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Swooning. by MissThomas
Chapter 4 : Non-existent music and eavesdropping.
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Beautiful chapter image by noxxx @ TDA! 

Ps, I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while, but my laptop broke and I had three chapters written and now I've had to completly re write them on my new one.


I still don't know how Charlotte knows about me liking Albus. I'm freaking out just thinking about it. What if he knows?

Peeking a look at him, I noticed he was biting the bottom of his lip in the cutest way ever. I tried not to swoon. It was hard.

He looked up suddenly and I slung my head down on to my arms, red hair flying everywhere, trying to seem like I wasn't staring.

Unfortunately, I missed the soft flab of my arms and hit the table.


I rubbed my forehead as I avoided Albus' gaze.

I'm not graceful at all. Why?

Do I have a purpose in this world fates? Or have you just given me all these faults to torture me?


Or ignore me, that's cool too.

"Are you okay?" Albus asked, face full of confusion.

"Me?" I asked, surprised. "I'm dandy! How are you? The weathers nice isn't it, probably get horrible later. I wish I lived in Hawaii, its nice there. Hey, why don't you come too? Its always sunny and I heard everybody is always happy because of that! So there'd be no need to ask if I was fine. Great. Its sorted! I'll book the tickets soon!"

I have a problem. I really do. Things don't register with me. I bet there's this person, like the devil, that shuts off my mouth to my brain so I just come out with random shit.

Albus backed away from me with a scared expression on his face.

My eyes widened as I realized what I had said.


But before I could even apologise, B called the end of the lesson and Al had gathered his things and was out of that class room before you could say Merlin's pink undies.

I sighed heavily. Why can't I be normal?

Trudging up to the great hall, I was just glad it was the weekend.

"Alissa!" A very familiar, husky voice called.

I spun around and grinned wildly.

"Jay!" I squealed.

Jason Boyd. My best friend. I'm closer to him than anybody. He has brown hair that falls gracefully on his head, chocolate brown, understanding eyes and a grin that's infectious. Jason is also the nicest guy I have ever met. Girls swoon over him, but he's not interested in any of the 'bimbos' that try to get him by showing off their tits. I have to admit, he is very attractive, but he's like a brother to me. A nice brother. Not the devil in disguise like Kieran.

He picked me up in a big bear hug and spun me around.

"Where have you been?" I demanded, a little dizzy as I was set back on my feet.

He chuckled. "My mum's been in hospital -"

"Oh my god is she okay?!" I asked, anxiously.

"She's fine! It was just an operation on her foot. Any way, I had to be there for her. So. Also, two weeks of missing school gives a lot of NEWT lessons to catch up on."

"I've been worried." I said.

"I'm sorry."

Jay grabbed my arm and towed me to dinner.

"Well, you'll have to make it up to me with a favour." I winked at him.

Wiggling his eyebrows, Jay looked at me seductively. "Some, dirty, unspeakable favour?"

I bit my lip as sexually as I could. "Of course."

We chuckled all the way into the hall.

"Alissa! Get your fat arse over here." Rose called from the Gryffindor table.

I shot her the finger before walking over to sit with her.

"What up, hoe?" I asked as I sat down, dumping my bag on the floor.

Jason sat down beside me without greeting Rose.

Yeah, so Jay doesn't like her very much. Although he tolerates her for me.

He's such a sweetie.

"Oh hi Jay! Where have you been?" Rose asked, curling her neck forward to face him.

Jason turned and smiled warmly. No wonder he's in Hufflepuff. He's too nice. "Busy, aha." He then turned back to grab some food.

I did the same. Jacket potato with a side of salad. With cheese. Nom. Cheese. I love cheese, even though it's very fattening. Oh well.

"What's with healthy stuff?" Rose said, through a mouthful of food.

"Very attractive Rose." I snorted. "I'm on a diet."

Rose swallowed and laughed. "A diet? Why?"

I scowled and pointed at my belly. "Erm, I dunno, maybe its because I look like a I'm fucking pregnant?"

"No you don't!" Jason protested, narrowing his eyes.

"With Albus junior?" Rose asked, winking.

I sighed. "I wish." Slapping my hand to my mouth, I muttered. "Shit, said that out loud didn't I?"

Jay nodded while Rose giggled.

She flicked her red locks as Scorpius came down the hall.

My hair, unlike Rose's red, which was really ginger, with hints of brown, is a velvet red. People think I dyed it. I haven't. Its all natural. I don't understand where it came from though, as both my parents have brown hair. Strange.

Scorpius sat down next to Rose and they started snogging.

I flicked a piece of melted cheese at them before eating my potato.

"Cheese makes you fat you know." Adam Thomas commented as he sat down opposite me.

I scowled at him. "Yeah, I obviously eat a lot."

Jay glared at Adam.

"Hey, better her say it than me." He commented, putting his hands up in defence.

"Even though you aren't actually fat. Not like Milly over there." He motioned over to some second year Ravenclaw. Bless her.

"Wait a second, did Adam Thomas actually say something nice about me?!" I asked, hand on heart. "I need a moment."

Scorpius, Rose and Jay laughed.

"You have wonky eyebrows." Adam grinned.

I sighed. "Oh well. It was nice while it lasted."

Adam's not that bad. He can be a complete utter twat most of the time, but he has his moments.

When we all finished our food, chatting mindlessly about classes and the weather, we headed to the entrance hall together.

"Yo! Al!" Scorpius called.

Albus was at the bottom of the spiral staircase, chatting to Anna.

I hate her. Although, I only hate her because she talks to him. Truth be told, we're actually friends. However, sometimes, she annoys the fuck out of me.

Al walked over to us with that hot walk. Insert swoon here.

"Hi." He said, his voice huskier than usual.

There was a moment when we all stood in silence in the middle of the entrance hall.

Jay stood awkwardly next to me, not really knowing what to say as he didn't really hang around with Albus, Scorpius and that.

Rose and Scorpius were holding hands, playing around with eachother's fingers.

Adam was leering at some sixth year slut.

Albus was just staring at something, looking sexy, as always.

I, however, was plucking up the courage to ask why were stood in the middle of the entrance hall.

After deciding that no one else would say it, I started my question. "Why are we all -"

"HEY! My sisters eyes are located on her head, not her chest! Twat." Albus shouted at some boy who was glaring at Lily Potter's chest as she was talking to him.

The boy shot him in the finger but before he could even turn back to Lily, Albus had whipped his wand out and silently jinxed him. He ran from the hall with bats flying from his nose.

"My mum taught me that." Al stated, placing his wand back into his magically enlarged pocket.

Lily glared at Albus before flipping her red hair and leading her group of friends into the great hall. She did, however, look slightly relieved that the leering boy had gone.

"Al. You shouldn't have done that. She got enough off of James." Rose said, placing her hands on her hips.

"You sound like Aunt Hermione." Al said. "And anyway, I don't do it to every boy. Just the dicks like that. Lily deserves a decent guy."

Wow. I knew Al and his sister were close, but I didn't know they were that close. He really cares for her. Aww. That's so sweet. He's such a sweet guy. I bet he'd be a great boyfriend. Not too overly protective.

"Alissa, I'm going to the common room, coming?" Jason asked, pulling my attention away from Albus.

"Yeah, gotta work on that charms essay any way. See you." I waved to Rose and took a sneaky glance at Albus, who was looking away.

It was a short walk back the to the common room, as its so close to the kitchens and the great hall.

"Any longer, you'd be drooling." Jay stated, as he let me into the common room first.

"I know. He's just so attractive." I sighed, plopping down on a round, squishy sofa.

Jason sat down next to me, placing his legs on mine.

I pushed them off. "And did you see how protective he is over Lily? I bet he'd be a great dad.."

Jay hit me over the head.

"HEY! Slut." I flicked his ear.

"Well, shut up talking about him! I'm not interested." He said, pulling his jumper off and loosening his tie.

I turned to look at him. "Yes you are. We all know you're in the closet." I winked.

He hit me.  Again.

"Hey! Alissa." Melanie shouted, coming up from the dormitories. "You'll wanna start on that charms, its to be in Monday."

"Fml. See you later Jay!" I waved and went down to my dorm.



Was the sound that woke me up.  Bloody lovely.


I groaned and sat up, just as my cat Artemis jumped onto my bed, looking frightened.

"Aww, baby! Was the mean girl nasty to you?" I stroked her as she purred and rubbed up against me.

"How can you say that!" Anna said, looking disgusted. "That thing brought a dead mouse up here and left it on my pillow!"

"Its a  she, she has a name! That means she likes you. I don't know why though.."

Anna huffed and stormed into the bathroom. Why the hell shes in hufflepuff, I'll never know.

I sighed heavily. I better get up and start this Charms essay.

After throwing on some old jean, a white vest top and a black cardigan, and shoving my hair into a high pony, I grabbed my bag and headed to the library.

After ten minutes of a slow walk, I stopped and huffed.

Why is this castle so large. And where is everyone?

I looked around. I hadn't seen anyone on my way up at all.

Bending down, I opened my bag and took out my Ipod.

Yes, my Ipod.

Yes, I know it doesn't work here. But I like to have the earphones in for comfort. I can't live without music.

I placed my earphones in, and put the limp Ipod in my pocket and carried on walking to the the library.

"Why can't you seeeee, you belong with meeee." I sung to myself, a little too loudly.

A fourth or fifth year boy stopped in front of me.

"Really?" He squeaked!

"Erm.." I replied, un sure of what to say.

"Oh my god! That's awesome! I've seen you around before! You're hot! I'm one of Hugo's friends! You're Alissa Wood. Wait till I tell people you're my girl friend." He said all in one breath.

Who is this kid? And why is he saying I'm his girlfriend? But before I knew it, he'd kissed my hand and started pulling me in the opposite direction.

"Hey look, peeves!" I shouted and pointed in the opposite direction.

The child pooped himself and let go of my wrist and I ran as fast as I could.

I didn't stop for five minutes.

Great, now a geeky kid with broken glasses and greasy hair thinks I'm  his girlfriend.

Where am I anyway? I wondered for a bit, until I realized I was on the fourth floor. Urgh.

The Library is a floor below and around five minutes away.
Its too far! I'll end up dieing!


I'll just go to the study area. I like the study are, no one really goes to the study area.

No. No. NO.

There is people in my study area! What are they doing here?!

Wow. I guess the teachers are really going hard with the homework this year.

Fine. I'll just go to the North Wing. Hopefully no one will be there.

After climbing all the way to the seventh floor, I burst into the seventh floor, practically crawling.

Its a good job no one was there.

I'm really unfit. I need to work out more.

I chose a sofa with a table close to the other door and set my things down.

Three. Foot. Long. Charms. Essay. I hate Professor Flitwick. Why isn't he retired yet? Or dead.

No, I don't mean that. I love him really.

But seriously, three feet? Set Friday, due Monday? Meh. This is going to take all weekend.

I set to work, ear phones in.


Three hours I've been here. Three. And I've done half a foot. I'm so failing Charms.

I've gone through four and half albums in my head. Born This Way, by the fabulous GaGa, Pink's greatest hits, Nothing Personal by ATL and half way through Dirty Work.
Yes, I sung every single song in my head.  I know every word.

All Time Low are a delightful pop punk muggle band. They're just amazing. Every member is HOT. And the leader singer, Alex, just, wow.

"Break another mirror to keep away the stares, of another guilty reflex, a reflection left in tears. And all of my obsessing, tell me, what was it worth? Guess I should have learned my lesson, I didn't mean to make you hurt." I sung quietly.

Suddenly, I heard voices from the door next to me.

"Come on Albus!" A voice called.


I grabbed my stuff and dived behind the sofa as the door opened.

"Good no ones here." I heard Alex Finnegan say.

I groaned internally as I laid stiff as a board behind the couch.

There was a thump, as figures sat down on the sofa I was hiding behind. Remind me again why I'm hiding?

Oh, because I'm socially awkward and hear Albus' voice.

There was silence as I heard papers rustle and pens scratch.

Well. What am I suppose to do now? Jump out at them and say "Hey! I've been hiding behind here while you guys have been working, don't mind me, I'm going to go now. Oh, I'm also incredibly attracted to you Albus. K, bye now!"


At least half an hour past in silence. I'm dying. I need a drink and I have cramp.

Finally, someone spoke. "Did you see what Emma was wearing today? Man, I'd do her."

I sighed softly as the conversation started up.

"Yeah, she's hot." Said Fred Weasley, a sixth year.

"Uhuh." Albus agreed mildly.

"Sup with you?" Finnegan asked.

Albus replied "I like girls with personality too."

"Okay then." There was some movement. "Who do you think is nice looking and a nice person?" Alex asked.

"Rosie Bliss." Fred said. I could hear the grin in his voice. Of course, everyone likes her."Yeah and Anna Brown." Alex agreed.

"Rosie, yeah, but Anna.." Albus speculated.I sat up, paying sharp attention.

"What ya mean?"

"Well, she's a bit.. Desperate? And seems bitchy." Albus replied.


I victory danced with my hands only.

"Dominique Weasley. Now, that's a girl I'd... HEY." There was two smacks before Alex could finish his sentence.

"Not our cousins." Fred warned.

"Okay, Okay!" Alex said. "Well, Samantha White is hot and nice to talk to."

"Yeah, also, Melanie Gerald is beautiful." Fred agreed.

Aww. He said beautiful instead of hot.

"Are you blushing?!" Albus exclaimed.

"Wha.. NO." Fred spluttered.

Alex teased. "Do you lurve her?"

"No. I just.. Like her OK?" Fred said, embarrassed.

I'm so getting those two together.

"Speaking of Melanie, you know who's one of the nicest girls?" Albus asked.

"Who?" Alex asked.

"Alissa. Alissa Wood."

I nearly had a heart attack.

WHAT? No. This is a joke. He's joking.

"Oh, yeah. That one that likes you?" Fred asked.

I narrowed my eyes. So people know huh? Perfect. Just perfect.


"She's a little weird. And socially awkward.." Fred replied.

Yes. Yes I am.

I felt a figure lean back as Albus spoke "Well, yeah. But I think she's lovely to talk to."AWW. He thinks I'm lovely. "And absolutely stunning, although she doesn't know it."

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Wait. Why is no one laughing. That's a joke.

Albus Potter can't possibly think I'M stunning.

Me. The obsessive Hufflepuff.

"Mmm, yeah." Alex agreed. "Smoking hot body as well."

I looked down at myself. What. Is. This.

"She certainly got better looking when she came back sixth year. Grew some right tits too."

EXCUSE ME. I'm only a D...


"Gotta be a D at least." Fred said.

"She's got gorgeous hair." Albus change the subject from my breasts. "And lovely eyes."

I melted. I actually melted.

"Do you like her?" Alex asked.

Practically standing now, I crouched as near as I could.


"FINNEGAN." A voice that sounded like Amber Holmes' came through the door.

"According to Scorpious you have a bra of mine?!"


"Shit. Gotta run boys." I heard Alex say.

"COME BACK HERE YOU PERV." Amber shouted after him.

The voices trailed away.

"I'm hungry." Fred stated.

"Me too." Albus said.

They got up and left.

It was a while before I even moved a muscle.

Albus. Albus Potter. Albus Severus Potter. Albus Severus Potter, the guy I've like since first year thinks I'm stunning.

Give me a moment.


"Seriously?!" Sam asked at dinner as I told everyone what I heard.

"Yeah. Every word is true." I stated, looking over at the Gryffindor table.

We were all sat at the Hufflepuff table.

Me, Jason, Melanie, Sam, Dom and Rose.

"Told you, you were beautiful." Jason said, smiling.

"Yeah, but you're my best friend. You have to say that." I gave him a look.

"Fred really fancies me?" Melanie asked, smiling slightly.

"Yup. You should go out with him." Rose replied.

Melanie went slightly pink and looked down.

I turned to Rose. "How did Fred know my bra size?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"I may have mentioned it to Scorp." She said shiftily.

I hit her.

"I deserved that."

"So. Does Albus like you?" Dom asked.

I shrugged. "Doubt it. We got interrupted by Amber."

"You mean your stalking." Jay corrected.

"I wasn't stalking!" I protested. "I couldn't see them. Just eavesdropping."

They all laughed.

"You have potions tomorrow." Jason grinned.

Oh crap. Well. That would be awkward.

"I'm tired." I said, standing up. "I'm going to the common room. Buy guys!"

A chorus of byes responded to me.

Jason got up and came with me.

As we exited the great hall, the little kid who seemed to be under the impression thatI'm his girlfriend, spotted me.

"Hey babe." He said trying to take my hand.

"Erm.." Was all Jason could say.

"Wanna meet my friends?" He asked.

"No." I replied.

He looked hurt. "No, come on babe."

Wow. This kid is clingy. I'll have to set him straight.

"Look kid. I'm a lesbian. I like girls. Breasts. I'm on the other bus." I said, trying to weird him out.

Jay laughed.

This child was shocked. Then he grinned. "Awesome. Can I watch?!"

I gaped at him. "Go away freak!"

Grabbing Jay, I ran away.

"What was that?!" Jay said in laughter.

I shook my head and sighed. "Don't even ask. He thinks I asked him out as I sung You Belong With Me."

We passed Albus as we walked. I looked away, embarrassed.

"I bet he does like you."

I glared at him. "Its not nice to lie."

Jay laughed. "Honestly. And you are stunning."

"You're only saying that so you can get sex." I said, walking into the common room.

"Did it work?" Jason asked, pulling me on top of him as he sat on an arm chair.


I straddled him.

He looked shocked.

I got real close to his jaw.

Smirking at the look on his face, I then licked him all the way from his jaw to his forehead.

"There ya go. All the sexual contact you'll be getting." I stuck my tongue out as he pushed me on the floor.

"That's disgusting." He said, wiping his face.

"I know." I grinned, stretching out on the floor.

"I want some ice cream." I stated after a few minutes.

"Go get some." Jay said, looking up from a muggle comic.

I grinned at him. "Will you? Only, I've got to get in the shower.."






"But I said please!"

"No Alissa."


"I said no,"

"WHY YOU NO LOVE ME?!" I cried.


"YAAAAY." I sung in triumph. "Raspberry ripple please."

"Yeah Yeah, I know." Jason said as he excited the common room.

This, is why he's my best friend.




Hi. So I know its been ages! I'm sorry. My laptop was broke all summer and then I've been busy with school. Last year and all.
But here I am!
With a long chapter! ish. I was meant to post this Wednesday, but I went to see Katy Perry, SHE WAS AMAZING. So here I am posting it friday.
Do you like Jason?
Did you expect what Albus said?
Do you think he likes her?
Fav part?
Drop me a review to let me know!
Next chapter around 8% done and chapter image will be in soon!
< 3
ps, the song You Belong With me, belongs to Taylor Swift. All Time Low is my fav band, check them out sometime:)
 pps. Also, I'm thinking of changingg the summary. Any ideas? I'll credit you if I use it, its just I cant think of a good one :(

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