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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 10 : Chapter10
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December twenty-fourth came and, oddly enough, Draco was beginning to appreciate the Weasley family.  Even got along with them almost.  He made a mental note to spend some more time with Zabini after the holidays.  Everyone was gathered in the living room after dinner to open one gift, as had been custom n the Potter-Weasley family since Teddy was born. 

                The kids went to bed that night with their various gifts tucked under their arms.  Rose and Scorpious walked up together.  What they didn’t count on was their fathers catching them snogging on the landing. 

“Let’s not ruin their Christmas by yelling at them” suggested Draco, and Ron agreed.

                “Merry Christmas everyone!” shouted Adi the next morning, waking everyone up from their visions of sugar plums. 

“Presants!” yelled Martia and Kegan simultaneously. 

“Happy Christmas!” cried the twins. 

“Oh look, new dance shoes!” yelled Aggie,

“And I got new sheet music!” said Molly.  Martia had already torn open all of her presents and was wearing half of them while hugging her new stuffed rabbit tightly. 

“I’ll call him Bu-bu” she said.  Kegan had found many things in her pile of presants, including a Beoxbattons hat, but the gift that astonished her most was an old red and gold striped scarf. 

“Guys, guys look at this” she said. 

“That looks like a Griffindore scarf” said Lily and Rose stole the card that was attached to the package and read

“Too Kegan, I hope you think of me when you wear this.  Affectionately, Dan Thomas.”

“Affectionately!” said Molly and Aggie together, and Adi squeeled

“You totally like each other!  I mean, you’ve been flirting for days, why don’t you just hook up already!?  Seriousna*, just do it!”  she shouted.  Kegan looked around nerveously. 

“Do you really think he likes me?” she asked. 


                Kegan sauntered down the hall flaunting her new Grifindore scarf, and when Dan saw her his heart fluttered.  Maybe she did like him after all.  She walked up to him before breakfast and gave him a huge thank you hug for the scarf.  Then she looked up, and a small grin came across her face. 

“Well?” she said. 

“Well what?” 

“Aren’t you going to kiss me now?”  Dan looked up to find himself directly under the mistletoe that he was sure Adi had grown magically when they had been hugging, for she was laughing right around the corner.  Fuck it. He thought.  Just fuck it.  He grabbed her around the waist and gave her a kiss that would blow all others away for centuries.

                The family was happy.  Lily and Collin sat together in peace, Adi and Al exchanged gifts, and Kegan and Dan had an enchanted piece of mistletoe that followed them around wherever they went.  Victoire was happy that everything finally seemed to be coming into order for her wedding. 

“Happy Christmas darling” said Teddy softly in her ear as he clasped a small necklace around her neck.  It was a little flour shaped locket.  The only problem was, it wouldn’t open. 

“Eet eez alrigt” she said “Eet eez still zee most beautiful gift I ‘ave ever reecieved.”

                Even the adults were getting along.  Draco and Astoria had become great friends with Harry and Ginny, and even the gingers didn’t seem so bad anymore.  Their children’s smoking continued right under their noses. 

“So where’s my present?” asked Scorpious while he and Rose were taking a little walk on the beach. 

“You’ll get it later tonight” she said with a wink, and like that, she was running back up to the house for dinner. 

                Dinner was long and grueling for Scorpious, who was dying to get his…special gift.  He thought he would get it after dinner, but of course that was the time for more weed, and after that was desert, the childrens nightly walk, and then off to bed.  But instead of the beach walk, Rosie and Scorpious snuck back in through a second story window…


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