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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 21 : Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 2
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Everyone in the room gawked at the site of Draco and Hermione's hand in hand arrival. There were a couple quick glances at Ron, all of which were by people who obviously were not aware of the recent relationship changes these three people had had. When in Merlin's name had that even happened?

Several hushed whispers erupted are the suddenly tiny, enclosed room. Only one word really stuck with their brains: when?

When did that happen? When did they get together?

Draco leaned down close to Hermione face and kissed her lightly on the lips then brushed his lips up to her earlobe, "Let's get this party started, shall we?" he whispered at a volume meant only for her.

He slowly brought his face back to face her and pulled his lips up in a smoldering smile as he winked at her, which for some odd reason, made her heart skip a beat.

Was she really starting to fall for her childhood enemy? It sure seemed that way...

Hermione looked around, noting the reactions of the fellow partiers. Most everyone seemed beyond shocked, except for Seamus and Dean, although even their eyebrows were raised. Ron looked ready to kill someone. Maybe he was. Hagrid has dropped the mug of firewhiskey he'd been guzzling and was not hiding his shock. He'd known those two students for a decade now and this was something he never would have dreamed of seeing coming. Hagrid's mouth gaped at the site of Draco and Hermione's entrance. He never expected that to happen. In fact, he would have rather expected Ron to be a male nun.

Draco looked around the suddenly cramped room at all the eyes that were glued on him and his date. There were jaws that nearly touched the floor. He smirked coolly to himself, "Something wrong with your mouths?" he mused with a laugh, wagging a finger back and forth across the room as several of their faces pinkened and they tried to contain themselves.

"Is this a party or a funeral?" Hermione laughed, shifting awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Everyone was looking at her as if she'd grown as second head. That's not awkward at all.

Ginny grimaced at her ex-best friend. She had some nerve showing up here, just to make the party all about her, jus as she made everything about her. She always had to outshine everyone didn't she?

Everyone quietly resumed their conversations and Hagrid had Dean use a spell to take care of the broken mug, but no one was truly as excited as they had been. Everyone wanted to know one thing: when had Hermione hooked up with Draco Malfoy?

Draco got he and Hermione some punch and smirked at her, mischief sparkling in his eyes, "Shall we?"

"We shall!" Hermione laughed as she clinked her glass with Draco's.

Draco kissed the top of Hermione head gently as he left to go stand with Neville and Hannah who looked obviously uncomfortable with the latest person to join their conversation as Hermione joined Lavender and Ron.

"Hello, Lavender," Hermione smiled as Lavender eyes narrowed in to slits, "Ronald." She nodded towards her ex-fiancée curtly, enjoying seeing the squirm he made.

It had to be awkward having your ex-fiancée standing with's mother.

Ron opened his mouth to speak but Lavender cut him off.

"What are you doing here?" she spat, sizing Hermione up with herself.

Merlin if only she could hit that smug look off of her face...

"I was invited," Hermione stated matter-of-factly, "Unlike you."

Lavender took a deep breath, "I'm Won-Won's plus one. So, actually, I am technically invited. Just like you and Draco."

Hermione laughed, "You're not a plus one, honey. Maybe a plus one and a half..."

Lavender folded her arms across her chest, "Whatever. I didn't even mean why are you here, I meant why are you here as in with me and Won-Won?"

Hermione could barely keep her meal down upon hearing the name.



What kind of a nickname was that?

It's times like this when it's hard to tell which nickname is worse: Ron's Won-Won or Draco's Drakey, given to him by Pansy?

Decisions, decisions.

The amount of hatred she forced in to those words was unbelievable. She surely must have rehearsed it....

"Just making conversation," Hermione grimaced, struggling to not slap the bitch in front of her.

"If this is some kind of desperate attempt to win Ron back, it won't work." Lavender growled, "Besides, your boyfriend is right over there."

"I have no interest in having Ronald back."


"I don't!"

"Then why are you getting so defensive?"

"I...I'm not defensive!" Hermione cried. How dare she?!

"Yes, you are!"

At this time Draco, who was currently pushing the topic of marriage on Neville and Hannah noticed the, for the time being, quiet argument but knew that if he didn't do something soon there'd be a full on brawl between the two of them....not that that wouldn't be entertaining....

"Excuse me," he murmured, before walking off towards the two girls.

Hermione paid no attention to the fact that Draco was heading her way and continued her now extremely loud argument with Lavender.

All eyes were glued on the two girls, with Seamus and Dean debating whether to scream the word, "Catfight!"

"Hermione, love," he placed a hand on her lower back, whispering in her ear, "don't worry about her, she's not worth it."

With the last four words he brought his eyes up to meet a streaming Lavender's. She was practically shaking with anger.

"Let's just go," he spat, glaring at Lavender, pulling Hermione away gently, making Ron's stomach flip at the site of Draco's hand on Hermione's back.

Unlike in third year, she didn't have a fist in his face.

When Lavender and Ron's eyes were not able to see, he pulled his mouth in to a smirk.

He took a quick glance back a fist-clenched Ron and smirked towards Hermione, "Weasel's jealous already," he laughed coldly, "Let's see how far we can push this, huh?"

He winked at Hermione and her stomach flipped again, but in the opposite way of Ron's.

Draco started, quite deliberately and determinedly, towards Hagrid, Dean and Seamus, the three of whom (as with everyone else in the room) were back in a conversation, with only a minimal amount of glances towards Draco and Hermione. Suddenly, Hermione caught his elbow, forcing him to turn around and face her, with confusion glinting in his eyes.

"...There a problem?" he mused slowly, eyebrows knitting together, searching her brown eyes for answers.

Hermione made a quick glance towards where Harry was, seemingly, consoling a cross armed, annoyed-looking Ginny, then focused back on her date, "I need to make things right with Ginny," she sighed as he nodded curtly, "Let's go."

The last two words were amazingly unenthusiastic.

Draco obliged as Hermione tugged him by the elbow towards the couple, even though Harry's eyes screamed warning signals that she was stepping into the 'danger zone' and it would be best if she turned around, although she kept coming.

Ginny cocked an eyebrow, "Draco. Hermione."

Hermione had never heard her friend say her name with that much bitterness in her voice.

Hermione smiled faintly, but removed it upon seeing Ginny's scowl and narrowed eyes.

Oh here we go again.


"Don't call me that."

"Sorry," Hermione said innocently, "Ginny, I'm sorry. I know you probably don't believe me, but I really am."

"If you were sorry, you'd be done with your act! Why is he here?" Ginny cried.

As much as she'd never admit it, she missed Hermione. She wanted their friendship back desperately, but refused to give in to the fight. Ginny Weasley never gave in to fights. Now, all she wanted was the truth. But, since she was apparently not going to get it anytime soon, she was not going to let their friendship mend.

Hermione debated what to do.

"He's...," Ginny and Draco held their breath, "my boyfriend."

Draco smirked to himself.

Ginny couldn't believe her ears. Hermione was seriously still sticking with that insane story?


"He is," Hermione nodded, "I don't know what more I have to do to prove that to you."

Ginny opened her mouth to speak but Harry cut off.

"Gin," Harry sighed slowly, "don't you think you're blowing this just a little out of proportion? I mean, I never would've believed she'd be with Malfoy either, but I've known her for a long time, and she's never lied to me before. I think we should believe her."

Hermione felt her stomach flip. Way to make her feel guilty...

Lying was hard enough, lying to Harry was beyond horrible.

Harry would never lie to her, of that she was sure.

"Thanks, Harry." Hermione smiled faintly, praying that Ginny would see the common sense that was Harry.

Ginny glared at Hermione quickly before continuing a look at Harry.

"Harry! You can believe whatever you want, but she's obviously lying! It's not like I just met her, I've known her nearly as long as you."

Harry held his hands up defensively, "Gin. I understand that, what I'm saying is that you could at least give her the benefit of the doubt."

"Oh, so you are taking her side!" Ginny cried.

Harry's eyes widened, "No. I'm not taking anyone's-"

"Harry, we're about to be married! You have to side with me!"

Harry was taken aback by this, "I don't have to do anything!"

Draco whistled with a smirk, "Bad call." he tsked, laughing.

Ginny's eyes widened, "excuse me?"

"Gin, I mean, that we don't have to agree on everything, but I don't think you're right." Ginny tired to speak, but Harry continued, "and I don't think Hermione's right either. You both need to work it out and stop this nonsense! I'm going to always support you Ginny, because I love you, but I'm not just going to agree to everything you say like I have no voice....I'm sorry."

Harry was ready for this night to be over. Ginny had been way to emotional recently and he was ready for the Ginny he loved to be back, he didn't know if she was being serious or if it was her hormones, but she was upset constantly, everything set her on edge. It was rather annoying at times, like now.

Ginny listened through out this, and knew he was right.

Ginny sighed, "Alright. But, she's still not dating Draco!"

"I'm here aren't I?" Draco asked, his eyes meeting Ginny's.

"That means nothing...."

"Ginny! Please, get this through your head, I love Draco." The words sounded strange coming out of her mouth and she felt her face flush, "and I want you to accept that."

Ginny wanted to believe her, but something about the way Hermione acted set her on edge, she just couldn't find a way to trust her at this moment.

"Hermione, I want to believe you," Ginny sighed, "but I just don't! You never acted this way with Ron!"

Hermione, for the first time in a long time, didn't flinch at the sounds of her ex boyfriend's name.

Hermione was torn yet again, should she tell? All would be amended if she did...right?

Across the room Ron was being subjected to Lavender informing Luna all about her pregnancy and Luna was congratulating her, while he glared at Hermione and her companions.

It wasn't long before he felt himself snap.

He couldn't take it anymore, he was going to put Malfoy in his place.

Ron felt his blood boil, and he couldn't help himself from doing what he did next.

He got to his feet and stormed over to where Draco was standing with Hermione and Harry.

Ron jerked Draco's hand off the small of Hermione's back and shoved his shoulder to make Draco face him. Ron's eyes twitched in anger, it was all he could do to not punch his smug face.

"Watch it, Weasel." Draco growled, his face curling up in anger.

"Get away from her." Ron growled, sizing himself up against Malfoy.

Draco smirked, "Or what, Weasel?"

"You don't want to know what, Malfoy." Ron growled.

"Is that a threat?" Draco challenged, amused by the situation.

"You bet. Outside. Now. Let's settle this." Ron spat, shoving Malfoy's shoulder again, never having been quite as worked up in his life.

Draco smirked, "You think that's good idea, Weasel?"

"What, is mommy's little Death Eater scared?"

Draco's eyes narrowed and he squared his jaw, "Let's take this outside."

Draco and Ron marched outside, never taking their eyes off of each other.

They met the cool breeze and got a fair distance apart as everyone from within the hut crowded around outside, eagerly watching and listening to Seamus and Dean's chants of "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

"Let's settle this, Malfoy!"

"My pleasure, Weasel!"

They aimed their wands at each other, prepared to fight to whatever extent deemed necessary.

A/N I'm finally back! I'm so sorry for the long wait, I've been insanely busy! But, I'm here now! So, a little cliffie for ya!

So, I'm not thrilled with the 1st half of this chapter, but I think it was ok(:

Draco and Ron are really going to fight this time, I promise.(: Can't say who will win....anyone wanna take sides?

Now, I've had a couple people worry that I'm going to overdose, basically, on each chapter of this story with too much drama, but don't worry I won't!(: This is a drama, but it'll settle down soon(: In the next chapter it's going to reach it's highest peak yet (something MAJOR happens, I'll share that!) and then after that it'll start descending for a while(:

We still have Harry and Ginny's wedding to see(: Will Hermione make amends with the bride in time to go? And will Ginny overcome her emotional issues (what is going on with her?!;)

Well, with that I bid you farewell and here's your preview!


Everyone watched in horror as the spell shot out of the wand and hit him straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Hermione had thought that she'd never hear the awful word 'Sectumsempra' as long as she lived, now she knew she was wrong.

Several people screamed. Lavender and Cho were crying. Hermione had the wind knocked out of her.

Blood began to color the ground and he started to grow pale.

Even Dean and Seamus had stopped their enjoyment.

If something wasn't done soon, they'd be at a funeral soon..

This was no longer a joke, this was a life or death situation.

Don't hate me!(: I told you it'd reach it's highest peak, so you were warned(: I, obviously, had to change to name to the pronoun he so as not to give it away, but who do you think it is? I'll update soon, I promise(: I'm not that evil....(;

Reviews are greatly appreciated! So, tell me your theories: is it Draco or Ron?


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