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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 12 : Happy New Year!
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"Um Lise?" Freddy called as he knocked on my bedroom door. "Can I talk to you?"

"Come on in" I called as I pulled my long sleeved top over my head. I was straightening it out as Freddy entered the room with a sheepish look on his face. "What have you done?" I frowned at him, instantly recognising his guilty expression.

He didn't answer, remaining silent for a moment as he watched me pull my hair up into a messy bun. "Well, um, Naomi left the Potter's house a couple of days ago to spend New Year with her Mum... and um... James has asked me to, um, come over today..."

"You can go" I laughed at his confused expression. "What? Freddy I'm not going to stop you seeing your best friend! Especially when he's not under the influence of that bitch for once."

"You sure? I don't have to go! Or you could come too? James wouldn't mind..."

"I'm good thanks Freddy" I patted his head. "I've already organised to meet all the female members of your family anyway. We're getting ready for the party tonight together."

"Oh. So you sure you don't mind?"

"I'm sure" I laughed at him. "I've had you all to myself all holidays Freddy. To ask for more would just be greedy!"

Freddy grinned and planted a kiss on my forehead. "I'd better get going then" Freddy moved towards the door before stopping to watch me gather up my things to take out today. "Where are you going to get ready anyway?"

"Um, the Potter's actually" I bit my lip. "But we're off to get our hair and nails done in Diagon Alley first."

"Oh" Freddy shrugged. "I'll see you this afternoon then?"

"Yeah" I smiled at him. "And Freddy?" he turned back around as I called to him, poking his head around the door. "Try and convince James of Naomi's evilness? You're the only one he'll really listen to."

"I'll try" Freddy gave me the thumbs up before disappearing to the fireplace, ready to floo over to the Potters'.

"Lise sweetie?" Angelina knocked on my door and I reached for the doorknob, swinging it open as I stood in front of it. "Ready to go?" Angelina smiled at me and I nodded, following her downstairs and into the living room, where the fire was still smoking from Freddy's departure a few moments ago.

"After you" Angelina held out the pot of Floo powder to me and I took some, adjusting my bag so I clung closely to me as I stepped into the fireplace.

"Diagon Alley" I announced as I let the powder fall onto the fireplace and the green flames erupted around me. I closed my eyes as I span through the fireplaces, the nausea overcoming me before I fell out of the fireplace beside the entrance wall of the alley. I stood up, brushing my clothes off as Angelina whizzed out behind me, patting her hair.

"We're meeting everyone in Witches Wonder" Angelina slipped her arm through mine as she dragged me in the direction of the beauty parlour that was right beside Gladrags.

Having my hair and nails done was absolutely delightful, and I really enjoyed chatting with all the girls as we were beautified. Lily was chatting away happily, telling me how great the holidays had been since Naomi had left for home to spend the New Years with her Mum and her Mum's boyfriend.

Rose, however, was fretting away because Albus had invited his friend Scorpius to the party, and Rose harboured a large crush on the blonde haired sixth year. Although everybody could see how much Scorpius adored her, Rose was oblivious and remained convinced that he wasn't interested one bit. And so Roxy (who had joined us with her friend that she'd been staying with) announced that tonights mission was to get Rose and Scorpius together and to find an assassin to deal with Naomi (that was Lily's idea).

All to soon, we were finished and after quickly popping in to Gladrags to find Lily some shoes that Ginny deemed suitable, we headed over to the Potter's for a late lunch.

"Hello?" Ginny called out into the house as we all shot through the fireplace one by one. She walked through to the kitchen and peered out of the window. "Bless them, they're all out playing Quidditch. Look, Harry, George, Ron, Freddy, James, Albus, Scorpius and Hugo are all here. We have a houseful today!"

"Good thing we have the space. Mum, can you promise hat you'll Bat-Bogey Hex any of the boys if they cause us any trouble when we're getting ready?" Lily asked as she hopped up onto the long counter. We all settled ourselves into the chairs of the dining table as Ginny summoned up sandwiches and similar foods the house-elf, Dobby II, had obviously made.

"Tuck in!" Ginny clapped her hands together as the boys tramped through the back door, instantly grabbing at the sandwiches with grubby hands. "Boys!" she tutted as Lily swatted Albus over the head when he nicked a sandwich from her plate. I tried not to laugh at Rose, whose face turned a deep shade of red when Scorpius greeted her.

"Like the hair" Freddy grinned at me, reaching over to poke one of the curls that cascaded down my back.

"Hands off Weasley. These babies are delicate" I told him off and Angelina made a warning grunt at him. He smirked and threw me a wink, before stealing one of the sandwiches on my plate.

"What?" he shrugged at me as I stared at him in annoyance. "You've just had your nails done, you weren't going to pick it up!" Freddy shoved the sandwich in his mouth.

"You're an idiot" Roxy shook her head in disbelief at her brother, who upon spotting her, grinned at her with his mouth full.

"Hey Rox! How was Christmas without me?"

"Brilliant. I wasn't woken up at seven in the morning! Did he do that to you by the way Lise?"

I laughed and nodded. "He managed to hold out until half seven seeing as I'm not his sister."

"We had a great time!" Freddy protested and everybody in the room laughed. I heard James' throaty chuckle over everyone else's and my heart rate increased, my pulse quickening as I remembered how close he was to me. With no Naomi about to cause trouble, it seemed like a first in a long time.

"Lise, you finished? I want to start getting ready" Lily met my gaze from across the table and I figured she'd caught onto my sudden awkward behaviour being down to the fact James was mere inches away from me.

"Sounds great" my voice cracked as I stood up from the table and I cleared my throat, smiling broadly at everyone. "Thanks for lunch!"

"No problem darling" Ginny replied, a strange look on her face as she glanced between James and I.

We quickly disappeared out of the room, I ducked as Freddy reached out to ruffle my hair, stifling my laugher as I heard Angelina tell him off as I'd just had it styled.


It wasn't long before the guests started to arrive at half seven in the evening. The adults had left us to finish getting ready whilst they socialised downstairs, settling down for their meal. It had been decided that there would be an adults and a teens party, the adults were having a dinner and mature festivities on one side of the house, whilst the teenagers had a proper party on the other side of the house. Then, everyone would get together outside in the garden for the New Years countdown and George would set off his best Weasley Wizarding Wheezes fireworks in celebration.

"Zip me up?" I asked Lily as I gestured to my back and she obligingly zipped the bottom of my dress up. I was wearing the dress my mother had bought me for Christmas, it was low backed and short, and dark blue coated in shimmering sparkles. I wore my favourite pair of dark blue heels with it, my eye make-up smoky and my lips painted with lipgloss.

"You look gorgeous!" Roxy squealed as she stood beside me in the mirror and I smiled.

"So do you!" Freddy was going to have a fit when he saw his baby sister in her short, deep scarlet dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her figure nicely.

In fact, all of the girls looked stunning. Lily was dressed in an emerald dress that enhanced her beautiful auburn hair, and Rose was dressed in a teal dress that fitted her curves well. Basically, Scorpius was going to be non-stop drooling when he saw her. Of course, Dominique looked perfect as usual, stupid veela beauty, and Molly and Lucy looked stylish and demure as was the norm.

"Ready to get this party started?" Lily giggled as she smacked her lips together, dragging me out of the door and down to the party in an instant. Ginny had hired a photographer and so we all posed for pictures for a while after we entered, Freddy making his presence clear when he bounded in and tackled me during a photograph.

"You look stunning Lise!" He grinned at me, kissing my cheek distractedly as he noticed what his sister was wearing. "Roxy! You can't wear that! You look too grown up!" he yelled after his sister as she stalked off, leaving me alone as he dashed after her.

"Lise!" Bea appeared at my side, throwing an arm around my neck and dragging me over to where Drew and Alice stood beside the bar. "You look amazing!"

I grinned at my friends, chatting with them as I reached for drink of something a bit stronger than Butterbeer.

"Bea?" Drew spoke over the music. "Mind if Nick joins us in a bit?"

Bea just stared at Drew tipsily for a moment, as if trying to make sense of his words, before nodding. "That's fine Drew! I'd love to see Nick!"

Alice and I exchanged worried looks as Drew beckoned Nick over, worried that Bea was a bit too drunk to face Nick at the moment.

"Hey guys" Nick grinned at us all, steadily avoiding Bea's eye. She frowned at him.

"Oi, Nick!" she yelled, before throwing her arms around him. "Let's be friends for tonight yeah? It's much more fun."

Nick looked down at Bea, his eyes widening as he took her in, she did look exceptionally beautiful tonight. "Sure" he murmered as he held her in his arms and she smiled in a satisfied manner, kissing him sloppily on the cheek.

The night progressed with little drama after that, the drink flowing quite heavily as I danced the night away with practically everyone in the room. It seemed almost the whole of Gryffindor tower was here, as all the Potter's and Weasley's had invited their circles of friends along. There were also a smattering of Ravenclaw's here, as Molly was a Ravenclaw and Lorcan and Lysander had come along with their parents. I couldn't help but find it sweet that Lorcan and Dominique were practically a couple as well.

We had ten minutes to go until midnight and I'd left the party for some fresh air, wondering about the Potter's house drunkenly, reminiscing memories of all the times I'd stayed here, when I was friends with James.

"Lise?" a soft voice called to me from up the hall and I twisted around to face the tall, handsome boy that was approaching me. "Can I talk to you for a moment please?"

I glanced at James' desperate expression and felt my heart drop to my stomach as I nodded and allowed him to lead me back up the hallway. He closed the door behind us and I noticed the familiar layout of James' bedroom. He didn't illuminate the room, instead we stood in semi-darkness.

We stood in awkward silence for a moment, James rocking slowly back and forth on his heels before he cleared his throat and reached into his desk behind him.

"I just wanted to give you this" he held a wrapped package out to me and I took it with raised eyebrows, glancing at the attached note. "It's your Christmas present. I, Uh, couldn't get it to you, because... well, it would wind Naomi up" he coughed awkwardly again and I remained silent, annoyed that James still cared for Naomi enough to want to be on her good side.

"And, thanks for the gloves, they were great..." he trailed off as he watched me finger the present with an expectant expression. I'd forgotten about the Chaser's gloves I had bought James much earlier in the year, back when we were still close, before Naomi. I'd knew they'd be perfect for him. I sighed, before tearing open the wrapping to reveal a small, navy blue box. I heard James suck in a nervous breath as I snapped the box open, tears instantly filling my eyes. It was a charm, presumably to go on the bracelet Bea and Alice had given me, in the shape of a broomstick. As I peered closer at it, I noticed James' and I's initials engraved in the silver metal, a small ruby heart dotted after on the broomsticks tail. I wiped tears from my eyes as I took the charm out from the box and looked up at James, who was running a hand through his hair.

"I love it" my voice cracked. "Thank you James."

"Shall I put it on your bracelet?" James stretched out a hand and I handed him the charm, offering him my right wrist where the bracelet sat. He gently fixed the charm onto the bracelet, keeping a firm hold on my arm as he extended it for us both to admire. It truly was gorgeous, and very thoughtful.

"I thought the broomstick would make you think of me" James smiled slightly.

"It does" I whispered and I jumped as the clocks around the Potter house began to chime. It was nearly midnight, nearly New Year. "We should get back... It's nearly-"

My voice trailed off as James tugged on my arm and pulled my towards him, shifting so my back was against the wall and he was stood directly in front of me, breathing raggedly.

On the eighth chime, I glanced up at him, his eyes were filled with something I didn't recognise, and I couldn't help but notice they sparkled in the moonlight that shone through his window.

"James-" I began, but he quickly cut me off as he leant forward and touched his lips to mine. My heart hammered in my chest as I closed my eyes, concentrating on how James moved his lips desperately against mine, truthfully I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to push James away, I enjoyed how he was pushing me against the wall, his hands moving along the curves of my body before settling on my hips, my hands tangled in his hair. He bit my bottom lip and I pressed myself closer to him, moaning softly. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and they battled with passion I'd never experienced before. I felt myself go weak at the knees as he continued to kiss me, it felt so wrong to be kissing James like this, yet it also felt so right. After the twelfth chime, and the shouts of delight in the New Year could be heard, James and I broke apart. We silently moved to the window, our eyes locked on each other, to witness the fireworks that were to be set off in a moments time. As the fireworks began with a sharp bang, the night sky exploding with colour and noise, James nestled his face into my neck and whispered,

"Happy New Year, Lise."

A/N- Haven't done an authors note in ages! Well, James kissed Lise!!!!:O what a brilliant New Year for her! Or not... Hmm, who knows? So glad the queue has got faster again, makes things easier to update! As you can see, I'm updating really quickly, and I am trying to keep this up! Just to say, thanks so much for the reviews, keep them coming! I do the majority of my uploading on my phone, which for some reason never let's me reply to reviews, so I want people to understand that I am INCREDIBLY grateful for readers' lovely words :) Next chapter will be up as soon as I've written it- I'm just suffering from a bout of writers block at the minute :( thanks again, hope you enjoy! Xxx

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