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The Return of Miss Potter by Zyii
Chapter 10 : Bound to You
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Hello lovelies, here's the next chapter, nice and happy compared to the last two.

I only have a few chapters left till this story will be finished, but I am working on another :)

“Luna was right, we shouldn’t have go so protective” muttered Harry as he stood in the head’s common room.

“Yeah, I feel like we right pissed her off. I’m not really sure how to cope with this Hannah. It was easier when she was needy and vunerable” he muttered to Harry.

“We should ask Luna-“ began Harry.

“Ask me what?” the boys jumped, startled by her presence. Harry blushed, stumbling over his words. It was hard to admit you were wrong sometimes.

“So Draco, when are you going to ask Hannah out?” Draco spluttered, turning a deep shade of magenta.

“Oh come on Draco, be a man about it. Woo her” Draco turned even redder as he heard Hermione’s voice from behind him. He turned to Harry for support by found only a laughing man.

“But but” Draco seemed a bit dazed.

“Two words” the girls said in unison, “romance novels”

“What the bloody hell is that” Ron had joined the conversation, much to Draco’s distaste, seemed everyone wanted a piece of the matchmaking.

“Honestly Ronald, it means novels set in the romance genre" Hermion looked disgusted by Ron's lack of book knowledge.

 “Well what do romance novels have to do with Hannah?” asked Draco.

The girls sighed, “Girls like romance Draco and Hannah likes romance novels”

“Just try some of the things the gentlemen from romance books do” said Luna.

Hermione nodded, “And you won’t regret it”, the girls left the boys to their own devises giggling manically as they left.

The boys looked speechlessly at the retreating backs of the giggling girls. They were at a loss for words, Ron turned to the others, “I know I’m dating one of those giggling girls, but that was the most confusing thing ever, merlin’s pants!” Harry smiled at Ron’s use of words.

“Guess you’ve got some reading to do mate” said Harry, smirking as he patter Draco’s shoulder.

“Hey Hannah, is it true you can sing?” Hannah blushed as Ginny asked. They were studying in the library with Luna and Mione.

“How did you-“

“Dumbledore mentioned you’d been using the piano on the third floor” said Mione.

“Yes” muttered Hannah unsure of the direction the conversation was going in, though potentially relieved the girls had moved past their boyfriend talk. Hannah couldn’t tell if they were really that mushy or whether they were using their boyfriend talk to try and get her to admit things.

But admit what, she thought, ‘your feelings for Draco’ an annoying little voice in her head spoke.

 “Excuse me Miss Potter?” Hannah looked up to find a spotty faced Hufflepuff student standing in front of her study table, “I’m supposed to give you this” he handed her a long stemmed red rose, Hannah blushed as he walked away, aware of the girls curious glances.

Someone cleared their throat and Hannah looked up to see a Ravenclaw hand her another long stemmed red rose, followed by a Gryffindor, who handed her yet another rose. She was dimly aware of Ginny muttering ‘where’s the Slytherin representation?’

All eyes in the library were now on Hannah, the library had never been so quiet. The sound of polished shoes on the wooden floor flowed through the library, turning the head of every student.

The young man whose feet belonged to the polished shoes, ran a nervous hand through his hair as he slowly walked up to Hannah’s table. He hoped this was the right thing to do, humiliation in the library wasn’t a thought he’d like to contemplate.

Hannah’s vision was blocked by yet another red rose, held in fingers she knew. She looked up tentatively into the eyes that made her heart melt.

“Would you do me the honour Miss Potter, on coming down to the Black Lake with me?” he asked most gentlemanly, feeling nervous beads of sweat collect at the base of his neck as his heart beat rapidly and he waited for her response.

Hannah didn’t think she could talk at all right now, her heart felt as if it were about to leave her body. Here stood her saviour, her family, her best friend and the one she was irrevocably and completely in love with. Not trusting herself to speak, she locked eyes with Draco and nodded, blushing as Draco’s face split into a wide grin.

He bowed before her and extended her hand for her to take, she accepted him and stood for him to lead her from the library, as soon as the doors to the library closed, the gossip machine opened its own doors. Ginny grinned in obvious happiness and excused herself to find Harry.

 Ginny found Harry lucking in the astronomy tower, suspiciously the tower had a perfect view of the Black Lake, though the people he was searching for had not yet arrived. Ginny smiled lovingly as Harry rung his hands nervously together, he had not yet noticed her.

“What are you doing up here?” Harry jumped at the sound of her voice, “Not about to spy on your sister are you?” Ginny asked with a Mrs Weasley like grin in her eyes.

Harry turned beet red, “I er I..I”

“You need to give your sister some space” said Ginny as she seductively touched Harry’s arm, running her hand over his muscles.

“She’ll be fine you know” she whispered using her other hand to pull Harry closer, leaning into press her full lips against his soft ones.

“I love you” he murmured into her hair.

 “I love you too”, she kissed him again, “Forget about Hannah for now” she whispered as she put spells up around them.

“Forgotten” he muttered as he lay Ginny to the floor...

I feel bound to you, Draco

 Meanwhile, Draco was leading Hannah to the Black Lake, hands still upon each other, he was behaving like a perfect gentleman and Hannah relished it. She gasped as they reached their destination, Draco puffed with pride. A beautiful arrangement of blankets, cushions and food awaited them at the base of a large tree close to the water’s edge.

Draco, beamed at Hannah “My Lady” he spoke as he lowered her to the ground.

“Draco, this is amazing” spoke Hannah with wonderment evident in her eyes.

“I just wanted things to be perfect” mumbled Draco sheepishly, blushing as the words tumbled out.

Hannah felt constricted, things were so easy and so hard with Draco, “Draco, look at me” she lifted his head to meet her gaze, “It doesn’t need to be perfect, being near you is good enough” her eyes blazed with fire.

“I don’t ever want to lose you again”

“Then don’t” Hannah cut out across him matter of factly.

“You light my world, it’s so dark without you there. Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked. She blushed to the roots of her hair, which in Draco’s opinion only served to make her more adorable, she nodded in response and Draco felt like the happiest man alive.

“Kiss me” she whispered.

Reviews are appreciated - they let me know if I'm doing good or not :3

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The Return of Miss Potter: Bound to You


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