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To Tell A Tale by javct
Chapter 1 : Three Winter Flaws
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A.N. I hope you guys like this! It's my first attempt at Bill/Fluer but they are one of my favourite canon shippins (and its desperatly underloved) Amazing chapter image by bestlies at tda! Read & review!!!



Bill stared around at his ruined wedding. He hadn’t planned it to go like this. He had planned a beautiful wedding cake, a kiss under a batch of freshly picked mistletoe and their last dance but then everything got ruined.

Bill let out a long sigh as he watched the guests stand to their feet and brush the debree and ripped fabric of their Sunday best. It seemed as though everyone had forgotten about the wedding and only cared for themselves.

“Not that I could blame them.” Bill thought. His eyes scanned his ruined wedding again. Nothing stood firm anymore—everything was lying on the ground in a heap. He didn’t feel any remorse or sadness for his ruined wedding, all that he cared about was Fleur. His mother had rushed her inside when the Death Eaters attacked and he had been too busy fighting to run after her. Spinning around Bill raced into the Burrow.

“FLEUR!” Bill yelled, running up the stairs two stairs at a time. His hand brushed against the banister as he ran up the stairs. The last door in the house led to the roof and that was were Bill found his Wife, not crying, just staring at her derelict wedding. Her face remained fixated on the wedding as Bill saw beside her, both of their feet dangling off the edge. She only looked up when Bill slowly and carefully slid his hand into hers, and kissed it gently.

“Well, that was an eventful day, don’t you think?” Bill said, breaking the pleasing silence. Fleur let out a small smile and nodded.

“It defiantly wasn’t how I expected my wedding to go.” Fleur replied, tucking a rebellious strand of hair behind her ear. Bill and Fleur glanced at each other and laughed.

“Look at all of them, they are like Ants.” Fleur commented, pointing at the disheveled wedding. Bill glanced down and noticed the resemblance. Everyone was running around the remainders of the wedding in a scurrying fashion. Silence eloped them again.

“Do you remember our awkward first date?” Bill asked. Fleur did not reply automatically, instead, she stared into the forests, her beautiful eyes surveying the scenery.

“Yes.” She said finally. “Didn’t you spill butterbeer all over yourself and then, you ran out of money to give the waitress so I had to pay anyway?” Fleur laughed as nostalgic memories flowed through her mind.


Bill’s eyes scanned the room. It was two days after the Yule Ball and, as far as he could tell, Ron and Hermione were still fighting. Rolling his eyes at his brothers stupidity, Bill sighed and stuffed his hands in his front pockets. His brother was in love with Hermione, he could tell that. It was the worst case of skinny love that he had ever seen.

“Bill, honey, we’re just going to find Harry.” Mrs. Weasley said, bestowing her son with a fleeting kiss on the cheek before following the rest of the Weasley clan. Bill smiled to himself and watched the flurry of red heads disappear around the corner. It had been several years since Bill had walked through these halls, yet, he could still remember each crevice and hidden passageway.

“Oh, the joys of being a Weasley.” Bill muttered to himself. “You always know how to find trouble.” Grumbling to himself, he rounded a blind corner and bumped into someone.

“Bloody hell!” Bill yelled. The girl let out a small scream and fell to the ground. “Are you okay?” Bill asked when he saw the girl lying on the floor.

“I’m fine!” The French girl snapped, her blue dress covering the floor.

“Here let me help you.” Bill offered holding his hand out. The French girl stared at his hand for a moment before accepting his hands. “Up we go.” Said Bill, hauling the girl to her feet. Her long blonde hair flew over her head and hit her in the face, her skin was flawless, not a single flaw presented themselves and her eyes were a lush shade of brown. “My name’s Bill Weasley.” He stammered. The French girl let a small smile creep onto her face.

“Fleur Delacour.” She replied.

“FLEUR!” Someone yelled, looking around, Bill saw an abnormally tall women standing at the end of the hall. She even looked taller than Hagrid, stifling a laugh, Bill waited for Fleur to return her gaze.

 “I have to go.” She said, smiling and ducking her head.

“O... Okay.” Bill said, mentally hitting himself for not being being able to make a cohesive sentence. Fleur smiled again before leaving. Spinning around, Bill called out without even thinking.

“Would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?” Fleur glanced over her shoulder and nodded.


“Great!” Bill exclaimed, feeling flustered. “Meet here at say, 11:30?” Fleur nodded again before running after the tall-lady. Bill stared longingly after Fleur and let out a long sigh.

“Hey Bill!” Taking a deep breath, Bill braced himself for the impact of his younger brothers — Fred and George. “She’s a stunner isn’t she?” Fred said, flinging his arm over Bill’s shoulder.

“She is.” Bill replied dreamily. “She sure is.”


Bill leaned casually against a pillar, waiting patiently for Fleur. It had been a few years since Bill had been on a date but he had assured himself that it couldn’t be that hard. He had the mentality that it was just two people getting together and having lunch. Oh, how he was.

Looking around Bill saw Fleur round the corner. She was wearing a light blue dress with long sleeves that just fell past her knees and her long, blonde hair was tied back into a messy ponytail.

“Beautiful.” Bill whispered as she walked down the stairs. Fleur had apparently heard Bill because she ducked her head in a forlorn attempt to hide her blushing cheeks. When Fleur reached the base of the stairs they both stared at each other for a moment before smiles broke out on both their faces. “Hi.” Bill said finally.

“Hi.” Fleur replied.

“Let’s get going shall we?” Bill asked awkwardly. Fleur nodded in agreement. “Well, this is sufficiently awkward.” Bill said as they walked out of the Hogwarts Castle.

“It is.” Fleur replied, laughing. “So where are we going?” She asked, peering into the quaint town of Hogsmede as if she expected to see a five star restaurant.

“Right in here.” Bill replied opening the door to the Three Broomsticks. “It’s not the best place in the world I’ll admit but they do great fish and chips.” Bill added when he saw the look on Fleur’s face. Nodding slowly, Fleur cautiously stepped over the doormat.

“Ah, Bill. It’s been awhile.” Madam Rosmerta said when she saw Bill enter her pub.

“It has, how are things with you?”

“Same old, same old. At least we don’t have those ruddy dementors coming into the pub anymore. Now would you like a table for you and your friend here?” Madam Rosmerta asked, throwing a tea towel over her shoulder and clapping her hands together in glee.

“Yes please.”

“Righteo then. Table’s over that way and I’ll bring your menu’s over.” Madam Rosmerta pointed over to the table in the back corner of the room before hurrying away to grab two menu’s.

“Ladies first.” Bill said, stepping sideways. Fleur muttered a quick, ‘thanks,’ before walking over to the table and sitting down. Bill followed in suit, sitting down next to Fleur. An awkward silence filled the air as they waited for their menu’s.

“So... What part of France are you from?” Bill asked, breaking the unwanted silence.

“Paris. My parents own a very large company.” Fleur explained.

“Wow.” Bill gasped. Madam Rosmerta came up and handed them their menu’s. Both Bill and Fleur ordered fish and chips.

“The food is very different.” Fleur said.

“Yeah.” Bill laughed. “At least we don’t eat snails though.” Fleur stared at Bill curiously before she realized that it was a joke, then, she laughed politely. Their meals arrived and silence threatened to elope them again but this time, they fought against it. “Oh god this is delicious.” Bill moaned as he took his first bite. “What’s wrong?” He asked when he noticed that Fleur hadn’t touched her food.

“Nothing.” She replied, picking up a chip with her fork.

“You really haven’t done this before have you?” Bill asked. “Here, use your fingers.” He instructed placing the fork on the table. Fleur had a mixture of shock and curiosity on her face. “Come on, your in England, do it the English way!” Bill coaxed picking up some more chips and eating them. Fleur took a deep breath — as though she had just entered a life changing moment — and hesitantly, she picked up a chip and put it in her mouth. After ten minutes of awkward laughter they had finished their meals and were ready to pay.

“Shoot, this is awkward.” Bill said after searching for his wallet. “I seemed to have misplaced my wallet.” Turning to Fleur who had a small smirk on her face he said. “Uh, just to make this date a million times worse than it already is — do you have any money? My wallet has run away.”

“That means he forgot it. Typical Weasley.” Madam Rosmerta interjected, tapping her pen repeatedly on her notebook.

“It’s no worry.” Fleur said, stifling her bounds of laughter. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her wallet and began to count the money.

“Here you go.” She added, handing the money over to Rosmerta. Then, without saying another word, Fleur stood up and left.

“Go after her.” Madam Rosmerta offered. Bill didn’t need anymore encouragement. Jumping to his feet he ran after Fleur.

“Fleur!” He yelled as he ran outside. Bill instantly spotted Fleur among the masses and he ran up to catch her. “Fleur!” He yelled again. Fleur apparently heard Bill because she spun around a huge smile on her face. Bill pushed past the last few people and grabbed Fleur, then, without hesitating, he pulled Fleur against himself and kissed her. Fleur was taken aback for a moment but quickly, her body began to respond. Eventually they broke apart, huge smiles on their faces.

“The next date won’t be like this.”


9 months later

Bill shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He desperately wanted to loosen his tie and kick his shoes off but he was certain that the owners of the restaurant would not approve.

'That’s the curse of 5 star French Restaurants.’ Bill thought. He allowed his right hand to slip off the table and fall into his jacket pocket where a velvet box was.

“Have you even been listening to me?” Asked Fleur, clicking her fingers in front of Bill’s face.

“Sorry, I’ve had a hard day at work.” Taking a deep breath Bill picked up the velvet box and took ahold of Fleur’s hand. “Fleur, whatever you do don’t interrupt me, I’ve got one chance to say this and I don’t want to screw this up.” Fleur nodded, completely oblivious to what Bill was about to ask.

“Fleur Delacour, you are amazing, truly amazing and if I’ve only got chance to say it then I, Bill Weasley, love you. I don’t care if you don’t love me back but I do, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to grow old with and it’s amazing — I mean, there’s one universe, nine planets, 204 countries, seven seas, four oceans, six billion people and somehow, we ended up together. So Fleur Delacour.” He took another deep breath and opened the velvet box. “Fleur Delacour, will you be willing to put with me forever? Will you, uh, well, first off will you forgive me for such a terrible engagement — I honestly thought this was going to be much easier. Will you, marry me?” Bill stared at Fleur in anticipation as he waited for a reply.

Fleur looked lost for words. “An answer would be great, because my leg is kind of going to sleep.” Bill said stupidly, hitting his leg. Fleur smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Tears, uh, are tears good or bad?” He asked, laughing.

“Of course I will marry you, you stupid idiot.” Fleur smiled through her tears, pulling Bill to his feet. Letting out a long breath of relief, Bill kissed Fleur and strategically slid the ring on her finger.

“Just don’t make me pay for the meal this time.” Fleur added when they broke apart. Bill laughed and pulled his fiance into a hug.

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To Tell A Tale: Three Winter Flaws


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