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My Superman by Lion_girl
Chapter 1 : So Close but yet so far away
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 Ginny stared out of the window at somewhere further in the distance than her family’s tiny home-run farm. Everything seemed normal, like the past few months after Bill and Fleur's wedding had never happened at all. The chikens were pecking sharply at the ground for food and the sneaky little gnomes that inhabited the garden were sneaking back in, pulling up the potatos from the crumbly earth. She could almost picture her 6 year old self, feeding the chickens without a care in the world. Mum would call her in for pie and her brother's would always devour it before she did. There was a hill, way, way farther than the tree her and Harry used to sit under and talk about daily problems and niggling worries.

The hill was the exact green of Harry’s eyes. Ginny tried not to think about Harry’s eyes, his mother’s eyes. It sort of fit, he had his mother’s eyes and his father’s trouble-making, Voldemort-crushing ambition.

God she missed Harry. She wondered if he had any idea how much she missed him.

She looked round her room. She could almost relive the time her and Harry had spent here before he left, they were laughing and joking and...Snogging.

It had all seemed so perfect.

At the time.

Now she was left with broken memories and a huge chip in her heart. Harry had sure made an impact, that’s for sure. The danger they had felt when they were saying goodbye, the rush when Ron had caught them.

She missed the hugs and kisses, the whispered conversations at midnight about their future. 

‘What future?’ Ginny thought. He was gone, vanished. Never coming back.
Ginny needed to shake these thoughts; they were no good for her heart.

She looked back out of the window at the green hill. She was mesmerised by it for a second, then a large object flew into the window and scared her half to death.

It was a quaffle, and her three dumb brothers smiling but concerned faces appeared at the window. Ginny opened it slightly, feeling the slight wind on her arm.

“Come play! You haven’t in ages!” Fred urged her.

"No! I don't feel like it today" she said.

"You never feel like it anymore! What happened to you? You've gone all...sad and depressed"

"Come on Gin, it'll do you good" Charlie said with the soothing voice he had always used when she was a child and did'nt want to do her chores. Charlie and the twins had always been there, even when her (Secret) favourite brother Ron was being a complete prat.

Ginny had always liked Ron more than the others, even though he did'nt hang around with her much when he started Hogwarts.

She missed Ron too, she missed his constant whinging for Hermione, but she would never know that.
She even missed Hermione telling her off for not tidying the room and instead sneaking out to see what Harry was up to.

Good old days, yet they were only a couple of months behind her. 

She shook her head and closed the window, turning her back on her brothers and flopping on the bed.

Why did she have to go for the hero? 

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