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White Flags by MarauderLover7
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18
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‘Padfoot!’ James called sleepily. ‘Is that you?’

‘No, Prongs, it’s Voldemort,’ Sirius called back sarcastically as he pulled his school bag out from under his bed. Peter jerked awake, looking terrified.

‘Don’t joke about things like that, Sirius!’ he said shrilly, before burying himself in his blankets again.

‘Sorry, Pete,’ James said, grinning. ‘Anyway, Sir, I have to tell you something important. You were asleep by the time I got back last night-’

Sirius looked up at the sound of his best mate’s thrilled tone. ‘Why are you so excited I was asleep?’

‘I’m not! I’m excited about what happened while you were asleep!’

‘Lovely. Have you seen my quill?’

‘Padfoot! James whined. ‘I’m trying to tell you something!’

‘And it’s taking forever,’ Remus added dryly, shooting Sirius a smile.

James stuck out his tongue. ‘Aha!’ Sirius cried, triumphantly, waving his quill around. ‘I’ve got it! I’ll see you three in the common room,’ he said as he ducked out of the dormitory.

‘Morning, Lillian darling,’ Sirius said pompously as he dumped his books on the table in the common room. ‘I take it you’ll be studying with us this fine morning.’ Lily was just coming down the girl’s dormitory staircase as he sat down on his favourite seat.

‘Morning, Sirius,’ she said with a slightly nervous smile. ‘Yes, if you don’t mind.’

‘Lily!’ James said, sounding delighted as he descended the boy’s dormitory stars with Remus close behind. Both were still in their pyjama pants, with bed messied hair.

‘Jame-’ Lily’s reply was cut off as James bounced down the last few step and captured her lips in a kiss. Sirius watched, shocked.

‘Good Morning,’ James said. Lily just stared at him. Sirius caught Remus’ eye, and a second later, Sirius had dragged James away from Lily and put him behind Remus where he would be safe. The shaggy haired Marauder turned back to Lily, who was now looking annoyed.

‘Lily,’ Sirius said, putting his hands up in front of him. ‘You know he didn’t mean anything by it, really.’ Lily stared at James, raising one thin eyebrow.

Sirius could hear Remus hissing to James, ‘What the fuck were you thinking, Prongs?!’ He heard a smack, and assumed he had hit James. Quite honestly, Sirius thought it served him right. James started to laugh, almost hysterically. ‘Now is not the time, Prongs,’ Remus said, hitting him again. James refused to quieten. Lily watched with an unreadable expression.

‘What’s happening?’ Peter yawned, appearing at the top of the boy’s staircase.

‘James kissed me,’ Lily said, keeping an expression that was scarily neutral.

‘Shit!’ Peter squeaked a fearful expression contorting his features. He ran down the stairs to stand on Sirius’ other side. ‘Please don’t kill James! Please! He’s too young to die!’

‘Lily,’ Sirius said, slowly backing away as she took a step forward. He loved his best friend like a brother, but sometimes James could be suck a pillock; Lily had just started to speak with the Marauders on friendly terms, and they had all been enjoying her company. Not only had James likely ruined that for himself, but he had ruined it for the rest of them too. ‘Lily, really, we don’t know what he was thinking, I swear, we’ll take him to the Hospital Wing and get him fixed up. He must be broken, it’s really the onl-’


‘Yes?’ Sirius squeaked. At any other time, it would have bothered him that he sounded like Peter, but right now, when James’ life and those of the rest of them were in jeopardy, he couldn’t care less. James didn’t seem to realise how dangerous the situation was, and was still laughing his head off. Sirius shot him a frustrated look.

‘Will you, Remus and Peter please move?’ Lily asked sweetly.

‘Now, Lily,’ Remus said hastily, ‘I’m not so sure that’s a good id-’

Sirius risked a glance at Lily, who had caught James’ eye. He, as always, stared back at her like she was the only person in the room, but this time, there was triumph mixed in. Lily’s look was questioning and amused all at once, and she had that glint in her eye that James’ parents had used to get when they looked at each other.

‘Oh!’ Sirius said suddenly as everything clicked in his head. He glanced from James to Lily again and a huge grin pasted itself on his face. ‘Bloody hell, Prongs, we need to work on our telepathy!’

‘I’ll say,’ said James with a smirk. ‘I tried to tell you-Hey!’ he yelped, as Sirius pulled him into a tight hug.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Remus demanded, staring at them and then at Lily. Then comprehension flashed on his face and he too said, ‘Oh!’ He laughed, stepping forward to pull Sirius off James. He pushed James toward Lily. ‘He’s yours, keep him.’

‘Oh, no you don’t!’ Sirius said catching James’ arm. ‘Transfiguration homework will have to wait. Messrs Moony and Wormtail, a Marauders meeting is in order!’

Remus and Peter shared identical, evil grins and then Remus grabbed James’ other arm. ‘Lily, stay here,’ Peter said in a surprisingly firm voice.

‘Why?’ she asked cautiously.

‘Boy things,’ Sirius replied cheerfully as he and Remus hauled a resigned James up the staircase.


*                   *                     *


‘Hello.’ Lily shivered as James planted a soft kiss on the side of her neck. He walked around the couch to sit next to her and then planted another kiss on her lips.

‘Hello,’ she murmured back and this time it was her who initiated the kiss. They continued this way, exchanging chaste kisses. Despite them only just becoming a couple, it didn’t feel strange. To Lily, it seemed right.

‘So what were the four of you doing up in your dormitory?’ she asked, when they broke apart.

James looked faintly nauseated at her question and leaned into the back of the couch. He fixed her with a baleful look, his lower lip jutting out slightly. ‘They sat me down for “the talk”.’

‘You haven’t had it yet?’ Lily said, incredulous.

‘Oh, no, I have,’ James said grimly. ‘Mum and Dad sat me down when I was about eleven and then again when I was fifteen and Sirius had just moved in... Unfortunately, he seemed to have forgotten that, so I was treated to a detailed account of their... er... extra-curricular activities over the last few years.’ He shuddered. ‘And you know how Moony and Padfoot are. They like to go into details.’ He shuddered again. ‘Even Peter had something to add about his personal experiences.’

Lily made a face. ‘It can’t be worse than what I hear in my dormitory. And you forget I’m good friends with Marlene...’

‘Now she’s good fun,’ Sirius said, sauntering in.

James wrinkled his nose. ‘I know. You told me not five minutes ago.’

‘So I did,’ Sirius said thoughtfully. He grinned at James’ discomfit. ‘Lily, I think you’ll be pleased to know that Mr Prongs is now very well educated.’ He winked at Lily. ‘You can thank me later.’ She blushed to the roots of her hair, making Sirius laugh. He petted both of their heads. ‘You kids have fun.’ With a barking laugh, he ducked out of the portrait hole, leaving the blushing couple behind.

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