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Lily's Daughter? by ginnytwin95
Chapter 2 : One Fateful Halloween
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I most unfortunately do not own Harry Potter, but if any one wants to buy me the rights I'll love you forever. Sorry it's been so long crazy swim team schedule and then the site wasn't working.

Dumbledore stepped away from 4 Privett Drive, again looking down at a little bundle lying on a doorstep with a letter tucked into the blankets. Leaving Ashley outside that hospital, and Harry outside of the Dursely's home were actions he wished had never been forced to take part in. If only he had realized sooner what Tom Riddle was maybe none of this death and destruction would have happened. Looking back up at Minerva he remembered her just moments ago trying to convince him against leaving Harry with his aunt and uncle, who were "muggles of the worst sort"***. But he put all the things that could prove his actions regrettable out of his mind for the moment, walking back down Privett Drive before apparating across the Atlantic Ocean to check on the little redhead whose true identity was known by only three living people. Leaving the two Potter children at the homes where they would spend ten years at before learning atleast a remnant of the truth were among the most difficult things he had ever done in his life. But he knew that they would be safest kept apart, and it would be better for Harry to grow up away from the world where people would hero-worship him. After all he was the only person to survive the killing curse, or so they thought.

Appearing silently next to an average house he quietly slipped inside. Making his way unnoticed up the stairs and down the upstairs corridor he slipped inside Ashley's room. What he saw stunned him, Ashley was sitting up her eyes slightly wide with fear and a tiny hand on her forehead. But that wasn't the most unsettling thing, the scorch marks that surrounded the crib were definitely the most worrisome.

Quickly performing a series of charms to let him know who had been in this room, he was thankful to find it seemed Voldemort was still none the wiser to a second Potter child's existence. Gently moving her hand away from her forehead he saw a scar, shaped like a lightning bolt, identical to the one that now marred her twin brother in the exact same spot. Making decisions as fast as possible he pulled out his wand and placed a powerful concealment charm on Ashley, successfully hiding the scar that could sign her death warrant. Having only wild theories about the night's events, that were quite strange even for the wizarding world, he picked the one that seemed the most plausible and the least ridiculous. Killing curses were powerful things, and they worked by hatred for the thing you wanted to kill and that idea is explanation Dumbledore drew. When Voldemort had walked into the Potter's house that night, perhaps he hadn't been there to destroy Harry, but to destroy the threat described in the partial prophecy he had heard from one of his most faithful followers. And Ashley was a part of that threat. So when the killing curse struck Harry it also struck the redhead in front of him. And by some miracle they were both alive.

Looking down at Ashley he was again surprised to see the look of pure understanding that had been in those grey blue eyes nearly a year and a half ago. He was sure that this child would be brilliant and entirely unique. If only he knew how right he was. Fighting the hatred he felt for himself he kissed the still somewhat frightened looking girl on the cheek, and placed a simple sleeping charm on her that would keep her sound asleep through the night. With a wave of his wand the scorch marks were gone and with a slight pop he was gone.

*Several Days Later*

Sitting in his office he struggled to come to terms with all that had happened in the last few days. James and Lily were dead, Voldemort was(atleast in the eyes of the public) destroyed, Ashley and Harry had survived the killing curse, and Sirius Black had apparently turned on his best friend. The final thought was the one that troubled him the most, Sirius knew about Ashley and while the fidelus would keep him from recognizing her it caused some of the pieced to just not fit. Jumping up so fast he nearly knocked his chair over, all thoughts of Sirius temporarily forgotten, he raced out of his office and to another. Quickly opening a thick, dusty book he leafed through it until he came across the name he wanted. Pointing his wand at the book that contained the names of all magical children born, he changed one name. And Ashley Elizabeth Potter changed to Ashley Elizabeth McDonald.

***not sure if it's a direct quote, but I know it's close so Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling Chapter 1

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