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Letters to Harry by Lizzfizz
Chapter 1 : Letters to Harry
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Harry held the wad of letters in his hands thinking back to his first summer after his first year at Hogwarts. He thought about the time Dobby had come to see him, before the war. Thanking him for freeing him and gave him the letters from Ron and Hermione as a gift. Harry eyes welled up with tears for a moment, it had been the last time he had seen Dobby before he ... before Dobby died saving him. Ginny walked past Harry, searching for the car keys frantically.

“Harry! Where are my keys? Have you seen them? I’m going to be late, Albus will get worried and James will probably have caused some complete mayhem, you know how he is. If he’s done something to that Scorpius Malfoy, we’ll be in for it. Astoria’s been very careful since the incident with Rosie when he called her a swot and James overheard, apparently he’s ‘never been the same since’” Ginny said the last bit slightly snootily, as an impression of Mrs Malfoy. She finally found her keys, on the highest shelf with all the games, they had somehow ended up in the Gobstones bag.

“Ahh” cried Ginny in relief as she fished them out of the bag, “Harry, I’ve left Lily sleeping in bed. If she needs anything, do give her it, she’s been feeling really ill. And she’s very upset that she can’t come with me to the station. Ok, I better go.” She walked over to Harry, kissed him lightly on the cheek before hurrying out the door. Harry untied the string around the letters and spread them out on the low coffee table in front of him. He picked up the first one and carefully opened it. It was from his best friend, and now brother-in-law Ron Weasley.

Hi Harry,

Hope the muggles are treating you ok! I’ve been having a good holiday so far, except when Fred and George hid a spider under my pillow yesterday.

Reply soon

Your best mate


 Harry laughed bitterly at Fred and George’s prank, George’s twin Fred had died in the battle 19 years ago. The tears came to his eyes again, but he brushed them away with a sniff. He looked through another few letters from Ron, about Quidditch and such. Then he came to a letter from Hermione, Ron’s wife.

Dear Harry,

How are you? Ron said he’s sorry about the phone incident, hope your aunt and uncle didn’t take it too badly. I’ve just finished rereading all our notes from last year, I don’t want to forget what we’ve learnt so far.



Harry smiled again at his letters, he had almost finished reading them, when he heard a pitter-patter of footsteps and his youngest daughter, Lily Luna entered the room in her pyjamas and dressing gown. Harry smiled warmly at her, her little nose was bright red and cheeks looked a bit pale.

“Daddy, I had a horrible nightmare,” she sniffed.

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, Lily. Didn’t your fairies help calm you down?” Lily loved the way her parents could make her drawings move, ever since she was little she had asked to do drawing, all her pictures were stuck around her bedroom. But Lily shook her head. Harry thought he should cheer her up,

“Your brothers will be home soon. They can tell you all about Hogwarts, eh? And we’re going to visit Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione and your cousins. Mummy tells me you and Hugo get along quite well.” Lily’s face lit up at the mention of her family, and she smiled as she sat on her father’s lap. There was a rumbling noise from outside as Ginny parked the car on the drive. The two boys jumped out the car and helped their mum get their things out of the boot. Harry grinned as Lily jumped off his lap and ran to open the front door, he followed her and helped Ginny with the trunks.

“I did it Dad, I made the team!” shouted James so loud the whole of England probably knew. Harry grinned at his son and put an arm around him, he then turned to Albus,

“Did you have a good first term at Hogwarts?” Albus nodded and smiled, he had been so relieved to be in Gryffindor and he was a smart boy and did quite well in classes.

“Did you sent our love to Neville then, James?” Ginny laughed, but her son just rolled his eyes at her.

“I was thinking that we should all go down to Shell Cottage for a day, you know us, Ron and Hermione and maybe George and Angelina and all the cousins. It would be good for us all to go get some fresh air and I haven’t seen Bill for ages, I think I keep missing him at the station.” Ginny said thoughtfully, mostly to Harry but all three children were nodding and beaming at her in encouragement. Lily stopped for a second,

“And Teddy and Andromeda?” she asked. Ginny smiled and nodded, heading upstairs to where their family owl lived. Harry hadn’t wanted a new owl after Hedwig but Ginny had insisted they needed an owl and she wasn’t going to use Errol as he couldn’t fly anymore and was practically on his deathbed. After writing letters to everyone and one to her parents wondering if they wanted to come as well she sent the bird off and came down to find the boys playing a furious game of Wizard’s Chess, Lily was carefully drawing a pixie from her brother’s textbook and Harry was staring at a letter he was holding. She walked over to him and peeked over his shoulder at the small letter, it was the last one.

Hi Harry,

If you get this, me and the twins are coming to get you. Hermione wasn’t sure about it but you haven’t answered any of our letters. I just hope stupid Fred can actually drive as well as he boasts.

Hang on mate


A few tears fell down both their cheeks as they read it, both knowing that Ron would feel the same way. Harry got up abruptly and walked off to his study, he was just putting away the letters when he realised that the Marauder’s Map wasn’t there, he strongly suspected James but didn’t say anything to Ginny when he came back into the living room. He just hugged her tight and smiled at their children.

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