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Cornerstone of Misery by Draco_Scorpio
Chapter 6 : As Long As You're Mine
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 "And though I may know, I don't care. Just for this moment, as long as you're mine, come be how you want to and see how bright we shine. Borrow the moonlight until it is through and know I'll be here, holding you as long as you're mine..."


Renae looked around the surroundings thoughtfully, her bright blue eyes glistening with anger, shock and curiosity. Draco was pacing behind her, muttering some drivel about Hermione. The area was barren, desolate almost, as the tree’s had recently been burnt to the ground, the smoke wrapping playfully around their ankles. Renae came to the conclusion that this was Draco’s fault. He had asked her to help him pull out a heavily bound book off the shelves, what had drawn him to that particular book, she didn’t know. All she could remember was seeing the air shimmer slightly as she agreed and then a pulling sensation behind her navel. Gnawing on her lip, she quickly began to walk away from the circle of tree’s they were surrounded by, leaving Draco to try and catch up. What they hadn’t noticed in their thoughts and frantic mumblings was another person, this one hooded in a dark, velvety cloak, the face thrown in shadow. He watched as Renae and Draco bickered about how to get home, before slowly and silently following them.


Hermione sat by the windowsill, watching as the moonlight filtered through the window. She was fighting internally with herself, the cause of this frustration coming from Ron and Draco. Both were as arrogant and annoying as each other. Was this why she had fled to Draco when Ron snogged Lavender? Because she needed another Ron? No. Don’t be silly! She thought, shaking her head fiercely. There were minor similarities between Ron and Draco, as there were between Harry and Draco, but this doesn’t mean she fancies Harry too. Hermione let out a stiff sigh of frustration and cradled her face in her hands.

“Heerrmmiiioonneee!” Ginny cried out as she burst into the room, causing Hermione to stifle a groan. She was not up for this.

“Yes, Ginny?” She said, trying not to let her frustrations touch her voice.

“Harry is looking for you!” She could barely contain her excitement, her face almost as red as her hair.

“What does he want?” Hermione said, feeling as though her frustrations were about to burst out of her chest.

“I don’t know, he wouldn’t tell me. But he did say it was important.” Ginny looked thoughtful for a moment, before rushing over, pulling Hermione up by the elbows and pushing her out the door. Ginny didn’t follow her down though; she remained upstairs, casually looking through Hermione’s books and trinkets.

“What do you want, Harry?” She asked, sighing gently.

“Look, I know that Ron is being a bit of a troll lately, and I noticed the toll it’s taking on you. You’re stressed all the time and it’s stressing me out and it gets us nowhere, it’s also particularly difficult with trying to figure out Voldemort’s past. So, how about you and Draco meet up in one of my shortcuts, one that Ron doesn’t know about? It’s perfect and its cosy and you’ll be in complete privacy!” Harry exclaimed his face almost as excited as Ginny’s was.

“Wait, you’re actually going behind your best friend to help you sworn enemy? Are you feeling okay?” Hermione pressed her hand to his forehead but he moved her hand off his face.

“I’m fine,” He said, his crooked smile making her smile back. “I just hate seeing you so down all the time, and Ron really has been a bit of a dick lately. You don’t deserve that.”  Hermione just smiled sadly.

“Have you told Draco this?” Harry asked his mouth set in a grim line.

“I haven’t had a chance. With everything that’s going on, he is one of the last things on my mind.” Hermione lifted one side of her mouth in a small, sad smile.

“Well, you might want to tell him before he gets the impression you want the commitment. Although, Hermione, the only hurdle you’re being forced to jump is Ron and Ron has always been a jealous guy. Just think about what you’ll be sacrificing.” He squeezed her shoulder firmly before his face grew serious. “Look, all things aside, Dumbledore needs me to go with him soon, and I need you to keep as many younger students safe. I get a very odd vibe from this journey and it’s got my stomach in knots.” This time, it was his lips that became very grave and he suddenly looked older, more mature.

“Where are you going?” Hermione pulled him over to the chairs by the fire and her large brown eyes searched his.

“I don’t know exactly, but it has some link with Voldemort.  Dumbledore seems a little excited that we may have found one of the horcrux’s.” As Harry relaxed back into the chair, Hermione noticed that he seemed exhausted.

“Harry, don’t worry about it until you have to. I will do my best to protect everyone, on my word. Now you need to get to bed. Go” She ushered him up the stairs and when they reached the top he turned and gave her a grateful smile.


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb, letting out an aggravated sigh as Renae sat silently, her face angry and confused. Her eyes were throwing daggers at him and he was annoyed that she was blaming him. She lived in the library, so it wasn’t his fault she didn’t realise the book. Renae’s wand kept a miniscule flame alight and they were both huddled around it, trying to preserve the warmth it emitted.

“What on earth drew you to that book?” She asked again, but more to herself than Draco this time. He just shook his head and shrugged. He had no idea why he was so interested in the book; it just stood out compared to the others. He had noticed a skulking dark figure behind them when they first left their arrival spot, but didn’t mention anything to Renae on account that she seemed pissed and he didn’t want to add that to a possible break-down. The figure soon disappeared but Draco couldn’t shake off the omnipresent feeling that the danger had not passed.

“Did you hear that?” He asked suddenly when a twig snapped.

“It was probably just an animal.” Renae snapped and continued to glare at him.

“It was too heavy for just an animal.” He replied and he peered into the darkness. A shock of white hair shone in the lone flame and Draco recognized the sharp features of his mum.

“Mum?” He asked, frozen to the spot.

“Draco! What on earth are you doing out here?” She cried, relief soaking her words.

“A book, why are you here?” He asked, going over to her and being enveloped in her warm arms.

“Snape said that you weren’t at dinner, in the dorm or anywhere else. I don’t know how I found you, but all that matters is I did. Now, who is that?” She asked, her narrow eyes wandering to Renae’s tense body.

“Well, I’ve discreetly contacted Dumbledore and he will meet you by the gates within the hour. Now come on, you and Renae need to leave now.” Draco grabbed a hold of Renae’s elbow just as his mum Disapparated. Within moments, they arrived at the front gates, but Cissy had gone within a moment of dropping them off. Dumbledore was standing there waiting, a grim expression on his face.

“Bit late for a stroll, isn’t it?” He asked his voice strained to remain light.

“Yes, sir” Renae whispered, shame dripping in her voice. 

“Come on, before you catch a cold.” He ushered them inside the gate and the three of them walked in silence up to the castle.  When they got to the Great Hall, they each parted their ways and although Draco wanted to find Hermione and hold her, he bit back his emotions and headed down to the dungeons, escaping his mind for a few hours while he slept.


The next morning, Draco stared bleary eyed at the top of his canopy bed. The velvet emerald material used to shield each other while they slept, glinting delicately in the sun. Draco let out a sigh and then climbed out of bed, deciding to actually go to eat breakfast. He pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a light polo shirt and hurried down to the dining hall. Hermione was there, sipping softly at coffee and tearing small pieces off her toast while reading the Daily Prophet. They were almost the only people in there, her normal posse out doing something else or sleeping and Draco tried to suck up the courage to go over to her. Just as he started walking, he heard a sob come from the entrance, swivelled his head and saw Pansy, her mascara running down her eyes. He groaned internally and strode over to her, trying to hide his annoyance.

“Draco! It’s just so awful! McGonagall cancelled the Yule Ball! Just as I brought a new dress, and even better than the Mudblood’s! How could that vile, awful woman do that?” She cried and buried her face into Draco’s chest. He felt utterly disgusted and then he saw out of the corner of his eye someone streak out of the Hall. Craning his head around the room, he saw that Hermione had left her coffee and half eaten toast. He cursed internally and then pushed Pansy away.

“Look, I seriously don’t have time to politely sit through your melodrama, so I’m going, like now, to escape it.” He left the Hall and almost sprinted to the library, hoping with all his might that Hermione would be there.

When he got to their room, he felt disappointed and guilty that she wasn’t. She must have heard Pansy call her a Mudblood and at Draco’s silence she would have deduced he agreed. He sat down and noticed a black smudge on the middle of his shirt, residue left from Pansy’s wet eye make-up. Suppressing a sigh of disgust, he pulled his shirt off and sat there, his spidery hands covering his eyes. A few minutes later, he heard a shy squeak and removed his hands. Hermione was standing there, trying very obviously to not look at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d come here today.” She started back out, focussing on the wall above him and he snatched his shirt up, pulled it over his head and followed her.

“Wait, ‘Mione” He called and she stopped, no one but Harry called her that, but she felt a shiver of emotion crawl up her spine as he said it. She turned and looked at him, her big brown eyes searching his for a hidden agenda. “Hermione, please, I need to talk to you.” He pleaded and held out a hand. She let out a sigh and her small, warm palm fitted perfectly in his cold, spidery palm. He led her out of the library and to the seventh floor. After walking past a particular wall a few times, he pulled her inside and they both gasped at the cosy room they found themselves in. Fire licked the back of the fireplace and there was a lover’s couch in the centre of the room. A narrow coffee table was in front of it, and it had a single flower on it. The jasmine filled the room with its rich, velvety smell and Hermione sat down close to it, becoming infatuated with the scent. Draco sat beside her, his silver eyes scanning every inch of her face.

“What is it you wanted, Draco?” Her voice sounded husky in the closeness and he felt a stirring in his stomach, something he was unaccustomed to.

“Hermione, what happened this morning with Pansy wasn’t something I wanted. Pansy can be... over emotional at times and well, the only thing she was looking forward to was cancelled so that’s why she was crying on me. I want you to know that I have no emotional attachments, whatsoever to her.” He cradled her hand in his and looked at her soberly.

“Draco, you don’t need to explain yourself to me. I don’t even know why I followed you. Look at the hoops we’re being made to jump. Do you really want to spend the rest of your adult life jumping hoops just for a few seconds? Is it really worth it?” Her hand left his and she didn’t look at him, but the gentle shaking of her shoulder suggested she was on the verge of tears, and that was something Draco felt he wouldn’t be able to stomach. He gently grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him, but her eyes wouldn’t meet his and her mouth was wet with the silent tears. Unable to take her sadness, he kissed her softly, catching her by surprise, but once that surprise wore off, she kissed back and with more ferocity than he was suspecting. Her hands were being lost in his hair and his were gripping her waist firmly. He pulled her closer to him and she straddled his lap, her warm skin almost electrifying his coldness. His hands shifted under her top and he was surprised to feel a metallic ball on her belly button, pulling away he lifted her shirt up to it and raised his eyebrow at her.

“I had to do something that didn’t involve magic” She explained and then kissed his lips again. He kissed back with a soft groan as his hands crawled up her back slowly.


As Hermione felt his hands close in around the clip of her bra reality came crashing back. She was in a secluded room, alone, with Draco Malfoy, almost at second base. This wasn’t her. She pulled back but Draco didn’t take much notice and began kissing slowly and softly down her neck. She let out a soft sound of pleasure and shuddered, his lips felt just like the inside of a rose on her skin. Ignoring her rational self, she plunged back into what Draco was doing as he went to pull her shirt off. She helped him and then she pulled his off, ignoring his forearms. She didn’t want to see what she knew was there. Their bodies came together and sparks flew between them, as the slowly stripped and finally joined together, Hermione felt as if what they were doing was actually right, that they were perfectly suited for each other.


*Everything recognizable belongs to J.K Rowling. Lyrics to As Long As You're Mine belong to Wicked. 

The sex scene is really bad, but I'm unaccustomed to writing them. Forgive me.


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