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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 24 : Madam Malkin's
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 Ginny and Hermione sat down to start planning the wedding. They had an appointment at a local robe shop to look for Ginny’s dress. Although, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go with the traditional wizarding robes or if she wanted to venture to a muggle shop to look for a dress. Hermione, having lived in the muggle world for some time, knew of quite a few good dress shops. They talked it over and decided they would visit both stores. Both of them were beyond excited and Hermione couldn’t wait to find her “Maid of Honor” dress.

“Have you thought at all about color yet Gin?” Hermione asked “it would be helpful to have that in mind when we go to look for your dress so we can look for bridesmaid dresses and my dress as well.”

“Well, I haven’t really talked it over with Blaise but I would really like either a light pink or a baby blue color schemed wedding. I’ve fantasized about my wedding since I was little, and being the only girl in my family I had to find the fact because no one understood why I wanted one so badly.” Ginny said giggling as she thought back to hiding in her room cutting pictures out from muggle magazines and gluing them into a scrapbook she had titled “Dream Wedding” in all different letters from the magazines. “Would you like to see? I still have the book and I actually packed it to bring here.”

Hermione’s eyes lit up; “of course I would love to see it, who knows maybe it will make out planning a little bit easier when it comes time to planning other things as well.”

Ginny brought out the old album and opened the pages. They were scattered with pictures of everything from colors to cakes to decorations. And everything imaginable needed to plan the wedding. It would in fact make the actual planning process a little easier since they both understood Ginny’s basic ideas for the wedding and where she wanted to go with. Especially with money not being an issue anymore for the wedding, they could create anything Ginny could dream up. Since Ginny’s parents had so unceremoniously disowned her, Blaise’s parents had graciously offered to pay for the entire wedding. That being more than a burden lifted off her shoulders, Ginny could go back to actually planning and not worry so much about the cost of the wedding and focus on what she wanted.

“We have an appointment at one at Madam Malkin’s shop so we better hurry. Would you prefer Floo or to appirate?”  Hermione asked knowing that personally she felt rather sick after she traveled by Floor Powder.

“Oh appiration is so much easier. Especially seeing as when we travel by Floo we always get so messy. We don’t want to be walking into Madam Malkin’s looking all dusty and gross now do we?” Ginny stated with a bit of a smile and a giggle.

And with that said the girls joined hands and Hermione appirated them to Diagon Alley. They were just outside the robe shop when Ginny got sidetracked when she saw a girl looking at the new Nimbus broom. Her brothers were teasing her for wanting the broom saying it was only a boy’s toy. Ginny stepped in, sensing the children’s parents were not around and stated “Honey, it’s not just a boy toy. Girls can ride them just as well as me. Look at me for example; while I was at Hogwarts, I was one of the best players on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. With me on the team, we never lost the Quidditch House Cup. Don’t listen to them, if you like the broom then go for it, who knows maybe you’ll be the new chaser on a Quidditch team.” She said smiling at the girl. “That’ll sure show them.” She whispered to the little girl then winked and walked back to where Hermione was standing smiling outside the robe shop.

Hermione laughed clapping. “Now that you are done with that, may we continue onto your scheduled appointment so she doesn’t have our heads?” She giggled again pulling her friend inside. “Good afternoon Madam, we have an appointment at one for a Miss Ginny Weasley, soon to be Ginny Zabini.”

The old woman standing behind the counter checked the book and started “Ah, yes Miss Weasley, we have everything set up for you in the back. All the wedding robes we have for you to try on. Now if I may ask, what is your size? That will help us narrow down to the robes that will fit or can be altered to fit.”

“I am a four.” Ginny said proudly knowing she had recently lost some weight which made her lose a dress size.

“Very well, this way and we will start trying on robes. Is there a price limit?” the woman asked looking back at Ginny as she was walking.

Ginny had started to say something and Hermione cut her off. “No ma’am there isn’t.” she then grabbed Ginny’s hand and squeezed tight. “you want to find something you absolutely love, my parents told you that price isn’t a problem Ginerva, please don’t think like that, if you love it then it doesn’t matter.”

They walked into the back room of the shop and saw nothing but white, beautiful white robes hanging on every wall. It was difficult to know where to start, so the woman asked Ginny some more questions. “Now, did you have any ideas of what you’re looking for?”

“Not really, there are just a few things I know I don’t look good in” Ginny said remembering her homecoming dress, how awful she looked in it because it just wasn’t flattering.

“And what is that dear? We will make sure to get them out of the changing room so you don’t even have to think of trying them on.”

“Mermaid bottomed dresses don’t look too good on me, as well as the big cupcake princess dresses. A smaller version of that would be fine but any dress that goes out super far at my hips isn’t going to look flattering.” Ginny said giggling as Hermione was making gagging faces and noises.

And with that the dresses Ginny had just described had flown out of the room and all that was left was a few dresses she could try on to try to find the one she loved. For she had to love it, because she was going to be married in that dress, and it would forever be in pictures around the house and in everyone’s memory. It had to be perfect. Ginny then spent the next three hours trying on dress after dress until she found one that was perfect.


hey guys, sorry it took so long to get this up, im just now getting my computer back up and running and hopefully we wont have any more problems when it comes time for me to post the next chapter. i havent written it yet so hopefully it will be up shortly after this one is validated! as always thanks for reading and staying with the story. please review

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