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I Will Carry Through It All by KatDaniels
Chapter 4 : The Curse of Jealousy
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Being the mistress, I had no business getting all upset about seeing him with his girlfriend. The problem was that whenever I did see them together I did get jealous. I hated seeing him with her.

Being a Gryffindor I probably shouldn't even be involved with someone like Draco Malfoy – actually scratch the “probably”, I shouldn't be involved with Draco Malfoy. Simple as that. Yet I am.

Truth is, he treats me with respect and he's very kind – when we're alone, that is. In public he ignores me completely, just like now. He'd started snogging Daniels in the classroom. He probably hadn't even noticed me.

Slamming my books down on the table, I took my seat next to Ron and Harry in Divination, the only subject in school I thought bad of.

Neither of the boys paid me any attention. As they were used to me having my mood swings, though they knew nothing of why.

I pulled out my books and tried to bury my nose in it, but as soon as blonde hair flashed past my vision my concentration was broken. I peered over my book as caught sight of Malfoy and Daniels making their way towards a table behind Crabbe and Goyle.

Draco’s hand was placed on the lower part of her back, and just by seeing it I could feel his touch on the lower part of my back. I gripped my book tighter as jealously flooded me. I knew if I didn’t exit the classroom soon, I would probably do something I’d regret later on.

“My dears!” Professor Trelawney cried, capturing my attention entirely, along with everyone else.

I put up my book again – there was nothing to learn here, so why even bother? Had it been boring, but something I needed to know I’d gladly pay attention, but this? Divination? It did nothing but help fill up the empty places in your brain with rubbish instead of fact and information that you might actually have the use of later on. I honestly don’t need to read out of my teacup. I drink my tea, and then I wash my cup.

Harry seemed to take Ron’s hand and as I looked up, Ron was holding out his hand for mine. “You are not reading my palm, Ronald,” I said in a stern voice. Ron just shrugged and waited for Harry to finish, leaning his heavy head on his other hand, his elbow supporting it.

“My dear, why are you not having Mr Weasley read your palm?”

Trelawney’s voice had my rage boiling. Couldn’t she just mind her own business?

“Ronald’s busy sleeping,” I said before I continued reading in my book, hoping she would just leave me.

Unfortunately, being the nosy witch she was, she didn’t. She shook Ron awake and told him to read my palm. Angrily I slammed my hand into his palm, wishing Divination could be removed as a subject.

Ron studied my palm silently, reading from a book beside him.

“Well, the circle here means that you’re running in circles, kind of. Oh wait, no, it means you’re doing something you’re not sure of is either right or wrong. And this line means there is someone or something in the way. And then there’s this other line I’m not sure what means, but I think it means someone will end up dead,” he finished and I felt my face pale, even though I was trying my hardest to convince myself it was only fiction.

“Sounds legit,” Ron snorted, irony clear in his voice. I retreated my hand again and pretended to keep reading while Ron read Harry’s hand as well, understanding I had no intention to.

Slowly and hesitantly, I let my eyes swipe the room before landing on Draco who was getting his palm read by Leonie. If I wasn’t mistaken I swear one of her legs were tangled around his.

Clearly – and thankfully – he hadn’t been paying attention to what Ron had said, which meant he knew nothing of Ron’s little “prediction”.

Then again; why was I even nervous? Divination was all fiction – nothing, absolutely nothing was based on any kind of facts.

There is nothing to it, I told myself. Absolutely nothing…

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