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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 2 : Chapter One:- The Chase
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It was a dark and dismal night. And a boy could be seen running through the dank and dismal alleyways of a large futuristic Edinburgh City, he looks about 10 years old. The year is Twenty Four Nineteen; he’s scruffy looking – like he could have done with a good bath – he’s dressed in a dirty Blue jumper, a pair of dirty and frayed Green combat style trousers with holes in the knees, and a pair of old threadbare white trainers and no socks. He appeared to be running for his life. He’s panicking and has a look of extreme terror and fear on his face, and he’s constantly looking over his shoulder, looking back towards the direction that he’d just come from.


Then from around the corner, the reason for his scared look soon becomes obvious; a large group of people was chasing him. No matter which way he turned, there would always be more people waiting for him, it was like the people knew where he’d turn up next and where ahead of him waiting. – And considering the people knew the alleyways better than him, it was no wonder that they were to get the drop on him at each twist and turn -. He was like a scared animal, the crowd were howling, howling for his blood. Each time they caught sight of him they gave an almighty cry. So the boy kept running. By now he was beginning to tire from the chase, he felt like he wanted to curl up and die there and then right on the spot, but instead he kept going.


About twenty minutes before it had been a totally different story. The people had been so thankful for his help; they’d witnessed a phenomenon that they had never seen before. The boy had helped a young girl who’d fallen and hurt herself. It turned out that a little girl of five had fallen from a first floor tenement window and broken her arm and leg, and she was screaming in agony. And mixed in with the child’s screams there was also the sound of a woman screaming and crying as well.




The boy had been passing through an old part of Edinburgh known as the Grassmarket – which used to be an up and coming yuppie area but was now an area occupied by some of the poorest people around. People who’d arrived from the country and other cities in search of work but found no jobs available -. He’d been trying not to draw any attention himself’ he knew from past experience that to draw any attention to the things he could do was just asking for trouble, but when he’d heard the child screaming, he, like everyone else around him had rushed towards the screaming noise’s to see what was happening. He saw a large crowd gathered around something lying on the ground. He pushed his way through the crowd and once he’d reached the front he saw a little girl lying on the ground, howling and crying.


As soon as he saw the injured child lying there with her right leg and arm twisted at odd angles, – he was thinking how easy it would be to just walk away and forget what he’d seen. But not even he could leave child laying on the pavement in agony -, he’d immediately forgotten about keeping a low profile and knelt beside the crying child and laid one of his hands on the girls arm and the other on the child’s leg. He was ignoring the sounds of the crowd milling a round him, muttering.


‘What’s the boy doing?’


‘What’s he up to?’ were some of the questioning sounds.


He closed his eyes and with a fierce determined look on his face he concentrated, hard. After a few moments had passed, in which nothing appeared to happen, a strange green, blue glow had started to emanate from both his hands and started to engulf his and the girls bodies. There was an instant out burst and gasps of amazement from the crowd.


The boy slowly moved his hands back and forth along the broken limbs, concentrating all the time. Whilst all this had been going on the girl’s mother was looking terrified at what was happening, but bit by bit the girl gradually stopped crying until she stopped altogether, as the pains in here arm and leg slowly went away. She tentatively and slowly raised herself to her feet – carefully moving her arm and leg as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing -.


The child looked around and spotted her mother to whom she was able to run tearfully towards and gave her a big bear like hug. The mother was so overjoyed to see her daughter was safe and well that she turned to the strange boy and started to thank him for his help. The crowd had been so amazed at what they’d just witnessed.


‘Ho – ho – ho – how did you do that?’ some of them stammered sounding abit scared.


‘I don’t know’ replied the boy. ‘All I know is that I’ve always been able to do what you’ve just seen,’ but just then a voice spoke up from the back of the crowd, and a man – who appeared to be a religious figure dressed in long flowing black robes and carrying a long decorative wooden staff – pushed and barged his way through to the front of the crowd.


After taking one look at the situation before him shouted out,


‘Who has performed this deed on the injured child?’


And several of the crowd nervously pointed towards where the boy was standing. The man suddenly swung around and stared at the boy with fiery eyes.


‘Come here boy’ the man demanded in a menacing voice.


With the arrival of this man, the mood of the crowd seemed to suddenly change from astonishment to a tense feeling of fear. The people appeared to be more afraid of this man than with what they’d just witnessed when the boy had healed the child.


By now the boy had started to regret stopping to help the child, and he was also becoming very wary of the crowds change of mood, he was also very unsure about this man standing before him. The boy’s self-survival instincts seemed to be kicking in. he wanted to run, but with so many people milling around, he knew it was practically impossible for him to do so, for he’d never be able to run very far. With what seemed like no other choice in the matter, he slowly and carefully made his way over towards where the man was standing. Once he’d reached the man, he was grabbed by his chin, and his head was forced upwards until he was looking directly into the mans face. As he looked into the boy’s eyes, he said.


‘Who are you boy? Who are you really?’


The man seemed to be looking deep into the boy’s eyes. It was as if he was trying to look into his very soul. As he was looking into his eyes, the man’s face started to become twisted and contorted, as if he was in silent pain. And his body had also started to shake as if he was shivering with the cold, when all of a sudden he flinched away from the boy as if a great force had pushed him away. Then with what seemed to be exhaustion the man fell to his knees, almost totally falling to the ground.


When he’d recovered himself, he shouted out to the crowd,


‘This is one of the evil one’s who must be destroyed.’


The mother of the child then spoke up.


‘But he helped my little girl, surly he cannot be evil if he can help another child?’


‘That’s one of their tricks,’ replied the man ‘they pretend to help people so that they can gain their trust and then they strike just when you least expect them to. You must destroy him before he destroys you’.


‘What do they do?’ someone shouted.


‘I can’t say’ came back the reply ‘it’s too horrible to tell, all I can say is that whenever any of his kind turn up, death always follows not far behind. No-one is happy to have these people hanging around. We must kill him.’ The man said again in a more forceful tone.


‘But he’s only a child’ someone else shouted.


‘Child or not, he’s still dangerous, but if you want to welcome him into your community, do so. But remember this’ – sweeping the crowd with his staff – ‘so far I have kept you all safe from danger, but this boy could destroy us all. It’s him or you, you choose. Never let it be said that I ever forced you into doing anything that you didn’t want to do’– he added with a sly sound in his voice –.


The boy heard the crowd murmuring among themselves. Then one of the men said, ‘The Reverend is right, we can’t take the risk. We must be rid of this boy so that no harm befalls any of us.’


And the crowd started to slowly advance towards the now petrified looking boy. The boy heard shouts of ‘burn him’ and ‘witch’. He turned to run, but before he could run far, someone had grabbed him from behind and pinned his arms to his sides.


At the first sign of being grabbed, the boy struggled with his attacker. He was struggling so hard, that his attacker found it very hard to keep a good hold of him; he was wriggling furiously like a snake, kicking his legs and feet in all directions. As the rest of the crowd moved forward the Reverend was shouting out to the man, who was trying to keep a hold of him’


‘Don’t let him get away.’


At these words, several other people moved forward – from the main body of the crowd – and tried to grab the boy’s flailing legs.


But the boy was determined not to let anyone else get a really good hold of him. Since his arms were pinned to the side of his body, whenever someone got to close he lashed out with his feet, hitting two or three people in the stomach and other parts of their bodies.


The boy’s struggles were beginning to pay off though, because the person who had first grabbed him was gradually starting to lose his grip on him, until he was forced to let go and drop the boy to the ground. He fell with a dull thud, and when he realised he’d been dropped, the boy was up and off like a jack rabbit so fast before the crowd had realised fully what had happened. But they soon recovered and were off after him in hot pursuit.




The crowd had managed to get the boy cornered in a dead end alley. There was only one way in and one way out. When he’d turned around he found that his only way out was totally blocked by a solid wall of people, people whom had such a look of hatred on their faces and there wasn’t anywhere left for him to run. A voice from the crowd shouted.


‘Don’t worry kid we’ll make this as painless as possible.’


The boy backed away until his back came up against a brick wall and there wasn’t anywhere left for him to go. He thought this was the end of him, and has he stood there, defiantly looking at the slowly advancing crowd, he was thinking about what had happened to him to reach the predicament he was now in. When all of a sudden there was to be heard the sound of screeching brakes and the alley was suddenly bathed in bright lights. People armed with some sort of guns emerged from the vehicles that had suddenly arrived on the scene. And through all the chaos and commotion a voice of authority came booming through the air ‘STAY WHERE YOU ARE, DON’T MOVE.’


The crowd halted their advance towards the boy, and instead were now looking over towards where the newcomers had appeared and were looking at them with scared looks on their faces.


The people with the guns barged their way through the crowd pushing the people out of the way, creating a clear path towards where the boy was still standing with his back against the wall, staring at the newcomers with a look of astonishment on his face.


One of the men marched down the middle of the crowd and right up to where the boy was standing. Once the man had reached the boy he came to attention in front of him and saying,


‘Sir, we’ve orders to escort you to T.E.C.H. headquarters, if you’d care to follow me.’ The man turned and started to march back in the direction he come from.


The boy quickly thought it over and came to the conclusion that anywhere was better than being where he was at this moment. So he followed the tall figure to one of the vehicles – the crowd watched him as he walked passed – and the man opened the front car’s back door and he climbed onto the back seat, the door was closed behind him and the vehicle slowly moved away from the kerb side.







That’s chapter two. I hope you enjoyed it, if so please tell me in the little box provided below. Thanks again for reading.




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