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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 4 : Shocking Secrets, Blackmailing and Unfortunate Rumours
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 I walk into the Great Hall. I’m early.

As usual.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate early mornings. But I hate being late even more.

*Shudder*. Punctuality is polite. Tardiness is awful.

I suppose that’s what you get from being my mum’s daughter.

I should be a teacher...

So, I choose getting up early. Well, mainly because if I’m late, chances are, I’ll miss breakfast.

I. Can’t. Miss. Breakfast.

I live for my daily bowl on Cheerio’s with three rashes of bacon on the side.

What’s that? Did you just ask me if I dip the bacon in the Cheerio’s?

Pssh, please! Don’t be so gross!

*Ahem*. I totally don’t.

So maybe I do! Sue me!

It’s gross, but it’s so delicious. I’m craving for it now...

I digress.

So I walk into the Great Hall. And for once, all my friends are there. Usually, it’s just me and Rose and possibly Al who get down so early. The rest make their way down here ten minutes before lessons start, still with a bed-head and stinky morning breath. So it’s weird that they are all here.

I’m so proud. *Sniff*.

I slide into the seat next to Rose and opposite Al. Rose’s spoon clatters to the floor as she looks at me. James, Albus, Dom, Lily, Hugo and Angus (at breakfast, all the houses mix) all look up. Then they stare at me. Al’s mouth hangs open, gawping at me. James’ eyes look like they might pop out.

“What?” I say, self-consciously pushing some hair behind my ear. I feel myself going red. I’ve been doing that a lot lately... The guys continue blinking at me.

What’s going on? I am wearing a shirt, aren’t I?

Phew, I am.

And a skirt?

Yes, I am. Just checked.

What?” I snap.

“Well...”  Dom squeaks.

“You look amazing!” James blurts out before promptly turning purple. Everyone nods in agreement. I blush.

“I... Well...” I mumble.

“You’ve done something with your hair!” Rose recovers first.

“Is that make-up?”

“You never wear make-up for lessons!”

“You said your hair wouldn’t curl! How’d you do it?”

“You look amazing!” The girls fired comments at me.

“Thanks!” I smile brightly. “I figured that this is OWL year and I haven’t had a proper boyfriend-”

“What about Sam Thomas?” Rose butts in.

“He doesn’t count. We held hands once.” I scoff. “Anyway, your mum,” I nod at Lily, “Heard me complaining about how my hair does nothing when I stayed at your in the summer. So she sent me this extra strong curling mousse. It took a Hell of a lot of trouble to get it like this, so don’t expect it often!” I finish wagging my finger menacingly at Al and James. They laugh.

“Make-up, though? You only wear it in the hols and Hogsmeade trips.” Rose wonders aloud.

“Yeah, I do. I just thought I experiment so I’m just wearing a little bit of mascara. That’s enough to be quite honest. I look like a scarlet woman if I wear anymore.” I giggle, mischievously. I remember last time I visited the Wotters. We did muggle makeovers on each other. We’d walked out and Al had said we looked like what his grandma Molly calls “scarlet women”. We’d laughed ourselves silly at his shocked (and slightly terrified) expression.

I shrug the compliments off modestly.

“Where’s Scorpius, Al?” Lily asks her brother. He shrugs, looking slightly confused.

“I don’t know. He’s been almost avoiding us lately. Don’t know what’s being going on with him.” Al replies looking troubled. Rose blushes fiercely for some reason. I frown at her and she ducks her head down, focusing on her breakfast.

It’s a well known fact that Scorpius is completely in love with Rose and Rose is head over heels with him. The only people who don’t realise that are Scorpius and Rose. They won’t admit it to themselves, never mind to us. They’re too thick-skinned to notice that they both like each other.

Well, James and Al haven’t noticed. But I think it’s because they refuse to believe it. Rose and Lily aren’t allowed to date until their thirty.

At least.

I only escape that curse by not being blood. They’re still pretty strict on who I date.

Eh. I’ll blackmail Rose into telling me what’s going on later.

We finish breakfast pretty quickly. Al, Rose and I wave goodbye to James and Dom and we head outside to the Herbology greenhouses. As usual Rose starts talking about homework.

“See I’m not sure whether I went into enough detail about the uses of a Mandrake. I know the essay was only supposed to be three rolls of parchment long, but I just didn’t think I did the history of the Mandrake justice, so I wrote six rolls of parchment instead. I think that will be enough,” she bites her lip anxiously.

I’m a martyr. Honestly. I have to put up with that every single day.

“Wow. I only just managed to do the three rolls. Barely able to do two. And I had to copy Kat’s conclusion so I’d have filled the third completely!” Al exclaims, shocked.

Surprise, surprise. Al, just like his father (according to Hermione) and leaves his homework till the very last minute. And even then, Ron and Harry would copy Hermione’s. Al copies mine and Rose (when she lets him). Though to be fair, I’ve copied Rose’s a fair few times.

Who hasn’t?

We finally reach the greenhouses. We go in and partner up, Rose and I together. I watch Scorpius slide slyly towards some of his Slytherin scumbag mates.

“Oh no you don’t!” I cry and grab him roughly. I thrust him over to Al, “You’ve been avoiding us since term started two weeks ago! I don’t know, or care, what’s going on but you will work with your best friend! If you complain once you will have me to answer to.” I hiss threateningly at Scorpius. He looks slightly scared and meekly puts on his goggles.

After bullying Scorpius, I join Rose and begin to work on the plants we’re tending to. This is the one subject that Rose steps back and lets me do the work. She’s good at Herbology but I’m pretty awesome at this, if I do say so myself.

No, I’m being serious, I always get top marks in Herbology. Herbology and Potions are my best subjects. Not boasting or anything, but I’m pretty much an all rounder. Well, when I actually apply myself that is... Working is tiring.

 But, I’m pretty good at most subjects (no-where near as good as Rose, obviously).

So, the deal is, in Transfiguration and Charms Rose takes charge (they’re her best subjects), in Herbology and Potions I take charge and Al takes charge in Defence Against the Dark Arts and sometimes Potions.

Some people call it cheating, we call it teamwork.

I work on the plants while Rose watches. She doesn’t like to do much in Herbology- I tend to tut very loudly at every mistake she makes. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Scorpius and Al walk across the room to collect more soil. This is my chance.

“So, Rose. What’s been going on between you and Scorpius?” I murmur under my breath, just loud enough for her to hear. She blushes and murmurs back,

“How did you know?”

“Rose, please. I’ve been your best friend for going on five years. I know when you’re upset, worried or embarrassed just from the way you sneeze. You’ve been blushing even more when the little slime ball is mentioned.” I scoff at Rose. She shrugs in agreement.

“I was going to tell you but every time I tried, Al interrupted. And it’s not for Al’s ears,” She whispers. I steal a quick glance over my shoulder to check on the situation. It’s good: Scorpius and Al and arguing over what kind of soil to take. We have more time.

“I kind off... Remember when you and Scorpius came round for two weeks in the Summer?”

I nod in reply. Dennis, my mum’s dentist boyfriend (he’s a dentist too. Dennis the Dentist. I kid you not.), organised a surprise romantic getaway for him and mum.

So we weren’t invited. Obviously.

 Tyrique was staying with some Uni buds so Angus and I stayed with the Wotters. We stayed at the Weasley’s house but we spent so much time with Al and Lily, we virtually lived at the Potters too.

“Yeah, well. Me and Scorpius got talking during the end of summer party while everyone was celebrating. One thing led to another, and we ended up kissing.” Rose speaks softly.

I’d wondered where they’d gone back then. We’d held an “end of summer bash” party in August. I don’t know either. It was James’ idea and somehow, he’d convinced the family to go along with it. Actually, it probably wasn’t that hard to convince Nana Molly (she insists I call her that even though I’m not family) - it’s her mission in life to feed everyone and make them as fat as possible. Her cooking is too delicious to resist: it’s to die for.

“What?!” I exclaim. A few people turn to look at me so I turn it into a ferocious cough and duck my head down. “I just thought you’d had a fight!” I whisper back at Rose. She grimaces.

“Was it a full on snog or just a peck?”

“Full on snog. We kissed for about half an hour!” she answers back. I gawp at her.

“You’re not my Rose. Where is she and what have you done to her?” I half laugh. She grins back. Then her smile slides into a frown.

“I’ve got to tell you something,” she mutters. “The thing is, me and Scorp-”

“Rena, you’ve got to help me! What do we do now?” Al interrupts us. I hadn’t realised he’d gotten back. He hadn’t heard what we were talking about, fortunately. But I knew I’d never get the secret out of Rose now. The moment had gone.

Sighing, I turn away from Rose and help Al.


All through dinner I keep sending those “I-haven’t-forgotten-and-you-will-tell-me!” sort of looks at Rose. She keeps sending me those “I-know-you-haven’t-forgotten-but-I’m-not-telling-you!” sort of ones.

I think Al thought we were both having some sort of reaction to the food. He even asked if we were feeling okay because our faces were twitching weirdly.

I guess we did look kind of scary...

Anyway, the telling glares did not intimidate Rose into to confiding in me.

Dang. I was convinced it would work.

The death stares always work. I mean ALWAYS!

We head up to the Gryffindor common room with the whole gang. Even Dom, Scorpius, Hugo, Angus and (unfortunately) Polly come.

We shove the lickle first years out of the comfiest chairs by the fire and sit our selves down. I sit on the comfy bouncy armchair and Albus sits on the floor in front of me, leaning against my legs. Rose sits in the closest armchair to me with James sitting precariously on the armrest. The rest make themselves snug on various chairs, some sharing and others sitting on the floor.

We talk about Quidditch for a while. James is discussing possible nights for Quidditch tryouts. He’s Captain of the Gryffindor team again. It’s his final year but we all know who will get the captain badge once he’s left.

Al, obviously.

I do feel sorry for non-Wotters. With so many talented Potter-Weasley’s around, no-one else has got any chance of winning anything.

“So who’s trying out this year?” James asks.

“Me, as seeker, obviously.” Albus interjects.

“Don’t sound so cocky and confident, Al. There might be a really excellent seeker out there, waiting to take you place!” James teases. We all snort.

Please. A better seeker than Albus Severus Potter?

Pssh. He’s inherited generations of amazing seeker skills. His father’s skills, he grandfather’s skills, his great-grandaddio was probably incredible too.

“You, Parker?” James asks me.

“Yeah, you can count on me being there.” I nod, smiling.

You can probably count a place on the team this year,” he winks mischievously.

“Oi!” Al cries.

“Eh, James. Many a great Quidditch captain has made the team lose by keeping old favourites. Like you said to Al here, there might be someone out there better than me!” I warn.

“Doubt it...” James mutters under his breath.

“Our Ravenclaw team is going to kick your arses this year,” Hugo interrupts confidently.

“I doubt that too,” James laughs.

“Please, our Gryffindor team is stronger than ever!” Al kisses his imaginary biceps. I laugh at him.

“You don’t have biceps, Albus. You’re a skinny little prick,” I giggle at him. He turns and punches my ankles playfully. Then he leans back into my legs.

“Ugh. Enough Quidditch talk, already!” Dom sighs.


Enough Quidditch talk...?

We all stare at her.

“Dom, did you seriously just say “enough Quidditch?” Rose squawks. Dom nods solemnly.

She did?!

“Yes, yes I did. Don’t get me wrong, Quidditch is my life but I really want to talk about something way important!” Dom says in her sing-song voice.

Dom doesn’t play Quidditch. She can’t bear the prospect of her hair getting windswept. Instead, she commentates. She’s a ruddy gooden’ at that. Her quick wit and sarcasm make the commentaries hilarious. She knows her stuff too.

Nearly as good as Luna Lovegood’s commentaries when she was a commentator, apparently.

Louis rolls his eyes at his sister.

“It’ll be really lame gossip,” he states, bored. Probably true, actually. Dom is a sucker for gossip.

It’s rather handy when we need to distract her when we plant a trap or something.

“Non, Louis!” she scolds her younger brother. She’s practically bouncing out of her seat from her excitement. Al reaches into his rucksack and pulls out a flask of pumpkin juice (he must have nicked it from the kitchens earlier) and snuggles into my legs.

“This should be good!” he sighs contentedly.

“Okay! When were you going to tell us?” Dom pouts at Al. He frowns.

“Tell you what?” he asks, puzzled.

“Tell us about you and Kati!” she squeals. I hate it when she calls me Kati.

“Me and Kati what?” Al repeats.

“That you guys were going out!” she exclaims, impatiently.

 I blanch.

Al, meanwhile, spits out the Pumpkin Juice he had just taken a gulp of. It sprays all over Louis.

Louis jumps up in alarm, upsetting a desk. The desk falls over, along with the books on it.

Rose looks slightly sick, James falls off his perch completely, Angus leaps up in anger and Lily shoots up, shrieks in delight.

“I-when... When did this happen?” Angus spits furiously. Stupid over-protective younger brother.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Lily cries, horrified she hasn’t known this piece of gossip.

Al continues choking on his Pumpkin Juice, leaving me to answer.

“Well, that’s the first I know of this,” I say, attempting to laugh it off.

All the faces stare at me looking rather confused.

“So you’re not dating my sister?” Angus demands of Albus. He shakes his head, still bright red from his spitting accident.

“N-no!” he manages to say in a strangled voice.

“Definitely not!” I conclude, though I’m lying.

I certainly wouldn’t mind if Al and I were going out.

Who am I kidding?

You’d have to drug me and keep me in a container for several days to diminish my excitement.

But I’m not sadly.


Ahem. I’m not hearing any aww’s here!

Wait... There we go. Thank you. I know, it’s very sad.

Al clears his throat and takes a tentative sip of Pumpkin Juice.

“No!” Dom cries, distraught, “But what on Earth were you doing then the other day when we walked in on you guys? I thought you were making out!”

And once again, Al chokes.

“What?!” Angus explodes.

“What were they doing?” Lily asks with some interest.

“They looked like they were going at it right in the middle of the common room!” Dom answers. Al’s eyes bulge as he coughs from the shock of that announcement. I turn beetroot red.

“WHAT?!” Angus explodes.

Louis and Hugo roll around on the floor giggling hysterically.

“I-no! We were wrestling...” I explain lamely.

Rose is a sickly green colour but manages to stutter out the words,

“What on Earth were you wrestling for?”

“Well, I’d just found out about Angus and Polly so I went mental and tried to hunt her down and slit her throat open and rip out her guts,” I rush out.

“Hey!” Polly cries in that annoying high-pitched voice of hers.

“Sorry!” I reply.

Hell, I don’t mean it. I still want to rip out her guts, slit open her throat, cut her heart in half and slice off each finger off all at the same time, right now.

A girl can dream, eh?

Al nods to back-up my story.

“Her fat arse got in the way when I was restraining her and we fell over,” he continues.

I kick him in the back of the head.


“Oh,” Dom sighs, obviously rather deflated from the lack of intriguing gossip. On the other hand, James looks rather pleased.

Glad somebody’s happy.

We begin another conversation, desperately trying to steer it away from the topic of me and Al. It’s father forced so the conversation fizzles out pretty quickly.

Dom yawns dramatically and claims it’s time for beddy byes. She grabs Hugo and they set off to the Ravenclaw common room. Angus, Poppy and Louis follow suit, heading for the Slytherin and Hufflepuff common rooms.

Rose is the next to leave, dragging Lily along with her. They both hug me and wonder up to their dorms. I know Rose will wait up for me, ready to question me on what actually happened all those nights ago.

James gets up soon after. He gives me a huge hug, rather strange for him.

I don’t see him exchange a look with his younger brother. I don’t see the silent conversation between them.

I don’t see that it’s a warning.

Albus and I chat for a bit, mostly about when his dad is next coming to teach us some Defence skills.

Then, I yawn tiredly.

“You, bed, now.” Al states firmly. Sometimes he sounds like my mother.

It’s rather irritating actually.

We walk up the stairs together in an amicable silence. We reach the turning point between the girl’s dorm and the boys.

“It’s funny how they thought we were going out, isn’t it?” he says, completely off topic.

“Um, I suppose so. It’s probably because we’re so close,” I stutter nervously.

“Yeah. I guess that could lead to something, couldn’t it?” he ponders, mostly to himself.

“Like Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione,” he adds.

My heart speeds up a little bit.

What does he mean?

“They always said we’d make a cute couple,” he whispers as he leans closer to me. I hold my breath, not daring to move.

Plus, my breath stinks. ‘Cos bad breath isn’t a turn off...

“Said I should ask you out...” he murmurs quietly.

What does he mean? I don’t get it! Does he want to go out with me?

If we do, it’s surely going to create a wall between me and Rose’s friendship- he’s like her brother. She’ll hate me for dating Al, just like hate Polly!

Then we’ll date for several years, and Rose and the Wotters will finally accept them as one of them. Then, suddenly, we have a terrifying argument (Al and I, I mean) and we will break up. Rose will hate me forever, as will the rest of her family. So I’ll be alone, for the rest of my life. And the teachers will hate me- they all love the Wotters. No-one will talk to me: the Wotter clan takes up half the school!

The Wotters are really popular so everyone will side with them. No-one messes with a Potter-Weasley.


Woah, Rena. Calm down. I’m sure it will be okay. Focus on the situation at hand, yeah? One step at a time.

We’re only millimetres apart, noses almost touching.

He hesitates.

Our lips are almost brushing against each other’s. I can feel his warm breath blowing against my skin.

We stay like that few a few heartbeats. We edge closer, just a little bit.


He’s turning away, practically running up the stairs away from me.

He doesn’t look back once.


Boys. I’ll never understand them.



A/N I know, I know. You all thought it was going to be their first kiss, eh? Got you going there, didn’t I? Sadly, it is not. There is another massive twist to come yet.

Perhaps they will never get their moment of passion...

Dun, dun durrrr!

Or maybe they will. You never know!

You will have to wait and see what comes in the next few chapters, eh?

Phoenix _Feather49 <3

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The Abundance of Potters: Shocking Secrets, Blackmailing and Unfortunate Rumours


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