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Ginerva Weasley's crazy story by ABC123 do re me
Chapter 3 : Lil ol Teddy Lupin
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 “Morning harry” Lupin said walking into the room “huh oh yeah morning Mooney” harry said grabbing his glasses “you better go down your girlfriend is really pissed off.” Lupin said backing out of the room

 “Good morning gin. Good morning Mrs.Weasley” Harry said plopping down in a chair next to Ginny. “Ginerva can I feed him now since you insisted I wait until the morning” Molly said glaring at her daughter. “ I guess you can I’m going shopping with Tonks, ‘Mione, and Luna for teddy jr. and I don’t think harry wants to come anyway” I said biting into a piece of toast “ so Andromeda is babysitting?” he asked as Molly shoved pounds of food oh damn i forgot to ask yeh tonks wants you to babysit since lupins is working you don’t mind do you?” I said getting up “of course not I love my godson to death.” He said also getting up


“Harry” teddy said crawling into the living room where harry and Ron sat watching a muggle television show “oh hey there tike” he said picking teddy up. “How old is the little tike anyway?” Ron asked glancing over at teddy and harry “I think he’s about 1 ½ “he said walking into the kitchen while Ron followed. “You hungry buddy?” he asked tickling teddy “yeah” teddy said as his hair grew as long as bill’s and turned a bright orange color “ Ron will you put bill’s picture in your wallet before I hex you!” he half-yelled while he put teddy in his highchair “teddy want fish and chips!!!!!!!!!!!!” he yelled in garbled English turning his hair a bright blonde color “harry remind you of anybody?” Ron asked slightly laughing “don’t go there mate. But that is a very good impression of Dudley.” Harry said chuckling

“Accio fish and chips” harry said as he caught the plate and put it down in front of teddy “you’re getting pretty good at this dad thing” Ron said sitting at the table “you think so? Ginny’s been dropping some hints’ he said sitting down next to Ron.


*the next day*

 “Whatcha harry? I hope teddy wasn’t to much trouble, I mean he does have werewolf in him” Tonks said at breakfast “no problem Tonks might as well get used to it just in case tom has a kid” he said grabbing a plate “ so harry what do you guys want to do today? I have some de-gnomeing for you if you don’t have any plans” molly said putting pounds of food on his plate “Molly let the boy breathe.” Arthur said glaring at his wife” besides they all probably want to catch up before they go to Hogwarts next month.” “Harry let’s just go and play some quiditch before they make you fatter than your cousin" ginny said grabbing ron and hermione and backing out the door. " come on i don't get dragged? to think i was going to give you guys discount!" george said standing up "oh george hurry up before mum hexes us all " ron said running out the door

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Ginerva Weasley's crazy story: Lil ol Teddy Lupin


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