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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 2 : Introductions, Train Journeys and Exploding Snap
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 I suppose I better introduce myself.


I’m Katrina Parker. I’m fifteen years old and I’m a fifth year. I’m short (dang.). I’ve got light brown hair with (natural) blondish streaks. I also wear glasses.

I’m not a beauty, but I’m not horrific either. I’m average, I suppose. I’m happy like that.

My best mates are Rose Weasley, Albus Severus Potter, Dominique Weasley (but only sometimes, depending on how I feel,) and unfortunately, Scorpius Malfoy (insert sigh here).

I have two brothers, one older- Tyrique- and one younger- Angus.

Yes seriously. Tyrique, Katrina and Angus.

I don’t know what my parents were thinking.

Katrina isn’t so bad, and Angus can be okay...

But Tyrique? Is that even a real name? Well, yes I suppose it is if my brother is called it...

Anyways, I digress.

I do that a lot.

 “Why?” you are wondering, “are you telling us this? What makes you so interesting?”

Well, I suppose the only difference between me and an average 15 year girl is...


I’m a witch and I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Yes, A* scoring, grammar school attending, boyfriend winning, 15 year old girl, I’m a witch.


Yeah, beat that.

You can’t? Didn’t think so!

Again, I digress. *Sigh*.

Introductions aside, I suppose I’d better start from the beginning

And I guess it all started at the beginning of this year.


I grab Angus and hurriedly push him through the barrier between Platform 9 ¾ and the muggle world.

“Get a bloody move on Angus!”

I know, I’m such a gentle, caring sister.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get your spotty knickers in a twist. Get your stinking hands off me and bugger off!” he replies angrily.

Yes, Angus and I have a wonderful relationship.

Can you tell?

After giving him an extra hard shove, I look behind me and see mum and Tyrique just running through the wall.

I love saying that. Running through the wall. Only in the wizarding world...

I digress.


I heave Angus back over to where our family are hiding, despite his loud protests.

“I wanna go explore and see my mates!”  he cries, angrily. I roll my eyes and pull him harder.

My mum‘s a muggle. We don’t know who or what status my dad is. So I’m muggleborn. Or a mudblood, depending on how you look at it. And surprisingly, Tyrique is a muggle too. So it came as a bit of a shock when we found out I was a witch.  And even more startling when Angus turned out to be one as well.

I sort of feel sorry for Tyrique: I get the impression he would have liked to attend Hogwarts. He thinks the whole concept is amazing. He’s met Fred Weasley II a few times through me and finds his dads business “Weasley Wizard Wheezes” hilarious. They are, but to him- a muggle- they’re, well, magical.

The train hoots loudly, signalling that it’s time to board. I give mum long hug before turning to Tyrique. I shake hands with him, smiling broadly. He laughs deafeningly before pulling me into a bear-hug. I whisper in his ear as quietly as I can,

"Stay safe. Promise?"

"I promise."

Soon, we break apart. I see Angus let mum embrace him tightly before hurrying off into the grey plume of smoke.

“Write to me every week, okay?” mum sobs tearfully. I roll my eyes (I’m getting good at this). She always does this, every, single year.

“And when you do, do use the owl. It’s rather fascinating!” she adds, cheering up slightly.

Yes, she does speak like that.

Shaking my head, not saying yes to my mum, I grab my trolley and run in the direction Angus had a minute ago.

I can’t find Rose or any of the Wotter clan anywhere. I search through the great crowds of people but after two minutes of searching (hey! Don’t give me that look! It’s quite a long time...) I give up and board the train. I’m not worried about finding them- they’re probably being held against their will by their Aunt Audrey whilst Uncle Percy lectures them on the importance of parchment texture.

I kid you not.

I search the train for an empty compartment, but everywhere is full. I wave absentmindedly to a few people from my year but don’t stop for a chat. Finally, I see the very last compartment is empty. It’s the same compartment I sat in in my first year. I didn’t know anyone back then, being muggleborn, and I remember how terrified I was. I find myself almost laughing at my 11 year old self.

I slide in through the door and heave my main trunk onto the shelf. Then, I settle down with my iPod (we’re not at Hogwarts yet. Anyway, it’s new; it’s calling out to me to use it. Sue me), press play and listen the very same album I’d listened to on my first ever trip on the train.


4 Years Ago

My search for an empty compartment had been fruitless. I’d stopped outside a few emptier compartments but the inhabitants gave me death stares until I ran off screaming and crying.

What? I’m easily intimidated!

Finally, after looking into a number of compartments full of scary people, I found one with only one boy in. He looked a lot older than me, but it was better than nothing.

“Excuse me? Can I sit here?”  I gestured towards the empty seats. He nodded and frowned at me. I stumbled in, tripping over my overly long robes. I pulled my bag in noisily. I sat down and looked at the boy opposite me.

“Hello, I’m Katrina.” I smiled nervously. He sighed, rolled his eyes and stood up and swaggered out of the compartment in one swift movement.

Well that was abrupt.

Discreetly, I sniffed under my robes.

Nope, I didn’t smell.

I guess he didn’t like first years.

Sighing slightly, I realised my trunk was still sitting in the middle of the compartment, lodged between the two rows of seats. Let me tell you now, it was a large bag. It was very heavy (I was a muggle-born first year. I bought everything there was to offer. You know, just in case. So I had a trunk- which was with everyone else’s trunks- and a massive bag with other bit and bobs and couldn’t fit in the trunk. Don’t judge me!). And I was a tiny first year.

That and the shelf was pretty high up and there was absolutely no chance I’d be able to reach that. Let alone put a massive bag up there.



Eventually, I’d managed to squash my bag between the seats at the very end. It wasn’t the best option available and I had no idea how I was going to get it out but still.

I was quite proud with my problem solving skills.

I snuggled up comfortably and pulled out my iPod from inside my robes. I hit the play button and let the music wash over me...


I woke up from my daydream with a start.

“Heckashcwitz?!” I cried. I’ve always been one with words.


A rather beautiful girl with blonde hair that sort of danced in the light stood in the doorway. She looked vaguely familiar- though wasn’t sure where from.

“Is it just you in here?” she asked. She had the faintest trace of an accent. French, I think.

I nodded, mutely, in reply.

“Cool. Do you mind if me and a few friends join you in here? Only, there’s nowhere else.” She questioned me. She smiled briefly and I returned it with one of my own.


I mean, what else was I supposed to do? Say no and get hexed into oblivion? She looked like a powerful witch and I just knew if I said no, she’d call up cronies and they’d all use crazy and illegal curses on me. And then when they got sent to prison, their families would come after me in revenge and I’d get brutally killed.

I know, it’s unlikely. But you never know.

Mind you, if because I’d said yeah it’ll be just as bad. Her friends will all be intimidating pretty girls and they’ll tease me and never leave me alone for the rest of education. They’ll spread rumours so everyone against me until no-one can even be seen in the same room as me. The teacher’s would believe the rumours and will refuse to teach me, meaning I’ll never get a job.

I’ll be like that weird crazy lady, Olive, who lived down the road from us. I’ll never work and will own 103 cats (just like Olive, the crazy lady) and will smell of cheese and cat food. I’ll scare of children with my many warts.

Oh my God, I am Olive!

The girl in the doorway shot me a strange look as she noticed I was hyperventilating. I tried to calm my breathing as she turned and shouted down the carriage,

“Oi! Wotters! Found a compartment!”

Then she turned back to me and looked me up and down. She didn’t look particularly impressed with what she saw.

I looked down at what I was wearing. I’d already changed into my school robes (which judging by the odd looks I received by the plain clothed pupils wasn’t the right choice).  I hadn’t bothered to do anything much with my hair and had let in hang limply. I wasn’t wearing make-up: no detention for me on the first day, thank you. My glasses looked nice though. They were new and quite expensive.

I hadn’t supposed I’d looked too bad but now I saw, my heart sinking, that compared to this girl I looked really underdressed.

She was wearing a floaty blue top- which complemented her colouring- and a pair of skinny-fitting jeans. It didn’t sound like much or anything too special, but she looked stunning just the same. Her electric blue eyes were so mesmerizing compared to my typical brown and I found myself covering my bitten and scabby nails as I spotted her perfectly manicured ones. She had a small amount of make-up on, just enough to make her look even more amazing. Her face was pretty gorgeous: her eyes were such a deep blue, and a perfect oval shape; her nose was shaped perfectly, not bridged like mine; and her lips were a blood red and naturally plump.

If every girl looked like that, I was stuffed.

Well and truly screwed.

She stopped x-raying me and turned her gaze to my bag.

“Could you move that, please?” she asked silkily.

“I, er, can’t. I sort of, well, can’t- er- reach...” I stuttered, blushing scarlet.

She sighed and I looked up. She had a playful smile flitting across her beautiful face.

“OI JAMES! GET YOUR FAT ARSE DOWN HERE PRONTO!” she screeched down the corridor.

Well. That was certainly elegant.

I heard some groans and moans coming from further down the carriage. Finally a handsome looking boy with messy dark brown hair appeared round the door. He was very familiar too...

“What, Dom?” he asked the girl, or Dom.

“Move that girl’s bag, will you?” she pointed towards my bag. I blushed a beautiful (ha!) beetroot colour as he looked at me.

“What’s it doing there?” he laughed.

“Couldn’t reach the shelf...” I murmured, smiling sheepishly. Dom rolled her eyes.

After many groans and swearing, James had managed to push my bag onto the shelf. Red faced and sweaty, James collapsed onto the seat next to me. I was about to attempt a conversation with the boy when three children burst through the doorway. One of the girls had out of control curly red hair and, like me, was changed into the school robes. The other girl was also changed into her school robes and was immaculately neat, her bright orange hair pulled back into a neat bun. The boy was bespectacled with almond shaped, startling green eyes. He, like the first girl, had messy, out of control hair, except his was jet black.

“What took you so long?” Dom sighed.

The boy answered, “Rose made us stop at the prefect carriage and tell them she thought they should be patrolling the train by now.” He sighed.

“Rose! You’re a first year, you can’t go telling the prefects how to do their job! I surprised they didn’t write you up on the spot.” Dom shrieked horrified.

“They seemed to appreciate my advice, actually.” Rose, the one with the curly hair, answered. The boy shrugged knowingly.

Then it hit me. The boy was the exact image of his father, Harry Potter.

He was Albus Severus Potter. The ginger girl was Rose Weasley. And the other was probably yet another “Wotter”. The Dom girl was, of course, Dominique Weasley. I turned to the boy sat beside me. James Potter.

Jeez, Katrina, duh.

I gasped loudly. The crowd of children all turned to stare at me. I blushed, if possible, even brighter red.

“S-sorry. I’ve just realised who you are!” I stuttered. They all continued to stare at me blankly for a moment. Then, suddenly, they all burst out laughing.

“Took you long enough!” roared James beside me, doubling over with laughter.

I don’t get what was so funny either. Me, I suppose.

Huh. That’s nice.

After a few minutes of laughing at my expense, they all introduced themselves. The last girl greeted me rather pompously,

“Molly Weasley. The second. Daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley. You may have heard of them? Yes well, father is rather well known.”

Pompous prat.

Rose greeted my friendlily, x-raying me in the similar way her cousin had done a few minutes ago. This time, however, she seemed satisfied with what she saw. We were much more alike.

They all made themselves comfortable and got out their many packets of sweets. I eyed them with interest- I’d never tried Wizard sweets before. Finally James looked up and realised they hadn’t asked my name.

“Uh, sorry, but what’s your name?” The rest of the Wotter clan all looked rather abashed by their lack of interest.

“Oh! It’s okay! I’m Katrina. Katrina Parker.” I replied, smiling. I felt more comfortable now.

They all looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces.

“Who are your parents? We know most wizarding families through Dad.” Albus asked me.

“Do they work in this Ministry?” Molly interrupted.

“No, my parents are muggles. I’m muggle born. That’s why you don’t know my family.” I explained patiently. The Wotters all looked satisfied. Rose looked excited and weirdly interested.

“Oh! What  do your parents do?” she exclaimed, practically bouncing up and down on her seat. Albus rolled his eyes

“Well, my mum’s a dentist...” I said. It wasn’t very exciting.

“Wait, are dentists the ones who pull out nails?” James sat up looking engrossed.

“No you dipstick!” Dom rolled her eyes and playfully smacked James round the back of the head.”They’re the eye people!”

“No, they’re the people who make those musical whatsits. Instruments, that’s it!” Al interrupted.

I sat back and watched them bicker amicably over what a dentist was.

For the whole freakin’ journey.




I’m woken out of my flashback t the same way I had been all those years ago.

James and Dom slam open the sliding door. They’re bickering.

Surprise, surprise.

“Come on, James! You go through girls like... Like... Someone who goes through something really fast!”

That’s Dom. Always fast on the ball. The best comeback a girl could buy.

James rolls his eyes and plonks down on the seat next to me.

“Dom says I’m a player!” he whines in a baby voice. Dom sighs and falls theatrically onto the seat opposite.

“That’s because you are James.” I reply bluntly.

“How?” James splutters indignantly.

“Oh I don’t know... Hey! How about the fact that you’ve dated half the wizarding female population? That good enough?”  I say sarcastically. Harsh, but so true. James sniffs pretending to be hurt. I poke him hard in the ribs.

“Alright, alright. I see your point.” He rubs his side.

“Good.” I say.

“Listen James, you’re in your last year at Hogwarts. Don’t you think it’s time you settle down?” Dom lectures James. He leans back in his seat and frown. He looks like he’s actually thinking about it. Dom and I exchange a look.

Wow. He’s actually thinking about it.

Well that’s a first...

“KAT!” a shrill voice shouts. I look up from Dom. It’s Rose. I barely have time to realise it’s her before she throws herself on me.

“AH! Rose! You’re squishing me!” I scream in a strangled voice.

“Sorry!” Rose cries as she untangles herself from me. Albus is stood in the doorway trying to suppress a smile. He’s looking as gorgeous as usual. My heart speeds up a little.

“Bout time you got here! Where have you been?!” Dom scolds.

“Sorry. Rose was perfecting extra carriages. She didn’t think the other prefects were doing a good enough job. And then of course, she went and yelled at the prefects for being lazy.” Albus shakes his head tiredly.

Déjà vu?

Rose looks offended.

“They weren’t doing their job!” she sighs in a disgusted tone.

Ah, my Rosie.

“Where’s Scorpius?” I ask Al as sits next to me. He shrugs.

“I dunno.”

Some best friends they are.

Ah, Scorpius. Scropio. Good old Scorpy.

That Slytherin Malfoy wanker.

In case you didn’t notice, I don’t like him. At all. Nada. What so ever. Why does he have to be wee besties with my matey?

Um. Not sure why I weren’t all Scottish/Pirate on you. Not feeling myself at the moment.



Anyway, Scorpius Malfoy is a Slytherin (surprise, surprise) and when he arrived at Hogwarts, he had a stigma attached to him. His dad, Draco, was enemies with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.  He was the son of Lucius, a good old fashioned Death Eater. Draco turned out to be a bit of a wuss to be honest. He got punched by Hermione Granger for God’s sake.

Actually, that must have really hurt. Ouch.

Albus is a Gryffindor, obviously. He’s too similar to his dad to be anything else.

They became best mates after two months of hating each other’s guts. Ironic, huh? Basically, Rosie actually dated someone in first year. Well, they call it dating, I call it not-talking-and-just-ignoring-each-other-but-saying-you’re-dating. Well the guy she went out with dumped her and he broke her little eleven year old heart.

And ‘lil Scorpy helped James and Al punch the bloke’s lights out.

Besties ever since. Sweet, eh?

I don’t like Scorpius though. He looks at Rose like she’s something to eat (I’ll explain later... Long story. No he’s not a werewolf. He’s not that sexy).

And he calls me shortie. No-one calls me shortie.

All clear?


Anyway, back to present day.

I shake my head at Al’s uncaring nature.

“Hey! He’ll find us later. ‘Kay?” Al continues defensively. I pat him patronisingly on the head. He shakes his shaggy mane of hair.

“Anyone up for a game of exploding snap?” James interrupts us.

“I’m in.” I say, willingly. Everyone groans.

“I’m not playing if Kat is!” Dom cries.

“Why not?” James asks, puzzled.

“Cos I’m too good and I always win!” I beam.

“Haha, very funny. Really though, why?” James rolls his eyes at me.

“No seriously, that’s why. She’s amazing at it. You don’t have a chance at beating her. Can’t have a decent game...” Al shakes his head sombrely.

“O...K...” James looks at his family’s subdued expressions. “Tell you what, I’ll give you a game, Kat. I’m the master. I’ll whoop your little size 6 arse.” To prove his point, he cracks his knuckles.

That’s how we came to play seventeen very tense games of exploding snap, much to the amusement of Rose, Al and Dom.

I won all seventeen.


A/N That’s sort of a little introduction to Kat and her mates. We’ll find out more about them later on.

It’s not a very exciting chapter- like I said, it’s just to set the scene. In the next chapter we’ll actually get somewhere, hopefully!

“Angus Parker!”  Professor called.

“Ooohhh look, look! It’s your brother! There he is! Can you see him?”

“Yes, I did notice that Rose. I did realise my brother was up there, I’ve only been waiting for his turn the whole time.”

“Will you two shut up? We’re going to miss him being sorted!”

And that’s a little taster for the next chapter!

Thanks for reading my story so far, hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave reviews!

Phoenix <3

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The Abundance of Potters: Introductions, Train Journeys and Exploding Snap


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