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Better nearly late than never by Lizzfizz
Chapter 1 : Better nearly late than never
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“WAIT! WAIT, I’M COMING!” he screamed madly at the wall, hardly noticing the odd looks he was getting from the surrounding muggles, all he was thinking about was getting himself, his trolley of belongings and his ticket onto the train, which was probably leaving as he was running toward the platform. The boy smashed through the wall, unharmed and had to yank hard on the trolley to stop it falling onto the tracks. A lump formed in his throat as he realised he had missed it: he had missed the Hogwarts Express. The boy dug my fingers through his mop of curly black hair, damn. A few parents walked past him, some smiling pitifully at him and others simply ignoring him. He looked up at the huge clock, it was 3 minutes past 11, he had definitely missed the train. He wished that he was with his best friends: plotting what they would do to stir up their fourth year at Hogwarts, but he wasn’t, he was staring into space, well the wall, and wishing he hadn’t hung back to escape arriving with his family. He hated his family, all of them were stuck-up Slytherin purebloods, which made him the odd Gryffindor kid in the family. He wasn’t the only one in the family who didn’t like their family: his favourite cousin Andromeda, she was in Slytherin with her sisters but was the only one who he liked being with in the Black family. Andromeda had gone ahead with the rest of the Blacks but he hadn’t. He was seriously starting to regret hanging back, he scowled at the pun in his head. He scuffed his shoe on the platform floor, thinking what to do. Suddenly, a stupid, ridiculous idea hit him and he couldn’t help but grin. He had seen his uncle go to the pub and leave his flying motorbike in the car park. He turned the trolley around and ran to the car park, hoping his family hadn’t left yet. Sure enough, there was the motorcycle! He heaved his trunk and things into the side car of the bike and climbed into the driving seat. He grinned at the keys, still in the ignition, he started the bike up and drove out of the car park, he examined the buttons and levers in front of him; one of them had to get it in the air, maybe there was an invisibility one as well, somewhere around here. He waved his hand around over the buttons and slammed it down, pressing about six. The motorcycle made some strange noises before lifting slightly off the ground, he drove faster and faster, not caring about the police men shouting at him. His hair blew out behind him as the machine gave one final pop before lifting off the ground and zooming into the air.

“Wooooooohooooo!” He screamed as he shot through the air, laughing aloud to himself as he dived between the clouds. He glided down a bit, scanning the land below him for the train, he soon spotted it, chugging along the railroad through a field. But he didn’t slow down, he hit the accelerator and kept going, the train was faster and the boy stopped every now and again to attempt a loop-the-loop or try to eat a cloud. Eventually, hours later, he reached the school. The other students were just entering the castle when he crashed down to the ground. All heads turned and everyone gasped loudly at the boy jumping out of the motorbike, laughing his head off, and getting his belongings out. Three students pushed to the front of the crowd and grinned at their best friend,

“Nice entrance, Padfoot!” shouted one of them and the boy smiled triumphantly,

“I try, Prongs, I try...” He winked to a group of giggling third years, who had an outburst of extra giggling and chattering. He was just about to drag his trunk to the castle when the front doors swung open and a tall teacher stormed past the crowd and walked towards the boy:

“Mr Sirius Black! Headmaster’s office, right now!”

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