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Twinkle Toes by ellemae17
Chapter 20 : Totally broken
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I woke up on May 1st to an empty dorm. I changed quickly into my uniform. When I didn’t see Lysander in the Common Room, I assumed I’d see him in the Great Hall, so I headed that way.

The moment I stepped out of the Gryffindor Tower I was met by whispers and stares.

What the hell.

I am not my brothers; nothing happened overnight that made me ever hotter, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t turn into, oh, I don’t know, a giant lizard or something.

Oh, the irony.

When I entered the Great Hall the whispers got worse. I sat down at the Gryffindor table next to my friends. Hugo, Izzy, and Jesse were silent; Roxanne was nowhere to be seen.


Then I heard it; a third year a little downs the table, gossiping with her friends.

“No wonder she failed so many classes, she’s more of a Squib than Filch.”



I stood up and stared at my friends.

“She’s a freak. Is she really Harry Potter’s daughter?”

“Maybe she was adopted. She doesn’t even look like her brothers.”

The comments were all around. Everyone in the school must be talking about it.

I ran out of the hall, tears streaming down my face.



The words followed me through the corridors.

“What a spazz.”

“Dancing? No wonder she has hardly any friends.”

The tears fell too quickly; I had no time to wipe them away. My eyes flooded so bad it was hard to see, but I ran anyway, not stopping until I found who I was looking for.

I saw Lysander and rushed over, shoving him as soon as we connected.

“You told!” I screamed, grabbing the attention of everyone in the hallway.

“Lily I,”

“I trusted you!” I cut him off, too angry to listen. “I trusted you and you told everyone!

“Lily,” he tried again, stepping towards me.

“Don’t talk to me!” I shoved him away again. As soon as I broke through the crowd I started running again, not stopping until I was at the top of the North Tower.

“Bastard!” I cried. “Bloody arse!”

I felt like I had been him in the stomach with a bludger. The pain ripples through my body.

I stayed in the tower for the rest of the night, only emerging early the next morning to go to the Room of Requirement to get a shower and sleep.

I knew I would have to show myself eventually. I had missed a whole day of classes and needed the hours to graduate.

When the clock by the door neared nine I reluctantly headed for my potions class. The class was small, all seventh years, and mostly Gryffindors.

Everyone whispered and pointed, but thankfully no one actually talked to me at all, until lunch.

I didn’t want to go. I was quite happy to march off the kitchens and ask the house elves for food, but Roxie, my only friend who didn’t hate me, dragged me down the Great Hall anyway.

We all sat awkwardly at the end of the table for twenty minutes, not speaking.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Hugo asked, breaking to silence.

“I didn’t want you to know,” I told him honestly. “I didn’t even want Roxie to know, but she kind of walked in on me…”

“Are you the one - ?”

“Finish that sentence and I will hex you,” Roxanne growled at Jesse, who cowered at the sight of her.

“Who else knew Lily?” Izzy asked.

I didn’t answer, I stared down at my empty plate, refusing to look at any of them, but they figured it out.

“Lysander,” Eddie growled, sitting next to Roxanne. “I’m going to kill that kid.”

“I’ll help,” Hugo and Jesse said together.

“Forget it guys,” I muttered. “It’s not worth the detentions.”

“I beg to differ.” Jesse said, rising from his chair. I grabbed his hand before he could walk away.

“Please, just leave it alone. “

“Alright,” he sighed, sitting back down. I smiled slightly as a thank you, before returning my attention to my hands.

Everybody went back to eating, carrying on half-hearted conversations, trying to ignore the whispers and stares.

I am soooo sorry for the wait guys. The only excuses I have are that I started my senior year, and got completely swamped with homework. And then I lost my flash drive, and my motivation to write. But here’s the chapter, finally. The next one will be up as soon as possible, I promise.
Please review and tell me you forgive me xD


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