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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 13 : Superwoman!
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Chapter 13 – Superwoman!

Taking a deep breath, I crouched down, before releasing my coiled muscles and leapt.

I went really high, and away from all the Spies, unlike what they were expecting. The trees rushed past, like only trees rushing past in your vision can, and I landed hard before twisting round to see where they were.

Facing me now, apparently.

It was their first appearance since I had ‘woken up’, and Dom would be around here somewhere. She wasn’t one to hide behind her warrior’s arms and never enter the fray. I just had to work out where she was, and claim victory – or at least go down fighting.  I needed to prove myself, and for that, I needed to know where she was: for that I needed to buy time.

I needed to confuse them… so cause chaos!

However, if I was using tactics (as opposed to fighting, and fleeing, neither of which were options right now), you generally needed time, which as I may have mentioned before, I didn’t have.

Plus, I needed any spare time to find Dom and kick her ass.

And so I used the only option left open to me; improvisation at chaos. And what better to cause it with than the tools left around me? Honestly, Dom couldn’t have picked a much better battleground if she had tried.

As the Spies advanced towards me (woah, that is something I never thought I would have to say), I took a mere fraction of a second to take in my surroundings and possible weapons, just like Uncle Harry had said in his Fight Lessons. He had taught all of us muggle-fighting tactics in case people wanted to capture the children of War Heroes. Molly had had a breakdown at him saying this, but Victoire comforted her by pointing out her Dad wasn’t really a war hero, and Molly wasn’t really worth capturing.

Needless to say, Molly wasn’t all that encouraged by that.

That had been a good summer… because all through a fortnight, Uncle Harry had taught us all how to fight wandlessly, with some help from Kingsley, who was staying at that point. Nobody seemed really bothered that the Minister for Magic was helping us learn to fight, but then again, it takes quite a lot to truly shock the Weasleys.

At the end, we had all gotten into groups of siblings and had a wandless fight, just two families at once. We had all gone by our mothers’ maiden names to make it easier. Of course, Uncle Harry didn’t organise this – Teddy Lupin did. I was just eleven at the time, and pretty nervous about fighting, particularly the Potters and Delacours because they were larger.

But when Fred and I had been back to back, and the whistle went, we were deadly. In sync and vicious, we took down the Auntie Audrey lot within five seconds (although nearly everyone managed them in under a minute – Lucy was an ok-ish fighter, whilst Molly hated violence). We trumped the Delacours too, although they were harder – the girls were also vicious, but not in sync and perfect in accuracy like Fred and I were. The Grangers were hard but not THAT hard, because they were both pretty young, although Rose threw a good punch.

With the Potters, they were all ruthless. But still, when me and Fred had worked out a little strategy I like to call the ‘Hokey-Pokey strategy’, we managed them. We were winners! Nobody could get over it, and we were mock-offended for days. Unfortunately, because we beat everyone, we also got the most blame when the adults found out, for beating up their children, even though we were black and blue ourselves. Dad had never been prouder.

Now, I imagined Fred at my side, twitching his hand and head, eyes darting, and me following every movement with understanding of we were going to do. He didn’t really mean to do it, but I followed in synchronisation.

Together, we would be completing Uncle Harry’s list in our heads together; his list of Fight Tips.

Tip 2: Scout the area to find possible weapons and get a look at your surroundings: Check!

Well, tip 1 was ‘pick your fights – only fight those you can beat and/or get something out of. Fighting should be avoided if possible!’, but that didn’t really apply. It wasn’t really the time for me to start drawing up pros and cons of fighting Dom.

Tip 3: Surprise them by moving position.


I backed up a few steps, crouching to pick up a large stick on the ground. I stepped back again, and they stepped forwards a little until I brandished the stick at them, whipping it around me. My eyes flickered upwards, and I could almost feel Fred breathing next to me.

I ran back two steps, and as they advanced, I hurtled towards them, then stuck the stick in the ground, hard, at the last moment, and swung myself up and around their heads.

The trees blurred past and the sky swept over me, as I flicked my head up and my feet down to land in a crouch on the ground, snarling, and whip the stake up inches from the ground.

The Spies turned around in confusion, but wasted no time in heading in the new direction. Okay, that was WAY too fast for my liking.

I feinted left, then hurtled right as fast as I could, sprinting across the pine needles and pitted dirt at the edge of the Forest. I leapt up onto a stump of wood, and swung myself sideways on a tree branch, using my momentum to swing forwards and collide with the tree, my feet finding precarious holds at the last minute.

The Spies were still running for me, after wheeling around, and I took a deep breath before reaching up and climbing as fast as I could. All the practice during summer had prepared me, and now I scrambled up far faster than I ever had before.

From the treetops, I saw a couple of Spies start climbing too, and others point up at me from the ground. Jeez, they were taking this so seriously! Could they not just let up already?

But no; Dom wanted her prize, and she would have it! She needed to win this, my first remembered battle, to prove that I was actually weak.

But I wasn’t weak – I was strong, stronger, and Fred would tell me so too, if he were here! If he were here…

Argh, I couldn’t think about this now!

Instead, I stuck my head through some of the branches and shot a few jinxes down at them. A couple on the ground toppled over, and one slowly stepped off the tree because of a jellylegs jinx, but they were still coming, and now, spells were flying too.

Where could I go now? I had trapped myself, just as Uncle Harry always said not to!

In that case, what could I use? I gazed around desperately, half-dodging jets of light as they flew at my head.

Use what you have by you… I could hear Fred whisper to me. So what was near me?


Taking a deep breath and a quick prayer to Merlin that I wouldn’t die, I hurled myself out of the treetops and towards the ground, trying to grab onto branches to slow me as I basically freefell towards the ground.

What is it that my cousins bring out in me that always ends in me jumping from ridiculous heights towards the ground in a fit of stupidness?

I hit the ground, and tumbled forwards into a crouch as I landed. I would have been shocked I had survived – for a second time – but I was already sprinting back towards the enclosure next to Hagrid’s hut.

Wasting no time, I span around and cast a wide Protego Totalum reflex shield. It would hold off spells, but not people. I couldn’t do it before because you needed a wide range between yourself, the shield, and the attackers. Now, they were trying to reassemble and come towards me, the guards who had originally been blocking the guarded Gryffindors talking to the students, who were acting perfectly normal about this apart from watching with interest, and Hagrid had gone off in search of a teacher.

The Gryffindors weren’t in very good shape; they were rather battered as they sat, tied and gagged, in a circle in the middle. Some had hexes wearing off on them. Many had black eyes, and cuts across their faces.

I caught Dan’s eye for a mere second before hurdling the fence… and tripping over a rope.

“Oof!” was all I could say, as I lay, winded. Surely I could not be trumped by a rope at this point in the game?

And when I had managed to pull myself up, the next Spy was leaping the fence too, and about five paces away from me.

So, I resorted to a later stage in my Plan.

I smacked the hippogriff next to me, and as it spread its wings, I leaped on.


In hindsight, it was possibly the worst thing I could have done in that situation. It was also the best move I had made so far.

I don’t know why the hippogriff accepted me without my showing any scraps of respect to it – I didn’t even ask it, or mount it first, let alone bow. I had kicked it, and jumped onto its back!

But it seemed ok with me when we were into the air. It seemed to obey my every thought, rather than non-existent action. It was a bit like having Fred as a hippogriff! Okay, forget that.

I loved it.

We circled above, and I used Homonem Revelio with my wand as we skimmed the treetops. But it kept coming up blank, until we went right over Hagrid’s hut, and one Spy leapt off the roof and sprinted after us on the ground. I just knew it was Dom.

Apart from the strawberry blonde hair flying out behind, of course, I could just tell. Kinda…

I only really had a couple of options left now. I could let her run behind me for ages, until I got bored (shooting spells behind as I went). That sounded fun.

I could get Hippy to go higher again and try to figure out a way to beat them from up here. That sounded difficult, and less satisfactory.

Or, I could leap off now, take her by surprise, and hopefully slam her into the ground before binding her and winning. This sounded the best way to get it done; biting the bullet and all that.

Yes, I do know what a bullet is. I am not entirely oblivious to the muggle world, unlike certain cousins I could mention, *cough* James *cough*.

Sighing, I quickly offered up a quick prayer to Merlin, that went something like, Dear Merlin, Please don’t let me die! I will help Al with his Grand Plan if I don’t.

…and then I hurled myself sideways and off the hippogriff.

Whenever people said “Oh, get down off your high hippogriff and do this”, I always thought it meant that they were acting snobbish when they didn’t do it. Now I know they were just being sensible. Honestly, being on a hippogriff is a hundred times better than not being on one.

Especially when you are currently heading straight for your psychopathic cousin’s middle.

I wish my life had flashed before my eyes, but alas, I just got a vague sense of ‘oh crap’. I then proceeded to hit Dom’s stomach straight on (I was going backwards, effectively, and was currently horizontal) and we both collapsed in a groaning heap of limbs on the ground, both too painfully hurt to do anything for a moment.

The Spies started to walk over in confusion, and I then sat up and non-verbally performed a Levicorpus on Dom, whilst trying to breathe again (I was awfully winded and bruised).

Then, while she was shrieking like mad, her face starting to match normal Weasley hair (which only Rose, Hugo, Molly and Lucy properly have any more. The Veela lot are strawberry blonde, and Lily has the Evans red and poker-straight, not orange and frizzy, hair, as well as a lack of freckles). I sat up and quickly muttered a rope-binding spell at her, brought her down, and then, to the obvious disgust of the Spies, levitated Dom right through their midst to the pile of Gryffindors, where everyone was cheering, although they were still bound.

I paused for a moment, and took a time-out. The last few seconds felt so unreal… Surely even I had not hurled myself off a bloody hippogriff?! And then… the end had been so fast, mostly just trying to work through the pain!

But now… I was really here, and people were climbing out of their bonds and we had won the battle.

We had won the battle.

And that’s when it truly sank in. WE HAD WON! I wasn’t weak. I had proved Dom wrong!

“Omigosh… we won!” I clutched at the nearest person (wonderful Isabella, the frizzy blonde roomie) and we jumped up and down, shrieking, together.

YES!! I wasn’t weaker because I couldn’t remember! I was just as strong, and I had come back FIGHTING. I always would!

“WHAT is going on? Oh no. Not AGAIN! Miss Weasley, and Miss Weasley, both of whom I believe are the true culprits of this crime, will you please come with me!”

Oh crap.


“So, what happened? How much detention did McGee give you?” Al said, as I flopped down next to him with a sigh in the library. Lessons had ended now, fortunately enough.

I screwed up my nose, but flapped my hand noncommittally. “You know, just a few. Monday to Friday sorting files in her office from seven onwards. With Dom.” Al pulled a face at me sympathetically.

I didn’t even ask how he knew what had happened. The rumour mill had surely worked overtime to get this out to the students of Hogwarts. Anyway, Al would have heard it through a Weasley (honorary or normal) otherwise. Family gossip was never thin on the ground.

“I am presuming you didn’t actually leap on a dragon, tie Dom up with your toes and then fly her to Romania before McGonagall came and insisted you Summon her”, Al commented, flipping through a book. “Because that’s what I heard from one rather silly source of information. Third year Hufflepuff, actually. I find that they are the most prone to stupid rumours.”

I had to agree with him there.

“Yep. I actually heard from James’ fan club on the way here that he had somehow gotten involved, bringing golden eggs and falling head-first into a pumpkin before using some Unforgivables and somehow getting out of this mess,” I shrugged. James’ fan club was one of the most annoying groups of girls I had ever come across. I wasn’t sure whether the younger or older girls were worse; the older ones were all flirty and slutty and silly, practically draped over him whenever they could get near him, and the younger ones took photos and created silly rumours and giggled whenever he walked into a room. I hated all of his Fan Club.

Al sighed. “They’re ridiculous. I don’t know why James lets them carry on!” Al frowned – he had worked hard to get rid of his, eventually having to put shield and disillusionment charms on himself whenever they were near.

I nodded, then proceeded to pull out some of my school books from my bag. We had gotten huge amounts of homework, and although I wasn’t being made to catch up (I wouldn’t understand it), I had to get help to do all the new assignments. I was planning on getting Al to help me this time.

Of course, we had been given a good five assignments just today, because the teachers were piling it on, because of OWLs. I swear that they never talked of anything else any more! It was all OWLs this, OWLs that, we can’t survive without them, blah blah blah.

I was saying this all to Al – he is my resident councillor, to be honest – and he was listening to my complaints when from across the library floated the marvellous dulcet tones of the person I probably wanted to see least right now.

Incidentally, I had already punched Aidrian once this week. “Is he really that desperate for another nose reshaping?” I curiously asked Al, as he sauntered towards us.

Opening his fat gob (he really was that stupid), the freak said “Oh look, the slag’s hov - ”


I didn’t even move my head as I threw my clenched fist sideways, straight into Aidrian’s sickly pretty-boy face. I simply carried on looking down at the complicated Potions chapter in front of me, all focused on the Calming Draughts.

As he gasped and staggered backwards, I took a glance out of the corner of my eye, before smirking and idly turning the page. I commented dismissively to Al, “Alright, but not straight enough. I think I got enough power behind it though,” – this could be fun. Al caught on immediately.

“Yes, it wasn’t your best.”

“I’m glad I got his nose though,” I said viciously. “Cheeks don’t break easily, but they do leave impressive bruises.” Al chuckled.

Adrian was just standing there open-mouthed, with one hand covering his dripping nose. It wasn’t a pretty sight – those poor robes of his were getting covered in scarlet blood. Poor things.

“Uh… what the…?” he started to say, but once again, without looking up, I shot a ForceShield around Al and I without looking up, so that Aidrian was stuck outside of the bubble, unable to come through or even speak, to argue with me.


Roxanne:1, Aidrian:0.

“Piss off and stay that way,” I said sweetly, before turning the textbook around to ask Al about something completely pointless.

Eventually, the stupid git stopped trying (and failing) to shout obscenities at us and sloped off elsewhere. If we were lucky, it was a dark hole where he could curl up and die leaving us in peace to live our lives.

Unfortunately, I’m not a very lucky person.

And an hour and a half later, I wasn’t feeling quite so euphoric. Three and a half assignments had been completed (I had only read half the potions chapter before giving up) and I was frazzled and exhausted.

Arithmancy equations for metamorphagus bone movement had been completed, with lots of help from library books.

A 3ft transfiguration essay on Summoning Spells had been just about finished, with not an inch to spare. Al had helped me a lot with that one, because I had agreed to plan our ‘Plan L’ with him once my work was done. Therefore, he was helping me work faster so we could get on with it.

When I was halfway through Flitwick’s essay on Cheering Charms, Al and I had been rudely interrupted by Lauren Gibberd slamming a pile of Herbology books, frowning and looking overall murderous.

I brightened, seeing the books. “Oh, I haven’t done that yet. Herbology assignment, I mean. I’m doing it after – “

“Shut. Up,” she growled menacingly. I stuttered to a stop, paling at the sight of her rage (it wasn’t pretty). Believe me, it takes a lot to make Roxanne Weasley go all Malfoy-white.

“I can’t understand you,” she hissed. “First, you try to stay out of trouble by blaming everything on my sister, somehow making her think you actually like her and you’re so great –“ I loved Megan, what did she mean? “ – and now, you’re punching Aidrian for no good reason. I didn’t think you were that low, Weasley.”

“Actually,” I interjected, “he was bad-mouthing me again. You were there last time, Loz –“ she narrowed her eyes at the use of her old nickname,” – and I don’t need to explain that to you… right?” I added uncertainly on the end; if looks were bullets, I would be riddled with holes right now.

“And I do like Megan, you know,” I added defensively. “She’s really sweet, and nice. She trusted me, and didn’t believe the nasty rumours about me; she didn’t blame me before she knew me,” I emphasised on the last phrase. Lauren looked a little guilty before gathering herself together, complete with herbology books, and looked ready to storm off, when I suddenly shouted out “AHA!”

I swung forwards wildly, leaping up and twisting Lauren back around to face me. She looked slightly surprised but disdainful at this no doubt shocking behaviour (ok, maybe not shocking for me because I’m normally like this), but I felt as though I had uncovered a great mystery.

Well, I had, but not one particularly relevant to me.

And it probably wasn’t much of a mystery… or a great one… oh well.

“You,” I said, shaking Lauren, “like Aidrian. A lot. And you’re being all on his side and stuff, and that’s why you’re annoyed at me as well! Apart from the whole prejudiced-against-me-concerning-your-sister thing.” Lauren’s eyes were rapidly turning into slits that could strongly contest Voldemort’s, but I pressed on.

“That’s why you pulled me off him, when he deserved that beating. You came over now to tell me how horrible I was for punching him. And, this is why you were prejudiced against me in the first place – because I was stupid at your party but he asked me out right after it! Oh, it all makes sense now!” I squealed. I was probably way too excited about the whole thing, but I think I deserved a little bit of girlie glee.

Glee… I love that muggle TV programme!


Lauren was slightly flushed, but apart from that the very picture of annoyance. “That’s ridiculous!” was all she said before sweeping off, leaving smudged parchment and a happy me in her wake.

“YES, yes, yes yessss!” I chanted, dancing around the table. Al grinned and raised an eyebrow at me.

“You were right, you know,” he said. “She just won’t admit it to anyone, more fool her. But a bit of a loss for you, ‘cause you were friends earlier and stuff…”

I nodded sadly. “From my memories, we’re practically besties!”

Al gently put his hand over mine and said, “You’re not now, though, Roxie. She wasn’t very nice to you last year, ok? You don’t like each other that much any more… especially after the lake incident.” He looked at me apologetically.

I shrugged, trying to look unhurt. “Whatever.”

We looked down to our respective essays, and worked on them for two minutes in silence, before I had had enough. I threw down my quill and quickly put a drying spell on my parchment before rolling it up, putting it in my bag and throwing my hands up into the air.

“Al, you win.”

“YES! Do you concede defeat?” He asked, grinning widely.

“I do. Gladly,” I smirked.

“Then let Project L, also known as Get Rose and Scorpius Together, begin!”



Roxanne’s Memory Book

I have to admit that the Fight Lessons are definitely all in there, which is good. They will come in handy. Mostly, I remember them quite well – although many of the tactics me and Fred already performed together.

Also, Al told me about why Lauren and I are no longer friends. Apparently, she spread rumours that I was pregnant to the school, resulting in my being ignored for the rest of the year. This was pretty bad, considering it was February at the time. So then, I refused to talk to her etc. and got my revenge through pranks (as you do). I have no idea why I was invited to her Fifteenth, though – surely she was worried I would spike the drinks?



*A/N: Hey! Plenty of drama in this chapter for y’all :) And a new opening… how are Al and Rox gonna get Rose and Scorpius together? Will they manage it?

Actually, next chapter will have another fun side to it, apart from their matchmaking. Read on to find out more! (I promise you’ll like it!)


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Picking Up The Pieces: Superwoman!


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