Guess where am I?

In a bush. Few feet from Gryffindor Quidditch team. And they were talking about knew strategy.


Do you know how much Zabini would pay for this information?


Can you imagine what James would do if he saw me in a bush, listening to his precious strategy?


“Andie, if you sneeze I’ll fucking kill you.” I tried to turn my head to Andie so I could glare at her, but only got a scratch on my cheek. Why on earth did we choose a bush with thorns?


“But I feel really funny.”


Oh really? You will feel funny when I’ll kill you. But of course I’d never say those words out loud to Andie. When she gets pissed off she starts screaming.


“Andie, whatever you do just don’t sneeze.” God, if you are out there… Make Andie’s sneezing the least of my worries.


“Okay! Let’s do this!” James said as he clapped his hands. “Anthony, get the balls!”


I heard wolf-whistles from the other team members… They liked Anthony that much?


“Who could have thought,” I whispered to Andie, “That the Gryffindor quidditch team was gay.”


“You idiot,” Andie growled back “Enemy number two has entered the pitch.” Enemy number two? That meant someone from The Cream…I turned my head to where Andie was looking. Ah crap. Dominique, Joy and Agatha had entered the pitch.


“Shit.” Andie cried “Why are we in a Rose hip bush?”


“Masochism maybe?” I suggested. Damn, we took stalking to the next level.


Wow- that’s creepy. We just need some wicked background music.


Something like this:


He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!’ Now if we change he to she it would be perfect. That really explains my relationship with James. You know, it’s like lyrics of the song are telling your whole life story.


ARGH. Now that stupid song is in my head.


“Can you stop humming?” Andie growled. Crap. I was humming the stalker song!


“We’re creepy people, Andie.”


“Just think of it like were helping them.” I felt Andie shrug.


“How, Andie. How are we helping them?” Well it’s better to be stalked by me and Andie than by that Hufflepuff freak.


“Er. Shut up.” Great. I had become a stalking monster…


“Can you stop humming?” Andie growled quietly and smacked my hand.


“I’m not humming!” I hissed back at her. This time I wasn’t.


“Yeah right! Stop the bzzzzzzz! They’ll hear us.”


“I’m not-” That was when I noticed it… A beehive. We were sitting in a bush. Next to a beehive. “Andie,” I started whispering. There was a slit panic in my voice and Andie noticed it. Andie was really allergic to bee stings…Oh shit.


“Andie. Don’t move. There’s a beehive in this bush.”


“Whhhat?” I heard her whimper.


“Next to my left leg.” I said calmly. “The bees are sleeping now.” I think. “If we won’t touch it, we’re gonna be all good, kay?”


Andie nodded. She was scared.


Andie once told us a story how she almost died because two bees had stung her. And here we were next to hundreds of them. Maybe thousands.


Suddenly we both started laughing. I turned my insane laughter into a little cough-sigh and slumped my shoulders down. God I hoped no one had heard us.


“We’re going to fucking die.” Andie snickered.


I was about to protest when I heard that voice. “Oh James! And I touch it? Can I throw it?” Agatha asked in her high pitched sweet voice. It drove me barmy. Now if it’s true what my imagination is drawing then she’s a total-


Oh crap. Agatha had the quaffle in her hands and it was directed to our bush.


She threw the ball to our bush. It landed on Andies right shoulder, she fell on me and fell on the beehive.


AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” We jumped from the bush and started running around the pitch, trying to get away as fast as possible from the bees.


Curse you, Agatha Goff. They’ve got a really dark place reserved for people like you when they die.


Finally, after ten laps around the pitch there were no bees around.


I sat down on the ground, panting. Andie sat down next to me. Thank God she didn’t get stung.


I looked around and there were only James, Anthony and Fred in the pitch. Everyone else had gone back to the castle.


“So it’s true. You were just spying on me, trying to find out Quidditch strategy for Zabini.” James looked at me.


I sat there, my mouth open.


“You are a bloody liar, hypocrite, Deborah. Freddie was right about you. I tried to change his opinion. I wanted him to see the Deborah that I saw. I am an idiot!” Venom dripped off his words, but his face stayed calm.


“James, no… it’s…” I was speechless. How did the find out about Alex? Was this the reason why he came to the kitchens?


Anthony was looking at me hurt. He actually liked me. I knew that he believed in me even if I was a bitch a him sometimes. He looked like a kicked puppy. I guess, he thought I was good.


But it wasn’t the time to think am I bad or good, seeing I was screwed. I looked at Andie pleadingly. She had to come up with something.


Andie flipped her hair around.


Gee, thanks Andie.


James was glaring at me.


Awkwardness was practically skipping naked around us.


Suddenly, I felt scared. It had to be Ian. And if Ian dared to tell this to James then hell knows what other things he had said.


James was just looking at me and I felt like… Like I had betrayed him. But I was with him so I could spy on him.


And there was no more name calling. Nothing.


Juts once, I wanted to see a flash of raw… feeling. Anger. But there was nothing.


And that was what hurt the most.


I like to believe that I am a level-headed person, everything that I do is for a reason, I have a comeback for anything, I can stay calm.


I obviously see myself better than I am, because my palms started sweating and I was out of words. Did I really needed to spy on him?




Am I calm?




For a moment I was truly speechless, no comeback, no lie came out of my mouth.


I wish I had stayed a mute, because when I opened my mouth, there was no end for my rambling.


“It has nothing to do with Quidditch!” I said breathlessly “Why are you assuming that I am stalking you? Get your head out of your arse, Potter!” The moment I realized what I had said there was no turning back.


“I’m sorry, I am! You want the truth? Andie was bored. She wanted to go stalk someone. She likes to play spies! I said no, but then she looked at me like she was about to rip my throat! I agreed! I’m sorry that I agreed! Really! I’m no Gryffindor, I was scared. My mama keeps telling me that I have a beautiful neck! And she would have ripped my throat! I don’t know how we even got here. I don’t know why I just lashed out at you. I- Okay, I lost my track of thought. I…” Even Anthony was glaring angrily at me. Why was I even trying? Why did I care? After all, James was just another mission, adventure. A job.


Yet I felt bad, embarrassed. Ashamed.


Now James wasn’t even looking at me.


“Let’s go guys.” He simple said and turned around and started slowly walking to the castle.


It would have been better if he had yelled at me. His absolute disdain made me feel instantly a thousand times worse.


“Thanks for the help, Andie.” I said sarcastically when the boys were far away. Andie snorted. She stood up and outstretched her hand to me. I took it.


“You’ll figure out how to clean this mess.” Andie smiled wickedly. So it was just a mission to her. She didn’t care about James feelings. About Anthony’s feelings. And damn it, I even cared about Lily’s feelings. I gave a hard laugh that had bordered on being a sob. Andie rolled her at me. She didn’t care.


We started walking back to the castle.


Only now I noticed Dominique with her friends watching us from the Gryffindor stalls.


It was just too fucked-up to dwell on.




“He’s dead.” Eric hissed. He ruffled his blonde hair and pulled his wand out. He was such a bad boy sometimes, lips curled in a sort I’m-such-a-rebel smirk.


I smiled at Eric and he smiled back, a little bit of color rushed to his cheeks.


Awkwardness aside, it was nice to be liked by Eric. Or to be liked in general. And Eric was always ready to help me.


We called an unexpected meeting in the kitchens and even house elves had noticed something was off.


Danny was polishing his wand… That never happened.


Ian Gray was dead. Or will be dead soon.


Years ago we made it clear that only a crazy person would dare to mess with us. I believe Ian Gray was that crazy person. He had blackmailed me. I thought he’d never do it. But he had to be the one who tipped James off.


How else could he know?


“Lets’ go teach him a lesson!” Danny shouted, throwing his fist in the air. We were the higher punishment, or Danny believed that we were.


“You are so rash.” Emer observed him. She was the level-headed person in our group, but even she had lost her cool demeanor.


“Why?” Danny asked, his fist was still in the air.


“You wanna detailed explanation?” Emer smiled darkly. She was trying to tie her long dark hair into a ponytail, but her hands were trembling from frustration.


“Nope.” Danny shook his head.


Just when we got back to the castle, I and Andie called a meeting. All I can say that Emer was angry. She was a sour loser and if James didn’t trust me, that meant she lost. Slytherins never lost in the games of manipulation. Maybe that’s why I was scared to see Alex.


“Okay, girls. You stay put.” Eric’s blue eyes were full of mischief. “We’re gonna find that freak and teach him not to mess with the Illegals.”


“What?” Andie shouted. “I want to come with you!”

“Andie. It will be no picnic. That guy doesn’t know what’s coming for him.” Danny rolled his sleeves up.


“I HAVE HEXED TONS OF GUYS!” I grabbed Andie by her hand and made her sit down.


“It won’t be hexing. We need information too. Andie, even you don’t act like a girl, you are a girl. Girls don’t fight.” Danny said slowly.


Just when Danny finished his great speech of wisdom, boys ran out of the kitchens as fast as they could. I and Emer had to hold Andie down.


Finally, when Andie stopped fighting I could think.


“What do you think-”


“I don’t know.” Emer cut me off. She stood in the middle of the room, her posture so rigid it looked like someone replaced her spine with a metal rod.


“How could my plan fail?” She hissed quietly.


“Because life’s not fair, Emer. And the world is conspiring against you.” I smiled trying to get her mind from losing. It helped.


“Even I make mistakes.” She putted on her brash, overconfident face, which she learned from Danny. “I know it’s hard to believe – kind of surprises me myself, but I guess it has to happen. I am just too good for this. It’s probably some kind of karmic way to balance out the universe.”


Emer rarely was the overconfident joker of our group. Only when she was pissed off as hell. Maybe her little speech would have calmed be down if I wouldn’t have seen her holding her fists so hard that probably her fingernails bite her palms.


I felt sick. Probably now Dominique was whispering all sorts of things about me to James…




“Crap. It can’t be. No, it can. No… Yeah. Oh crap.” I started mumbling.


“What?” Emer asked annoyed. She hated to resort to plan B, C and D. And now she was thinking about plan B.


“Oh shit. It can be. It can!” I was frantic. Now I knew it wasn’t my vivid imagination…


“Merlin’s knickers! Just spit it out already!” Emer yelled at me.


“It wasn’t the Hufflepuff freak who told James about Quidditch. It was the evil bitch and her nerd herd!”


“How do you know?” Emer asked calmly.


“I saw them everywhere today. And it was Agatha who threw the quaffle to our bush! They were watching me! Bwah!” I screamed hysterically. “I got tricked by bunch of nerdy bitches!”


“So,” Emer started calmly. She was the brains of the operations. “The boys are beating up an innocent guy?”


Crap. I nodded.


Her little smirk widened. Nice to know one of us was having a good time.


Andie smiled “Cool.”



Soooo, any ideas about Dominique, Joy, Agatha, James, Deb? And eveyrone else? Poor Ian, right? Any ideas what will happen next?



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