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Family Relations by Lunaroxmysox
Chapter 4 : Slow Down
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A/N: *Waves from behind a highly fortified fort* Hi, guys. Guess what? I've got a chapter for you! I know, it's like a damn miracle. I'm so, so sorry about the long wait on all of my stories, but life happened and I moved again and school is getting intense and yeah. But. At least I have one for you now, right? I'm just going to let you guys read now...


Chapter 4:


“Absolutely not. No way.”


“Aww come on, it looks fantastic.”


I stared at Amy in disbelief. “It looks like it was drawn by a five year old. A blind five year old.”

Amy glared down at me from her position on a ladder leaning on the wall above our sofa, “You are so uncultured.” She said loftily.


“I'd rather be uncultured than have a painting that looks like it should be hanging on a fridge on my wall.” I retorted.


I let Amy get away with a lot. Her crazy early Saturday mornings that involved yoga at six in the morning, the blender always getting clogged up by her health shakes, and all the bloody shoes. Shoes under her bed, shoes under my bed, shoes on the floor, shoes on the celing. Ok, no, not on the ceiling, but if they could defy gravity, I guarantee they would be up there too.


Amy and I have turned into an old married couple since we moved in together, something which never seems to not amuse Scorpius.


“Fine,” She huffed, making her way carefully down the later, balancing that horrid painting. “We'll talk about your sad lack of taste later.” Her no good, overly smug, increasingly all too familiar smirk appeared. “You need to worry about tonight.”


“Oh, not this again.” I groaned, already feeling my cheeks grow warm. This is not the first time we had this conversation, and each time she brought it up, I felt more and more uncomfortable. You see, Amy had gotten it into her head ever since Scorpius had planned this fancy evening out for the two of us tonight, that it was time that we had sex. She also thought Scorpius thought that it was time we had sex.

I don't think it's time for us to have sex. Well, that's not entirely true. No, yes it is. I mean, I... I don't know. I love Scorpius, that I will never doubt. And he's a fantastic kisser, and we've gotten to making out without shirts, but never farther.


I do want more. I think. I don't know.


I do know, however, that Amy needs to let it go.


She seemed to have gotten something from the I'm-going-to-axe-murder-you-in-your-sleep-if-you-continue-this look on my face, because she held up her hands and said, “Relax, I was just going to say that you should really go out and buy something nice to wear tonight. I mean he's taking you to The Silver Owl.” There was awe in her voice, and I understood why. The Silver Owl was one of the fanciest restuarants in wizard London. You didn't get in there if you didn't know someone.


“I didn't ask him to take me there,” I shifted uncomfortably. That was another thing; Scorpius had this thing for spending a ridiculous sum of money on me. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with it, but the man will not waver.


Amy grabbed me in one of her spontaneous hugs. “I know, darling! It's just you have to get something amazing. And sexy.” She winked, and I rolled my eyes.


“You know I can't afford to go out buying expensive dresses, Amy.”


“Who said anything about expensive?” She said shrewdly. “I've got just the place for you.”


Amy had an eye for everything fashion related. Anything she put together, no matter how ridiculous it may look on the rack, turns out to be absolutely stunning. I don't know how she does it. Even though her little boutique is just getting on its feet, I can already tell that she's going to do brilliantly.


A mere 3 hours later (Amy would insist this is an obscenely small amount of time to spend on shopping for the perfect outfit)and I found myself in the possession of a fantastic new dress. The top was a solid black with a slit going about half way down my back, and the bottom was white, with a criss crossing pattern of thick black bands and bright blue lines. The skirt reached only mid thigh, and Amy had talked me into buying these lace up boots that enclosed my almost three quarters of my calf. She had relaced the boots with electric blue laces to match the dress, and I have to admit, it was a good look.


After we got back to the flat, Amy ducked out again, saying she had to 'go get something'. I have no idea why, but for some strange reason I got the feeling she was up to something. It might have been her absolute failure of a poker face, and the fact that she couldn't stop giggling. Regardless, she was gone now, and I only had a few hours to get ready for my date with Scorpius.


Time flies when you're doing your hair. Well, among other things too. Before, I knew it 6:30 had rolled around, and Scorpius was set to pick me up in a half and hour. Amy had already came bouncing in to inform me that we had a surprise guest coming tomorrow. I had to remind her about my interview in the afternoon, but she insisted it wouldn't be a problem. I have no idea what she has planned. Honestly, that girl's mind is more flighty than a sparrow.


I had just finished lacing up my boots, and swiping on a tiny bit of lip gloss, when the door bell rang. I heard Amy running to get it and shouted through the open door, "Don't you dare say anything that will reguire your demise, Amy Corner!"


Turning back to the mirror, I fiddled with my hair once again. At Amy's prompting, I had straightened it severely, and it fell well past my shoulders in glossy, red sheets, looking striking against the shimmering black of my dress. I sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. Despite all my insistence, that nothing would happen between Scorpius and I tonight, well, nothing more than the usual, there was a tingling in the pit of my stomach that wouldn't go away. I did my best to ignore it.


I walked out of the bathroom to find Amy smiling and chatting with Scorpius. Upon seeing me, she shot me a look of complete innocence, before wishing the two of us a good evening and flouncing off to the small back room she used as her sewing center.


"Hey," I said softly, reaching up to kiss him.


"You look stunning." He mumured, kissing me back.

I grinned up at him, hands resting lightly on his chest. "It can happen on occasion."


He kissed the tip of my nose, "You'd look pretty wearing a bag." He said, opening the door for me.


"A short bag, though." I teased.


His eyes flitted to my legs.


"I saw that," I laughed, feeling a pleasant blush spread across my cheeks. Any worries I had early were easly quelled. I was with Scorpius. We were teasing each other, and having fun. I need to stop letting my over active brain run my life.


"You don't look so bad yourself," I added. That three piece suit looked killer on him. He was the kind of guy who was born to wear dapper suits and take on the world.


A half smirk curled the corner of his mouth, and he offered me his arm. "Shall we go then?"


"Of course."


He turned us on the spot, and after the brief, unpleasant sensation that apparation always brings, we were standing outside the well lit pavilion that led to The Silver Owl.


"I can't believe we're here. I am eighteen years old. I belong in a dingy diner, having a cheap meal, not in one of the finest restuarants in London." I hissed to Scorpius as a black clad gentleman led us to our table.


"You're ridiculous." He replied lightly. "Let me spoil you just this once. What's the point of having so much money if I can't spend it on the person I love?" There was something intense in his eyes as he said this, and I let it go. I knew the money thing was a sensitive topic for him. His family was practically swimming in the stuff, and he could get touchy about it.


And besides, it really was a lovely place. Tall, soaring spirals stood in around the circular room in which our table had been prepared for us. Magestic murals covered the rounded walls. But they were different than anything I had seen before. It was likfe the very walls were swiriling with colors, silvery and light, never ceasing there movement and giving off a glimmery glow. It wasn't distracting, but almost added a relaxing sort of element.


Scorpius pulled out my chair for me, and I sat carefully, pulling down on my skirt. Damn thing was short.


The next hour passed leisurely. I still felt a little out of place, but it was hard to remain distracted with a gorgeous boyfriend and equally (if not more so) gorgeous food in front of you.

So yes, it was going spectacularly well. That is, it was until we got back on the topic of families. Our bloody family relations were going to be the death of us yet.


Scorpius twirled his fork between his fingers, eyes fixed on the wall behind me. "You remember my aunt, right?"


Ah yes. How could I forget her? "Yes." I answered hesitantly. There was about a 1% chance that I would like where he was going with this, and that was if he announced that his aunt was going to pay for a vacation to Venice for the two of us.


It wasn't that. Not that I had been counting on it. That would've been nice, though. I've always wanted to go to Venice.




"She wants you and Al to come over for dinner."


I blinked. This wasn't my first choice, but it certainly wasn't the worst. That one included a flamethrower and chocolate pudding. But one thing didn't make sense to me.


" on earth did Al get dragged into this?"


Scorpius sighed, irritation flashing briefly across his face, followed closely by pooryl concealed affection. "He achieved the impossible. Not in regards to the firewhiskey and niffler thing he's been going on about." It's a long story. Don't ask. "He charmed Aunt Clarisse."


I sat back in my chair. "Well, whoopdido for Al. Too bad he's not the one dating you. I'm sure she'd approve more of him."


Scorpius snorted, eyes crinkling with mirth. "Well, we did discuss it, but in the end, you're simply so much cuter than him."


"Oh, don't pretend that his dorky glasses don't get your knickers in a twist, Malfoy."


"We are so not going there, Weasley."


I threw back my head and laughed. "The mental images could be permanently scarring, true."


There was that crooked grin again. "I do worry about you sometimes," He teased, but then grew serious again. "I know you don't want to deal with the family drama, and believe me, neither do I, but this is complicated enough without bringing in more trouble, in the form of disapproving, and unfortunately powerful relatives."


I sighed, "I know, I know. This was never going to be simple. Honestly, the most I had hoped for was my dad to not attempt to axe murder you and your father. And we've been good on that front so far."


It wasn't that I didn't like Scorpius's family, or didn't want to get to know them, but with the exception of his parents, I literally knew nothing about them and I know that's the point of the whole 'meeting them and having dinner together' thing, but I just don't know how to behave around them. Despite all the strides made over the last decades, there's still a lot of prejudice, and grudges that still run deep. But they won't ever heal if someone isn't willing to step forward to offer the olive branch. And I guess, within my little corner of the world, that had fallen to me.


Maybe I was just over thinking all this again. But that Winter Gala I had been coerced into attending was in a couple months and I was nervous. I wanted to be perfect. I wanted them all to see that I could make it with the best of them. Or at least fake it well enough to pass off as knowing what I was doing.

All you girls out there with nice, drama free relationships, screw you.


Scorpius reached across the table and grasped my hand in his. "Thank you." He said sincerely.

I stared deep into his eyes, and was swept up in their grey depths. Something shifted inside of me. A burning swell of desire bubbled up in the pit of my stomach.


"Let's go back to your place." I suggested. My voice sounded different, deeper, scratchier. But I didn't care. There was little else on my mind right now. Scorpius blinked, but then called for the bill and paid for that meal as fast as he could.


He barely got the door to his flat open, before crashing his lips onto mine, and I was responding enthusiastically. My hands curled in the short hairs on the nape of his neck, holding his head in place.


In one swift movement, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, both us still kissing fiercely.


All at once, it was as if nothing was nothing. No matter how close I got to him, it would never be enough. I needed him.


My back rubbed against the course wood of the door, making my dress ride up. Scorpius's arms tightened around my waist and before I knew what was happening, we were on his bed.


Hands were everywhere. First he lost his shirt, my hands running up and down the hard lines of his chest.


God, I wanted him. I wanted him so badly.


I bit down on his lip, and he moaned. Moving his lips off mine, he worked his way down my jaw and to my neck. My breaths became short and airy as his tongue made circles on the soft skin of my neck.


His hands slid up under my dress, gripping my thighs.


I gasped. And suddenly, I couldn't breathe. What was I doing? Oh my God, I was going to do it, I really was. But then, I couldn't.


I rolled out from under Scorpius, feeling as if the entire world was closing in around me far too fast. Slow down, slow down, please slow down.


"I'm sorry." I gasped, desperately pulling down my dress and fighting back the burning humiliation behind my eyes. "I can't do this. I have to go."


And then, half-crazed with hormones, and fear, and confusion, I turned on the spot and disappeared.


Somehow, I managed to apparate back to my flat. I appeared in the main room, scaring the hell out of Amy who was watching re runs of Doctor Who on the old tv she had managed to scrounge up.


"Bloody hell, Rose! What is wrong with you?" She yelped, holding a hand to her chest. But then she did a double take, truly taking in my appearence.


I took one look at her open, confused face already filling up with emphathy before breaking down into tears.


A/N: Why yes, I am going to end this chapter here. Sorry? Except I'm not really :P Please review! 

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