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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 9 : Aftermath
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Chapter 8





A/N: There is no alcohol use in this chapter.... just a heads up





“Hey, Harry I need to tell you something, really, really important” Harry nodded, and looked around

“This isn’t about like, getting together as a couple right?”

Scarlett shook her head “No! Come on I know a place where I can tell you come on!” Scarlett grabbed Harry’s hand as they ran up the stairs.


 “The Room of Requirement?” Harry asked, Scarlett nodded and put her hand on the dirty mirrored wall.

“Harry, for the first seven years of my life I was living in an Orphanage, the same one the Tom Riddle was in, I was living in the same room” Harry nodded “I don’t want to feel a connection to him, I know you have one too. Do you know why?” Harry shook his head “It’s because he killed my mother; she died to protect both of her children. Though everyone thought she only had one, three people knew differently” Harry touched her shoulder, and Scarlett looked over to him with tears in her eyes “If you notice Harry, although I’m a Metamorphmagus, my eyes can’t change, if you look”

Harry and Scarlett both turned to the mirror “You’re eyes are exactly like mine!” Harry gasped; Scarlett nodded, and turned back to him

“Lily Evans had two children, you” she pointed to him “And me” Harry smiled

“Sister, you’re my older sister, I’m not alone” Harry and Scarlett hugged each other.

“Mom died for you mostly Harry but the bond between Voldemort was given to us both. I’ll teach you Occlumency, I mastered it a long time ago. We’ll get through it Harry, together” Harry nodded.

“Voldemort wants me because I’m not only able to be a spy because of being a Metamorphmagus, but also because my visions change because of people’s decisions so he would make plans until my vision changed to you dying and him getting what he wanted. Even if I didn’t cooperate I would be a tool to manipulate you, my Dad and the Malfoys to do as he wanted. I’m the most dangerous thing in the hands of Voldemort. I’ve even faked my own death to get away from him. But now the Malfoys are safe, I erased all their memories of me, and I’d do the same to my dad, I’ve tried to keep it a secret from you but three days wasn’t very long”

Harry nodded “We need to see Dumbledore, right now. He needs to know” Scarlett nodded and they slipped under Harry’s invisibility cloak.



“Harry my boy! How was the party? Miss Scarlett! Wonderful to see you!” Dumbledore stood up from his chair, and then he saw the solemn look on both their faces.

“Sir, do you know how dangerous my sister here is if Voldemort uses her?”

Dumbledore motioned for them to come closer “I have but the slightest idea, please enlighten me on the subject” Scarlett explained exactly what she had just told Harry.

Dumbledore sighed and sat down on the stairs “This is more serious than I thought” Dumbledore stroked his beard “All that I could have taught you Harry, would be useless if Scarlett fell into the Dark Lord’s hands. Scarlett would be his most dangerous weapon” Scarlett looked up and Dumbledore looked at Harry, whose face lit up

 “Grimmewald Place! Don’t you see? If Scarlett stayed there with a Feildus Charm, she’d be untouchable, and I could have Kreature look after her!” Dumbledore nodded and Harry smiled.

Scarlett shook her head “I don’t want you worrying about me! I can take care of myself! I’m not some helpless damsel in distress who needs everyone looking after her!” 

Harry looked down “Scarlett we’re all depending on you, you’re the reason Voldemort hasn’t blown me to bits! We need to keep you far away from him”

Scarlett sighed “I will help defeat Voldemort at all costs, that’s all I’ll say right now” Scarlett left the head’s office.






Deciding that rules are meant to be broken, Scarlett went outside and sat in on the stairs to the boathouse, she looked over the Black Lake and watched in awe at the sight. The moonlight over the lake was so beautiful.

“Hey” Seamus sat down beside her. Scarlett couldn’t look at him “You left” Seamus pointed out

“Yeah, I needed to talk to Harry and Dumbledore” Scarlett looked over at Seamus

“You’re like Harry aren’t you. You’re going to be extremely important later. If He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named takes over” Scarlett nodded, and put a hand on his shoulder

“But, bloody hell, I sure don’t want to be” Scarlett shook her head, Seamus laughed

“Scarlett, I think it’s best if we’re just friends, no offense, cause I really don’t mean any, just Harry and I don’t see eye to eye…”

Scarlett laughed too. “You’re so funny Seamus! I’ll see you tomorrow; I’m going to stay here for a while. I need time to think” Seamus smiled and left

Scarlett stared across the mountains for what seemed like hours, “There’s so much out there waiting for us” Draco Malfoy was standing behind her “It’s almost midnight you know”

Scarlett nodded “Midnight is my favourite time of night. So I really don’t want to be bothered. Especially by the pigheaded Slytherin Prince himself, Draco Malfoy” Draco clicked his tongue

“I won’t bother you, unless you bother me” Scarlett nodded, and motioned for him to sit beside her, and they just sat in silence for a while.

“Beautiful isn’t it? The moon” Draco broke the silence; Scarlett nodded, and sighed

“I can’t sleep. I never want to miss a moment of the moon. But I’m tired now” Scarlett smiled and stood up

“What are you doing?” Draco scoffed; Scarlett grinned and started to run down the stairs, still in her red dress, which was flowing behind her. Draco ran after her, coming down to the boathouse he heard a splash “Bloody hell, you’re crazy, it’s freezing in there!” Scarlett laughed and dove down. Draco stood his ground, as Scarlett came up again

“Come on! The water’s lovely!” Draco looked around and back at her

“How can you swim in a dress why aren’t you drowning?” She shrugged and laughed

“Practice, Malfoy. Practice. And don’t be chicken” Draco laughed and dove into the water

 “Its freezing!” He yelled, Scarlett laughed and pulled him under, he came back up sputtering

“You’re chicken! Admit it!” She laughed and swam back to the dock.

Scarlett pulled herself up and sat on the edge watching Draco struggle trying to get up. She eventually gave him a hand up. She took something out of the folds of her dress, it was a flask. She took a drink “Hey do you want some? Its firewhiskey”

Draco’s jaw dropped “How the hell did you get that?” He took it and drank.

“Snape’s cupboard! I’m very sneaky!” She laughed and had more of the drink,

“Have you done this before? At Beauxbatons?” Draco kept drinking Scarlett nodded

“Oh yeah, loads of times. Have you ever been drunk before?”

Draco shook his head “But there’s always a first time! What about you?”

Scarlett rolled her eyes and took her flask back “If I’ve done this before, I’ve been drunk before. Come on this is almost empty; I’m going to take a trip to Snape’s office. Meet me on the seventh floor in twenty minutes okay? Bring friends! We gonna have a party!” Scarlett laughed and took off.


 “Blaise, Theodore! Come on!” Draco shook his two friends awake trying not to disturb Crabbe and Goyle.

“Hey man, what is it? Waking me at this hour?” Theodore rubbed his eyes

“You know the new girl? She’s broken into Snape’s office and stole his Fire whisky! She’s having a party on the seventh floor!” Blaise jumped up and put on jeans and a t-shirt in less than a minute, Theodore did the same. Draco chuckled “Just warning you she probably invited some Gryffindors, so keep your wits about you” They nodded and followed Draco to the seventh floor.

 “Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Dean, Seamus, Neville! There’s a party that I’m hosting in the Room of Requirement! Come on! I have Fire Whisky!” They all smiled and followed Scarlett to the seventh floor.

“Is that everyone you brought?” Scarlett asked Draco as they found each other on the seventh floor

“Yeah, but word’s spreading through the sixth and seventh years, this is going to be one hell of a party. You have the drinks?”

Scarlett waved her wand and about fifty bottles of Fire Whisky came zooming in. “I had to borrow from the Teacher’s Stash in the kitchen” Then they heard a cat meow and footsteps coming from around the corner. A door appeared and all eleven of them huddled into it.

“Merlin! This place is perfect!” Dean laughed. The Room of Requirement had party lights, a dance floor and a huge stereo system in it.

“This room is soundproof right?” Scarlett asked most of the Gryffindors nodded. Scarlett set the drinks down on a table. “Let’s get this party started!”

The light in the room died and then green, red, yellow and blue party lights started to flash while music started to play. Draco for the first time took in Scarlett’s new appearance; she was wearing a black mini skirt with ripped leggings. She was wearing a purple and black plaid tank-top with a zipper up the front over that she was wearing a black leather coat and finger-less gloves that matched her shirt.

She, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean, Seamus were all in a circle. Scarlett smiled and Draco saw her count down, when she reached zero they all tipped their head and a drink. Hermione immediately stopped drinking and shook her head. Ron burst out laughing because of Hermione. Seamus and Dean stopped at the same time, by this time the Slytherins started to gather around and watch who won. Harry and Scarlett kept drinking.

Scarlett finished first and after downing the last of her drink she raised her glass to Harry and cheered. The Slytherins patted her back as some Ravenclaw boys filed into the room. The chugging competition began again and more 6th and 7th years started to dance and party in the room, which was getting more and more crowded. Hermione and Scarlett laughed at some of the girl’s outfits.

Draco tapped Scarlett on the shoulder, Hermione had gone to dance. Scarlett took one of the two drinks in his hand “This was defiantly a success, good job” Scarlett laughed and downed her drink

“You know, Snape is about to walk through the door and be a buzz kill” Scarlett’s speech was slurred, Draco looked at her funny but then just as Scarlett predicted Severus Snape slammed the doors open.

Scarlett handed Draco her empty glass and walked to the door, everyone had gone quiet “Hey Dad, we’re just having a bit of fun! And yes, I’m drunk. I’ll be fine!” Then she whispered to him "It's the potion I invented the other month, no one's gonna get hosed!" Snape nodded

“Get everyone out by 3 alright?” Scarlett nodded and the music started again.

Scarlett returned to Draco “Shit, he’s going to hate me for this. I can’t be his little perfect angel anymore” Scarlett sat down at one of the bar chairs. Draco cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You’re as perfect as it’s gonna get” Draco was drunk too; obvious from his slurred speech “Don’t let a single person say differently” He planted a kiss on Scarlett’s lips. She kissed back, until Draco fell over and started to vomit.

She chuckled “You’re so drunk, you ass” Scarlett downed another drink and swallowed the urge to join Draco vomiting. Leaning back against the table Scarlett looked around at the mess she created, “Happy Birthday to me” She swigged back her drink and glided onto the dance floor.

Harry joined her moments after and asked her “How long do you think it’ll take everyone to figure out that this isn’t alcohol” Harry poured his glass on the floor,

Scarlett shrugged “Whenever they feel like it” nodding to the bar where Draco Malfoy was still doubled over vomiting. Harry chuckled, “Hey Scarlett, what is it anyways? The drinks cause it does taste like alcohol”

Scarlett shrugged and sniffed it “Something I cooked up last month, my dad was furious when he found out” Harry laughed and the night continued

By two in the morning everyone had cleared out and was notified that they had not been drinking any illegal substances, but something much like it. They all groaned and some had sad faces. Scarlett returned to the Gryffindor common room smirking the whole way.







A/N: Bit of another short chapter, had writer’s block like crazy on this one. Whatever, it’s up now. Scarlett is now seventeen. Please Review, love it when you do! And be prepared for next chapter: Hex ~Sarah


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Scarlett: Aftermath


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