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The Hunted by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Healing
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Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the Harry Potter series or anything related to it, that all belongs to J.K Rowling. I do however own Eleanor, Zev, Ashlyn and Kaya Jones.


This story is dedicated to the wonderful Tenth Weasley,
Who by telling me that she believed in me,
Made this story possible.
Thank you!


They said the war was over, that everyone was safe because Voldemort was dead and Harry Potter had finally won. But they lied. Lord Voldemort's followers - the Death Eaters - were still murdering people left and right. It didn't matter what kind of blood you had anymore: If you got in their way, then you'd be killed, no questions asked.

People were more scared then they'd ever been before, and the entire wizarding world was carefully watching their backs. Things went wrong, people tried to escape the Death Eaters and if they didn't end up dead, then they ended up injured and held within the overcrowding St Mungo's.

There were so many witches and wizards going in everyday that St Mungo's had disabled their training for new Healers and instead employed everyone they possibly could - skills or not. This was good for those who hadn't gotten the required O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s to pursue becoming a Healer originally, but it meant those who had tried extremely hard were not being at all congratulated.

Kaya Jones was among the should-be Healers in training that had given her studies absolutely everything to get in. It annoyed her to know end that all her hard work had essentially been for nothing, but she refused to give up.

"The incompetent ones are still here, sadly," Barry Fry, one of Kaya's fellow "true Healers" (as someone had labelled them), said as he pulled on the standard white robes. A few of the other occupants of the locker room that was shared amongst the true Healers laughed.

"When do you think they'll wise up and realise they are really not needed?" a girl by the name of Samantha commented - Kaya had only worked with her once or twice, and had been instantly shocked by the sharpness of the girl. She'd always been told to have good bedside manners - the patient was always the most important person - but she'd seen Samantha display some terrible manners. Kaya didn't dare say anything to anyone, because she knew she'd instantly be put on the girl's bad side, and that was definitely somewhere she didn't want to be.

"Probably never, they're too stupid to even know the difference between a Killing Curse and a simple hex," another one added - Kaya wasn't really paying attention to who was talking anymore. Instead, she slipped on her own white cloak and headed towards the door, her wand tucked safely inside her pocket.

In the hallway waited the Healer in charge of Kaya, Barry and few other Healers - every morning she would take them through the wards and assign each person to a patient or numerous patients depending on the difficulty.

"Good morning, Miss Jones," she said, half-smiling at Kaya as she handed her the list of all the patients. Kaya smiled back and quickly read through the list, subconsciously checking for any names that seemed familiar.  After a little while, the rest of the group joined them and soon were following the Healer in charge through the hallways. "We're once again overfilled, so you will all need to work as fast as you possibly can," the woman said. A few of them sighed before breaking off into their assigned wards and patients.

With a disgruntled groan, Ashlyn Jones rolled onto her side as she tried to cover her face from the blinding sun. She was unsuccessful and so lifted herself off the ground, bringing her hands up to rub her eyes.

"Ugh, stupid sun," she cursed as she stood up, shielding her eyes as she shrugged off an unfamiliar jacket. Not caring who owned it, she dropped it onto the chest of a boy sleeping at her feet as she rubbed her eyes. Quietly, she tip-toed across the apartment to get her things, barely recognising any of the sleeping bodies on the couches and mats. Without looking back to see if one of her friends was still there, she picked up her shoes and left.

She quickly pushed open the front door and climbed down the flights of stairs of the apartment that belonged to whoever had thrown the party in first place. Ashlyn quickly realised that they would have been pretty loud, due to all the glares that were being sent her way as she went through the lobby. She didn't care though; she just pretended she couldn't see anyone.

As she stepped onto the street, she headed in the direction she believed was home, though due to the throbbing pain in her head she couldn't be entirely sure. After a few minutes she recognized a few familiar shops, and she knew that was indeed heading in the right direction.

After another ten or so minutes of walking, she finally pushed open the little picket fence gate that led to the Jones's home. She knew her older brother Zev would be at the Ministry of Magic for work, and her younger sister Kaya would be doing her rounds at whichever hospital she worked at. Which meant Ashlyn would be left at home with her mother. She scrunched up her nose a little at the thought of having to spend the entire afternoon with her stuck-up mother.

With a sigh, she pushed her keys into the door and slid upstairs, determined to avoid her mother, who was humming to some childish-sounding tune in the kitchen. Luckily, she was successful at this, and it seemed that her mother was completely unaware that Ashlyn had even gotten home. That was just how she wanted it.

She quickly threw her clothes from last night to the floor and slid on her best jeans and a top that had belonged to her younger sister before Ashlyn had nicked it for her own use. Kaya was yet to notice, and besides, the top was far too tight for Kaya's liking. She'd never worn it before, and therefore Ashlyn had guessed she never would. Anyway, it suited Ashlyn so much better. She then made her way lazily to the bathroom where she brushed her hair out again and re-applied the make-up she'd worn for the night before.

She was going out again that night, just like she always did, but she had at least a few hours to kick back and chill around home before she had to get herself ready for another party. Collapsing onto the queen-sized bed that she'd demanded from her mother, she clicked on her portable wizarding radio and closed her eyes to listen to the new song by The Weird Sisters, one of Ashlyn's all-time favourite bands. As the music blared at top volume, she began to sing along with the words that she knew.

The song hadn't even ended when Ashlyn's mother Eleanor came crashing through the door. She looked beyond furious, but at twenty years old Ashlyn was well used to her mother's rage.

"Where the hell were you last night?" she asked, her eyes blazing at her eldest daughter, who shrugged in reply.

"Out," Ashlyn replied simply, ignoring her mother's outraged look as she continued to sing along with the song. Finally, Eleanor reached over and shut off Ashlyn's radio. "What the hell?" she cried in outrage, staring up at her mother with anger in her eyes.

"Zev is receiving a promotion tonight, and we're all going to be there for him," Eleanor said, pursing her lips together.

"I'm busy," Ashlyn replied casually, moving to turn her radio back on before she was stopped by her mother again.

"We're all going to be there, Ashlyn," she stated more strictly, before turning on her heel and slamming her daughter's door behind her.

"Fun," Ashlyn groaned to herself.

Author’s Note: And that was the first re-written chapter right there. If you happened to read the original you will have noticed that quite a bit has changed but I hope you still enjoy it. I will see you guys next time. Thanks for reading.

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The Hunted: Healing


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