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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 10 : Beauty is poisonous
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 Thank you so much for the lovely reviews in the previous chapter ! I hope you enjoy this one just as much and... I also hope you don't hate Naomi too much! :P 

Lots of love, 

Monday morning was like the worst moment of the week. I mean, Mondays are bad but Monday mornings are just evil. I sat between Lily and Rhea for breakfast in absolute silence; I wasn’t in the mood for chatting. Besides, they were still talking about the quidditch team. Charlie had made it as the new goal keeper and someone named Mark Bugler as the second beater. I swear I had not seen Charlie this excited since that stupid pic nic date with Amos. I would never understand what was so incredibly amazing about Quidditch. I took an apple but decided that biting it would be too much of an effort, so I put it down again.

-“Coffee?”- Letty asked. Penelope sat somewhere close to Jo. They had joined us this morning in the Gryffindor table, even though they were a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw.

-“Skinny latte, no sugar”- I muttered. She nodded.

-“I have not seen Narcissa since Friday’s party, do you think she’s okay?”- Rhea asked all of a sudden. That got my attention. I scanned Slytherin table and realized she was right. Narcissa wasn’t… no, wait, she was. She was sitting there, alone. She looked tiny, and she was really quiet. I smiled.

-“She’s there”-I told them. They all looked in the direction I was pointing.

-“Oh God, she’s miserable”- Penelope said, happily.

-“The higher you reach, the harder the fall”- I added. They nodded in agreement.

-“You better be careful then, you’re almost as high up as she was”- I turned to see Mia. I did not like the girl. Not the slightest bit.

-“I don’t think there’s anyone good enough to make Naomi the slightest bit nervous”- Lily said bitterly. I knew she did not like the girl either. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had gone on a couple dates with James…

-“Whatever”- Mia sat. I glared at her.

-“What makes you think you can sit?”- Meg asked her. The girl looked appalled.

-“Well… it’s an empty seat, anyone can sit here”- she ventured. Jo snorted.

-“Arse, up”- I said icily. She hesitated for a second but did not dare to disobey me so she stood up and walked away.

-“Why don’t you like her?”- Odette asked.

-“I just don’t”- I said. They resumed their breakfast, knowing it was useless to try to get anything else from me. The owls came in that moment.

-“There’s a letter for you, Naomi”- Rhea noticed. I looked up and saw it. I recognized the handwriting immediately. It was Lulu’s.

-“More bad news?”- Lily whispered.

-“No”- I replied flatly, taking the letter from the owl. I put it in my bag; I did not want to read it with all these girls around me.

-“We should start thinking about Halloween party”- Jo said, matter of factly. 

-“It’s a month away”- Meg whined

-“Yeah, we should definitely have something else coming sooner than that”- Silvia said.

-“It’d be good for you to throw a party now, you’ve just become Queen Bee”- Lorena suggested. I felt irritated.

-“You’re annoying her”- Lily warned them. They looked a little afraid. I took a sip from the coffee Letty had prepared for me. I thought about it. Lorena was right, after all. 

-“We’ll be late”- Rhea said, standing up. I groaned and we all left the Great Hall.


Monday went by smoothly. I notice Narcissa made a great job avoiding us at all times so we did not have any encounters worth describing. The Marauders were something else. They seemed to be in all my classes and they liked to sit either with us or very close to us. Rhea preoccupied me, she was too sweet for me; being cold towards her was a hell of a lot of effort especially since I’d overthrown Narcissa. She’d thanked me so many times for getting her the frontier justice she wanted that I had had to threaten her to make her stop. Rhea and Lily were good people. I actually liked them quite a lot.

Lily was much more like me than the blonde. She had a temper as fiery as her hair. She tried to control it but she could come up with great comebacks when needed. She snapped at people who annoyed her and was extremely organized. The perfect Head Girl. I knew she’d end up dating Potter but it would take a hell of a lot of time. She was nowhere near ready to commit herself to a man who had already planned their kids’ names. Some people said it was creepy, I found it amusing.

Rhea was not doing very well. She pretended to be okay with Amos and her not being exclusive but I knew she was hurting. I had told her it would happen, so I was annoyed she didn’t listen to me. We had forced her to flirt with Matt, the boy who’d taken Lily to the Welcome Back party on the first weekend. She’d done quite well, he asked her to go sit with him for dinner. She’d gone and we’d seen Amos stare at them. Back in our room Rhea had felt guilty about it. That girl needed to learn how to handle men. You’d think she knew more about it, being best friends with Hogwarts Womanizer Sirius Black, but no… my thoughts took suddenly a different direction. Black. He was such an idiot. I mean, I didn’t dislike him; it was just that he was so arrogant he hadn’t talked to me for an entire weekend. It didn’t bother me as in ‘I want Black to talk to me’ it just irritated the crap out of me that he still thought he could have an opinion on who I dated. On the other hand, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss pissing him off and pretending to get into fights with him all the time. I figured I had developed a liking for annoying his arrogant ass.


-“So, any ideas for a good party next weekend?”- Jo asked when we got to our room. Rhea was in Quidditch practice.

-“I was thinking on having a Latin Party”- Meg said. I looked at her, interested.

-“What do you have in mind?”- I asked, reaching the window and lighting a cigarette.

-“Well, if we get together a good bunch of Latin songs, a big dance floor and some Rum it’d be cool enough”- she said.

-“Yeah, I think it sounds cool. You are not overdoing it so it looks like you’re not concerned about making a point, just having fun”- Lily observed. These girls were getting better every day. I was almost proud.

-“We can get the Room of Requirements to look like a Latin club. How about one of those Caribbean clubs with Neon lights and go-go cages?”- Meg suggested. I smirked.

-“Sounds like a plan. Jo, you take care of the music”- I told her. She nodded.

-“Oh I can’t wait! Too bad it’s still Monday”- Lily groaned, throwing herself on the bed.

-“Tell me about it, I have detention tomorrow”- Jo complained. I raised an eyebrow.

-“What?”- she paled slightly.

-“I… I got into a little fight with Grace on Thursday and Professor Sprout gave me detention”- she said a little preoccupied.

-“I don’t like my minions in detention”- I said sourly. She looked down.

-“I’m sorry Naomi, it won’t happen again, I promise. She just said some nasty things about Rhea and I couldn’t help it”- she explained. Lily sat on the bed.

-“What did she say?”- the red head asked.

-“I… well, she implied she was shagging Amos ‘cause Rhea wouldn’t do it”- Jo explained.

-“Whore”- I hissed. They looked at me, surprised. I wasn’t expecting it to irritate me so much either, but I felt totally outraged by this and I was not going to let her go unpunished.

-“Yeah, that’s what I thought”- Jo said, apologetically.

-“I don’t like my minions in detention, but this time you have a good excuse”- I told Jo. She lightened up immediately, relieved.

-“What are we going to do about Rhea?”- Lily asked.

-“I don’t know”- Meg said visibly worried.

-“She needs to learn”- I said, coldly.

-“Yeah, we know she’s too naïve and sweet… but that’s Rhea”- Lily replied.

-“Isn’t she best friends with The Marauders? Her best friend is a fucking womanizer, you’d expect him to teach her something”- I snapped. They looked thoughtful. Lily looked at me funny. I chose to ignore her.

-“Rhea has never approved of Sirius’ sleeping around habits”- Jo told me. I raised an eyebrow.

-“Why does everyone in this school think they can have an opinion on who everyone else dates or sleeps with?”- I asked, irritated. This time, it was Lily who raised an eyebrow. I did not like the look she was giving me. What was she thinking?

-“Well, she’s his best friend, she can have an opinion”- Meg replied.

-“Whatever. Rhea’s going to get hurt, you’ll take care of the healing”- I said. They looked at me confused.

-“What do you mean?”- Meg blurted.

-“I am going to hurt Rhea”- I said nonchalantly. 

-“You what? Why?”- Lily inquired, clearly preoccupied by my statement.

-“I am going to hurt Rhea”- I repeated as if they were mentally damaged.

-“Why? How?”- Jo asked. I was highly annoyed by now. I did not like explaining my actions to anyone.

-“I’m going to get Amos to dump her”- I snapped. Lily gasped.

-“But… Naomi! She’s going to be devastated!”- the red head said, totally horrified.

-“She’ll live”- I replied flatly. They stared at me blankly.

-“Why do you want to hurt your friend?”- Meg asked, a little concerned.

-“I will hurt her to make sure Amos doesn’t hurt her even more”- I told them.

-“She agreed to do casual!”- Meg exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.

-“Rhea cannot take casual, it’s killing her and you all know it”- Jo said in aggravation.

-“Still, I think if we give them time he’ll… I don’t know, he knows it hurts her, I can tell”- Meg replied.

-“I know, but I’ve been watching him. He won’t give a shit”- I said.

-“I think Naomi’s right about that… the guy’s nice when he’s with her but he won’t give up all his other friends”- Lily agreed gloomily.

-“Why are guys like that?”- Jo complained.

-“Well, it’s common knowledge they do have commitment issues”- Meg replied. I laughed icily.

-“Jo, find out where Amos’ll be tomorrow afternoon”- I told her. She nodded.


I read Lulu’s letter before I went to bed. It was short, she said she was really busy but asked me to write to her more and promised she’d find a moment to write me a real highly detailed letter. I smiled and went to sleep.

Tuesday morning, breakfast. The Marauders had decided to sit with us and I was having a hard time. For some odd reason, Potter had stopped looking at me with lustful eyes and it bothered me. Of course, he was Lily’s but I wanted him to want me. I basically wanted everyone to want me, it felt good. Not that I would ever get with him and hurt my first mate; that was nasty even for me.

-“Josh’s coming”- Lily whispered in my ear. I noticed Black stiffened.

-“I am so not in the mood right now”- I groaned. Rhea looked at me.

-“You have not been in the mood for anything lately”- she highlighted. I glared at her.

-“Hey Hun”- Josh greeted me.

-“What do you want?”- I snapped. Black looked at us, curious. I think it’s the first time he actually sees me talking to Josh. Of course he thought I was a loving girlfriend or something equally ridiculous. Idiot.

-“Wanna come to a small… meeting this evening?”- he asked. The Marauders glanced his way, probably trying to find out where this was happening so that they could prank it.

-“I’m not in the mood, Josh”- I replied. It was true; I was annoyed at the world even though I had no idea why. Besides, I had to find Amos and make sure he broke it off with Rhea.

-“If you change your mind, just let me know”- he said. He leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips before leaving.

-“Does he not get mad at you for being so insufferable?”- Black spat.

-“Oh, so you’re talking to me now”- I said, pouring some juice.

-“No”- he turned around and engaged in a Quidditch conversation with Potter. I rolled my eyes.

-“You should go tonight”- Jo whispered in my ear. I looked at her for a second and then I understood. Amos was going.



The first training session was that evening. Walter was using the DADA room for it. This first meeting we did not do much practicing. Walter talked to us about the dangers we’d be facing and about some of the Order’s missions. He told us about how it was born, some of its member’s names and its main goals. Then he made us swear we would not share the information we were given with anyone. I knew most of what he was telling us, my dad did not keep secrets from me. This meant that I was highly bored sitting in a room with The Marauders, Lily, Rhea and Frank Longbottom for an hour and a half. I noticed that Potter looked slightly bored as well. I wondered if his dad had told him about this, too. My thoughts were interrupted by his hazel eyes. The moment he turned to look at me I couldn’t help it, but I changed to femme fatale mode. I knew it was wrong; Potter and Lily had to get married at some point and I was personally going to make sure that happened. Yet, I loved the attention. Better than that, I loved the power it gave me. Beauty is a dangerous thing. I knew that I was stunning and that it made me powerful, especially against men. And power was a poison, and a highly addictive one at that. I kept smirking and exchanging looks with Potter for the remaining of the meeting, but I did not stay long enough for him to approach me when Walter dismissed us. I did not really want anything to do with him. As long as he lusted after me, I was content.


I met Josh at the Great Hall around ten thirty. My friends had not been invited to this party so I guessed it was a really small gathering for a selected group of nasty Slytherins. And me. And Amos. What Amos was doing in this picture I had no idea, but it wouldn’t take long to find out. Josh took me to an empty classroom I had never noticed before. Inside, there were eight people or so. I recognized Josh’s friends Snape and Parkinson. The Carrows were there, too. Amos was sitting with a girl I had seen in the library a couple times. Josh poured me a drink and I moved around, talking to these people. I disliked them so much it took a lot of effort not to glare at every single one of them.

-“Diggory”- I said, approaching him. He turned around, smiling.

-“Naomi Ivy, it’s always a pleasure to see you”- I felt like punching him that moment. Was he really hitting on me?

-“You and I need to talk”- I glared at the girl standing next to him.

-“Of course, give us a moment, babe”- he told her. She nodded and went to Parkinson. I watched as she started a conversation and then turned my attention back to Amos.

-“You have to break up with Rhea”- I told him. He raised an eyebrow.

-“And why would you want me to do that?”- he asked.

-“You don’t get to ask questions”- I said. He chuckled.

-“You can’t honestly expect me to dump Rhea. She’s hot”- he replied. I smirked.

-“I am giving you a choice, Diggory. You can either do as I told you and dump Rhea or face social death from tomorrow morning”- I tossed a couple locks of my hair and smiled sweetly at him. He looked worried.

-“You rule the female half of the school only”- he pointed out. I took my wand out and started playing with it.

-“Are you completely sure about that?”- I said putting on my best flirtatious look.

-“I don’t want to dump her. And you may be hot but that still won’t keep me from trying to ruin you too”- I chuckled. He had tried to threaten me. How lame.

-“Have I ever told you that hexing people who annoy me is my favorite hobby?”- I asked casually. He frowned.

-“You wouldn’t”- he said. I rolled my eyes.

-“You know I would so let’s try again. You dump Rhea or you’ll face social death. And a vacation in the Hospital Wing”- I threatened. He looked appalled.

-“Why do you want me to do this? You know Rhea’ll be hurt, right?”- he said.

-“Do not make the mistake of thinking I believe you care for her”- I warned him icily. He looked even more appalled than before.

-“Right, I don’t give a shit if she gets hurt. But I thought you would”- he said matter of factly.

-“What I care and don’t care about is none of your business”- I spat.

-“Okay, okay. I’ll dump her, promise. But I’ll want something in return”- he said. I smirked.

-“Make sure to kill all hopes of getting back together”- I commanded. He nodded slightly and I turned around, leaving him. Josh was talking to Snape.

-“I am bored, so I’m leaving”- I told him. Snape looked at me. There was something about that boy that gave me the creeps. No wonder Lily wasn’t friends with him anymore.

-“It’s only midnight. You’ve been here for less than an hour”- Josh complained.

-“Like I said, I’m bored so I’m leaving”- I left my drink on the closest table and walked out of the room. The only reason I’d gone to that party was to make Amos break up with Rhea. That was done; I had nothing else to do in there.


I walked back to Gryffindor common room lost in thought. Hogwarts got to me and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t help but to feel slightly bad for Lily, given that I had regained Potter’s interest. This was the first time in my life that I knew something similar to guilt. Did I care for Lily more than I thought I did? Why was that? How had it happened? I had to talk to my dad, he was always useful when I had some sort of existential crisis coming up. I walked through the portrait and towards the stairs without even looking around. My mind was way too busy.

-“Naomi!”- I froze for a split second and then turned to face Potter. He was sitting on a sofa next to the fire. There was a book on his lap.

-“That’s my name”- I replied. He smiled.

-“I thought you were only cold and bitchy when there were people around”- he teased. I smirked.

-“Are you implying you are not people?”- I raised an eyebrow. He chuckled.

-“You know what I meant”- he said, standing up and walking towards me.

-“Why would you think I can be nice?”- I questioned him, amused. He smiled.

-“I have heard rumors”- he stood in front of me. I chuckled lightly.

-“So Black couldn’t keep his mouth shut, could he?”- I said.

-“Don’t take it on him. We do not keep secrets… but he’s not told anyone else, don’t worry. Your reputation’s safe”- he explained. I was surprised to realize I was not bothered by the fact that Sirius had told James about our little chat some nights ago. God, now that I thought about it, it had been a while since last time Black had spoken to me…

-“I know”- was all I could say. There was something similar to a little voice screaming I did miss Black somewhere in my mind and it was getting harder and harder to ignore it.

-“Does it bother you? That he’s not talking to you?”- he asked me. My eyes widened in shock. The voice shut up immediately, all my alarms ringing like crazy. Defenses up, woman!

-“Why would it bother me?”- I said, pretending to be confused and slightly irritated. Of course, I knew exactly what he was thinking but I had to play dumb.

-“I… well… you two have a thing, don’t you?”- I saw his cheeks blushing and suddenly it took all my self control not to do him there and then. I had already established that he was hot but it absolutely stunned me that he was making sure it was okay for him to fantasize about me. I knew nothing of such friendships, for that I had never had a close friend. How could someone be so loyal to another? I mean, Potter was never really going to get with me and he knew it… could he really force his thoughts away just because a friend had a thing for me? It was only thinking! That’s allowed, isn’t it?

-“What makes you think that?”- I did not really hear my voice asking. My brain was still trying to understand such levels of respect and loyalty. Was Black the same? Would he do the same for him?

-“Are you okay Naomi?”- I snapped back to reality and saw Potter standing a little too close to me, clearly concerned.

-“Yeah, I’m good”- I replied. He seemed to notice our closeness that moment, for that the air became heavy and thick between us.

-“So… you do not have anything going on with him?”- he asked.

-“My boyfriend’s Josh. And I thought you said you guys don’t have secrets”- I retorted. He smirked.

-“He would keep you a secret, if you were his”- he said. I could tell he regretted it immediately; too bad you can’t take words back.

-“Explain”- I demanded. He was mortified, but my glare was the scariest thing on Earth. He could not refuse.

-“I know I would”- he whispered. My body reacted on its own to his voice. It was too tempting… so I leaned in closer until we were only a couple inches away. He smelled so good.

-“Good night, Potter”- I whispered back. Then I moved away, before any of us lost it and did something we would regret. He stayed there, standing still. I stepped on the stairs towards the girls dormitories.

-“Night, Naomi”- he said.




Breakfast. That was all I could think about as we made our way towards the Great Hall. How can I be so hungry every morning? You’d expect me to be still full from the amazing dinners I treat myself to but no. I am always starving to death. I can hear Prong’s stomach growling. He is starving too. Peter’s already in the Hall. Yeah, he’s fast. Moony found a place for us to sit, so I just went there and sat without paying attention to anything but the incredibly good looking waffles. I proceeded to stuff myself with them without a word to anyone. As the food began to fill my very empty stomach the world became brighter. Eventually, I got to a point where I felt I could look around and discover who I was sitting next to, for example.

-“Welcome to life”- Rhea said. I had no idea I was sitting next to her. I smiled.

-“Morning!”- she chuckled. I saw Red sitting on her other side and Megan in front of her, next to Moony. Prongs was…

-“What’s wrong mate?”- I asked him. He looked slightly pale. I would say he was nervous, but there was no reason for him to be. Maybe he was still too hungry.

-“Nothing, nothing, I’m good”- he replied, attacking his waffles again. I was about to enquire if he was absolutely sure about that since his voice had been an octave higher than usual when I saw her. Naomi sat next to Megan and poured herself some juice.

-“Sinny latte, Naomi”- Letty said. She nodded in approval and zipped from the cup. She was so beautiful. It annoyed me to no end, the fact that she seemed absolutely okay with me not talking to her. I had hoped she’d try to fix it, whatever it was we had, but she didn’t. And it bothered me. It was difficult. Especially since that night when I’d saved her from Moony. I could not stop dreaming about her and I was becoming hard to stop imagining her with no clothes on. I needed to hook up with her so that I’d stop this, but it was difficult to get someone in a broom closet if you’re not talking to them. Fuck my life.

-“Rhea, I need to talk to you”- Amos Diggory’s voice brought me back to the breakfast table right in time.

-“Sure”- she stood up and left the Hall with him. I did not particularly like him, but I never really liked any guy who approached Rhea so he really did not make a difference.

-“What did you tell him?”- Jo asked Naomi.

-“I just asked him to break it up”- she replied. Moony looked at them. He was as confused as I was.

-“What are you guys talking about?”- he asked. Megan looked at him.

-“Diggory is going to break up with Rhea”- Red muttered. As soon as I heard the words I felt sick. My fists curled up own their own accord and my body temperature rose.

-“WHAT DID YOU SAY?”- my voice was more like a growl than human voice, but I was too angry to try to keep it normal. Red looked at me.

-“He is…”- she began.

-“I know what you said! I want to know WHY!”- she glanced over at Naomi.

-“Calm down Black, it’s for her own good”- she told me. I looked at her and suddenly it was too much. All the things I’d been keeping inside me exploded. I was mad at her for making me dream about her, I was mad at her for dating Josh and not me, I was mad at her for being so damned perfect, I was mad at her for being such a bitch and, above all, I was mad at her because evil as she was, I could not be mad at her.


-“I know”- she replied. Her voice was so cold, so empty that it made me even more furious. I took out my wand without thinking and pointed it at her. She opened her mouth to protest but I changed my mind and I stormed out of the Hall before she could poison me with her voice even more.


I pushed the doors and ran into an empty corridor. Placing my forehead against the cold stone wall was good, it cooled me down. It had been a while since I’d lost it like that. There was only one person who could make me so angry in this world, and that was my brother Regulus. The fact that Naomi Ivy had such an effect on me worried me. So yes, it had been a while since I’d slept with someone but I had never felt so… desperate? Was it Naomi or was it just the need? I did not have time to find an answer to that question because I heard Rhea’s voice.

-“You… you bastard!”- she exclaimed. I could hear she was hurt. All thoughts of Naomi were forgotten, all that mattered now was Rhea and the fact that Diggory was making her upset.

-“Whatever you say. It’s over”- he replied. I turned the corner and saw him walking away from a very fragile looking Rhea. It broke my heart to see her like that.

-“DIGGORY!”- I shouted. He turned to look at me.

-“What do you want?”- he asked. What an arrogant prick he was. I took out my wand.

-“Sirius, please… don’t”- she begged me.

-“He hurt you!”- I growled.

-“Let him go”- she asked. I really did want to curse him into the next century but something inside me told me that what Rhea needed was a hug. Hexing Diggory was not going to make her feel any better.

-“Fine. If I ever see you around her again you will regret the day you were born”- I threatened him. I must have sounded really scary because I could see him pale significantly. He disappeared around the corner. As soon as he was out of sight, Rhea burst into tears.

-“It’s okay baby, it’s gonna be okay”- I told her. She cuddled in my arms and I just held her in silence while she cried.

-“What’s wrong with me Sirius?”- she asked after a while. She pulled herself away from me and stared into my eyes.

-“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, Rhea. Why would you say that?”- I told her as softly as I could. She looked hurt and I was afraid she’d start crying again. It hurt me to see her suffering. She was my little sister, for Merlin’s sake!

-“Amos could not give up his… other girls for me. He could not… I was not enough”- she whispered.

-“Diggory’s an asshole Rhea”- what was I supposed to say? I did not understand how anyone could not just be with Rhea either, so I could not help her there. It made no sense to me, either.

-“Hey… are you okay?”- I looked over my shoulder. Red, Megan and Jo had just arrived. Rhea nodded.

-“Yeah… I guess. You knew, didn’t you?”- she asked. Red came closer and took her hand.

-“Yeah… Naomi kind of…”- why was Naomi always involved? I felt incredibly annoyed, and mad, and… I just wanted to hit something. Or someone.

-“She told him to break up with me?”- Rhea’s voice was small but I could not find anger in it. Why did she allow Naomi to do that to her? Why wasn’t she mad at her? Did the Queen Bee title give you permission to hurt the people around you? She was supposed to be Rhea’s friend!

-“Yeah, she did. She told us last night that it was better if he… you know… broke it up now that you were not too attached… before he hurt you real bad”- Megan explained.

-“She had no right to interfere!”- I blurted. Rhea looked at me. She had stopped crying but her face was still wet and a little swollen.

-“She is only protecting me… and that’s more than I would have dared think she’d do for me”- Rhea said.

-“How can you be okay with this?! She… she hurt you! Indirectly, but she did!”- I exclaimed.

-“She said she’d hurt Rhea so that Amos didn’t hurt her more”- Red whispered. Jo and Megan nodded in agreement.

-“This is insane! I will never understand you women!”- I growled in frustration. Rhea chuckled. That sound made me feel much better immediately.

-“We don’t expect you to understand. Thank you Sirius, for being here”- she told me. Then she hugged me. I returned the hug. It felt good.

-“So, you feeling better now?”- I asked her. She nodded.

-“It’ll hurt for a couple days, I guess. Right?”- she looked at her friends.

-“Yeah, fortunately Naomi is right. You were not too attached yet so… it’ll go away soon. And we’ll make sure you are busy so you don’t have time to think about it”- Jo said. Rhea nodded.

-“I already knew this was not going to end well anyway… it was too hard to keep the whole casual thing… you know… knowing he was with other people and all”- Rhea whispered. A tear fell down her face but she whipped it away quickly.

-“You deserve better”- I said. Red looked at me approvingly.

-“Sirius is right… you don’t mind, right?”- she asked blushing.

-“I don’t mind what?”- I just did not get these girls.

-“Me calling you Sirius… is it okay?”

-“Sure, I’ve always called you Red”- I laughed. She rolled her eyes and all the girls chuckled. Rhea included. This was getting better.

-“Where’s Naomi now?”- Rhea asked.

-“She stayed with the others. I think she’s giving them instructions for the Latin Party”- Megan replied.

-“If you’re okay, I think I’ll go find Prongs now. We’ve got free period”- I told Rhea. She nodded.

-“Sure, see you at lunch. Thanks so much Sirius, I love you”- she hugged me again. It felt good.

-“See you later!”- I left them feeling okay. Rhea was in good hands. Red was a very nice girl. I could see why Prongs loved her so much.


I found the three of them sitting near the lake. Moony was helping Wormtail with what looked like the Potions essay we had to hand in that afternoon and Prongs was just staring at the lake. I knew something was bothering him. This morning it wasn’t just about him being hungry, I was sure now. Time to go find out.

-“What’s up?”- I asked him sitting down by him.

-“Hey, not much, just chilling”- he replied. I raised an eyebrow. Just like Naomi does all the time.

-“Right… are you not going to tell me what it is?”

-“What what is?”- he pretended not to know, typical.

-“Don’t even try. I know you too well”- I retorted.

-“He’s not telling. We’ve asked him already”- Peter said from behind us. I looked over my shoulder. Moony nodded.

-“I’m okay! There’s nothing going on here!”- he exclaimed.

-“Right”- Wormtail said. I snorted.

-“Come on, what is it? Red?”

-“If it were Red he’d told us already”- Moony highlighted. Yeah, that’s true.

-“You’re right. Is it Quidditch?”- I tried again.

-“Nah, you would know if it was about that. You’re in the team hence he confides in you”- Wormtail added. I thought about it for a second. If it wasn’t Red and it wasn’t Quidditch I had no idea what could have Prongs in such a state.

-“So… hum… is it…”

-“STOP IT! I’m FINE, there is NOTHING going on, okay? Just drop it!”- he snapped. This is bad. James doesn’t snap. Not very often at least.

-“Okay, okay, chill mate. We’re just worried for you”- Moony said.

-“Don’t worry for me. I’m okay”- he replied. Yeah, sure. I would have to pay attention to him now, try to find what the source of his trouble was.




Friday came sooner than expected. Rhea was not as hurt as we all thought she’d be. She was making a point of not thinking about Diggory at all, which was really good. It was obvious that having them break up had been a great idea, especially since Diggory had not taken longer than a few hours to be seen with a new girlfriend. We had had two girls nights in a row, and the general mood had improved. My minions were happy, the school had accepted me as Queen Bee and everything was going smooth and nice. Letty and Penelope had been quite useful and I was sure by now they wouldn’t betray me. They had both understood it was in their best interest not to cross me.

We were one month into school now. Odette was still seeing Luigi; hence he was her date for the Latin Party that night. Silvia and Danillo were together, too. Charlotte had built up some courage and asked Lupin to go with her. He had accepted happily. I could see those two dating soon. Meg and Dom were quite the item lately, same as Hannah and Peter. I liked that. When minions had boyfriends they behaved much better and I did not have to worry about them doing stupid things at parties. Mat had asked Lily to the party but she’d said she wasn’t in the mood for a date. I knew she was going on her own to make Rhea feel better, which was nice of her. Jo was going on her own, too.

The Death Eaters were still the top of my to-do list but I had made no progress whatsoever. They were very careful. I thought about telling Walter about it on Thursday’s training session but I figured if my dad had told me, he would have told Walter too for sure so he was already aware. Maybe they were even looking into it.

Then there was the Black thing. I still had no idea what his conversation with Rhea meant or how he’d gotten those injuries but I just did not have the time to sit and think about that. On top of it all, Quidditch season was upon us, which put me in a difficult position. My boyfriend was Slytherin captain but I was so not supporting him. Ugh, Josh had not been such a good choice, after all. As if this was not irritating enough, I had not been out on the grounds for two weeks now and I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. Add to this the fact that my boyfriend did not turn me on at all and you have a very stressed, annoyed and therefore dangerous Naomi Ivy. Talk about poison, I felt toxic that night. I needed action, real action and some of my wildness. I had given up flirting and having fun for the perfect boyfriend on my way to the top… but now that I was Queen I did not feel it was necessary to stay with Josh much longer. I was bored.


-“What are you wearing Naomi?”- Letty asked me at dinner.

-“I’m going for a black dress, one with a flying skirt. Latin parties are about dancing and salsa means dresses”- I informed them. They all nodded.

-“Can Josh dance?”- Lily asked.

-“I don’t know”- I replied. They chuckled.

-“What if he can’t?”- Penelope asked.

-“I’ll dance with somebody else”- I retorted. They all smiled.

-“Will he not get mad?”- Silvia said. I raised an eyebrow.

-“What makes you think I care?”- I snapped.

-“The fact that he’s your boyfriend?”- I turned to face the person who had spoken. It was Potter. The Marauders took a sit next to us but Potter stayed there, looking at me. It was the first time he’d spoken to me directly since Tuesday night.

-“Well, I don’t”- I replied icily. I should have come up with a better comeback, but there was something in the way he was looking at me that puzzled me.

-“So it seems”- he smiled and sat next to Lupin.

-“Who are you going with?”- Odette asked him.

-“Mia”- he said. I snorted.

-“You can do better”- I spat. Much to my surprise, Lily nodded. All my minions agreed with me immediately.

-“Why don’t you like her?”- Lupin asked.

-“She’s too sly”- Jo replied. James chuckled.

-“Who are you going with?”- Pettigrew asked Jo.

-“No one”- she replied nonchalantly.

-“Red?”- Black asked. Lily looked at him funny.

-“No one”- everyone went silent for a moment. I understood that if this had happened last year, Potter would have immediately asked her to be his date, regardless he already had one. This time, however; he did not say a thing.

-“You?”- Lily asked Black. Penelope looked at him funny and I guessed she’d asked him.

-“No one”- he replied. I looked at him in shock. This was unusual. What was wrong with him? How could Sirius Black not have a date? Had the world gone mad without me allowing it?


Later that evening, we were getting ready for said party in our room. Lily was quieter than usual, I guessed it was because she did not have a date and Potter did.

-“Why do you think Sirius ain’t taking anyone?”- Megan asked. We all looked at Jo.

-“Well… I’ve been watching him lately… there’s something wrong with him. I mean, something’s bothering him”- she said. I took a cigarette and sat on the window pane.

-“Have you been watching him only or all the Marauders?”- I asked. It seemed like a very general question but I was asking about Potter. I liked the fact that he liked me. A little too much. 

-“All of them. There’s something up with James, too”- Jo replied. Lily looked at her.

-“What do you mean there’s something up with him?”- she asked. Rhea sat on her bed and took a deep breath.

-“Jo’s right. We don’t know what it is, but he’s not been the same since Tuesday or so. It is as if he was angry with himself… or confused… he won’t talk about it, though. Sirius’ slightly annoyed, they do not keep secrets from each other”- she explained. I took a long zip from my cigarette and wondered whether I should tell them what it was that was bothering Potter or not.

-“You know when Potter kept asking me out all the time I found him incredibly irritating… but now that he’s not there I kind of… feel weird”- Lily muttered.

-“I think it’s because it’s always flattering to have someone after us all the time”- Meg told her. Lily looked at me.

-“What do you think Naomi?”- she asked me. I snorted.

-“You and James Potter will end up getting married. You’re just not ready for him yet and he’s giving you space”- I said. She blushed furiously.

-“How can you be so sure?”- she whispered.

-“Call it intuition”- I said. Jo chuckled. Rhea smiled.

-“I think Naomi is right”- she exclaimed, happily.

-“I still don’t see why James being worried about something causes Sirius to be dateless”- Meg wondered.

-“By the looks of it, Sirius is interested in someone”- Jo informed us. Now, this was some news. Sirius Black interested in someone? Ha. I chose to completely ignore the tiny punch I felt in my stomach. I must have eaten too much at dinner for sure.

-“I don’t think so”- I blurted out. The moment the words left my lips I realized I knew they were a lie. It made sense. He was moody and grumpy as of lately and I had seeing him day dreaming in some of our classes.

-“Yes, you think so”- Lily retorted seeing my face.

-“Does it bother you?”- Rhea asked very softly. I shot her a glare that would have frozen hell itself.

-“Not the slightest bit”- I expected some sort of guilt upon those words but none came. It was true. It did not bother me at all. The stomach thing was too much food, period. But… why did I expect to find myself lying? Sirius Black was going to be the death of me, that was for sure. No one had ever made me so confused, annoyed, angry or curious. He was special. He was interesting. But that was it.

-“Oh…”- apparently, the fact that it didn’t bother me bothered Rhea.

-“Rhea, what’s with the face?”- I enquired.

-“Nothing, I just… thought… you know, never mind”- she stood up –“I’m gonna go get the boys. See you downstairs”

-“Rhea knows something we don’t know”- Meg stated. I held my breath for a moment, praying to whoever was up there that no one said what we were all thinking. Unfortunately, Lily couldn’t help herself.

-“It’s Naomi”- she blurted.

-“It’s not”- Jo said. I silently thanked her.

-“Let’s go”- I said standing up and finishing this awkward conversation.



The party was a success, as expected. The music was loud and the rum was good. I had made sure that some Tiki torches from the Beach party were used again, so the lights glimmered weakly creating a mysterious atmosphere. Lily was dancing with Rhea, who seemed perfectly fine. I hadn’t seen The Marauders since we got in the party but I wasn’t worried. They were probably getting drunk in some dark corner. My minions were making sure everything was okay, taking turns to check on the music and drinks. One hour into the party I gave up my hostess duties and went to find Josh who was talking to some friends.

-“Have I told you how stunning you look tonight?”- he asked, kissing my lips. I smiled.

-“Yes, you have”- I told him. He took a lock of my hair between his fingers and started playing with it. I knew he wanted to go further with me, take me to his room tonight but I just was so not interested. We lacked chemistry, I did not want him.

-“I am the luckiest guy in Hogwarts”- he whispered.

-“I know”- I retorted. He laughed, letting go of my hair.

-“Do you fancy a drink?”- he asked. We had decided it was a rum night. I did not do rum very often because it had too much sugar in it but I could afford it for just one party.

-“Yeah, I’ll have it with diet coke”- I replied. He walked over to the drinks table and I looked around, checking on everyone.

-“Dance with me”- I heard someone behind me. The voice belonged to Remus Lupin, who smiled sweetly and waited for my reply.

-“Sure”- I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor. Two seconds into the dance I looked at him –“So, what do you want?”

-“Smart girl you are, huh?”- he smiled. I smirked.

-“Do not underestimate me, Lupin”- I warned him. He chuckled.

-“What’s up with you and Sirius, Ivy?”- he asked.

-“Listen, I’m sick of this shit. There is nothing going on between him and me so just give it up”- I spat as coldly as I could.

-“You see, I believe you. There is nothing going on… yet. Come on, Ivy, you and I know there is some sort of secret between you and I’m just worried for my friend”- he explained. I felt so frustrated I wanted to scream. What secret? What was he talking about?

-“I have never shared a secret with Black”- I informed him.

-“Are you sure?”- his gaze was so intense that it scared me. All of a sudden I wondered if Black had found out something about me… something he wasn’t supposed to know. Had he seen me with James? My heart beat got out of control but I was too good an actress to let him notice.

-“Positive”- I snapped. Lupin smiled.

-“Okay then, my mistake”- he made me turn and the song ended. With a wave, he left me. I stormed out of the dance floor, looking for Josh desperately.

-“What’s wrong love?”

-“Where’s the rum?”- I took the glass he handed me and emptied in a single gulp. It was nasty, I did not like drinking that much but I felt like I needed it. Real bad.


An hour later I had discovered that Josh was the worst salsa dancer in the world. I was annoyed. The night was not going well for me at all. Of course, everyone was having a wonderful time. Everyone but me. I hated Hogwarts with a passion.

-“Listen, Josh, I love dancing and Salsa is one of my favorite styles so I am going to find someone who knows what they’re doing”- I told him. He looked slightly hurt but dared not complain.

-“I’ll be with my friends”- he said.

-“Okay”- I turned around and walked towards the dance floor, looking at everyone.

-“Hey, Naomi, where were you?”- Rhea waved at me. She was standing there with Lily, Lupin, Pettigrew and Hannah. I walked towards them.

-“With Josh but he can’t dance to save his life so I’m trying to find someone who can move to salsa”- I replied. Lily chuckled.

-“Prongs’ great”- Pettigrew said. I looked at him.


-“James, James’ a really good dancer”- he explained.

-“He’s right”- Hannah said –“I saw him with Mia before. She’s not very good but James made it look like they were pros”

-“Is that so?”- I noticed that the idea of dancing with Potter made my body temperature rise. I was way too stressed, that was for sure..

-“Yeah, I’ve seen him too. He’s amazing”- Rhea smiled. I smirked.

-“Where is he?”- I asked. Lily pointed me in his direction.

-“Go show us how salsa is done”- she said, smiling. I left them and went to where Potter was. Mia was standing next to him… and so was Black.

-“Naomi”- Mia said as I approached them –“Is everything okay?”

-“Perfect”- I smirked –“Potter I’ve been told you are not half bad when it comes to salsa… is that right?”

-“I doubt you can keep up”- he retorted, smiling broadly.

-“Try me”- it was absurd but the lust flickering in his eyes got me. My skin burnt when he took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Mia and Black stayed behind, staring at us.

-“Can you follow my lead?”- he asked me.

-“I’m all yours”- he pulled me towards him, getting ready to dance. Pettigrew was right. He was an amazing dancer. Two minutes into the dance everyone had made a circle and was watching us. Our bodies felt like one, perfectly coordinated, moving to the beat without effort. His arms were strong so he had me all the time. I was confident he’d catch me no matter what so I let him lead the way. It felt liberating. Too soon, the dance was over and the people started to dance again around us to the new song. Potter, however, didn’t let go off me. We were standing in the middle of the crow, breathing with difficulty and, again, too close to each other.


-“You are not bad after all”- I said. He smiled.

-“And you can actually follow someone else’s command”- he joked. I smirked.

-“Only in very specific scenarios”- I replied. I felt his grip tighten a little. That small gesture made my pulse rise again. Was it Potter that drove me crazy or was it just that Josh and I had no chemistry whatsoever and I needed some real action? Whatever it was, I had just decided I was breaking up with Josh the morning after.

-“You should not say such things”- he whispered.

-“Says who?”- I sneered.

-“You do have a boyfriend, or am I the only one concerned about that?”- he asked. His gaze burnt me.

-“Why would you be concerned about my boyfriend?”- of course I knew the answer, but I loved this game. The haunt, the wait. It was thrilling.

-“Because he’s the only reason you’re still wearing that dress”- I was not expecting James Potter to be so bold but I loved it.

-“I believe there is yet another reason for my clothes to remain on me”- I bit my lip seductively. His body shook from the effort he was making to refrain.

-“And that be?”

-“That I want them to”- I teased. This was a dangerous moment. He could either get really angry at me for playing him or he could fall for it. Fall for me.

-“You better be careful not to run into me at midnight again or I will see your determination vanish”- he whispered in my ear. Of course, my body reacted to his closeness, giving away exactly what I wanted it to give away. And James Potter was mine.



I stepped out of the shower and got dressed. I had woken up early despite going to bed really late last night. I had to take care of Josh. The girls were all still sleeping so I left the room in silence. I knew he would be up, running outside like he usually did. I was choosing the best words to use when I bumped into a body so muscular I almost fell backwards. I would have if his arms had not reached out to save me, pulling me towards him.

-“Thanks”- I muttered against the ridiculously well formed chest. I could not believe just how much I did need a real man in my life.

-“Ivy?”- he pushed me away and I looked at him. Of course. Black.

-“I thought you’d be sleeping the hangover away”- I said. He glared at me.

-“You’re welcome”- he said, walking passed me.

-“You can talk to me now”- I blurted. I wasn’t sure if he’d stop, but he did. And he turned around.

-“Did you break up with him?”- he asked. There was no hope or any signs of relief to his question. It was just that, a question.

-“I’m about to”- I replied. He snorted.

-“Then no, I won’t talk to you, yet”- he turned around again. I smiled to myself and walked out of the common room. 

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