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Could it ever be? by PantheressMe
Chapter 1 : The Hogwards Express
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For once the sun was shining, after a summer filled with rain. It seemed that the weather was agreeing with over a thousand of children and teenagers standing on platform 9 3/4, all of them looking forward to a year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

Among them stood a boy, soon to be a man by wizard law, looking at the others, and their gleeful greetings of friends.

"Now Draco" said the tall man standing next to him "Remember to not let this position go to your head. There is nothing more vulgar than a wizard showing of to a bunch of mugglebrats that is not even worth their time" His upper lip twitching as he said the word mugglebrats, as if just saying the word made him feel filthy.

"Yes father" said the young man with a cold gaze at the train. His icy blue eyes had no need to meet the old grey pair, he knew had a freezing cold, and stern look, locked on him.

”being elected Head boy is..." the man trailed of as the train announced it's near departure with a loud roar of its pipe.

"Your mother and I are proud" Draco was surprised by this statement, it was not normal for his father to say things like that out loud, he dared to look at his father, who looked like nothing had happened.

”Now get on the train boy, Malfoy’s don't rush to things like animals, they are prepared and at their destinations with plenty of time to spare" Draco looked at the train "yes father" he said again and went aboard the train.

Once on the train he let his hands go through his blond hair as he walked casually towards heads compartment, while he wondered who had made head girl.

”Properly that filthy mudblood Granger" he thought to himself.

Draco Malfoy was on his way to his 7th year at Hogwarts, once done with this school year he could join the ranks of the dark lord along with his father, and maybe be more than a lump around the legs of his father, as he was obviously thought to be
He quickly pushed that thought away, all though it would be an honor to aid the dark lord to rule the wizard world and maybe one day the muggle part to.

The thought also scared him a little, pureblood as he was, he should be considered royalty amongst wizards. But still the darkness that surrounded the lord sometimes seemed uncalled for, some of the killings and torturing seemed pointless and the fact that he would be killed if he ever wanted to leave, was the scariest thing of it all. If he didn't do as he was told and tried to escape, his parent would suffer.

While he was thinking he had made it to the heads compartment, and had sat down on a couch.

"I'll say malfoy, you have been in the same room as me in a full 5 minutes, and not said a single insulting thing, either your manners have improved, or you are sick, Though I hope for the first, My bets are on the last option", his head snapped up to look at the girl sitting on the other couch, clenching his jaw and looking disgusted.

" Granger" he just spat " I had hoped the School had gotten some common sense and let a more worthy person take the place as head girl, But obviously they haven't, because here you are, polluting the air with your mud blood breaths" he said in a snare.

"Ugh" the brown haired girl exclaimed. He looked at her with an expression of hate and disgust” if only she would fall down and die" he thought has she continued her never ending reading.

Her hair was a mess as always, looking like she had taken hair tips from a bush.

A sudden crash made both of them jump to their feet, a tall black haired girl had just almost fallen through the door. Her book landed on the floor, as she had tried to steady herself from losing her balance.

"Oh great, another book worm, properly a friend of the mud" Draco thought.

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