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To Take the Jump by Raven claw witch
Chapter 2 : Quidditch and Posion :)
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Carmendy sat on the end of the white four-post bed, folding her clothes, at the top of Ravenclaw tower. All her roommates were running around putting up their posters of quidditch and rock stars or giggling about a boy.

Just then Isabelle Chang jumped her bed, “What about you Carmendy? Who do you think is cute?” Her other roommates seemed interested in this and immediately came over. In the hour they had all spent together in the room Carmendy already knew that Isabella was not like her, at all.

Isabelle was one of those girls that gossiped constantly, spent four hours on her hair, and entire wardrobe consisted on bright pinks. Her bed had already been personalized, complete with frilly pink sheets, a fluffy pink duvet, and a floral pillow in um, pink.

“Yeah Carmendy, who?” Said Finny Wonkshire, who was clearly Isabelle's best friend, she to was interested in endless hours of gossiping, and talking all day about boys.

Carmendy really didn't see how she and Isabella could be Ravenclaws.

“I only just got here, I don’t know anyone yet!” She exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” Said Isabelle, “You seemed to know that James Potter pretty well.”

Carmendy blushed, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“PLEASE! Everyone could see that he likes you.”

“Totally!” Chimed in Lauren Thomas.

“He didn’t even know my name before the feast.”

“How did you two meet anyways?” Asked Finny.

Carmendy finally put her folding down, “When the Hogwarts Express stopped 15 minutes before we got there, I sort of fell on top of him and he got knocked out, so I stayed with him, gave him a potion and left. That’s it.”

“He seemed to really like you.” Said Violet, this was the first time Carmendy had heard her talk, she was rather quiet, and was buried in a book most of the time. “Your lucky, load of girls like him.”

“I don’t see why, he’s so arrogant. Besides, enough about me, who do you guys like?”

“Oh, I'm dating Alex Finnigan,” Said Isabelle at once, “He’s a Gryffindor.”

“What about you three?”

“I like Fred Weasley, Gryffindor.” Said Lauren.

“I like Viktor Krum, Gryffindor.” Finny smiled. "I'm pretty sure he's going to ask me out soon!"

“Whoa, I thought he was a famous quidditch player that was a tri-wizard champion like 25 years ago?”

“He’s named after his dad.” She clarified.

“So you all like Gryffindors.”

“Well, Violet doesn’t she likes a Hufflepuff.”

“Really, who?” Carmendy asked.

“William Perkins.” Isabelle grinned.

“ISABELLE!” Cried Violet at once.

“Who’s that?”

“He’s keeper for their quidditch team, really good to, he’s the reason the team placed 3rd last year.”

“Who was 4th?”

“Ravenclaw.” They all said together.

“We have the worst team by far, for the past 3 years the seeker has never caught the snitch.”

“Why don’t they get someone else?”

“He’s the best we’ve got, I told you, were dreadful just dreadful.”

“But we have the highest scoring exams out of any house!” Piped up Violet.

“And the worst looking boys.” Retorted Lauren.

"I dunno," Said Finny, "What about some of the hufflepuffs, they aren't exactlly stunning."

"Yeah, there is that one guy who looks like he's been confunded all the time."

“Anyways,” Cut in Isabelle, “The team has no idea what they are going to do, the seeker graduated last year, and the last first year to ever make the quidditch team was Harry Potter.”

“Well, maybe I could try out.” Carmendy said slowly.

“Are you any good?” Asked Finny.

“Well I played for my school back in New York last year. I didn’t really plan on playing here, but I guess trying out wouldn’t hurt anyone, I mean I sure I won’t get it, I’m pretty bad.”

“Do you have a broom?”

She reached into her trunk and pulled on a sleek brown broom, “Yeah, it’s the Firebolt 404.”

“Oh my gosh, didn’t that just come out?” Lauren gazed at it in awe.

“Yeah, my friend’s uncle owns a broom shop and gave it to me as a going away present.”

"What was it like, growing up in the muggle world?"

"Boring really, I was really happy when I found out I was a witch."

“What about New York Academy for Bright Witches, did you like it there?”

“It was okay, but when the school went under, I knew that I was going to Hogwarts, all the other schools in America are crap.” She admitted, standing up and walking towards the bathroom, Carmendy left the door open and splashed cool water on her face, after a long feast and an even longer train ride it felt good, washing all the travel grime off.

“What happened?” Called Finny from the other room.

She looked into the mirror, the makeup had melted off her face and her hair was messier then it had been all day, Carmendy grabbed a brush and put it through her tangled locks. She sighed, putting the brush down and walked back into the main room. “A death eater broke in, killed most of a potions class, would’ve killed the whole school if someone didn’t stupfey her.” She said slowly, even though it had been exactly four months she was still on the verge of tears whenever she talked about it.

“I’m so sorry Carmendy.” Isabelle was the first the break the block of silence. “It must have been horrible, were any of them your friends?”

She nodded, “Some of my best friends.” She almost said something else, everyone noticed it, but she stopped herself.

One by one the girls drifted to sleep, but Carmendy stayed awake, starring at the room. It was nothing like her stuffy old dorm room in New York. It was a circular room at the very top of the tower, the walls were all stone and but the carpet was a dark blue carpet and the ceiling had been enchanted, like the great hall to like the night sky. Her white four post bed was the farthest from the door, but closest to the bathroom. She pulled the light blue curtains around her bed and wrapped herself tightly in the blankets, as she starred up at the stars she whispered, “Goodnight Tommy, I love you.” Before drifting off into a deep sleep.
                  *                                                           *                                                 *
Meanwhile in the Gryffindor tower, James was wide awake with all his friends, laughing and eating their leftover candy from the train and whatever they had managed to sneak out of the great hall.

“Are any of you going to try out for the team this year?” Asked James, for two years he and Fred Weasley had been the only ones in his dorm on the Gryffindor quidditch team, everyone at Hogwarts knew that he was the best seeker at the school, he always caught the snitch, every single time, never lost one match. “No one stands a chance this year.”

“I think I’ll go out for keeper.” Said Alex.

“Yeah man! It’ll be awesome. You as keeper, me as seeker, Rose as chaser, and Fred here as a beater, and Albus as chaser, we’ll be unstoppable my friends!” James raised his mug of butterbeer he had summoned up from the kitchen. “Here-here!” They clinked their glasses together.
                             *                                               *                                          *
The next morning Carmendy sat with Isabelle, Finny, Violet and Lauren. And James sat with Alex, Sean Longbottom, Katie, Rose and Fred. “Stop staring.” Whispered Rose as she sat down next to him.

“What?” He broke his ever-lasting starring competion with the ravenclaw table, “I-I wasn’t-“

“Yes you where James, it was quite obvious really.” Rose said, handing him, Fred and everyone else a piece of paper, “Neville wanted me to had these to you.” Sean blushed next to him, he always did whenever anyone talked about his dad, which was quite often.

He picked it up, it was their class schedules, great nothing like a good morning then double potions with the Slytherins! He sighed, “I don’t know what’s so bad!” Alex exclaimed, “Almost every class we have is with the Ravenclaws.” James looked back at the paper, it was true, besides morning potions with Slytherins and afternoon History of Magic with Hufflepuffs (how much more dull can that class get!) they had every other class with the Ravenclaws.

His face lit up, “Oh James, you know I love you and everything,” Said Rose, “But you barley know this girl, she could be a crazy mass murder or something! You’ve known her for less then 12 hours and you’re practically planning your freaking wedding for Merlin’s sake!”

“Ever heard of love at first sight little red?” James asked, his eyes were resting on the Ravenclaw table again.

“DON’T TELL ME YOUR GOING TO RUN AROUND TELLING EVERYONE YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH HER! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER!” Cried Rose, exactly at the moment were everyone in the hall had taken a break in their conversation, causing his face was turning as red as her hair.

“Thanks a lot Rose!” He hissed before leaping up from the table and fleeing the hall.

“THEY WERE TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT YOU!” Isabelle grinned clapping like a frickin’ giddy schoolgirl.

“They were not!” Carmendy said, not looking up from a letter from her parents.

Dear Carmendy,
We hope your having a great time at Hogwarts! Tell us what house you are in! We’re so proud of you! Abigail and Bailey are having a good time at their new school. Tell us everything that’s going on and take lots of pictures!
Mom and Dad

She had also gotten another letter from her older sister Bailey.

Dear Car,
Hey sis! How’s Hogwarts? Any hot guys? Not that they would go out with you anyways! I miss you, schools ago but my English teacher is a complete bitch! Well, I’m sure you have to get back to brewing caldrons or sticking warts on each other’s noses!
Kind of Sort of Love you!
-Bailey <3

“Yes, they were. Who else at Hogwarts does James not even know?” Isabelle wouldn’t stop.

“I’ve got to go.”


She sighed, “To get my books.” With that she marched out of the great hall.

She climbed to stairs to the Ravenclaw common room. "What is so fragile that even saying it's name can break it?" The large brass knocker asked.

"Silence." She said, the door swung open, reavling the deserted common room. She walked to one of the large blue couches and sat down. "Accio paper." A piece of paper zoomed towards her. She reached into her pocket, pulling out her quill.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hogwarts is fun, I'm in ravenclaw house. It's a really great house, we pride our selves on being smart. :) I miss you, I hope your all getting along well.

She tucked the letter into an envelope, and set it on a table and started on her letter to Bailey.

Dear Bailey,
Hey! Hogwarts is totally awesome! I'm in ravenclaw, the smart-ass house! The guys are okay, better then none like at NYC for bright witches! Expect there is this guy, James Potter. His dad liked, saved the whole wizarding world, so he thinks cause his dad did that that everyone should bow down or something! UGH! And yes, I've gotta go, I have History of Magic! Wish me luck and write back! I hope your having a good time at your school, and I'll hex your teacher when I get back for Christmas!

She ran to her dorm room, fetched her books and left to go to class.

Charms couldn’t come fast enough for James, potions with the Slytherins was horrible, not only did he hate the Slytherins but his worst subject was potions, even though he was one of Slughorn's prized jewels. When he waltzed into the classroom late (due to a run in with the ever-changing staircases) the only seat left was next to Carmendy and her friends.

“Thank you for joining us Mr. Potter.” Professor Flittwick said, clearly annoyed.

“No problem sir.” He replied causing Carmendy to roll her perfect blue eyes. He sat himself in the seat next to her, "Hello CarCar." He draped his arm around her shoulder.

"UGH!" She grabbed it and threw it off her shoulder in disgust. "Don't touch me!" She hissed through clenched white teeth.

"Come on, CarCar, don't be like that." James said, grinning at her.

"First of all, CarCar? Really? And secondly, what the freaking hell?"

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Boulder, please pay attention."

"Great, now you got me in trouble!"

Throughout the class James counited to try and talk up Carmendy, who of course ignored him. When the bell finally rang, she slammed her book shut and stormed out of the class, but not before stepping on James's hand.

"What was that about?" Laura asked her after class.

"Nothing, James was just being a prat."

"You do know how many of the girls in this school who kill the get James to even say 'Hi' to them?"

"I don't care, they can have him for all I care! I need to focus on other things."


"Like, like, quidditch! I'm need to try out."

"Wow, your really going to try out?"

"Yeah, tryouts are this weekend, aren't they?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Great, what class to we have next?"


"Who with?"


"Crud!" Carmendy said under her breath.

The rest of the week was full of boring classes and Carmendy was still ignoring James, much to his disappointment. "Why does she not like me?" James asked Alex, Rose, Katie and Albus at Saturday's morning breakfast.

"Why do you like her?" Asked Katie.

"She's amazing."

"You've known her since monday." Rose pressed, "You only like her because she doesn't like you."

"That's not true."

"Yes it is!" Everyone said in sync.

"Dude, I've known you since birth, you only like her cause she isn't interested." Albus said.

"But I'm James Sirius Potter!" He exclaimed.

"Maybe that's just it." Rose said, taking a piece of bacon from James's plate.

"What do you mean?"

"Some girls just don't like famous people like you."

"Really?" James asked, surprised, "Oi!" He exclaimed, "What did you do that for?" He gripped his foot, after Rose stomped on it.

"Yes really! Come on James, just drop it, besides, all of your relationships last a maximum of 2 weeks."

"Rose, she is different."

"James, read my lips. You don't know her!"

"I've gotta go, see you guys later. Oh and Alex, tryouts are this afternoon after Ravenclaw."

"See you later James."

Meanwhile Carmendy was leaving the Ravenclaw table to go to quidditch tryouts, when she reached the pitch the team was talking to each other, besides them there were about 3 other people trying out.

“Okay!” Barked the quidditch captain. “This is going to be simple.” He pulled the snitch out of his pocket, “Whoever catches this first, is the new ravenclaw seeker. Mont your brooms.” Carmendy swung her leg over her firebolt 404. “AND, GO!”

She kicked off from the ground and flew high to the top of the stadium, she saw the others, below her, looking around for the snitch. She hovered in the air a while, watching others think they see it.

But she knew better, she had a good eye for the snitch, she always had. It took a few minutes before she finally saw a small twinkling ball directly below her, but Angie Ross, a 6th year had also seen it. They both dived for it. Although Carmendy was well above Angie, her cleansweep was no match for a firebolt.

She reached the snitch about 20 seconds ahead of Angie. She held it high above her head and dove towards the ground, were the captain congratulated her. “And in under 10 minutes!” He boomed, “Great work, great work.”

A girl with curly light auburn hair and two identical boys came over, “Hi I’m Dominique Weasley, and this is Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, I’m a chaser and they are beaters. That was great up there, we might not even come in last this year.” She smiled.

“I’m Carmendy Boulder, I’m a 4th year.”

“Oh my cousin was telling me about you the other day! Oh and were in 7th year.”

“Who’s your cousin?”

“James Potter. He’s on the Gryffindor team, he’s also the seeker.” Her stomach flopped around inside her, “That’s our first match, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw.” Okay, now she was freaking out, she was going to have to beat smug little James Potter, and anyone who attend Hogwarts knew that he hadn’t lost a single game, ever.

“When is the match?”

“Next weekend, it’s pretty soon, but if we do it then we can have way more games.”

“ALRIGHT TEAM!” Called the captain, “Huddle up so I can give out practice times.”

They all walked over to him and he handed out schedules, until the next game Carmendy had to train every night, perfect, what had she get herself into?

                       *                                                     *                                              *
Two weeks later Carmendy was frightened for her life at breakfast. “I cant do it!” She whispered to Lauren, checking around to make sure no one else had heard her, Ethan Goffer, the team captain, had wanted to keep her a secret so the Gryffindors had no idea.

“You’ll be great, you have been practicing every night for the past two weeks.”

Carmendy sighed, “I’ve better go, I was supposed to be down at the locker rooms ages ago.” Lauren nodded.

“Have fun!” She said as Carmendy walked out of the great hall.

When she reached the locker rooms she changed out of her school robes and into her quidditch gear along with Nicolette and Jenny Thompson, another chaser both seemed nervous.

They listened to Ethan drone on about their skills and what to do, not that anyone was really listening. Finally Oliver Wood, the flying referee who had previously been the keeper for Puddlemere United, came in, “Lets play some quidditch!”

The team followed Ethan to the plank of wood on the west side of the stadium, Carmendy could here the announcer calling out the names the Gryffindor team, “CAPTAIN AUSTIN WILLAIMS AS CHASER, ROSE WEASLEY AS CHASER, ALBUS POTTER AS CHASER, FRED WEASLEY AS BEATER , HOLLY CREEVEY AS BEATER, ALEX FINNIGAN AS KEEPR ANDDDDD JAMES POTTER AS SEEKER!” The team was greeted by cheers, which only made her feel more uneasy, they kicked off and flew into the stadium. They were greeted with many cheers, the Slytherins and the Hufflepuffs had taken their side over the Gryffindors and the announcer was calling off their names as they flew in a line towards the center of the pitch, “CAPTAIN ETHAN GOFFER AS KEEPER, DOMINQUIE WEASLEY AS CHASER, JENNY THOMPSON AS CHASER, KYLE SMITH AS CHASER, LORCAN AND LYSANDER SCAMANDER AS BEATERS, ANDDDD CARMENDY BOULDER AS SEEKER!” They all touched down on the grass.

“YOU!” Said James, “You’re their new seeker!” Carmendy nodded, smirking as Oliver Wood quickly went over the rules, he released the snitch first, and it buzzed over our heads for a moment, then zoomed away, then the buldgers, then they kicked off as he released the quaffle. “AND THOMPSON HAS THE QUAFFLE!” She ignored everything as she zoomed up above everyone.

Even from up there she could here all the Ravenclaws cheering together,

“Yeah, Ravenclaw, were the best,
We’ll beat all the rest!
Were feeling good, flying high,
Our beaters will knock you right out of the sky
Then there’s Goffer he’ll block that ring,
Cause he is the Ravenclaw king!
And Weasley, she can score,
We’ll drown out Gryffindor’s roar!
Plus Smith is so fast,
He’ll help us kick some serious ass!
Thompson just keeps on scoring,
She’ll make you wish you weren’t born!
Then there is Boulder, catching that snitch
She is the best seeker on this pitch!
Ra Ra RAVENCLAW!” They all cheered, she smiled as she continued to look around the large stadium for the ball.

“AND THAT’S 60-20 GRYFFINDOR!” Shouted the announcer, barley anyone could here him over the shouts and scream, “THOMPSON WITH THE QUAFFLE, SMITH, WEASLEY, SMITH, THOMSPON, WEASLEY, WEASLEY SCORES!” Carmendy clapped as Dominquie pumped her fist into the air.

Out of the corner of her eye, Carmendy saw something twinkling at the edge of the stadium, she dived and swerved through players towards the snitch, “LOOKS LIKE BOULDER HAS SEEN THE SNITCH, AND POTTER ISN’T FAR BEHIND HER!”
She was almost there, the snitch was just inches away, when a bludger hit her broom, causing her to fly off, she gripped the broom. She panicked, she had to be hundreds of feet above the air, “CARMENDY BOULDER’S BROOM HAS BEEN HIT BY A BULDGER, AND SHE’S HANGING IN THE AIR.” Gasps rang through out the stadium. She tried pulling herself up, but she couldn’t, ‘Great, my little upper body strength is going to bring me to an untimely death’ she thought.

James was flying towards her, ‘The snitch must be behind me’ she thought to herself. But even though the snitch was just next to her, James wasn’t flying fast, he was moving slowly towards her, finally hovering next to her.

She felt her palms sweating and her heart pounding, ‘This is the end,’ she thought, ‘I’m going to die, here.’

“Take my hand.” Said James, extending his hand, “I’ll help you get back on.” She hesitated for a moment, but took his hand and he helped her get on his broom, and finally back in to hers.

“Thanks.” She said, “Good luck.”

“I won't need it.” He winked then flew away.

“AND CARMENDY BOULDER IS BACK IN IT, THANKS TO GRYFINNDOR SEEKER JAMES POTTER!” Everyone clapped as Carmendy flew up to the top, again, looking for the snitch.

Five minutes later, Carmendy was standing in the middle of the field as she held up the snitch, “CARMENDY BOULDER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH LEADING RAVENCLAW TO ITS FIRST WIN IN 4 YEARS!” People were swarming to the field, all her teammates were hugging her.

“PARTY IN RAVENCLAW TOWER!” Several people shouted as Lorcan and Lysander lifted her up on their shoulders, “CAR-MEN-DY! CAR-MEN-DY!” They chanted all the way up to the tower, she hurried up to her dorm to change before the party, were she meet Lauren.

“That was awesome!” She hugged her, “What the heck happened up there?”

Carmendy pulled on a blue skirt and a white tank top, “Well I got hit by a bludger, thought I was going to die, how was your day?” She said, rolling her yes for good measure.

“I’m talking about James, he saved your life didn’t he?” Carmendy shrugged as she applied mascara and lip gloss, “Come on you know you like him!”

“No I don’t!” She snapped, shooting Lauren a death glare. "He's a self-centered, ass who thinks he can get away with whatever the hell he wants!"

Carmendy point of view

I brushed my cheeks with blush. Even if he did save my life, that didn't make up for being such a prat! I looked in the mirror, I put silver hoops in my ears and pulled my hair up into a pony tail.

‘Tommy, I wish you were here.’ I thought, 'You always knew what to do.'

When I was finally ready I walked downstairs were I was greeted with a loud round of applause, I couldn’t believe how many people were here, it looked like the whole school and then some.

“Hey!” Dominquie jumped infront of me, “I left the door open so anyone can come join us!” She was grinning. “I can’t believe we won!” She hugged me, causing me to nearly spill my butterbeer. “See you later!” She called, running off.

“Hey.” Someone tapped my shoulder, I spun around.

“Hey James!”

“Congrats, you guys deserve it.” He smiled, but I could tell he was sad about losing his first match. “Not that we won’t kick you asses next game!”

I grinned, “You wish! And while I have you I wanted to say thanks, for earlier.”

“Well, I would rather you win then die.”

“Nice to hear.”

“Let's dance!“

“CARMENDY!” Lysander came over, “Come dance with me!” And he pulled me away from James before I could say anything.

I had a ball for the rest of the night, the party was so fun, although half the seventh years had had a bit too much firewisky. I had finally found Laura around ten and we stuck together for the night. Some one had jinxed the ceiling to rain confetti nonstop so by midnight, there was a good couple inches on the floor.

Lauren and I danced with almost every guy there, and for the first time in a long time I felt really happy. But around 1am, well I’m not sure what happened. I was just dancing with Lauren, and I blacked out.

James Point of View

The party was still going strong at one am in the morning, even us Gryffindors were having a good time, for the house that prides it’s self on brain and wit, they sure can through a killer party, not that they ever got a chance to before now.

But when I heard someone scream around one am, I ran towards them. That’s when I saw her, she was lying on the deep blue carpet, still clasping her cup. Even knocked out she looked pretty, “Oh my god!” Shrieked her friend Lauren.

I bent over her, pressing my ear to her chest. I waited for a second, but nothing.

“Carmendy!” I said, “Carmendy, can you hear me?” But she didn’t do anything, she lye there, “SOMEONE GET A NURSE!” I yelled into the crowd, someone ran out of the room to get someone.

“Can you here me? Carmendy!” I don’t know what made me do it; I just bent over her lifeless body, and kissed her.

Then she started coughing. I checked her pulse, it was going, “Oh my god.” I whispered. A nurse burst into common room and ran over.

“What happened?” She asked me.

“She was dancing and all of a sudden just dropped to the ground, and she wasn’t breathing, and-and her heart wasn’t going, and then she just started breathing again.” I said as fast as I could.

“And you didn’t do anything else.”

“Well, before she started breathing, I sort of, kissed her.” The nurse’s mouth dropped open, but she quickly closed it, she levitated Carmendy’s body and started walking, the body at her side, it was a rather creepy site.

“You!” She pointed at me, “Follow.” I hurried after them.

When we reached the hospital wing it was empty, the nurse put her on a bed and gave her several potions and drew some blood. I stayed with her; it was nearly two thirty am by now. “You really should get some sleep.” She told me, but I wasn’t having any of it.
I stayed by her bed until the results came back.

“She was poisoned.” The nurse said slowly, “Do you know what she had to drink?”


“No firewisky?” The nurse asked. I shook my head, and told her that Carmendy wasn’t the kind of girl that drank.

“How could it have been butterbeer that poisoned her?” I asked, “Everyone else was having it to.”

“It seemed that someone poured something into her drink, and just hers. Who was with before it happened?”

“Her friend Lauren, and the Scamander twins.” I say, “Oh yeah and my cousin Dominique Weasley.” She kept running around opening Carmendy's mouth and pouring potions down it.

"Very advanced, unheard of!" She kept muttering under her breath.

"What was it?"

She looked up, shocked, "Excuse me dear?"

"What saved her?"

"I think it was something, very advanced, very advanced indeed, it's called the De Osculo Caritatis charm."

"But no one used their wands on her."

"You don't need a wand for it, it means the kiss of love! If you kiss someone without really knowing them, but you love them, you can save their life, even if they are teetering on the edge of life and death."

"Are you saying that I saved her life, because I kissed her, because I love her?"

"It very well seems so."

I sat there, not knowing what to do, was I really in love with her? "Could you please not tell her, you know, that I, saved her life, because I love, her."

The nurse smiled at him, "I suppose so. She is very lucky to be alive. You better go, it's nearly three am." I stood up and walked out of the room, knowing that she was going to be okay, was to say the least, a relief. All I had to do is make her fall for me, easy right? 




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