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Your Glasses by lizmusic45
Chapter 1 : Studying...well not really.
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 My head is bent over a pile of books; a quill is resting between my teeth, and the open composition notebook lies, waiting to be filled with tips, facts, and anything else that might be needed on my school tests.

“I have to get going Ginny,” says Luna, grabbing her stuff. “We’ll finish the studying tomorrow.”

I nod, and give her a wave goodbye, too tired to reply. I’m one of the few fifth years that are still in the library doing anything they can to get more facts in their brain than normal.

I hate late night studying more than I hate snakes, diaries, and raspberries. I mean who wants to eat fuzzy fruit? Anyway, I just despise late night studying. I have to sit in the library until Madam Pince gets cranky enough and tells me to get out of here.

I think she knows I hate it here that’s why she never tells me to leave.

I quickly look through my pile of books for Herbology for Gits. Realizing that I don’t have it, I get up to have a quick peek around.

I sigh as I scan the library bookshelves. I’m going to kill Jack Sloper if he took out Herbology for Gits just because he knew I need it.

I’m kind of failing herbology. So, not only to I have to do all the extra practice for my O.W.L’s that are coming up, I have to do extra practice so I don’t end up getting a troll. Not only will my mum kill me, but I will never hear the end of it from my brothers.

“Come you stupid book, come on,” I murmur, as my fingers trace over the hardcover and leather covers. I dread asking Madam Pince if it’s in stock. She hates being bothered.

Looking for this?” asks the voice I needed to hear, as he wraps his hands around my waist.

Just a few inches away from my face, sure enough, there is hardcover book, Herbology for Gits.

Herbology For Gits,” I murmur aloud, biting my lip to hide my smile. “Where did you find it?”

“It was behind the wastebasket, I saw some kids putting it there earlier,” says Harry, shrugging. “Doesn’t really matter, how are you doing?”

Instead of answering him I turn around. “You’re amazing, you really are,” I reply, kissing him.

“So are you,” Harry whispers, his forehead leaning against mine. “In fact, you’re the most amazing girl I know.”

 I smile, and raise my eyebrows. “What if you knew someone more amazing?”

Harry doesn’t even pause, he just whispers so quietly it makes me melt. “That’s not possible.”

I lean my face up so I can catch my lips with his. I want to ask him why he made me wait so long, I want to ask him what made him fall for me, though I’d just rather tell him that I love him.

Though creeping him out isn’t on my list of things to do.

When we break apart, I just look at him. I notice his sea-glass green eyes, the fact that the brim of his glasses are dirty, and that he’s got this way of making me smile.

“Thinking about something?” asks Harry, tilting his head to the side. “You normally tell me to go and that you have studying.”

I give him a look, already knowing that he teasing me. “I do have to study,” I insist. “I just thought that spending a few minutes with you wouldn’t hurt.”

“Well then how about you come with me, and we take my cloak, and we pretend you don’t have any studying?” asks Harry, grinning.

I roll my eyes. “Why couldn’t you kiss me earlier? Then we could spend every day sneaking around,” I say, giving him a small smile so he knows I’m teasing.

Harry shrugs. “Probably because you’re too perfect for me,” he says, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“You’re fine,” I say, swatting him playfully. “The only thing about you is that every time you say something sweet it makes me smile.”

“I know, and I like seeing you smile,” says Harry, moving just an inch closer to me. “You’ve got perfect teeth.”

“You told me before,” I reply, trying not to laugh. “You told me they looked like-”

“I’d rather not bring up the incident, if that’s ok with you,” interrupts Harry, quickly.

“Personally, I thought it was funny that you thought my teeth looked like sharks, all straight and pointed,” I tease.

Harry gives me a weary look. “I just messed up my words. I don’t really think you look like a shark.”

“I know, I’m just teasing,” I say, pulling Harry closer to me. I gently pull off his glasses, and place them on myself.

Harry sighs, but even through the fuzziness of the glasses I can see his smile.

“You look cute in them,” Harry remarks. “I can’t really see you though, unless I’m an inch away from your face.”

I grin at the excuse to pull him closer. “You must have really bad eyesight,” I tell him.

“I know,” says Harry, brushing a small strand of hair out of my face. “It doesn’t matter, just as long as I can see you smile.”

Before I can reply, he leans down and kisses me ever so softly. I lean against that bookcase, and wrap my arms around his neck.

Harry begins kissing harder, and I kiss him back just as hard.

Our mouths are playing quidditch.

“Please keep your baby making o’ of this library,” says Seamus, walking by.  “Save it for some place where we don’t have to be subjected to it.”

Harry mimics Seamus once he’s turned around, making me laugh. “One day, I’m going to seriously kill him,” he tells me.

“Save your energy for something worthwhile,” I say, though I can’t help but wonder what life would be like without Seamus Finnigan.

Harry pauses for a bit, and then grins. “You know that you still wearing my glasses right?”

“Is that why everything is weird looking?” I ask sarcastically. “Do you need them back?”

“One day I will, and if I’m going to spend the rest of the time here with you, then I just might,” replies Harry.

“Just might, means we spend the remainder of the night with me leaning against the bookshelf, or you actually watch me study knowing that I won’t be able to concentrate.” I tell him, raising my eyebrows.

Harry grins, shrugging. “I like the first idea, but the second isn’t bad at all.”

I swat him playfully. “I’m not going to have tests forever, one day they’ll end and I’ll be all yours.”

“Is that a promise?” asks Harry, grinning.

“Yes, it most defiantly is,” I whisper. “Though I get to wear your glasses.”

Leaning one inch closer, he twirls a strand of hair around his finger, and kisses me so softly that it feels like I just melted away into happiness.

“Deal,” he whispers.


“Race you!” she calls, running down the dirt path. Her wild red hair flies behind her, and she glances over her shoulder to see how far I am behind her. She smiles when she realizes I’m right next to her.

I run ahead of her singing “nah-nah” which only makes her run faster. Her feet touch the shoreline first, but only a second before mine do.

“I win, I win!” she cries, throwing her hands above her head, dancing in a little circle.

“Yes you did,” I say, kissing her.

She rolls her eyes. “That kiss of yours is not going to make me stop chanting,” she says, continue to dance in a circle, the waves playing at her feet.

“What about this then?” I ask, grabbing her by the waist holding her close to me.

“Nope,” she replies, but I notice she’s smiling.

“Are you sure?” I ask, softly kissing her neck.

“Don’t torture me Potter,” she says, wrapping her arms around my neck, and kissing me. God, I love this girl, I love her more than anything.

“Why not? You’re doing it to me right now” I reply, once she’s pulled back.

She just smiles, and digs her feet into the wet sand. She throws her head back smiling, and letting her hair fall in a thousand different directions.

She’s beautiful, my Ginny in a way that words can’t describe. 

I watch her smile, when the little sand crabs crawl over her toes. “It tickles, come here and try!” she calls, holding out her hand for me to take.

I smile, and wrap her hand in mine she smiles at me, showing off each of her perfect teeth.

“Dig your feet in, but not too deep because you don’t want to crush them,” she tells me, looking down at my feet to see if I’m doing it right.

I smile as little baby sand crabs crawl through my toes. “See? I told you, doesn’t it tickle?” Ginny asks, looking at me earnestly.

“It’s alright,” I reply, smiling at her.

She rolls her eyes. “Yes it does but you’re too manly to say so,” she says, kissing me softly on the cheek.

I feel the place where her mouth touched me burn.

Ginny smiles, “After all this time, your cheeks still turn red,” she remarks.

I smile at her. “You know after all this time I don’t believe there is anyone prettier than you?” I ask and watch as she bites back her lip to hide her smile.

“I love you Harry,” she whispers, looking at me with her stunning soft brown eyes.

“I love you to Gin,” I reply, and I do I couldn’t possibly be happier with anybody else.

I watch as she slides her feet out of the sand, and races towards the water’s edge, beckoning me to come along.

I follow after her, wrapping my hands around her waist to spin her around. She tells me to put her down, but I can barely hear the words over the beautiful laugh of hers.

I let her feet touch the ground, and she sits down on the wet sand. Ginny looks up at me, and pats the sand beside her; she doesn’t have to ask twice.

I sit down next to her putting my arm around her, she smiles and leans in.

“Remember that day, when I told you my tests would be over and I’d be all yours?” Ginny asks, as her thumb, running over my hand.

Remember it? I remember that day like I’m living it. More than anything I wanted to tell her that I love her, but creeping her out wasn’t the plan on my list.

“Yeah, sure,” I reply, shrugging. “Why are you asking?”

“Well…” she pauses, getting a sly grin on her face. “I kept my end of the deal, but you still owe me your glasses.”

I pause it’s true, I do. I smile at the memory of her wearing them.  She had her hands on her hips, her head tilting to the side, and one finger resting on the brim.

She was perfect. She is perfect; she’s the best think that’s ever happened to me.

“Alright,” I reply, grinning. “Here you go.”

She places them on, doing the exact same pose she did five years ago, looking pretty as ever.

“How do I look?” she teases, trying to make a face, but instead it turns into a smile.

“Gorgeous,” I tell her honestly, and yet she still swats me. Playfully, but swats me none the else.

“Alright, charmer boy,” she mutters rolling her eyes.

One person in the media happened to call me that, and she hasn’t dropped it. In fact she finds it funny. Sometimes I just want to kill the media.

“Do you have regrets?” she asks, interrupting my day dream of the hourcrxes being media people instead of sliver, sparkly objects.

 Sure I do.

I regret not telling Ginny I love her until after a year of wondering if I was ever going to see her. I regret the fact that we only had a few weeks with each other before I had to leave. I regret the fact I forgot to feed the cat today, because Buggs gets really cranky when we forget to feed him.

Ginny looks at me, her eyebrows rose at my pause. “Well come on, out with it then,” she says, looking keen.

“I’ll regret the rest of my life if I don’t ask you this question,” I say, and she doesn’t even reply before I continue. “Will you marry me?”

Her eyes widen in…please god let that be shock.

“Yes,” she whispers so quietly I’m not sure if I heard correctly. “Yes, yes, oh my god of course I’ll marry you!” she cries, kissing me right on the lips.

This time it was definitely several sunlit days before we parted.

I slip the ring on her finger; she gazes at it and then turns to me. “You know I still have your glasses right?”

I grin, and kiss her softly. “I told you,” I whisper. “It doesn’t matter as long as I can see you smile.”

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