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The Playground by Logamind
Chapter 1 : This was where she belonged
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Hi everyone! Thanks for clicking on this. This story is for Lizmusic16’s Harry/Ginny Challenge. As you know none of this is mines, it’s all JKs! I hope you enjoy it and please do review afterwards. This is my first Harry/Ginny fic.


Ginny gripped the chains of the rusting swing lightly and let the tips of her toes softly skim the ground as she swung gently forwards and back. It had been a long time since she had been in a playground but they seemed the same as how she had always remembered them. ‘Perhaps they never change.’ Ginny thought to herself as she looked up at the blue sky above her. It was an uncharacteristically beautiful day and she intended to make the most of it.

Hands carefully pushed her back and forth as she sat on the swing. With each touch of these particular hands Ginny’s smile grew larger, until she was practically beaming at the empty space before her. Soon, instead of pushing Ginny once again the hands snaked themselves around her waist and a head placed itself down softly against her shoulder, stopping the swing from moving. Not that Ginny minded. Actually she much preferred it this way.

“So this is Little Whinging.” Ginny mused turning her face towards Harrys. She leaned back slightly, the curve of her back fitting itself into his chest. It felt right there, as if she fitted the space perfectly.

“Depressing isn’t it?” he said with a small grin. “Remind me why we’re here again?” He had made such a protest against coming back to Little Whinging but Ginny had insisted they go.

“Because . . .” Ginny said exasperatedly. She had already gone over this at least three times today. “I wanted to see where you had to go during the summers at school. The dreaded Dursley’s and all that.”

“It’s really not all that much Gin.” He said pulling her playfully off the swing. She laughed as they hit the ground together with a bump. Harrys arms still wrapped around her waist. Little Whinging didn’t seem all that bad. Sure the gardens outside the playground were immaculate, something her own garden at the Burrow had never been and the cars were big and fancy but on the whole it was much nicer than she had imagined it too be.

“You must have some happy memories here?” she pressed. She wished it too be true but somehow Ginny knew it wouldn’t be. It hurt her to think about Harrys childhood with the Dursley’s. It had been one so full of misery. Hopefully one day she would be able to let him forget those memories and replace them with ones of their own, with their own children. If they ever had any.

“Well.” Harry began, sitting up quickly and pulling her along with him. “Over there.” He pointed to a road just outside the play park “is where I was almost run over by the Knight bus.” He gently turned her around so her head was facing the opposite direction. “And there was where Dudley and I were attacked by Dementors, and that’s just by the park.”

“Remind me why this was your favourite place to go?” Ginny asked as she wrapped her arms around him. Snuggling in as close as she could get. If so much misery had occurred here, why was it the one place Harry would visit in his former home town.

“Better Dementors than the Dursleys.” Harry said simply. A slight smile however, appearing on his face through her touch. 

“What would you do if I attacked you?” Ginny asked with grin turning suddenly towards him, pinning him to the ground, accidently knocking his glasses askew.

“I actually think I prefer the Demetors.” Harry mused jokingly while leaning upwards to kiss her. She leaned back before his lips could make contact with hers.

“Take it back.” She growled playfully, pinning him once again to the ground. The sun reflected off his jet black hair as he laughed at her rejection.

“Never!” He cried, as if they were young children playing a game, making the few people on the streets of Little Whinging stare at them. The boy from St Brutes who had once rendered them so fearful and the red headed stranger. They must have looked rather peculiar, but Ginny didn’t care. He was perfectly happy just being here with Harry, joking around as if they were children.

“I said take it back, Harry Potter.” She repeated. This time lowering her face down so their noses were touching. They met each other’s unblinking eyes as if it was a staring competition. Eventually Harry moved his gaze and Ginny knew she had won.

“Fine, you’re slightly more appealing than a Dementor.” He said with a grin.

Ginny rolled her eyes while stifling laughter. “You’re so romantic aren’t you.” She said, leaning into kiss him, placing her lips onto his lightly, breaking apart after a few all too short seconds.

“Of course I am.” Harry told her happily. “I’m as romantic as they get, but only with you because well, I love you.”

“And what you had with the Dementors was purely lust then?” She asked with a giggle.

“Purely Lust.” He repeated solemly before they both broke into laughter. Everything was natural with Harry like it had never been with Michael or Dean. Ginny rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

This was where she belonged.


Thanks so much for reading! Sorry it’s kind of short. I’ve never wrote a Harry/Ginny story before, I really enjoyed writing it though I did struggle. If you could review and give me some feedback I’d be eternally grateful! Thanking you!

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