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The story of how Harry Potter and Voldemort became best friends by KidRiddle
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“Harry. Come out in the next 5 seconds for you won’t be able to leave the house for the next two months!”

“I am right behind you.” Harry had lived his aunt and uncle ever since his mother and father died in a car accident when he was a baby. He pretty much just lived under the staircase always having to be strong. He rarely gets to eat and always get criticized for everything he did. His cousin was the worst, Dudley. He was a spoiled, greedy kid who was a little on the heavy side, actually A LOT on the heavy side.

“Why are you even alive?” Dudley barked at Harry while he took his dinner to his “bedroom”.

“I don’t know.” Harry muttered under his voice. Once Harry got into his room he started wishing for Dudley to go away and for him to be able to leave this hell hole. He always had some hope DEEP (like really deep) within his heart, although it got lost a lot. Harry started reading a dusty spell book he found under his mattress. He already knew he was a wizard. The Dursleys despised hearing any magical “nonsense”, as they say.


Harry runs out of his room only to see the whole door in ruins and a man with green skin (monster, not man). “I-It’s…BEAUTIFUL!” Harry was floored at his glowing skin.

“Hi Harry. How’s it been?”

“What the hell was that?” Aunt Petunia ran downstairs and was prepared to kick Harry out of the house that very second.  They immediately stopped in their tracks once they laid their eyes upon the person at the door.

“It’s horrid!” Mr.Dursley screamed in terror.

“EXCUSE ME?!?”  He took out his wand pointed his wand at Vernon. “I AM LORD VOLDEMORT AND NO ONE CALLS ME UGLY! AVADA KEDAVRA!” Mr.Dursley died instantly.

“Woah…That.was.AWESOME!” A big smile appeared across Harry’s face. “Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Sure if you are okay with your soul splitting in half! Ahaha.” Voldemort’s voice was so enchanting, the fact that he didn’t have a nose made his looks even more mesmerizing.  “Want me to show you another one?” Harry nodded his head. “Okay which one do you want to go next? This one will be real interesting. Dudley and Petunia stood there in fear as Harry and  Voldemort were discussing different spells. “Oh, so the fat one.”

“Yeah.” He took his wand out once again and pointed it at Dudley this time. “CHUBBIUS BUNNIUS!” An abundance of marshmallows came shooting out of the wand into Dudley’s mouth and you would never believe what happened. Usually with this spell the one being charmed just suffocates with all the marshmallows being stuffed down their throat. But in this case, Dudley actually swallowed all of the marshmallows and he BLEW UP! There were now Dudley parts all over the entire house! It was hilarious!

“I think we are done here.” Just about to walk out the door when a weak voice started to quiver.

“W-w-what about me?”

“Oh please! If I hurt a girl, I will be the next joke of the Wizarding world! I can’t risk my reputation like that! Just because I am naturally awesome doesn’t mean I can’t worry about image.” Voldemort stood tall and looked down at Harry while he looked up at him.

“You’re my Idol.”

“Ha. I know. I am EVERYBODY’S IDOL.”


“But I heard you were evil. Why would help him?” Petunia kept interrupting that Voldemort was having a slight urge to kill her. But once again, he had to consider his reputation.

“Okay, if YOU must know. I used to be evil. I had this awesome scheme to get rid of all the brussel sprouts in the world. They were more evil then I was!  So anyways, this guy named Dumbledore really liked brussel sprouts so he tried to destroy my plan. But then he realized I was a bit crazy and then took me to a mental hospital. The people at the mental hospital were really nice. Now I am completely sane!”

“What an interesting story!”

“Hey Harry. I like you, want to be best friends?”


“Yay! Let’s go!” While Petunia cleaned up Dudley’s guts off the walls, Harry jumped on Voldemort’s back and they skipped away into the sunset.



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The story of how Harry Potter and Voldemort became best friends: ...


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