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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. What a bummer.

A/N: Sorry this took awhile to post. I kept having to edit it for valadation because my chapter image was to big! So anyways, hope you enjoy! Not very much happens in this chapter but a few new characters are introduced. Please review, it means a lotttttt to me!! :)






 “Did you miss me?” Lysander asks me between kisses.



“Of course,” I laugh “Didn’t Lucy tell you?”



“She might have mentioned it,” He replies “but I like hearing it from you.”



“I hope you’re not going to be too busy for me this year,” I tell him.



That really is a genuine concern of mine. Lysander takes his school work very seriously. I think he almost broke up with me last year when I kept asking him to go flying with me instead of studying for his O.W.Ls. What he doesn’t understand is that Gryffindor’s quidditch match against Slytherin was that week and I needed to practice a new move Freddie taught me over Christmas break. Okay, maybe my priorities aren’t really in line, but I did just fine on my O.W.L.s, better than my father anyways.



“You’re the most important thing in my life, Roxy. I’ll always have time for you.”



Aww he is so sweet. I think I’m going to have to remind him of that statement a few times this year though. Hey I’m not above blackmail, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do, in the name of love of course.



“You two saw each other last night, not last year. Get a grip,” Lily complains.



“I saw Locran a few minutes ago, he said he was going to join us in here after he meets Stephanie,” Lysander says.



Nice change of subject Lysander. Sweet and smart. Yep, I’m lucky.



“ him and Stephanie are still seeing each other?” Lily asks.



Its common knowledge that Lily has a major crush on Locran, Lysander’s twin brother, the only person who doesn’t seem to know is Locran. He has been dating Stephanie Finnagin for the past couple of months, much to Lily’s dismay. 



“You just saw them last night, nothing has changed,” Lysander jokes.



“Apparently not. I don’t care, he just seemed to be a little annoyed by her at the party,” Lily replies.



Lily’s parents throw a back to school party every year and were each allowed to invite one person. I know that doesn’t sound like very much, but when you have a family as big as mine one guest each is more than enough. Lily invited Locran this year. Unfortunately for her, Lucy invited Stephanie who tried to follow Locran around all night. I’m not sure if Lily has really forgiven Lucy for her mistake yet.



“I think she knows you like him, that’s why she wouldn’t leave you two alone,” Lucy says.



“I don’t like him anymore,” Lily retorts.



“Lily, you have liked him since we were kids, you liked him last night, and you still like him,” I say.



It’s true. Lily and I have dreamed of marrying the Scamander twins since we could pronounce their names. At least our wish is sort of half way complete. Well, not exactly but I’m sure Lysander will pop the question after we’re finished with Hogwarts. At least he better.



“No, I don’t. I’m over him. I’m done liking someone who will never return the feelings.”



“I don’t think you can just decide to be over someone Lils,” Lucy says.



Yes you can. I have. I do NOT like him,” Lily snaps.



Just then, Locran opens the compartment door and looks taken aback.



Lily scowls. “Sorry,” she mumbles.



“Who don’t you like?” Locran asks.



“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. I’ll see you later, say hi to Steph for me,” Lily replies and stomps out.



“What was that about?” Locran asks.



“Don’t worry about it, she’s fighting with Al.” I say. That probably wasn’t the best lie. I can pull a prank like nobody’s business. I can manage to rack up a years’ worth of detentions in one night. I can’t however, make up a lie on the spot, hence so many detentions. It’s just not my thing. That’s why I try to always have Lily around when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be (which is pretty much all the time). She isn’t fazed by lying at all. I’m not sure if I should be impressed or worried.



“She doesn’t like Albus?” Locran asks skeptically.



See told you. He didn’t buy it.



“Umm not at the moment,” I reply.



Nice save Roxy, he will never see through that one.



“What did he do? Why doesn’t she say hi to Stephanie for herself?” Locran asks



Man, this kid asks a lot of questions. I look over at Lucy for some backup.



“Damn Locran, what is this, twenty question?” Lucy replies.



We all laugh. I love Lucy. I’m grateful she didn’t inherit her parent’s personalities. They’re the least favorite members of the family. Uncle Percy and his wife Audrey are stuck up goody-to-shoes. They live life by the rulebooks and don’t enjoy very much of anything. Their oldest daughter, Molly, is the same way. Lucy on the other hand is smart, funny, sarcastic, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is a bit of a bookworm though, and is about as passionate about school as Lysander. They’re such weirdos.



“Speaking of Stephanie, what’s going on with you two? She seemed pretty mad earlier.” Lysander asks.



Locran’s smile fades. “Ugh I don’t know. She’s upset that I told Lily about my captaincy before I told her.”



Locran was picked as the new Ravenclaw Quidditch team captain this year. Lily was made the captain of our team. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that yet. Lily is a brilliant Quidditch player, but she has a horrible temper (Potter and Weasley mix), and it’s not pretty when she gets angry. Now put her on a broom in charge of six other people and she is going to be terrifying.



“Why does it matter who you told first?” Lysander asks.



“She thinks I like Lily because we hang out so much.” Locran replies.



“Do you?” I ask. I’ve been waiting for Locran and Lily to get together for years! I guess I feel bad for Lily because I know how much she likes Locran, and I was in her shoes a few years ago with Lysander. Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that Locran feels the same way about Lily. My hunches are usually right too.



“No!” Locran answers immediately, “I mean, yes. I mean, no, she’s great but she’s like my best friend, just one of the guys, and I’m with Stephanie.”



He said yes! Ha, I knew it! So I might have focused on the only good part of that comment, but you’ve got to admit, he still said yes. It’s not important that he just called her one of the guys…right? Well we will just have to fix that.



“You can like two people at once,” Lucy declares.



Good point Lucy. We’ve got him now.



“Yeah if you’re a whore,” Stephanie opens the compartment door and laughs, “Lucy are you two timing someone?”



Okay this conversation just took a wrong turn.



“Nope, just undecided is all,” Lucy remarks.



She is even a good liar too! What did this gene just skip over me and wave good bye when I was being created? Eww. I really don’t want to think about my parents creating me. Disgusting. Please don’t mind me while I go throw up.



“Ohhh, who are the lucky guys?” Stephanie asks.



Lucy steals a quick glance at Locran. “I’ll let you know if it works out,” she replies.



I like Stephanie (most of the time), but she loves to gossip, so we make sure to never tell her the specifics of our lives. We’ve shared a dormitory since first year and she’s a chaser on our Quidditch team. We have all always got along great, but lately she has been giving Lily the cold shoulder. I thought it was because Lily was made captain and she wasn’t, but I’m starting to think it has more to do with Locran. Does he like Lily?



“Locran, honey, come sit with me. Rachael is showing us her pictures from France. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful it is there.” Stephanie says batting her eyelashes.



Which really means, “Locran, I don’t want you sitting in here with Lily when she gets back because I’m jealous of how amazing she is.” Okay, that might not be what she is really thinking, but it’s something along the lines of that. I can’t really say I blame her. Lily is stunning. If she wasn’t one of my best friends I would probably hate her out of jealousy. She is kind of tomboyish though (no make up, pony tails, dirt, and sweats make for a happy Lily) but I think that just adds to her appeal.



“Oh okay, I’ll see you guys later,” Locran says.



Stephanie grabs his hand and drags him down the hall just as Lily walks back in. Good timing Lily.



“Hmph,” Lily grunts.



“Are you okay Lils?” I ask



“Yep, just fine. I’m going to take a nap,” Lily says and covers her face with her jacket.



Me and Lucy look at each other and Lucy mouths “Later.”



The rest of the ride to Hogwarts went by quickly. After a few minutes of awkward silence, I laid my head in Lysander’s lap and joined Lily in dream land. When I woke up Lysander and Lucy were gone and the train was pulling into the station. I quickly threw my school robes on.



“Where’d everyone go?” I ask Lily



“Prefect duties,” Lily replies.



“Well let’s hurry and get a carriage. I don’t want to get stuck riding with a bunch of second years again.”



Lily and I really are awful with timing. Okay, maybe I’m awful with timing, and I just drag everyone down with me, but either way, we’re hardly ever on time. We took so long getting off the train last year we had to cram into the only carriage left with a couple of whiney second years.



“As long as were not with Locran and his ‘honey’ I’ll be happy” Lily says.



“What’s wrong with you two?” I ask.



“I don’t want to talk about it right now Rox.”



Lily grabs her trunk and walks off the train. I don’t understand, last week she would have loved to be around Locran. Did something happen last night between them?



I run after Lily and found Lucy and Lysander waiting for us in a carriage already. Lysander helps me up and puts his arm around my waist as my stomach growls.



“I am starving, can these things move any faster?” I complain.



“Roxy, you eat more than anyone I’ve ever met,” Lysander laughs.



“You must not know our Uncle Ron very well then.” Lucy remarks, making us all laugh.



Weasley’s have bottomless pits for stomachs, but my Uncle Ron really takes the cake. I swear you would think he went through a period in his life where he was without food for days. I find that very unlikely though with the way nana Weasley cooks.



 “I wonder what’s in store for us this year,” Lysander says as the castle comes into view.



“I think it’s going to be the best year yet.” I reply.



What? That’s not cliché, I just have a hunch. Like I said, I’m usually right about these things.

A/N: Sorry it's so short. The next one will be a lot longer and you get to meet the new girl! Don't forget to review! :D

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