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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 6 : Potions Class
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Disclaimer: Melissa Sanchez and Lauren Williams belong to me as well as fragments of the plot. Everything else was created by J.K Rowling. All references to diabetes were formed from personal experience. Thank you for reading.


“Melissa, are you even listening to me?” Lauren whispered furiously, whacking her friend lightly on the arm to pull her out of the reverie like state she was in.


“Ow, Lauren” She replied, rubbing the place on her arm where Lauren had hit her. “What do you want?” She asked, half groaning as she finished brushing through her hair.


“I asked you what Lupin was in the hospital wing for” Lauren responded, her tone dropping into a happy chuckle. Melissa rolled her eyes, that was Lauren- always the gossiper. She hadn’t planned for Lauren to ask quite so quickly about Remus and so she hadn’t had time to think of a well thought out lie. Great, now she’d have to wing it.


“Uh...Stepped in the way of Pettigrew trying to practice something for Defense Against the Dark Arts” She responded as casually as she could, even throwing in a shrug of her shoulders with desperate hope that Lauren wouldn’t ask any more questions. She didn’t luckily, though she stared into space with furrowed brows for a little while.


“Are you coming to breakfast or not?” She asked, snapping out of her confused state. Melissa shook her head in response.


“I have to go see Madam Pomfrey so she can test my blood sugar levels and everything” Lauren nodded, it was clear that she understood but Melissa knew she felt far to queasy when it came to blood to come with her. “I’ll see you later though, Get my timetable for me?” She asked, picking up the things she required to test her bloods and her book bag.


“Sure, see you then Mels” Lauren replied, picking up her own books and adding as Melissa made to leave the dorm room “Say Hi to Lupin for me” Melissa could almost hear her friend’s eyebrows moving in a suggestive way. She chuckled a little and rolled her eyes, she doubted Lauren would ever change.


Sliding her diabetic stuff into her book bag as to hide it from everyone else, she left the Common Room and headed for the Hospital Wing. As she reached it, she noticed that Remus was in fact still fast asleep and Madam Pomfrey was waiting for her.


“Good morning Miss Sanchez” The nurse said with a kind smile as Melissa plopped herself on the bed next to her. “Did you remember all your things?”


“Yes” Melissa responded, pulling out her testing kit and setting it up as Madam Pomfrey had shown her a few days prior. She then pricked herself on the side of her ring finger and softly used her opposite index finger and thumb to squeeze out some blood. Once she believe she had the right amount she carefully collected it with the testing strip before setting it down on the bed to let it calculate her levels.


After a few seconds, the machine gave a little beep and the number flashed upon the screen. “9.7, that’s perfect Melissa. Do you want to have your insulin now and perhaps have a dry biscuit to keep you going until you get down to the Great Hall?” Melissa nodded, and pulled out the pen-like device that she had become so accustomed to in just a few days.


“Thank you” She said as Madam Pomfrey passed her a small packet of two dry biscuits as she pulled off the lid and attached the tiny needle she used. She then pulled up her school shirt a little to expose a bit of her stomach, she squeezed a little bit together and then softly poked the needle in. She gave herself the correct dose before waiting ten seconds, then she pulled out the needle and covered it back up.


Madam Pomfrey sent her a smile before disappearing around the corner to get rid of the used needle. Melissa meekly took a bite of her biscuit and waited for the nurse to return.


“You’re getting pretty used to it now, are you?” Melissa turned slightly to see that Remus had awoken and was now sitting up slightly in his bed, watching her with a slight smile.


“I have to really” She responded, finishing off her biscuit quickly. “How are you feeling?” Remus chuckled slightly before shrugging his shoulders slightly.


“I’ll get better soon” Melissa nodded in agreement as the hospital wing fell silent. Only a few seconds later did Madam Pomfrey appear.


“You can go Miss Sanchez, I’ll see you at lunch” She smiled, moving to help Remus sit up in his bed a bit more.


“I’ll see you tomorrow perhaps” Melissa said to Remus before picking up her book bag again and leaving the Hospital Wing. She was starting to get a little hungry.


“Welcome back Miss Sanchez” Slughorn commented as Melissa and Lauren slipped into the Potions classroom, a few minutes earlier than the rest of the class- only Severus Snape and Lily Evans were there. Not overly surprisingly the pair had sat as far away as possible from each other- Most of the school knew what had happened between the pair of them two years ago, back in fifth year.


Though she’d never really talk to either of them, Melissa thought it was terribly sad considering she’d always seen them as great friends. Lauren and the other Hufflepuff girls, whom she didn’t really talk to very often, all agreed that it was terrible for Snape to call Lily what he did.


Melissa and Lauren took their seats close to Lily who smiled over at them warmly. “Are you feeling better Melissa?” She asked, her worry showing the emerald green eyes that most of the female population of Hogwarts were jealous of. “James told me you were in the Hospital Wing until yesterday” She added afterwards.


“Yeah, I’m much better now thanks Lily” Melissa responded with a smile. She should have known that James Potter would tell his relatively new girlfriend Lily about her, but she doubted The Marauders or Lily knew why she was in there- Other than Remus of course.


“Oh, and how are you Lauren?” Lily asked politely, Lauren responded with a smile and a polite ‘very well, thank you’ before the pair allowed Lily to go back to searching through her Potions book.


Authors Note: *dodges hexes and the like* I’m sorry guys! It’s absolutely pathetic that it took me this long to get this chapter out but for some reason I just really struggled with starting it. I’ve pushed myself really hard to get this chapter finished today so if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes that’s why.


I’ve been plotting a lot for this story and I’ve guessed that this should have around 25 chapters in all which I realise will be impossible for me to write this year and so instead I plan on finishing Sugar Free Sweets next year. I hope to update at least once before the end of this year but no promises.


Thank you guys for sticking by me and I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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Sugar Free Sweets: Potions Class


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