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The Power of a Single Word by accioHPFF
Chapter 1 : Suffering.
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A/N: I was getting a little frustrated with a  lack of ideas for stories, so I decided to try and write a one-shot... Here it is...

Rain and wind battered the outside of the warehouse, though it was nothing compared to the bleak situation within. Two women were inside; one stood tall, clutching a wand in her right hand. The other lay dishevelled on the floor with her wand just outside of her reach, snapped in half and only held together by its phoenix feather core. The first woman strutted across to the other, her heels clicking loudly on the cold, concrete floor. The defenceless woman began to scramble backwards away from her, a look of chilling desperation trapped in her eyes. Desperation turned to pure terror as she watched the woman raise her wand hand and theatrically begin to speak...


The word seemed to slip from her tongue so easily, as it had so often before. This part was familiar to her, it felt natural to her. Having seen it so often before, she revelled in her prey’s panic. With it, a smile grew wide on her pale face, the only hint of colour from her crimson lips. She felt the wand shake as the power of the curse was discharged, a red wave firing across the room, where it was welcomed with a horrific scream. The smile grew wider on her face and a small cackle escaped from her throat. She was the wielder of magic so dark and powerful that she could watch people suffer at her hands, even making them cry out for death. Naturally, that would come. Not yet though, she thought.

The screams subsided for a moment, sparking her to bring her attention back to the present. She said the incantation once more, “Crucio!” This time, her roar reflected her insanity. The wand began to lightly hum, building up until it violently shook again, and a fresh set of screams filled the warehouse. Her victim thrashed about on the floor as pain made her limbs spasm. She began to shudder more violently and through the screams tried to control her breathing. Eventually, the words “Stop... please...” escaped her lips, but were met with an intensified exposure to the curse, making her screech out once more.

It was a losing battle; she was on the verge of insanity. She knew it. As her sweat-covered, exhausted body lay against the cold stone floor, fidgeting, she knew that the only reason she was no longer suffering was because her mind had been all but destroyed. Happy memories flooded through her mind but left through a growing black hole, which sucked in anything that made her life her own. She was a shell, soulless. However, she was at peace. The pain through her body had stopped and she was calm, though empty. Hollow. A chilling quiet seemed to spread through the warehouse – it was over. The suffering had finally finished.

Stepping over the woman, who had now began to murmur through her erratic breathing, the torturer walked across the warehouse towards the exit. Halfway there, she turned and muttered an incantation, making a jet of liquid leave her wand. She conjured it into a circle on the floor around her victim.

“Incendio.” Pointing her wand at the circle, it discharged the spell, which caused a flame to leap up. It spread, burning through the liquid fuel that surrounded the tortured woman, who lay on the floor, restlessly twitching, though blissfully unaware of what was happening. The Dark Witch walked out of the building with a triumphant smile on her face. As she turned to apparate away, a terrible pain-filled howl cried out from behind her. With a pop, she disappeared, just before the broken wand’s core ignited and the ground shook as the warehouse exploded.

A/N: That's it! I really wanted to focus on the events, opposed to the characters, The detail about the characters in my notepad is this... "Unidentified female Death Eater. Unidentified female victim." Whatever you think about the story, please leave a review! I'd love some feedback! :)

EDITED ON 05/01/2012.

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The Power of a Single Word: Suffering.


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