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Three's a Crowd by Bellatrix_Lestrange369
Chapter 7 : Kill me now.
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Throughout the feast and the sorting nothing extra-ordinary happened until Dumbledore made his speech at the end.

Then my life went from bad to worse.

“As you all undoubtedly know all the prefects from last year that would be in seventh year are unfortunately in St. Mungo’s because of that tragic incident that happened at the annual prefect party last year involving two ferrets, a vanishing cabinet and some firewhiskey. Because of this I have had to make alternative arrangements for who is to be the new head boy and girl from the sixth year. Because this is a rather unusual situation I did not send the badges out with your letters but will be announcing them now. Our new head girl will be the Gryffindor prefect, Lily Evans,” me, head girl? Great. More responsibility. “And our new head boy will be,” please not him, please not him, “the other Gryffindor prefect, James Potter. I expect both of you to take on your responsibilities sensibly and with pride. In other news…” I didn’t listen to the rest of the speech but just put my head on the table and groaned whilst Alice gave me a consoling pat on the back.

Later that night I was lying in bed talking to Alice. We’d tried to sit in the common room but obviously word had got round about me staying with James and Sirius and we kept getting interrupted by girls coming over either to ask what it was like (living hell) or to tell me that I was a little slut and I wasn’t good enough for either of them. In the end we gave up and went to our dorms so, here we are.

“Alice?” I asked into the darkness.

“Mhhmm” she replied

“If James is head boy then my life is now officially living hell isn’t it?” I asked, already knowing the answer

“Definitely.” She murmured. Five minutes later I heard soft snores coming from her direction so I curled up and went to sleep.


I woke up the next day (on my own!) to find Alice was still asleep. Looking at the clock I didn’t see it necessary for her to be up yet so I just got dressed and went to sit in the common room. To my surprise James was already there. Not that I was surprised he was up, I was more surprised that he was reading.

I went up behind him and looked over his shoulder to see what the book was. More surprises, it was Great Expectations. How did he get hold of that? It’s a muggle book and he’s a pureblood. This boy never ceases to amaze me.

“You can read?” I said quietly from behind him. He turned around and put a finger on his lips, “shhh. It’s a secret.” He said. I hit him lightly on the back of his head and flopped down lightly next to him. “So,” I asked him, “how come you ended up as head boy if, last time I checked, Remus was the Gryffindor prefect?” I asked. I’d been wondering about this all night. “Well Remus decided to hand his badge in so I got it.” He said shrugging. Now this didn’t make sense.

“But Remus was a really good prefect and even if he did give it up why did you of all people get it?” I asked.

“First of all I don’t know why Remus gave it up he won’t tell any of us. And who else do you think would get it? Peter’s gone, Frank’s considered a bit pathetic even by the teachers and who would really make a better prefect? Sirius or me?” I laughed and then said “That still doesn’t explain why you’re head boy.”

“I am as confused as you are about that Lily-pad” he said. Just then a frustrated yell came from the girl’s dormitory that made us both jump.


 James chuckled but I turned to him and said quickly “I think that means it’s time for breakfast. Who’s hungry?” and I pulled him up and out of the portrait hole.

Halfway through breakfast McGonagall came over to where the sixth years were sitting to hand out timetables. Last night Alice had told me what subjects she wanted to take so I told McGonagall and she gave me Alice’s timetable which was the exact same as my own. We had a free period first so I grabbed Alice some food and went to sit in the common room to wait for her.

Ten minutes later Alice was down looking perfect as ever. I sighed and handed her the timetable.

“What!” she shrieked “ We have a free period first?” she asked.

“No,” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. “I just decided to skip the first lesson of the year, me being head girl and all.” She rolled her eyes at me and huffed.

“But I cut my shower down to ten minutes!” she threw her hands up in the air and stomped back up to the dorm. I hope Frank realises how high maintenance she is.

Just then James, Sirius and Remus fell through the portrait hole laughing. I could tell they were up to something. As they made their way over all I said was “I don’t want to know what you did because honestly I can’t be bothered to punish you.” They just started laughing more. I shook my head and picked up a copy of Witch Weekly from a nearby coffee table.

Alice emerged from the dormitories about ten minutes before we were due to be in potions. She grabbed the now cold toast from my hands and walked towards the portrait hole telling me to hurry up or I’d be late. I sighed and followed her.

We arrived at the dungeons just in time to join the back of the line making its way into the classroom. Just behind the marauders. James turned his head when we got there and winked at me. I rolled my eyes as Alice nudged me in the ribs and Bellatrix shot daggers at me.

When we were inside Slughorn made a horrific announcement. Horrific in my opinion anyway. “For your N.E.W.T.‘s I have decided that all the work you will do will be done in groups. Mr Potter stop sidling up to Mr Black these groups have already been decided. You will work in these groups every lesson and I expected everyone to co-operate.” At these words he looked pointedly at James. He then proceeded to read out the groups. Alice was with Frank, Rodolphus and Narcissa. I was with a combination of people that meant my N.E.W.T. Potion lessons were going to feel like living hell. I was with James, Severus and Bellatrix.

‘Nuff said.


“Potter! What do you think you’re doing?” That’s Severus. “You can’t put the dried billywigs in yet, obviously the potion is not the correct shade of emerald!”

James really should know better than to mess with a potion of Severus’.

“Oh leave him be Severus,” that’s Bellatrix, “what harm would it have done, really?” Oh Merlin, she really is worse than James isn’t she?

“Actually it would have ruined the potion, made it so acidic that it would melt through the cauldron, the table, your shoes, your feet and the floor. But no, I guess that’s not much harm is it really?” That’s me, being sarcastic. Bellatrix was about to come back with another comment but James, seeing the trouble before it began, just made a shushing motion and grinned at her. She instantly closed her mouth and giggled. I rolled my eyes. Honestly!


When we left the dungeons Alice came up next to me evidently having watched from a distance for the whole lesson. “So would you like me to use a dagger or a gun?” she asked as casually as asking if I wanted to go on a picnic.

 “I don’t care,” I replied “as long as it’s quick.” She laughed as she walked off to the common room for break.




This chapter is for Opalpixiechick because she's just amazing for writing four reviews in a row! This is a new emoticon thing for her @>------- (It's a rose)
Just realised I haven't yet done a disclaimer so here it is:

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and in no way shape or form am I J.K Rowling, if I was I would be writing this as an actual book. Also I do not own Great Expectations or any other works by Charles Dickens. I also do not own Bill and Ben the flowerpot men that the owls are named after. If I've forgotten anything then I probably don't own that either.

If your little fingers happen to drift towards the keyboard begging to write a review do not let the idea that I don't want them to appear in your head. I wouldn't stop you. Let your fingers write away! :)

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