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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 4 : chapter four: the kiss that changed it all
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“Wow it’s still a shock that you can actually talk to my brother instead of arguing” I turned to see rose sitting beside me at the Gryffindor table for dinner. I glared at her she smiled.

“you know I like talking to her better it annoys Malfoy more” James said “still don’t know what you see in him”

“still don’t know why you think my love life is your business” I snapped a smile spread across his lips

“aww little lizard has a love life” Fred said after swallowing a hue piece of his dinner roll I scowled as he and James laughed at the comment.

“Well James apparently you talking to Liz isn’t only bothering Malfoy” Rose said

“what Lilly? She’s always been that way with Liz” James said

“no not Lilly have you forgotten the girl who throws herself at you?” James frowned.

“Ohhh Jamesie take me to Hogsmeade oh Jamesie you look so cute today oh Jamesie oh Jamesie oh barf is more like it!” Fred said imitating a girl’s voice.

“So I’m not the only one with a love life huh Jamesie? Well come one introduce me let’s see if I approve. Wait let me guess she’s a blonde with big tits?” rose and Fred burst out laughing at what I had said.

“Fake blonde” rose said in between giggles

“and probably fake tits!” Fred shouted making half the hall turn towards us. James was sinking lower into his seat now this I laughed at.

“Come on tell me Jamesie” I said still laughing

“are you ok Jamesie?” me rose and Fred looked up to see Sarah Carter standing there she had to be the biggest slut in the school. I stared“would you like to come sit with me?” she asked me and rose were holding back snickers as Sarah tossed some long blonde fake hair behind her left shoulder.“Jamesie?” she asked James looked up at her and shook his head. She huffed and shot me an evil glare because I had started to laugh. The rest of the meal went the same way all of us making jokes about Jamesie.  


After dinner I walked out of the hall, I was not looking forward to tonight’s practise because me and James had been at it for about a month and all I could produce was silvery smoke. This made me and James aggravated, I walked up the marble staircase. Suddenly I felt myself sinking

“damn it!” I mumbled under my breath I had forgotten to skip the stair that vanished. I heard footsteps I turned to see Sarah making her way up the stair case.

“Hmm you seem to be stuck”

“no shit”

“would you like some help?” she asked

“yes” I said giving her a fake smile.

“Hmm well it won’t be from me” she walked up a couple stairs then she looked at me.

“I have seen you and Jamesie are spending a lot more time together” she said glaring at me

“yeah what’s it to yah we are just mates” I said

“yeah right you know James will never go for you because you’re a freak” she said still glaring

“what you think I’m trying to get with James?” I laughed

“I do have a boyfriend and by the way I’m sure James would much rather prefer a freak than a slutty bitch” I snapped hair turning black. Her lips thinned almost as thin as McGonagall’s before she said

“this is a warning stay away from him or I will make your life a living hell” with that she turned and stalked off her fake blonde hair swaying behind her. I groaned trying to pull my leg out of the stair it was no use.

“Elisabeth?” I turned to see Scorpius standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“Scorp! Oh thank god a little help?” he smiled a bit.

“Why are you up here?” he asked grabbing my arms and pulling me out of the step.

“Er-I’m going to sleep In rose’s dormitory tonight Leah is bothering me”

“what’s new" he said with a smile. “Alight good night” he gave me a kiss before returning to the dungeons.  


I ran up the stairs to the room of requirement, James was already there he looked pissed

“James sorry I’m late I got…”

“No need for excuses let’s just get started” after about an hour of me trying and just producing silvery smoke James lost it. “You need to think happy thoughts!” he shouted “I am!”  I roared back

“I have thought about school, quidditch, family, friends, snogging, and everything else I can think of!” I yelled ticking each thing off on my fingers

“no you haven’t thought of everything!”

“Yes I have what else is there to think about!”

“Collin” he said softly looking at his feet. “You need to think of a happy memory with him and you need to control you emotions understand?” I nodded. I struggled for a bit to find the perfect memory; finally I found the perfect one. It was the summer after Collins first year he had made the Gryffindor quidditch team. The rule of first years not being able to participate had been lifted when Ted Lupin was in his first year. This was the first time I had ever been on a broom, it was also the first flying lesson Collin gave me. I looked at James and nodded my head slightly indicating I was ready. With a wave of his wand the cabinet burst open and the Dementor floated towards me. I held my wand steady “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” I yelled an eagle burst out of the tip of my wand and flew forwards towards the Dementor forcing it into the cabinet. I dropped my wand and spun around as the tears filled my eyes. My patronus was the same as Collins. I ran down the corridors and burst through the front doors of the castle. I finally stopped running when I got to the edge of the forest, the very place Collin died. My knees gave out and I crashed to the ground, tears streamed down my face and my body rocked with each sob. I felt James’ arms wrap around me and pull me close, I had no idea how long I sat there crying into his chest. I had cried for Collin before but not like this, these were tears of acceptance. I knew Collin was dead I couldn’t deny it any more he was gone, I guess I never fully accepted it. When I ran out of tears James spoke. 

“They are never gone, not really. The dead live through us, Collin lives through you, and your patronus is evidence. Collin will always live in your heart” he said quietly. I knew he was right, slowly I lifted my head. I stared into his brown eyes, he leaned forwards and his lips brushed mine lightly. Suddenly I knew everything had changed.


Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling

Ok so yeah a really short chapter I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of anything else to put in it. I think it’s perfect and I tried not to mess with it so anyway here’s your sneak peek enjoy


There were gasps as James pushed his way through the common room. He headed to the boys dorms.

“James please it doesn’t matter!” I pleaded he turned and stared at me he had his wand in one hand the other was clenched in a fist.

“Doesn’t matter!” he shouted

“of course it matters he can’t just treat you like shit!”

“Why do you care?” James looked at me he was caught back by the question.

“Because I l-er-look just because!” he yelled frustrated. He walked into Scorpius’ dorm,

“James!” I yelled and ran in after him. Scorp was on his bed James had his wand raised to his forehead.

“Apologize!” James ordered. Scorpius laughed evilly

“James just leave it come n let’s go!” I begged

“better listen to that whore if you know what’s good for you” at this James lost it.

Uh oh James loses it what happens? Read and find out next chapter will be up soon review :D

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